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Crazy Rich Asians’ Director Responds To Writer Departure

Crazy Rich Asians was one of those movies that seemed destined for a sequel considering its box office success, so it was little surprise when the follow-up was announced. However, that sequel has now hit something of a delay following the departure of co-writer Adele Lim after it was revealed that she was being paid significantly less to pen the sequel than her co-writer Peter Chiarelli.

According to the initial report. When Adele Lim originally decided to leave the project, other writers were sought, but in the end, the studio came back to Lim with a new offer that was closer to parity with Peter Chiarelli. Jon M. Chu says in his statement posted to Twitter that he was part of the group that put together the second deal, in hopes of getting Lim to return, but she rejected the offer.

In the end, the director says that he is proud of the way that Adele Lim was willing to stand up for her own value. While he’s sad to lose her as part of the team making the movie, he understands and supports her decision as he believes that seeing pay parity for women and people of color is important.

While specific numbers aren’t known, reports are that Peter Chiarelli was being offered $800,000 or more while Adele Lim’s offer was more like $110,000. While that difference is certainly significant, the studio has said that is all due to the previous experience of the two writers.

You can read John M. Chu’s comments in their entirety below.

No release dates have been set for the two Crazy Rich Asians sequels, and it seems likely that there will be no rush. We’ll have to wait and see if anybody else is brought on board to help pen the script. Once the story is locked in, we’ll likely a release date set and things moving forward quickly.

Adele Lim’s career is going to be fine. She’s written the script for Reya and the Last Dragon Disney’s animated feature set for 2020.

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