Lil Baby Is Kind Of Humble-Bragging, But, Then Again, Not Really, In ‘Woah’

Lil Baby‘s wallet meets the height requirement to ride on a roller coaster at an amusement park. The wealthy (after rich, then wealthy, there’s wealthy) rapper likes to give fans the inside scoop on how he makes bragging an art form so he’s graciously released a new single named “Woah” that’s the king of flexes. By centering a song around an ad-lib, Lil Baby makes it that much more of an earworm. So while you’re swallowing spoonfuls of envy soup, you’ll be anxiously reciting each and every word, aching for just a slice of this pie.

The average price range for traditional metal braces is anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000. Now imagine not needing any dental corrective work but somehow having $100,000 in your mouth in the form of fancy denticles. That, my friends, is rich. Lil Baby cackles about his bottomless pockets over an exhilaratingly fast beat, all the while exclaiming “Woah!” on the chorus as if even he can’t believe he has this kind of money. But then he clears it up with “Work hard and determined/ It’s safe to say I earned it,” which he delivers with a smirk and, presumably, him popping his own collar in excitement.

Lil Baby dropped the video for “Out The Mud” with Future in September. In August, he channeled Scarface with DaBaby for the video for their collaboration, “Baby.”

Listen to Lil Baby’s humble-bragging (it’s arguable if it’s even humble at all) up above.

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