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SZA Is Dropping A New Album This Year But When Is Beyond Her ‘Ctrl’

Let’s add SZA to the growing list of artists who are dropping highly-anticipated new albums in 2020. The singer took to Twitter to respond to hungry fans that she’s going to be dropping a new LP. There’s no word on when it’ll be out though, so there’s still a wait involved. But hey, at least we know something’s coming out. That’s all the cause that we need to celebrate.

SZA was either up super early this morning (January 3) or went to bed super late last night, so she surprised fans when she began to go back-and-forth with them while she had some downtime. Most of it was just regular, run-of-the-mill banter. She hasn’t seen Netflix’s new crime documentary, Don’t Fuck With Cats,  and she really loves Geminis, so if that’s your Zodiac sign, you’re in luck.

Then, someone hit her with the big Q. “Are we getting anything this year ma’am I’m STARVING,” the user wrote. SZA was careful with her words to not reveal too much information, but she confirmed that she is dropping. “I’d say the date me and punch jus discussed .. but that would stress me n build unnecessary pressure .. short answer is yes,” she responded.

SZA dropped her debut studio album, Ctrlin 2017. Last August, she revealed that her next album would be “even more of me being less afraid,” in an interview.

Check out SZA’s album reveal tweet up above.

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