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Kim Kardashian Brought Back One of Carrie Bradshaw’s Most Iconic Outfits

Kim Kardashian loves a fashion reference. She’ll wear looks made famous by Naomi Campbell on Instagram. Her Met Gala dress was inspired by Sophia Loren. She’ll dig through designer archives to pick out pieces that are a decade-plus old. A lot of these throwbacks are pulled from the fashion history books—homages that make runway scholars (amateur or otherwise) do a double-take immediately. But earlier this week, Kim wore a skirt that immediately called to mind another frequently-cited style icon, albeit a fictional one.

On Tuesday, Mrs. West attended a dinner celebrating Wardrobe.NYC’s collaboration with Levi’s in L.A. She wore a white tank top and a cross-front pencil skirt with an all-over newspaper print—complete with a matching saddle bag.

The graphic is eye-catching in and of itself, but Sex and the City super-fans instantly recognized it as vintage Dior. Obviously, Ms. Carrie Bradshaw is involved.

That newspaper print is the “Christian Dior Daily,” introduced by designer John Galliano for Dior’s Fall 2000 collection.

Carrie first donned the Christian Dior slip in the third season of the HBO show (episode 17, to be precise), which aired in 2000. She then brought it back for the franchise’s second film, in 2010.

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