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Drake Is Celebrating The Raptors’ Win With Two New Songs So That Fans Are Also Victorious

The Toronto Raptors won the NBA Finals last night (June 13) and, since then, Drake has been insufferable. As the Global Ambassador of the NBA team that got its first final championship in Toronto’s history, it’s understandable that he’s excited about their victory. He’s so thrilled by the moment that he’s releasing two new songs to commemorate the moment sometime today. We’re just not sure when.

Drizzy made the announcement shortly after the buzzer rang signaling that the series was over when celebratory screams rang throughout his city. He took to Instagram to announce that a “2 Pack” would be dropping today: the first song, “Omerta” which a code of silence for criminal activity, according to the Oxford Dictionary. The second is “Money In The Grave” that features Rick Ross. That one sounds like,  for sure, it’ll be a bruiser of a summer anthem.

Drake won the award for Best Rap Song at the 61st Grammy Awards for “God’s Plan” earlier this year and, soon after, he told his fellow artists that awards didn’t really matter. He released Scorpion last year.

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