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Tatcha Water Cream Review: A Savior for Winter-Dry Skin

There’s absolutely nothing that gets me excited about winter approaching—not snow storms, not practical shoes, and definitely not the need to have to invest in a puffer jacket over a cute high-waisted bikini. But there is one thing that makes cooling weather—and the annoying problems it brings—much more tolerable. And that’s Tatcha’s The Water Cream moisturizer.

For the most part my skin behaves. It doesn’t break out that frequently and it isn’t oily. But when winter comes around it dries out faster than wet boots in front of a radiator; which is to say my more-or-less slapdash evening skin care routine suddenly becomes a thing lest I risk my face cracking off.

I’m typically not someone big on moisturizing. Much to my friends’ dismay, I usually just end my night with a face wipe and call it a day. But I am someone who can be easily persuaded to buy things if they’re pretty, and nothing completes a top shelf like Tatcha. So last winter, when a particularly frigid week was wreaking havoc on my skin, I went down a Sephora rabbit hole and came up with the brand’s Water Cream.

Not only is one of Tatcha’s best-selling products, it sold out twice over when it first launched, making it one of Sephora’s top-selling moisturizers. When you read the reviews—and better yet, what’s in the formula—you immediately get why.

For one, the cream is described as providing a “water-burst,” which is just as incredible as it sounds. Putting it on feels like hydrating your face with magic. Victoria Tsai, the founder of Tatcha, describes the cream as a “sprinkler for your skin.” The formula is made with Japanese wild rose, which is known to help even out skin texture, and Japanese leopard lily to control any excess oil in order to prevent breakouts. But it isn’t just packed with botanicals, it’s also filled with powerful Japanese superfoods like green tea, rice, and algae that help restore radiance. To top it all off, the cream has 23-karat gold infused in it to give your skin subtle (but not shimmery) glow. And really, what’s more luxurious than that? Hm, maybe the fact that it comes with a tiny golden spoon?

Don’t be fooled by its size or the amount of moisturizer it scoops out, though. A little goes a long way. Just a pearl-sized amount (or one scoop) is enough to complete drench your face, which my skin promptly drinks up and repays me with in lack of dry, flaky patches—even in the dead of winter. The refreshing effect gives my face the appearance equivalent of a full eight hours of sleep—dewy and so incredibly bright.

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