Billie Eilish, Cardi B, Lizzo, And More Get Roasted In Thigh-Slapping ‘Mean Tweets’

The closest thing that we have to regular roasting is the ‘Mean Tweets’ segment from Jimmy Kimmel Live! so it’s always a thrill when another one is released. It helps to humanize some of our biggest musicians who sit at the center of pop culture. A new edition is finally here and it holds no stops as celebrities get roasted into oblivion. You’ll practically shed tears as Billie Eilish, Lizzo, Cardi B, and more are on the receiving end of Twitter fingers.

It’s hard to really say who got the worst of it, but Billie Eilish, definitely, kicked things off with a scorcher about her unique, timeless sense of style. “Billie Eilish dresses like she got her clothes stolen at the gym so they gave her what they had in the lost in found bin,” she repeated off the teleprompter, frowning at its accuracy. Chance The Rapper catches a stomach punch of an extended insult that congratulates him for having a “Nice Doritos commercial” after calling him “spineless” and  “soulless.” This one’s a bit harsh, but Chance breaks into a wide grin and laugh, surprised that there are people that don’t like him (he says so right after).

Monsta X show that they’re in good spirits with a response to a tweet that says each member looks “like a jock that’s also a vampire” by smiling and agreeing, with a few guys attempting to bare their fangs. Lizzo cackles at a fatphobic joke that suggests she takes a bus more than she walks. But she flips it and exclaims that she rides a tour bus, asking “Where’s yours?” to the crowd’s excitement.

Cardi B has the final tweet to read and her response is hilarious. A user wrote that, after watching a performance from the rapper that she “just looks loud without any sound on. Like no thank you.” Cardi instantly wrinkled her face in confusion. “How do I look loud?,” she asked, looking off-screen before giving a very Jim from The Office-like camera stare. She repeated the question incredulously. “I don’t even think I’m that loud,” she continued. Right before leaving, she added a hell of a kicker. “Suck my ass.”

Check out the full range thigh-slapping tweets in the latest Mean Tweets segment up above.

Billie Eilish Is Living A ‘Nightmare’ On Her New Song ‘Everything I Wanted’

Not content to simply rest on her laurels after scoring a No. 1 song and No. 1 album this year, Billie Eilish has given us one more hit to cap off her blockbuster year. And there may be even more to come.

“everything i wanted” arrived on Wednesday (November 13) after Eilish teased the release this past weekend. On it, the VMA winner sets the scene with delicate vocals delivered over a woozy piano medley. “I had a dream / I got everything I wanted / Not what you think / And if I’m being honest / It might’ve been a nightmare,” she sings, almost whispering. The mellow, four-minute track was co-written and produced by her brother, Finneas, and is marked by some of his signature production elements; take the lyric, “I tried to scream but my head was underwater,” which sounds as if it’s actually being sung below sea level.

These two certainly make magic together, and their latest is no exception. Hit play below.

According to a press release, “everything i wanted” was recorded at Eilish and Finneas’s home studio in Highland Park, as well as on tour this past summer. Besides being a meditation on fame, the single is also a touching tribute to their kinship, with Eilish revealing, “This song is one my brother and I wrote about each other. No matter what happens, we always have been and will be there to make it better.”

Eilish’s new single is her first release since March’s When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, the chart-topping album that spawned her No. 1 single, “bad guy.” And the momentum behind Eilish’s acclaimed debut is still going strong, especially after she announced a 2020 global arena tour.

But she’s not done yet — in a recent Instagram Story, the 17-year-old revealed that she has at least one more new song on the docket, as well as the long-teased video for “xanny.” Could this mean a When We All Fall Asleep deluxe album is coming? Or even album No. 2? We’ll probably find out soon, but in the meantime, take Billie’s advice and “be patient, damn!”

Dinah Jane Proves Her Solo Star Power, Covers Lizzo And Ariana On Her First Tour

If it’s seemed like Dinah Jane has been keeping her burgeoning solo career bottled up as of late, then she fully let the cap loose this week. The 22-year-old launched her first headlining tour over the weekend, a humble four-city trek that acts as a reintroduction of sorts for a star who’s already been at this for seven years.

“Welcome to the first-ever Dinah Jane tour!” she greeted fans at L.A.’s Roxy Theatre on Monday night (November 11). “And bitch, we’re sold out, what?!”

Dinah’s L.A. show was the second stop of her tour, following San Francisco and preceding Chicago and New York. Selling out The Roxy is not necessarily difficult; the theater’s capacity is just 500 people. What is challenging is making that kind of room feel 10 times its size, but Dinah managed to do that by employing all the elements you’d expect of a stadium pop spectacle — the lights, the outfits, the dancing, and the energy in the room were blown up to impressively epic proportions.

Of course, you can’t imitate the feel of a larger-than-life concert without the right music, too, and Dinah had a few tricks up her sleeve to give fans a diverse setlist. Thus far, she has yet to release a full body of work; the closest she’s come is a three-song “bundle” that she dropped earlier this year. Besides that, there have been a few one-off tracks, like “Bottled Up,” “Retrograde,” “SZNS,” and the as-yet-released “I Don’t Mind.”

All of those tracks are accounted for during her live show, and they cover the gamut of Dinah’s emotional and vocal range. “Heard It All Before” is delivered with high kicks, hair flips, and a chant of “little bitch,” while “Fix It” was sung on a stool as Dinah poured her heart into a confessional about mending familial relationships. “Music is a healer. Music brought us together,” she said to introduce the song, tearing up as she pointed to the dozen-strong pack of her family, who danced all night in the back of the room while proudly waving a Polynesian flag.

The rest of Dinah’s 45-minute set was rounded out by crowd pleasers and covers. To no one’s surprise, a couple of Fifth Harmony throwbacks made the set; she handily tore through a two-song medley of “He Like That” and “All In My Head (Flex),” flanked by a trio of male dancers. Her awesomely creative cover choices, meanwhile, could be hints about what kind of music Dinah wants to make on her own in the future. There was an acoustic take on Ariana Grande’s recent collaboration with Social House, “boyfriend,” that incorporated some of Nivea’s R&B classic “Don’t Mess With My Man,” as well as a sultry mash-up of Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts” and Mariah Carey’s “Shake It Off.” (Yes, we’ve all heard “Truth Hurts” a million times by now, but no one’s heard it quite like this.)

By the time she capped her performance with a bass-heavy rendition of “Bottled Up,” her dancers had torn off their shirts and the crowd was sweaty from jumping, but Dinah looked and sounded like she could’ve kept going for another hour. But maybe that’s the point — this tour is introducing fans to her world and showing them what she’s capable of. And the future looks promising.

Yungblud, Marshmello, And Blackbear Take The Battle To Boomers In ‘Tongue Tied’

Yungblud, Marshmello, and Blackbear have released a video for their new collaboration, “Tongue Tied,” that might be the darkest version of a Baby Boomer-led future. It’s a post-apocalyptic battle flick with insane production value that makes you wonder about a time period where freedom of speech doesn’t exist.

At the same time, it also feels like the ultimate millennial/Gen Z fever dream where standing up to the elderly means to defy the establishment and save the day in a riot shield-crushing final battle.

“Tongue Tied” tells the story of Yungblud, Marshmello, and Blackbear — three revolutionary figures who are fighting the good fight for free speech. Their opposition is a group called the Silencers, a scary group of soldiers who “march under the distressed orders of the elders” and “round up and mute all those who cross their path,” according to the narrator.

Yungblud is the spearhead of the youth’s revolt and his closest partner is actress Joey King (Ramona And Beezus). When Yungblud gets captured by the Silencers, it’s up to King and Blackbear to save him. After a climactic showdown that results in the youth’s victory, Marshmello emerges as an even bigger figure that’s pulling the strings, showing the world that the future is in good hands. Presumably, they’ll take the fight to the Boomers next.

The song itself makes for the perfect accompaniment to the thrilling flick. The uptempo, jolting fusion of techno and hip-hop smoothly vibes throughout the video, adding a smoothness to the tension that carries it along perfectly. Yungblud screams with the white-hot anger about being unable to speak and how it feels (“I’m trapped outside, inside my mind”) while Blackbear gets serious about how someone’s switched up on him, shrugging off their attempts at reconciliation. Their contrasting styles make the song a compelling listen that contributes to this video being a boomer-bashing flick of epic proportions.

Check out the dystopian video for “Tongue Tied” up above.

Kehlani Is Stuck In Love But Ready To Get Away In ‘You Know Wassup’

Yesterday (November 12), Kehlani went to the studio and recorded “You Know Wassup” in what sounds like a cold, scary rage. She released the song on SoundCloud without it being mixed or mastered because, for her, it was important to get it out raw. When you listen to it, you’ll hear why. “You Know Wassup” is for love that has been spread thin and it’s a smack on the back of the head to tell you to wake up to how privileged you are to have her.

“You Know Wassup” is, seemingly, a response to cheating allegations of her current boyfriend, rapper YG.  On Halloween, YG, who claimed he was drunk, was filmed allegedly kissing another woman. Kehlani, who’s been relatively quiet about the situation up until now, has bled over a sinister instrumental about deserving better than that.

It begins with a clip from YG’s 2019 Rolling Loud set when he called Kehlani onto the stage for an adorable show of PDA. “We’re in Oakland,” YG said. “It’s only right… Kehlani, come give me a kiss.” The moment then evaporates into a cloud of haze and from the smoke emerges Kehlani’s voice questioning a partner’s distance and being put second to everything else that they’re doing. “Why do I gotta beg to be chosen/Over your vices, over your liquor?/Why I gotta ask for flowers/I deserve roses, I deserve bigger,” she sings.

On the chorus, she zeroes in, exactly, on the pain that the situation has brought her. “I watch your demons cause me trauma/Now I’m triggered, all this drama, she sings. But, in the end, she realizes just how strong that love can be. “We still in love and this shit don’t stop/Man, this shit don’t stop.”

After releasing the song, Kehlani took to Twitter to talk about the power in music. “The fire thing about music is you can express the wildest and furthest parts of the emotions you’re experiencing, even just the things the little back of your head voice is screaming.. or even the devil on your shoulder,” she wrote.

When fans began to inquire about her seeking help for how she’s feeling, she confirmed that she was actually fine, saying, “I’m an artist. I dive inward.”

Listen to Kehlani’s heartfelt song, “You Know Wassup,” up above.

Jimmy Fallon And Kristen Bell Brought Back All Our Disney Feels With One Magical Medley

Disney+ has only been out for a day, and already, I’ve streamed three episodes of Boy Meets World, two episodes of That’s So Raven, the original Toy Story, and A Goofy Movie. But, of course, everyone’s been celebrating the launch of the new streaming platform differently — especially Jimmy Fallon and Kristen Bell, who just last night (November 12) took us through “The History of Disney Songs” with a medley of hits from movies new and old.

Yep! The Frozen star and the late night host took the Tonight Show stage for a performance we won’t soon forget, starting with Pinocchio‘s “When You Wish Upon A Star,” “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” from Mary Poppins, and Snow White’s “Heigh-Ho.” The duo really kicked things up a notch or ten about midway through the performance when they started bringing in props, including a magic carpet for their rendition of Aladdin‘s “A Whole New World” and a Simba stuffed animal for The Lion King‘s “The Circle of Life.”

As the performance went on, Fallon and Bell transitioned into singing popular songs from more recent Disney movies, including “Remember Me” from CocoMoana‘s “How Far I’ll Go,” and “Into the Unknown” from Frozen 2, which hasn’t even hit theaters yet! That song, of course, made way for Bell’s shining moment, when she took centerstage for a powerful rendering of the Frozen classic “Let It Go.” And yes, there was snow — lots of it.

Overall, Fallon and Bell’s medley was a sweet reminder of all the incredible songs (and movies) that Disney’s give us over the years. Classics like Beauty and the BeastThe Little Mermaid, and countless others have given us music that has soundtracked our childhood, and this brief history lesson really made us want to dance on our — what do you call ’em? — oh yeah, feet! For now, though, we’ll just keep reliving the magic through Disney+, which we’ll be watching for the rest of, well, forever.

Taylor Swift and Shawn Mendes’s ‘Lover’ Remix Is Valentine’s Day In A Song

Taylor Swift enlisted the help of Shawn Mendes to bring an extra-sweet version of her track “Lover” to life.

The shimmering remix is a beautiful anthem that expands upon the original, with Shawn giving it his own flavor, complete with rewritten lyrics and plenty of falsetto. It was already a warm and cozy love song, but it’s been beefed up considerably into something transcendentally romantic.

Taylor teased the song herself on early Wednesday (November 13) as featuring someone she had “always wanted to collaborate with” before revealing who she had recorded with in the same video: Shawn.

“He has taken ‘Lover’ and he has re-written parts of it, which I think is so important because I love him as a writer,”Swift said of the remix in a brief clip on her Instagram.”And I also think that everybody would write a different love letter to their lover and I think his take on it is so beautiful.”

Mendes weaves an incredible love story throughout the song, saying he’d “go down with the Titanic” for the “girl in his story.”

“We could light a bunch of candles and dance around the kitchen baby,” he croons, with glittery, romantic lyrics that really drive the song’s message home. “Pictures of when we were young they hang on the wall / And we would sit on the stoop and I’ll sing love songs to you when we’re 80 / See I finally got you now, honey I won’t let you fall.”

Shawn later took to Twitter to thank Taylor for letting him join her on “such a beautiful song,” clearly excited to have been part of the process.

The “Lover” remix is available to stream now across all major platforms, so you can listen to it all day long if you’d like. It may even help get you through the winter chill.

Summer Walker Cut 20 Tour Dates So She Can Heal: ‘I Want To Give You All I Can’

Summer Walker has pulled 20 show dates from her First and Last tour. She announced yesterday (November 12) that she’s dealing with social anxiety and needs to scale back a bit for her peace of mind. The singer, who recently dropped her debut studio album, Over Itjust wants to take it easy as she gets acclimated to such a high level of fame.

Walker posted a video to Twitter informing fans that she was nixing tour dates because performing was taking a toll on her introverted personality. “I really hope that people understand and respect that at the end of the day, I’m a person, I have feelings, I get tired, I get sad, and it’s just a lot,” she said. “I don’t want to lose myself for someone else. I want to give you all that I can.”

Earlier this month, Walker hinted at possibly leaving the music industry altogether. In an Instagram caption, she implied that, after wrapping up the now-shortened trek, she’d be done. “Y’all can have the music & ima just head out. fuck the interviews, photo shoots, videos, & really the shows too. I’ll finish this tour out tho,” she wrote.

Last month, Walker dropped Over It that featured Drake, Jhené Aiko, and more. She also performed for NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Series.

Check out Walker’s explanation video up above.

Harry Styles And King Princess Will Melt Hearts Together In 2020

Take a look my friend, love is all around us. In our movies, in our homes, in fragrances that attempt to give it a smell. Have you ever seen love go on tour across multiple countries? That’s a new one. Harry Styles is making this a reality with a new trek, ‘Love On Tour,’ that kicks off in April. Spanning across multiple countries and running through the summer, Harry’s lengthy journey will be the perfect treat for the hot and humid weather and the perfect trek in support of his forthcoming album Fine Line that drops on December 13.

Harry’s massive trek of 63 dates so far heads across Europe, the United States, and Mexico. King Princess, Jenny Lewis, and Koffee are the openers in each respective area. There are still dates to come in South America, that will be announced soon, Asia, and Australia, which will be revealed next year. The fun kicks off in April and wraps up – so far – in October. Tickets go on sale to the general public on November 22.

Harry announced  Fine Line earlier this month. The LP will feature his recently released single “Lights Up” that’s dreamier and more lucid than anything that he’s ever released before.

Check out the posters with the tour dates below.

Inside Jonas Brothers’ ‘Like It’s Christmas’: Songwriter Freddy Wexler Breaks Down The Festive Bop

It’s hard to imagine Jonas Brothers‘ comeback going any better. Since rebooting the band in March, they’ve scored a No. 1 single, notched a chart-topping album, kicked off an ongoing world tour, and won their first VMA. Then, last week, they capped off their incredible year with the release of a holiday instant-classic, “Like It’s Christmas,” proving that the Jo Bros reunion is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

But the song almost never made it into Kevin, Joe, and Nick’s hands, as songwriter and producer Freddy Wexler told MTV News. Wexler, 33, has worked with everyone from ZAYN to Post Malone, in addition to releasing his own music under the moniker Jackson Penn. He’s also a screenwriter, and has been developing a Christmas movie that needed an original song for one specific scene. So during a songwriting session in August, he asked two songwriter friends, Annika Wells and Gian Stone, to help him craft a fresh holiday tune. Never mind that it was the middle of the summer in Los Angeles; they ended up with “Like It’s Christmas.”

“The result was an idea that perfectly fit into the movie,” Wexler recalled. “And the craziest part of the whole thing is that upon hearing the song, my wife, who’s a former music manager and A&R said, ‘I could see the Jonas Brothers being in this movie and singing this song.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, OK, whatever.'”

With Wells’s voice anchoring a demo version of the song, Wexler and Stone sent it off to the super producer Jason Evigan for some feedback. Apparently sensing the bop’s festive magic, Evigan put his own vocal on it and passed it along to Jonas Brothers and their A&R exec, Wendy Goldstein. The band ultimately decided to collaborate on it as a single for themselves, and Wexler believes that’s because they saw the potential in a song that’s not just about Christmas, but more broadly about love, actually (no pun intended).

“I love the idea that Christmas is not only one day, but it’s also a state of mind and a feeling,” Wexler said of the song’s theme. “So I think this idea of, ‘You make every day feel like it’s Christmas,’ resonated with them on a very human level.”

Once JB were locked in, Wexler and Stone flew to Austin, Texas, where the band was cutting vocals for some new music (“a bunch of incredible music, by the way,” Wexler added). It was there, during a few days in October, that the brothers turned “Like It’s Christmas” into “a fully realized classic record.”

“The Jonas Brothers took a good idea, and turned it into something really special,” Wexler said. “I was pretty blown away. They’re incredibly talented. The way they interpreted the melodies that we had written, and the way they interpreted the groove, and their ideas for modernizing it… all of that was really instrumental in the record that we got.”

Not only that, but “Like It’s Christmas” sounds like a legitimate Jonas Brothers tune — strip away the festive sounds and lyrics, and you’re still left with the bones of a song that feels authentic to their sound.

“Having them in the studio really helped us arrive at a sound that’s both classic and modern, and ultimately, one that is authentically Jonas Brothers,” Wexler explained, adding that all three brothers were pros in the studio who really embodied that “birds of a feather” concept they sang about in “Sucker.” Nick and Joe, for example, seamlessly sensed who should tackle which verses and harmonies, while Kevin coached his little brothers on their vocal takes. “They’re a unit, which is awesome,” Wexler said.

Freddy Wexler

Aside from JB’s golden touch, the record was produced by Gian Stone and bolstered by co-producers Wexler, Evigan, and Mike Elizondo, as well as by Jerry Hey, a legendary horn arranger who notably did all the horns on Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The original demo, Wexler said, had an obvious Christmas vibe, but finishing it was a matter of pulling together the right group of collaborators to take it to the next level. That also meant pulling back the reigns at certain times, like when there was a passionate debate over when the sleigh bells should enter the track.

“We all wanted to make something classic and timeless, yet still modern, and something that didn’t feel forced,” he explained. “If it’s starting right off the bat with sleigh bells and horns and everything you want to build toward, it can be too much, too soon.

“We wanted people to feel warm and fuzzy and happy and tap their feet at every second,” he continued. “If there was a moment where we lost that magic, then we changed it. Everyone knows that feeling in December when people are bundled up but can’t stop smiling. It’s inexplicable joy. We wanted to capture that.”

Judging by the enthusiastic fan reaction thus far, it seems that mission has been accomplished — and Wexler said everyone involved is basking in the positivity. They’re also, rightfully, celebrating the fact that the song got made in such a tight time frame; it was started in August, sent to Jonas Brothers in September, recorded in October, and released in November, in time to thoroughly lodge itself into fans’ ears throughout the entirety of the holiday season.

“Hit songs are amazing, but this is a different feeling. The Jonas Brothers with an original Christmas song just makes you smile,” Wexler said. That attitude aligns with Wexler’s own life — as Jackson Penn, he wants to “put happy stuff into a world that could use some happy stuff” with new songs like “My Girl” — as well as with Jonas Brothers, who have been all about that Happiness Begins mentality this year. Now they’re just doing it in Santa hats.