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How to Wear Giant Scrunchies: 11 Scrunchies to Buy in 2020

We may be in 2020, but some of the most divisive trends of the ’80s are still popping in a major way. Cool girls are rocking mullets, animal print reigns supreme, and giant scrunchies have the fashion set’s latest stamp of approval. The scrunchie revival isn’t exactly new—celebrities and designers brought the quirky hair accessory back in the late-2010s. But now, scrunchies are (literally) bigger than ever—and if you haven’t yet jumped on the oversize bandwagon, there’s no better time than now.

Room Shop Vintage, founded by a husband-and-wife duo based out of Philadelphia, is attributed with introducing giant scrunchies to an Instagram feed near you. The accessories, made out of deadstock satin or organza, popped up across It-girl posts last summer—and as temperatures begin to rise in 2020, they’ve infiltrated Instagram all over again.

Wondering how to wear a scrunchie in 2020? There’s plenty of inspo to pull from, namely through a quick scroll down your Insta feed. Influencers are wrapping the delicate fabric around their wrists, using them to adorn low ponies, and lacing them into chignons. If everything you’re coming across online feels too much like a throwback to Claire’s, we found the perfect plush, oversize scrunchies you’re looking for. Ahead, find out where to buy giant scrunchies that are equal parts cool and darling.

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