Billie Eilish’s ‘Bad Guy’ Video Launches Her Villain President 2020 Campaign

Billie Eilish‘s debut studio album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?,  is out today, and with it, a head-scratcher of a new video in “bad guy.” The adventurous visual focuses on her frosty irises herky-jerk movements, like she’s a White Walker in the 21st century. Immerse yourself in the aesthetics of the vibrant video and you may just buy into the image that Eilish, is indeed, the bad guy of this tale. But if she is, she makes damn sure that evil looks like a lot of fun.

Eilish is all the more menacing when she takes her Invisalign out. Her fangs glisten in the moonlight and her blue hair and frosty eyes paint her as a wolf on the snowy horizon. In “Bad Guy” her eyes are dull, glazed. She looks menacing, even as she laughs, smiles, and causes mischief. Think of her as that spectre on your shoulders, encouraging the mischief that you salivate over when no one’s paying attention. Blood drips from her nose onto bruised knees and white slide sandals as she sings about her cunningness. One minute she’s as bright as the sun with a mustard yellow hoodie, the next minute she’s in saggy black threads, iced out with an assortment of chains and diamonds. The entire time, we’re never in the dark on her moral compass. She’s bad, unconditionally.

Taking it further is the strange video packed with creepy images that only a “bad guy” could think of. She crabwalks across what looks like a giant beach ball. She grooves on a porch while men roll their bellies. She pours milk into a man’s mouth that already has cereal filling it up to the top. This isn’t even to mention that she suspends human heads in bags of water while she wears a snorkeling mask. Her evil is macabre but enticing. Just when you want to turn your head, she breaks into an innocent dance number – a welcome reminder that she’s not even old enough to legally buy cigarettes yet.

When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? features the previously released singles, “bury a friend” and “wish you were gay,” It follows her 2017 EP Don’t Smile At Me that served as the world’s introduction to the burgeoning star.

Check out the funny, ominous video up above.

Bop Shop: Songs From Sky Ferreira, Foster The People, Szjerdene, And More

I went back and forth over which song from Stray Kids‘s latest album, Clé 1: MIROH, to include on this week’s list. In fact, I started writing this with “Victory Song” in mind — a confident, in-your-face track with an explosive EDM hook that boasts the kind of big energy we’ve come to expect from the young Korean group. It’s a song that quite literally commands you to listen. But as I was writing it, album closer “19” started to play… and here we are.

Written by rapper Han last year, “19” is a moody hip-hop track about being, well, 19 — more specifically, that confusing moment in a young person’s life when you simultaneously want to grow up and stop time; you yearn to linger in your teenage years for a just little while longer because the thought of being an “adult” is honestly terrifying. (In Korea, the legal age is 19.) “Twenty years old that I wanted to become so badly,” Han raps. “Did everybody go through this same experience or am I the only one that’s anxious?”

Stray Kids’s greatest strength as a group — other than the fact they primarily write and produce their own music, led by members Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han — is their ability to candidly speak to their generation directly. They can relate to these coming-of-age emotions and anxieties because the nine members are on the cusp of adulthood themselves. So it’s no mistake that an album full of turn-up anthems and bold statements ends with “19.” It’s deeply reflective, yet speaks to their limitless potential. And it puts things into perspective for the group: Dreams that once felt unattainable are finally within their reach. —Crystal Bell

Lil Uzi Vert Returns To Music With New ‘Free Uzi’ Song And Video

Despite announcing his seeming retirement from music earlier this year, Lil Uzi Vert returned on Thursday (March 28) with a new song called “Free Uzi” — a surprise as it didn’t come via the regular avenue of music delivery. The song appeared on SoundCloud on a new account named, fittingly, “freeuzi.” It’s a grand return for a rapper re-energized and hopefully the first step in a path toward his official reintroduction.

“Free Uzi” is a three-minute Uzi frenzy. The rapper sounds hungrier than ever, returning to his gripping freefall of a flow as he opens up to fans about some of his issues, being on the hook for $3 million in taxes the biggest of them. His rapping approaches Jack Nicholson’s Joker in levels of intensity. The track’s beat is the same one used for G Herbo‘s 2012 song (going by Lil Herb then) “Gangway” and its fast and chaotic and nature matches this newer, hungrier Uzi perfectly. His voice is also pitched up higher so it adds to the feeling of weightlessness.

The song also arrived with an accompanying video on YouTube that doesn’t have the bells and whistles of his past releases, instead opting for something more down to earth. He wears a hat the entire time but we’re able to get a peek at what his dread-less head looks like thanks to his new afro desperately fighting for space under his cap. His haircut, to many, signaled that his “retirement” was finalized, but now it looks like he’s just closed the book on that chapter of his life.

Even more intriguing is that the song’s arrival was called a “leak” by Uzi’s label, Atlantic Records, Rolling Stone and Pitchfork report. A source also told Rolling Stone that Uzi himself was the one behind its release — and a link to “Free Uzi” appears in Lil Uzi’s Instagram bio.

Prior to his retirement, Uzi expressed his frustration with Atlantic Records and its imprint Generation Now about his inability to release new music. Earlier this month, DJ Drama, one of the heads of the imprint, said that the rapper is free to release his forthcoming, long-delayed album Eternal Atake, “tomorrow or any day he wants.” With the wheels on Uzi’s music career finally turning again – he’s reportedly being repped by Roc Nation management now – it looks like we could be getting something in the near future.

Billie Eilish Tells Us About Her Spotify Pop-Up, Sampling The Office, And Ending Her Album With ‘An RIP’

“Dude, it’s literally everything I wanted, right here, right now,” Billie Eilish told MTV News on Thursday night (March 28). “Everything you see has been curated by me over the past, like, five months. It’s crazy.”

She’s talking about the Billie Eilish Experience, an immersive activation created in collaboration with Spotify that brings her debut album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, to life. Inside, each of the album’s 14 tracks is translated into a multi-sensory moment for fans to experience room by room. The whole thing is quintessential Billie: fun, creative, and very, very trippy.

“I wanted everybody to see the album through my eyes,” Billie said of the Experience, which launched in downtown Los Angeles on Thursday and is open to the public for one weekend only. It was inspired, she explained, by her synesthesia: a neurological condition that basically means every song she writes has associating colors, textures, scents, shapes, and feelings attached to it. Each room has a handy guide on the door that breaks all of those elements down, giving you an idea of what you’re in for.

That amazing attention to detail is everywhere at the Experience — staff members are outfitted in custom white Blohsh jumpsuits, collages of fan artwork hang on the walls, and a “waiting room” lets parents lounge on couches while their Billie-obsessed kids wander through the rooms. There’s even a giant statue of the 17-year-old designed by Takashi Murakami that hovers outside, guarding the area (“I don’t have room! But I will put it in my house,” she said of the mammoth sculpture.)

If you’re not one of the lucky few who’ll get to see the Billie Eilish Experience in person, fear not! We’ve broken the whole thing down, room by room, so you can feel like you were there. I’m only sorry you won’t get to pet the puppies inside room No. 8… but we’ll get to that in a minute.

  1. “!!!!!!!!”

    How do you devote an entire room to a 14-second introduction about Invisalign, you ask? Simple: The Experience began in a small room where guests check their bags by putting them on a conveyor belt that rolls inside Billie’s open mouth. Creative and practical!

  2. “bad guy”

    This thumping, bass-heavy banger comes to life via a “cookie dough and vegan milk race course,” which is about as hilarious as it sounds. Each guest gets a red toy car and a remote that they use to drive their mini whip around a track that actually looks like a river of (soy) milk surrounded by chocolate chip cookie hills.

  3. “xanny”

    That photo above has zero filter or editing to it — this sparse room was hazy, cold, and super disorienting, not unlike the song itself.

  4. “you should see me in a crown”

    First thing’s first: Unlike this track’s accompanying video, there were no real spiders inside this room. (Phew!) There were large screens projecting footage of tarantulas crawling around, but the real highlight was the actual crown that Billie wore in the vid, which was displayed in a glass case at the back of the room. But beware, arachnophobes — you have to make it past the spider screens to get there.

  5. “all the good girls go to hell”

    This room had maybe the most literal interpretation — its four walls projected giant flames, while heaters underneath the metal grated floor made you not want to stand in one place for too long. It was toasty in there!

  6. “wish you were gay”

    This lime green room reeked of “teen boy cologne,” as our guide put it, which is really the perfect scent for a song all about crushing hard on someone. Inside were cutouts of Billie’s custom Blohsh motifs, and guests were encouraged to square up to one of the signature shapes to find their perfect fit.

  7. “when the party’s over”

    In an Experience full of Instagram-friendly moments, this was one of the best. This room was basically one giant foam pit (each piece of blue foam was shaped like the Blohsh character) that you fall backwards into off of a platform. There’s a camera hanging from the ceiling, and it captures your (probably not-so-graceful) fall in a handy, Insta-ready GIF.

  8. “8”

    One word: PUPPIES!!! A dozen or so furry friends wander around this all-purple room, and it’s a miracle if you can make it out of there without smuggling one into your purse (not that I tried or anything…). Most of them are shepherd mixes, and there are also a couple sweet pups with only two hind legs. Bonus: they’re all adoptable!

  9. “my strange addiction”

    This quirky, Office-sampling track comes alive in the crafts room of your dreams. There are eight tables set up with a myriad of arts supplies: stickers, markers, pipe cleaners, feathers, glitter, and everything else you need to bring whatever wacky piece of art you want to life. The stranger, the better, of course.

    And about that dialogue from The Office? Billie explained, “When we made the beat for ‘my strange addiction,’ it reminded me of the song they play when they do the Scarn dance. I thought that was really funny, so we literally just ripped the audio from Netflix and put it in the song, not at all thinking that they would say yes to it and we’d be able to put it out. Also, it’s about strange addictions, and The Office is mine, so.”

  10. “bury a friend”

    The sign on the outside of this room described the feel of it as “very creepy, like you don’t even want to go inside.” That definitely rang true as soon as you stepped in and saw the large white bed that guests are encouraged to crawl under. Indeed, once you slither through, you emerge in a pitch-black room with glow-in-the-dark symbols (like spiderwebs) and phrases (like the album title) drawn on the walls. Chilling stuff!

  11. “ilomilo”

    This was probably the tamest of the 14 rooms, which makes sense, considering it’s for a track inspired by a very cute video game. It basically felt like stepping inside a giant aquarium; fish swam across the screens, a bubble machine was cranked all the way up, and it smelled like plastic toys.

  12. “listen before i go”

    As our guide explained, Billie wanted this room to feel dim, muted, and heavenly; evoking the feeling of when you’re on an airplane and you get the itch to go sit on the fluffy clouds you see outside your window. The room did, in fact, feel like a big cozy cloud; the floor was covered with white pillows, and the walls projected a gorgeous pastel sunset.

  13. “i love you”

    If you’ve ever wanted to step inside Billie’s bedroom, this is probably as close as you’re going to get. Her bedroom at home is covered with personal thoughts and lyrics, our guide explained, and the red-lit room for “i love you” flips that idea by letting fans write messages to Billie on a tablet about how she’s inspired them.

  14. “goodbye”

    The Experience ends on a sweet, no-frills note, with a short maze that you walk through to get to the end. It’s effective in its simplicity, and it also keeps the focus on the song itself, which I had to ask Billie about once the Experience was over.

    “I don’t like when albums just end,” she explained. “I don’t like when a song just ends an album and then nothing feels like it’s actually over. I really wanted something to feel like a finish line, to feel like a period at the end, you know? So the idea was to have that ‘please, don’t leave me be’ right at the beginning, and then basically the rest of the song is every single song on the album, starting from the bottom to the top. And then when it gets to the top, it just kind of dies down and it feels like it’s a goodbye. It almost feels like an RIP.”

And with that, the Billie Eilish Experience came to a close, but not before she gave one last message to fans about her new music: “I love you. Take care of it. It’s my child, it’s my baby,” she said to MTV News. “I’m scared to give it up, but I’m happy at the same time. It’s a weird feeling.”

Camila Cabello Joins One Of Her Musical Heroes For A Feel-Good New Video

Camila Cabello has spent most of 2019 slaying red carpets, rocking awards show stages, and trotting around the desert — all while buckling down on her eagerly awaited sophomore album. Amid the craziness, she’s also found time for a rare feature, lending her gorgeous vocals to Alejandro Sanz’s “Mi Persona Favorita.”

Cabello joins the Spanish superstar on his heartwarming new track, which translates to “My Favorite Person.” The accompanying video kicks the emotion up a notch, featuring affectionate couples hugging, dancing, and just generally being adorable. Cabello and Sanz take part in the lovefest by goofing off in the recording studio as they belt the feel-good lyrics — Cabello in particular handily crushes some killer vocal runs.

On Instagram, Cabello dedicated the new song to her favorite person and little sister, Sofi. In a separate post, she recalled being invited to Miami to record the song with Sanz, whom she described as one of her longtime favorite artists. She wrote, “Making this song with you has been very special and a total adventure. Thank you for thinking of me and inviting me to work together.”

Consider this a little holdover until #CC2 arrives in all its hyped-up glory. The 22-year-old previously said of the album, “I can’t wait to show you the next chapter soon – it’s already the most special thing I’ve ever worked on and I am already peeing myself.” Consider us psyched!

K-pop Group SF9 Debut Their First-Ever English Song And Video ‘Enough’

By Jeff Benjamin

While no one will deny that the mainstream embrace of the K-pop scene and its artists is a huge pop-music positive, the pressure to stand out is also higher than ever for today’s acts. For quickly-rising boy band SF9 that means putting in extra work to go outside their comfort zone and discover new ways to connect with fans around the world.

Premiering exclusively on MTV News, watch the new video for the English version of SF9’s latest single “Enough.” The assertive attitude and the staccato-quick delivery of the original version all stay intact as the guys deliver new lyrics to dive even deeper into the song’s dark story of love and lust. While SF9 share that it was difficult to not only perform but also record a video for the English track — particularly for rappers Young Bin, Hwi Young, and Cha Ni — the potential to connect with their “global fanbase,” known affectionately as Fantasy, made it all the worth it.

From the Latin-pop sounds of past SF9 singles like “O Sole Mio” to covering classic Korean anthems and, now, embracing English for this new release, SF9 say each move speaks to the larger message they’re putting forth with an internationally-focused vision for their music. Read on to find out more about their feelings on how music is a language in and of itself, their continual growth as a team, and a few spoilers about what fans can expect from their upcoming U.S. tour.

MTV News: “Enough” is the first time SF9 has recorded in English. Tell us about that experience.

In Seong: Overall, we think it was a positive experience. My part was actually so fast, it was so hard to put all the lyrics in that rhythm. For me, recording the English version was tougher than the Korean version. But what you may not know is that the original “Enough” demo was written in English so when we put our own English lyrics back into the song, I think it really sounded like a pop song. A really natural fit.

The Korean version of SF9’s latest comeback single “Enough”

MTV News: In the past, SF9 has had obvious concepts and sounds — like “O Sole Mio” or “Mamma Mia” boasting a Latin vibe. In your own words, what does “Enough” signify, no matter what language?

Ro Woon: It’s a message about loving myself, but maybe a sexier style of that? Maybe…

In Seong: …loving the sexy side of yourself!

MTV News: You actually filmed the English-language video at the live-concert showcase where you introduced your new K-pop album. I imagine that was a really busy day. What was that like?

In Seong: It really confused most of us. Just minutes before filming that, we were practicing the Korean version. Then it was like, “OK guys, we’re filming the English version!” [Laughs] My brain was so messed up and stuck on the Korean lyrics. It was hard, but when we saw the actual performance video I thought it turned out well, so I’m pretty satisfied.

MTV News: How are you feeling about the reaction the song has gotten so far?

In Seong: When we go to the music shows and have our outside activities [in Korea], we always feel that [our fandom] Fantasy is growing up. All the fan chants [to support us during performances] are growing and we’re really happy about that. Or when we go to film television shows, even the staff are giving us really great feedback. They’ll saying things like, “We actually really like the dance” and a lot of people are talking about the song and performance. Actually, I’d say our members are in the best state, the best condition, we’ve ever been in these days. We’re really enjoying these promotions.

MTV News: You’re coming back to America soon for your Unlimited tour in April. What’s going to be different from this tour versus the last time you visited?

Ro Woon: There’s going to be a lot more performances because our last time visiting was actually technically a fan meeting tour. This time it will be a full concert tour. So, this time we’ll have unique stages and more songs to perform. We definitely want fans to look forward to it.

In Seong: Basically, more songs, new songs, more stages… More sexy? More handsome? [Laughs]

Young Bin: And we actually made and choreographed the different performances and stages ourselves. And maybe some English songs…

In Seong: Without giving away too many spoilers, maybe some famous covers?

FNC Entertainment

MTV News: A cover performance that actually really moved me was your rendition of the 1988 Olympics theme the year it was held in South Korea. With performances like these and the different genres you’re trying, what’s your larger message?

Ro Woon: We truly believe music is one, music makes one, and it really is universal.

In Seong: Music is a language and any performance we do, we wanted to say that music really does make us one.

MTV News: There are nine members in SF9 which some may think can be difficult to navigate as a full team. Can you share a bit more about how you work together?

Cha Ni: It’s an ongoing process. We’re still finding ourselves, we’re still growing. It’s an ongoing thing and something I’m personally thinking about all the time. It’s a never-ending task.

Ro Woon: And the moment we stop considering and thinking about those aspects, our careers as artist will stop growing.

Rosalía Is A Human Flame Emoji In Her ‘Con Altura’ Video With J Balvin

Rosalía is back with more fire; the Spanish sensation’s “Con Altura” video with J Balvin and El Guincho has arrived. The latter artist handles the track’s production, and Director X helms its very expensive-looking video, which finds the trio partying 30,000 feet in the air, putting any Earth-level club to shame.

Because it’s a Rosalía vid, there’s plenty of flamenco choreo, and some pretty serious fashion moments: a red, flame-shaped bodysuit, a blindingly bedazzled bustier, and a latex, lime green number that makes the party pop with color. As she sing-raps over the reggaeton-inspired beat, Balvin shows up to rage and game alongside her, while El Guincho takes the song’s title (“Con Altura,” or “With Height”) literally by piloting the luxury jet.

In a press release, Rosalía explained that the new track — which she described as having “a Barcelonan-American-Latin pop vibe” — was inspired by her longtime love of reggaeton. “‘Con Altura’ is an homage to the more classic and original reggaeton: reggaeton Playero,” she said. “When I was younger, I loved listening to reggaeton and it could have been natural for me to make a song like this before, but I don’t like to force anything. As a musician I let myself be guided by my intuition in every moment.”

She added, “I really hope that everyone who listens to it receives it with the same love with which it was made.”

Rosalía will begin a North American tour next month behind her album El Mal Querer, which was released back in November. Her trek includes festival stops at Coachella, Lollapalooza, Osheaga, and Pharrell’s Something In The Water, so expect her U.S. star power to continue exploding.

Khalid Turns The Honesty Lever Past The Breaking Point On New Song ‘Self’

Khalid‘s April 5th release date for his upcoming album Free Spirit looms on the horizon. Today, he’s decided to give fans another taste of what to expect on his sophomore album with “Self,” a strong, vulnerable song about confronting one’s seclusion when they need a guiding light. With production from esteemed producer Hit-Boy, this lavish tune exposes an even more personal side of Khalid than we’re used to.

The atmosphere of “Self” is vibrant and plucky. It’s also yellow and mellow at the same time, like the last glimpses of the fading blue sky on the spiral to sunset. It’s largely due to Hit-Boy’s understated brilliance here who invokes the simplistic backend with flourishes of spring. While the production is nice and fluffy however, Khalid’s lyrics are anything but. The singer confronts his masculinity and how it prevents him from seeking help with his own mental issues and insecurities. “He knows I hear him cryin’/Cryin’ out for help/I don’t know how to save him/I can’t even save myself,” he sings somberly. Speaking about himself in the third person enables him to showcase the conflict between the two halves that we all have – the one is confident and pushing forward, and the other that’s secretly clawing at the door for help.

On April 3, Khalid’s Free Spirit companion film comes out in theaters worldwide. He’s been crafting quite the rollout for the upcoming LP; recently, he released two cinematic visuals for “Talk” and “Saturday Nights (Remix),” the latter featuring a stunning vocal performance from Kane Brown.

Listen to the honest song up above.

Steve Aoki & Monsta X Serve Rainbow-Hued Visuals And Good Times In ‘Play It Cool’ Video

Last week, Steve Aoki & Monsta X blessed us with the perfect driving song — and the easiest way to let your crush know you’re interested — with an English version of the Korean group’s track “Play It Cool.”

But that was just the beginning. If you thought the song was slick enough without the visuals, wait ’til you get a load of this multicolored menagerie.

The electro-pop tune is impossibly sexy, with hip vibes and plenty of dance-break beats to vibe to, so be sure you’re in a dancing mood before watching. And if you weren’t before, you will be soon enough. The clip begins with Aoki himself speeding down the highway in his Tesla and cuing up his own track before switching to the members of Monsta X, holed up in what looks to be a luxurious hotel.

Joohoney and Wonho are getting cozy, before the perspective shifts quickly to the rest of the members convening in some narrow hallways — strutting their stuff and heating things up before busting out the confetti for the coolest party we’ve ever not been invited to.

These scenes are interspersed with Aoki bopping his head to the music as he speeds down the road, which is basically what we’ll be doing as soon as we leave the building to drive anywhere with this track blaring from our speakers. It doesn’t matter where. Pharmacy, lunch, wherever. “Play It Cool” is meant to be played loud and played everywhere.

“Play It Cool” debuted in its original Korean-language form last month on Monsta X’s Take.2 We Are Here album, which hit No. 5 on the Billboard World Albums chart as of March 2. The group is about to launch their world tour this April, heading to the United States for shows in July and August. Needless to say, this is only the beginning for the K-pop superstars.

If you’re really feeling this English track from Monsta X, guess what? You just jumped on the bandwagon at the perfect time.

Zara Larsson Is Just Fine After A Breakup On ‘Don’t Worry About Me’

After the brain freezes accompanying those post-breakup ice-cream nights on the couch comes being at peace – at peace with the situation and being at peace with one’s self for the outcome. The end of a relationship brings tears, hoarseness from yelling into one’s pillow, and envy for those without a splitting heart. Zara Larsson‘s latest is designed to take the suffering party out of that defeated mindset and thrust them forward into peace, especially if it’s the other person is the one to blame. “Don’t Worry About Me” takes pride in one’s self-worth and is an exciting, electric next chapter for healing and moving on.

This is the kind of smooth, sexy pop that pokes and prods the unwilling to dance, then leads them to the floor for a rousing routine. Larsson’s voice is buttery smooth and confident. She’s the damsel in distress on “Don’t Worry About Me,” put into a precarious breakup by her would-be savior. But here, she takes her power from her liberator and casts them as the villain. “Why do you do that to me? / Unfair how after we done, then you care,” she sings. Her voice isn’t quivering and she doesn’t sound uncertain. As she waxes softly, the extent of her partner’s idiocy is revealed. It’s too late to worry about what Larsson’s doing, who she’s seeing, or where she’s been hanging out. She’s good. Bug off.

Larsson’s latest follows “Ruin My Life” that hit the Billboard Hot 100 in January. The singer will be supporting Ed Sheeran during the European leg of his 2019 tour.

Take a listen to the powerful song about self-love up above.