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The Bachelor Runners-Up: Where Are They Now?

Breakups are never easy—but try adding a camera crew, production team, and all of America watching on top. Sounds like a nightmare, am I right?

That was the reality for many of the runners-up from The Bachelor: the hopeful ones who signed up to appear on a dating competition show but left broken-hearted in a limo sans Neil Lane engagement ring.

Some of the women who came in second place have moved on with their lives and started their own families. Some took a turn at handing out the roses themselves as The Bachelorette, and quite a few decided to take a step back and remove themselves from the limelight altogether.

Whatever they’ve chosen to do, we’ve done some digging on all of them—yes, every single runner-up from all 23 seasons of The Bachelor—and got to the bottom of what everyone is up to today.

(Not photographed: Tara Huckeby, who didn’t exactly have the easiest breakup with Bachelor Jesse Palmer in season five. The general contractor from Oklahoma immediately called him out for “leading her on” after learning that she wasn’t the chosen one. Since the show, she’s kept a low profile and has stayed out of the spotlight.)

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