How The Death On The Nile Cast Reacted To The Karnak On Their First Day Of Shooting

The love and care put into the Karnak most certainly wasn’t just for show, though it didn’t hurt to have a vessel to show off to a group of reporters in a UK soundstage. Even seeing the Karnak again in the trailers for Death on the Nile transported me back to that day where all of the questions asked and answered throughout the day led us all to that spectacular ship. You have to wonder if that’s the same experience Kenneth Branagh and his cast have when looking back on it themselves, because when you get to go to work on a 230-foot long, almost 240-ton ship, it’s all the more impressive when almost all of it is functional. Except, as Jim Clay pointed out, the ship couldn’t really float or move; and in another twist, the galley kitchen and cold store section were built as separate sets. As it turns out, those particular locations see a lot of action, and removing sections to film and stage was key to what we’re all about to see in Death on the Nile.

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