‘Cash Rules’ Everything Around Iyla In Her Luxe New Video

After returning with last month’s ex-blasting “Tattoo Tears,” Iyla has a few more things to get off her chest. On Friday (February 7), the rising R&B/pop singer released the EP Other Ways To Vent, which includes a new single, “Cash Rules.” Though its title may suggest Iyla’s all about flaunting her riches, she’s actually doing the opposite, calling out her man for having fucked-up priorities.

“You say cash rules everything around you, what above love?” she asks, before further posing, “What about us? What about trust?” In the Embryo-directed video, she continues insisting her partner is “focused on the wrong things,” even as she dresses in her most luxurious fashions (peep that blinged-out, ruby-encrusted headpiece!) and dines on heaps of gold chains resembling spaghetti.

The song, of course, interpolates the classic “cash rules everything around me” mantra from Wu-Tang Clan’s “C.R.E.A.M.” In homage to the original, “Cash Rules” features original Wu member Method Man, who raps from a penthouse apartment about giving “Little Miss-Over-The-Top” exactly what she needs out of a partner: “No you don’t care about the things that I got / You only care about me giving everything that I got.”

In a press release, Iyla explained that the video is all about “the disconnect between love and money.” She added, “The messy deteriorated house we’re in represents the state of our relationship. Even though the house is filled with jewelry, money, and I’m adorned in expensive things, we are completely disconnected from each other.”

“Cash Rules” follows “Tattoo Tears” as the latest single from Iyla’s second EP, Other Ways To Vent, out now. Later this month, the singer-songwriter will embark on her first headlining tour, on which she’ll perform her new EP, as well as 2018’s War + Raindrops. Iyla told MTV News last month that her first project was “more summery” but that its sequel “definitely leans on the darker, more ethereal vibe.” She explained, “I think it was important for me to go a little deeper into who I am and get a little more in my feelings. It’s showing the ways that I vent, and music is my way.”

5 Seconds Of Summer Crash Cars And Perform In A Leopard’s Stomach In ‘No Shame’

5 Seconds Of Summer have released the video for “No Shame,” their latest single that’s rife with social commentary. In the wild clip, there’s a lot going on, but one thing that’s a constant is the presence of eyes to see everything, just like we want in our likes-driven society. Their world, which appears so imaginative at first glance, looks a lot like our own the more that you stare at it.

The video starts off in a blinking leopard’s stomach for some inexplicable reason. It’s unsettling, but it’s an attention-grabbing creative decision that drives home the fact that we’re hooked to the wildest design choices immediately. Over the course of the video, each band member shows what they do to garner as many likes as possible. Bassist Calum Hood marries and buys a huge house with kids and showers his family with gifts, the latest being a shiny new red car. Frontman Luke Hemmings fakes his own death and hides as people mourn him at his funeral with a mischevious look on his face. Drummer Ashton Irwin is a plastic surgeon who helps people get aesthetically pleasing faces to drive their own likes and guitarist Michael Clifford gets into a car crash and would rather film the aftermath than get help.

As the situations grow more cartoonish until they’re out of control, we keep coming back to 5SOS’s awesome leopard box performance that ends with a striking twist. Each member of the band removes their face to reveal that they’re basically catfishing the world, being four older men who wear these young masks to entertain the public. It’s a wild ending, but it makes sense right? Are we that driven by the idea of attention that we don’t often use our own faces? I mean, wouldn’t that explain egg and cartoon avatars on viral Twitter accounts?

“No Shame” is set to appear on 5SOS’s recently announced album Calm that comes out on March 27. The LP will also feature both “Teeth” and Easier.”

Check out 5SOS’s important “No Shame” video up above.

Everything We Know About Justin Bieber’s Changes So Far

Spending Valentine’s Day single and alone this year? Not on Justin Bieber‘s watch! The “Yummy” singer’s fifth studio album, Changes, will be out everywhere on Friday, February 14, so the time to mark your calendars is now. And if you’re not single, well, you might want to cancel those fancy V-Day dinner reservations. Bieber’s new era is about to begin, and while exchanging loving glances and playing footsie under the table is great and all, Changes promises to be the musical equivalent of that. That’s because Bieber’s spent a lot of time in the lead-up to release talking about his marriage.

While we know that, there’s still a lot we don’t know about #JB5. With just a week to go until the LP officially drops, however, we do have some information about Changes — for those getting impatient, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about Justin Bieber’s Changes, from the total number of tracks to Bieber’s songwriting inspo. (P.S. Don’t forget to buy 50-percent-off candy on February 15 to make the listening experience a little bit sweeter.)

  • What does the album cover look like?

    With the album coming out on Valentine’s Day, it makes sense that Bieber’s decided on a red theme for its cover. On it, the pop star sits shirtless, likely hinting that after a tumultuous several years, he’s finally ready to bare all. And though it’s been over four years since his Purpose album, the “Yummy” singer’s most devoted fans are ready and eager to hear about all of the “changes” he’s gone through since.

  • How many tracks will be on the album?

    Get ready, Beliebers, because you’re about to get a lot of new Bieber tunes. According to Apple Music, Changes will have a grand total of 17 songs. For your reference, that’s four more songs than we got on both Purpose and Believe, so it’s safe to say this will be his biggest drop yet.

  • Will there be any collaborations?

    Yes, yes, and yes! Already, Justin’s dropped three collaborations from the album, including “Get Me” featuring Kehlani, “Intentions” with Quavo, and a “Yummy” remix featuring Summer Walker. And let’s not forget those rumors about Post Malone and Travis Scott — which both turned out to be true. Post even told Billboard that he and Bieber worked on “something” together, and now we know it’s a tune he wasn’t previously on when Bieber previewed the album in Los Angeles last month. Get excited for appearances by Lil Dicky and Clever, too.

  • What else is included on the tracklist?

    Though it’s still too early to imagine which songs will become fan favorites, there are already several that we’re intrigued by based on title alone. Judging by the tracklist Bieber shared this week, we already can’t wait to hear “All Around Me,” “ETA,” “That’s What Love Is,” and of course, the LP’s title track “Changes.” But hit play on the above video and you’ll see all the song titles for yourself. Valentine’s Day truly can’t come soon enough.

  • What’s the inspiration behind Bieber’s new music?

    Bieber’s life has changed a lot over the last couple years (hence the album title). And the biggest change came when he married the love of his life, Hailey Baldwin, in September 2018. Therefore, it makes sense that album would be mostly inspired by her. And according to those who’ve heard it already, the LP seems to be heavily focused on “the healing powers of love and marriage.” Sweet!

  • Has the pop star teased any songs from the LP?

    Bieber’s Seasons docu-series doesn’t just show the pop star’s struggles over the last few years; it also shows behind-the-scenes footage of his studio sessions. So far, he’s teased several tracks, including “Habitual,” which he called “fire” and “one of his favorite songs.” He also teased a Spanish track called “La Bomba,” as well as a few others. And although “La Bomba” didn’t quite make the final cut, Scooter Braun reassured fans on Twitter that they will get it, some way, somehow.

  • Does Bieber have plans to promote the album?

    There are exciting things on the horizon. In addition to his recent appearance on Ellen, where he revealed the album’s release date, the singer will be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live on February 8. But wait, there’s more. The “Yummy” singer also teased that he’ll be doing Carpool Karaoke with James Corden (again), so definitely be on the lookout for that.

  • Is there going to be a tour?

    If you’re already feeling confident that Bieber’s about to deliver some of the best music of his career, we have good news: American Express cardholders can already purchase tickets to the tour! So far, Bieber’s only announced North American dates, and he’ll be supported by Kehlani and Jaden Smith. Pre-sale tickets are available for purchase through February 13, and on Valentine’s Day, they’ll become available to the general public. Get those credit cards ready.

  • What’s the Seasons docu-series about?

    If you haven’t yet had a chance to tune in, Bieber’s Seasons documentary is an honest and vulnerable look at his complicated life over the last several years. In addition to giving fans a window into his marriage, the doc doesn’t hold back when it comes to the pop star’s mental health, history with drug use, and recent Lyme disease diagnosis. But in addition to the struggles, the docu-series also highlights the triumphs, with his loving marriage being one, and his unrelenting passion for music being another.

Kesha’s Team Is Already Planning On Repealing The Ruling Against Her

Kesha has been ordered to pay Dr. Luke $373,671.88 in interest for late payments on unpaid royalties, in a partial ruling of a lawsuit the producer, born Lukasz Gottwald, brought against her. The judge who issued the ruling also determined that the singer defamed her former producer and label head in a text message she allegedly sent to Lady Gaga claiming Gottwald had also raped Katy Perry. Both Gottwald and Perry have denied that claim; the producer has further denied the claims Kesha made that he sexually assaulted her in 2005 and was emotionally abusive during a professional relationship that spanned several years after that alleged incident. Kesha’s team has already indicated that they plan on appealing the ruling.

The legal battle between the singer and her former producer, who signed her to his recording company Kasz Money, Inc., 15 years ago, has shifted dramatically over the course of several years. In 2014, Kesha sued Gottwald and accused him of giving her a date-rape drug at a party in 2005 and raping her; she also petitioned to be let out of the six-album contract she had signed earlier that same year. Gottwald counter-filed a defamation suit in response.

The ruling, issued by New York judge Jennifer Schecter on Thursday (February 6), is only one part of the battle to come; as the Washington Post reports, it will be up to a jury to issue a verdict for the remainder of the singer’s claims. “Perry unequivocally testified that Gottwald did not [rape her],” the judge wrote in her statement. “In response, Kesha has not raised a triable issue. There is no evidence whatsoever that Gottwald raped Katy Perry, or that Katy Perry, whose sworn testimony is unrefuted, must not be believed.”

In a statement provided to E!, Kesha’s legal team said, “We disagree with the Court’s rulings. We plan to immediately appeal.” Meanwhile, Gottwald’s lawyer called the ruling an “important decision” that “brings him closer to the justice that he seeks.”

Kesha released High Road, her fourth album from RCA and Gottwald’s former imprint Kemosabe Records, last week (January 31). (Gottwald stepped down as CEO of the label in 2017.) In 2016, Taylor Swift donated $250,000 to the singer for help with legal fees. Several lawsuits in California, Tennessee, and New York have either been dismissed, dropped, or stayed in the years since Kesha initially filed her first suit in California.

Denzel Curry And Kenny Beats Have Unlocked Our Minds With Film Soundtrack

Denzel Curry and producer Kenny Beats beefed online for a hot second yesterday (February 6) and it proved to be a feint; they released a short film (well, 24 minutes is technically short, right?), Unlocked, that contained a bunch of fresh collaborations between the two. For fans of the movie that wanted the music, or just casual stans of either artist who can’t help but flip when they release something new, don’t fret. They’ve dropped an album of the same name with all of the movie’s tunes.

Unlocked (the soundtrack) has eight tracks that range from angry, futuristic screaming bars to mid-90s, boom-bap, DMX-like snarling that Curry’s clearing having a good time doing. Each cut matches up perfectly with the movie that finds the two panicking over who leaked their supposed-to-be surprise collaboration. Over the course of the film, the pair tracks down files in different worlds that each feature distinct, and often creepy, animation styles. “Cosmic” is the album closer that also happens to be the film’s final tune that plays when Curry and Beats get their asses kicked by animated versions of themselves who then go on to replace them in the real world. It’s a wicked ending that plays into the originality and scope of the movie overall.

But what if the story is true? What if, as we speak, fake Curry and Beats are getting used to living in three dimensions while the real rapper and producer are in an animated afterlife? Mind-blowing stuff to think about.

Curry dropped his fourth studio album, Zuu, in 2019. Hearing him back in the fold is exciting, especially with Beats, who’s no stranger to full-length project collaborations with artists. Last year alone, Beats linked up with Rico Nasty for the entirety of Anger Management and also worked with 03 Greedo for Netflix and Deal.

While contemplating if Curry and Beats are really themselves anymore, check out Unlocked up above.

Bop Shop: Songs From Kesha, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Megan Thee Stallion, And More

Meghan Trainor: “Workin’ On It” (feat. Lennon Stella & Sasha Sloan)

Meghan Trainor’s long-anticipated third album, Treat Myself, is out, and you should treat yourself to the fifth track on the project, “Workin’ On It,” featuring Lennon Stella and Sasha Sloan. Stella’s voice is immediately recognizable on the pre-chorus, bringing her best to the track, while Sloan compliments Trainor perfectly throughout the verses. The power behind three fierce pop singers admitting in the chorus that they’re “workin’ on it” is what we all need to hear at the end of a long day.

This song can calm your anxiety about not feeling good enough, while giving you the voice to let everyone know that you’ll make it through. It reassures you that there’s light at the end of the tunnel, and to allow yourself to be kind to you on the way there. “Workin’ On It” is a thoughtful ballad while still managing to be a singable bop. These three songwriters, known for honesty and vulnerability in their lyrics, come together and deliver. Listen because you deserve it. —Alissa Godwin

The Pussycat Dolls Are Back With Dazzling Choreo In New ‘React’ Video

Back in 2017, The Pussycat Dolls leader Nicole Scherzinger met back up with her some of her former group members for a dance session that found them tackling “Buttons” in a very throwback way. It’s 2020 now, and that momentum has snowballed into a full-blown PCD reunion — they’ve returned with “React,” a glistening slice of pop goodness that naturally comes complete with a video brimming with dazzling choreo.

The “React” video, which premiered on Friday (February 7), finds the five Dolls united – much like their December 2019 reunion on The X Factor — in front of fire, clad in black, weathering the elements. These scenes are intercut with a rain-drenched Scherzinger delivering the song’s embattled lyrics: “Call me masochistic / But sometimes, I want to fight.”

In 2016, Scherzinger told PopSugar, “I love my girls. I miss my girls. And if the time is right and it’s meant to be, I would love to be able to do more music with them and tour for our fans out there. I would love that. We’ll show them how it’s done.” You can see exactly what she meant in the new “React” video.

“We are officially BACK!!!” the group tweeted to usher in this new era of PCD. Watch the new clip (and the new routines) in the visual above.

Nicki Minaj, Back From ‘Retirement,’ Has Some Stinging Bars On ‘Yikes’

Nicki Minaj is back like she never left with “Yikes,” a grimacing and booty cheek-bouncing new single that hits harder than the munchies at 3 AM. It’s bold and confrontational, with Nicki claiming her spot as the Queen of Rap off the rip.

Nicki’s latest is a slugfest of bass that comes fast and heavy. It’s rougher than what we’ve typically heard her on so this change of pace is refreshing. When she comes onto the track, she immediately sets the tone without blinking in the first verse with “Somebody about to get poked up, go call a tow truck/ All that talking out your neck, might just get your throat cut.” There’s no time for games now. It’s her at her fiercest, throwing blows with her words that double as great Instagram captions for anyone who has read The 48 Laws Of Power.

The second verse of the song, along with the chorus, seems to be aimed at Meek Mill, whom she recently engaged with on Twitter in a heated quarrel full of serious accusations. Following what appeared to be a real-life argument at a store in January, the two went back and forth through tweets for nearly two hours earlier this week with accusations of abuse and other serious claims.”Yikes” pokes a few fingers towards Meek’s way, even if it doesn’t mention him by name. “Yikes, I play tag and you it for life/ Yikes, you a clown, you do it for likes,” she spits. Later on, she cuts closer to home. “Soon as n-ggas press you, boy, you throw up peace signs/ You don’t want that action, pull your cards, you decline.”

Earlier this week, Nicki trended when she teased this song’s release and fans heard a particular line that stirred some controversy: “All you bitches Rosa Parks, uh-oh, get your ass up, uh.” It’s actually still in here so, if that bothers you, just a heads up.

“Yikes” is Nicki’s first new solo music since she released “Megatron” last June. In September, she announced that she was retiring from rap but hinted at a return in December, revealing to Billboard that “I can’t really see taking myself completely away.” Although she’s been out of the game with her own music, she’s collaborated with Ariana Grande and Normani for “Bad to You,” Karol G for “Tusa,” and Meghan Trainor for “Nice to Meet Ya.”

Check out Nicki’s bold return tune, “Yikes” up above.

Carly Rae Jepsen Lets Bae Down Easy On ‘Let’s Be Friends’

Oh the venomous lyrics, the cheery disposition, the timing! Carly Rae Jepsen may just be the villain of Valentine’s Day with her evil new release, “Let’s Be Friends,” that offers a roadmap for a bumpy breakup. She brings you in close to experience the moment when she ends a situation that’s been spiraling out of control for some time. Holding his beating heart in her well-manicured fingers, she crushes it and sticks her tongue out.

Imagine it’s Valentine’s Day night and after the 324th silly argument of the year, Jepsen has had it with her partner. So she plays along and sets up a nice dinner and then gets dolled up in a little black dress. Once the future exes get to the restaurant, that’s where “Let’s Be Friends” comes into play, finding us along the ride for the relationship-ending situation about to unfold.

The beat kicks in like a groovy celebration of love, only we know that the outcome will be more sinister than an electric kiss. A fuzzy guitar gives way to an upbeat rhythm that puts Jepsen’s voice front and center to be the bearer of bad news.”Nobody’s dying, it’s a dinner, not a date, but I’m/ Feeling young and inspired/ That this is over and I’m hoping you’ll agree,” she whispers between forkfuls of caesar salad, smiling. Her partner’s shocked; he never thought this would happen. Maybe she’s just attempting to scare him. She’d never leave him. Then, she drops the bombshell: “That little phrase, ‘It isn’t you, baby, it’s me.'”

Now that the hardest part is out of the way, Jepsen’s dinner can go smoothly so she breathes a sigh of relief. She offers this guy a proposition to remain cordial with a slight twist. “Let’s be friends that never speak again/ It’s cool, we can just pretend/ We’re friends and never speak again/ See you soon, hope we can remain good friends,” she carols so sweetly on the chorus.

There are tears in the guy’s eyes now and he’s downing some wine that he got sent to the table, but a little bit of waterworks isn’t going to make Jepsen change her mind. As if. She’s too busy concentrating on this delicious Chilean Sea Bass to care, savoring the warmth that she should have been getting from her partner.

She looks up to see him staring off into the distance, wondering where everything went wrong. “I had a really nice time with you/ I mean, you’re sort of a dick sometimes,” she says, sipping on her wine, getting something out of her teeth, and then continuing. “But someone out there is surely gonna love a dick/ Uh, check, please.” They leave the restaurant a short time later in two vastly different moods; Carly’s heading to jump for joy in her jammies while this bad guy’s going to sit on the porch and reevaluate how he treats his partners.

“Let’s Be Friends” is Jepsen’s first new song of 2020. She released her fourth studio album Dedicated last year.

Check out the dastardly break-up song “Let’s Be Friends” up above.