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Megan Thee Stallion Isn’t Sorry For A Damn Thing In New Freestyle

Kicking a freestyle for Sway Calloway on his radio show, Sway’s Universe, is something of a rite of passage and a definitive showcase of one’s skills as an emcee. Many a rapper has either been showered with praise or exposed as a lackluster on-the-spot lyricist based on what they piece together when the radio host throws on classic hip-hop beats. Earlier this week, it was rising rhyminatrix Megan Thee Stallion‘s turn to blaze the show with her powerful raps and she didn’t disappoint. It was short but it wasn’t sweet. It was vicious, poisonous, and dominating: three adjectives that describe Megan Thee Stallion’s brand of power-claiming music. She deserves all the praise that she’ll get following this one.

“This is the land of the wolves,” said Sway with a crimson glint in his eyes just before the freestyle kicked off. It was time for Megan to prove herself. Rising to the occasion, she smiled and asked for a piece of paper to spit her gum out. Then, over the course of around sixty seconds, she lashed out continuously with prickly raps and radioactive swagger. Tupac‘s “Hit Em Up” was streamed through her headphones and she began with a fierce statement: “First off, I ain’t sorry for a motherfucking thing.” She attacked the perception of her versus her reality in blunt ways to establish who she is and how she, truly, doesn’t care what you think. Sway was taken aback and reclined into his chair, his hands over his mouth as he stared at the champion in front of him. Megan chuckled. She can do this on any day.

Megan Thee Stallion released Fever last month. The mixtape, that includes the previously released tunes, “Realer” and “Sex Talk,” features guest appearances from Juicy J and DaBaby.

Check out the venomous freestyle up above.

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