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Frozen 2 Will Feel Like A Superhero Movie, According To Idina Menzel

We’re only months away from the release of Disney’s Frozen 2, and yet the details on how the new film will follow up its blockbuster predecessor are still pretty scarce. Even with a teaser trailer available to the public, there’s still a lot of questions about what this film will be about, and fans are still openly speculating in the absence of actual information.

But we now have a little more to go on in terms of how Frozen 2 will continue the story, as Queen Elsa herself, Idina Menzel, gave a little taste of what’s to come in a recent interview. Specifically, Menzel had this to say:

Then again, there’s the possibility that Anna might have some powers, metaphorical or physical, to be discovered in Frozen 2 herself. We have seen her show familiarity with a blade in our first look at the film, so she could be a skilled fighter. And then there’s always the possibility that much like her sister, she could have powers over the elements herself.

Other than the remaining remark that the music Academy Award winners and Frozen stalwarts Robert and Kristen Anderson-Lopez will be providing is going to be “beautiful,” there’s not much more that Idina Menzel has told The Hollywood Reporter about Frozen 2. Though fans are probably thankful for that, as they wouldn’t want anything spoiled before getting their next look at just what Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf are going to be up to this next time out.

It’s pretty much a given that Frozen 2 will be a box office juggernaut, much like its predecessor. Those who latched onto that first film just haven’t let it go, and their response to the ensuing shorts, Frozen Fever and Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, is only further evidence that once the sled starts rolling on Frozen 2, it’s going to be hard to stop it. One even has to wonder, if Frozen 2 is a superhero movie experience, could it put up superhero numbers upon release?

We’ll find out soon enough, when Frozen 2 thaws the hearts of its audience on November 24. If you’re looking for more of the animated offerings 2019 will bring, our release date schedule for the rest of the year is up for grabs. Also, if you’re wondering what Disney Animation is going to be providing down the line, for 2019 and beyond, check out our Upcoming Disney Animated Movies schedule as well.

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