Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, And Everyone Else Who Will Perform At The 2020 Grammys

The 2020 Grammy Awards will be here before we know it, which means that news about music’s biggest night is still coming at us fast. Today (January 15), The Jonas Brothers announced via Instagram that they, too, will be performing at this year’s show, which is scheduled to air live on CBS on Sunday, January 26.

“See you at the #Grammys,” the band wrote on Instagram along with an image of the official announcement. And while it’s unclear what exactly they have planned for next Sunday’s show, the brothers have been teasing a new song called “What a Man Gotta Do,” which is scheduled for release this Friday, January 17.

The JoBros aren’t the only ones who’ve announced that they’ll be performing at the Grammys within the last several hours. Camila CabelloTyler, the Creator and Rosalía also hopped on social media to share that they will be taking the Grammys stage.

And on Tuesday (January 14), Demi Lovato shared on Instagram that she’ll be performing at this year’s show, which will mark the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer’s first public performance since her overdose in July 2018. “I told you the next time you’d hear from me I’d be singing,” Lovato wrote alongside a photo with the official announcement.

The news of Demi’s impending comeback came just days after another vocal powerhouse, Ariana Grande, tweeted out that she’ll be lending her chops to the awards ceremony as well. It’s quite the moment, especially given her very public decision to not perform at last year’s show — and to skip out on attending the ceremony altogether — after a disagreement with producers. (“It was when my creativity & self expression was stifled by you, that I decided not to attend,” she tweeted at the time.) This year, things are apparently going much more smoothly; on Saturday (January 14), she wrote “see you jan 26” alongside a Grammy-branded image announcing her as a performer.

Of course, those are just a few of the many talented artists scheduled to perform on Grammys night. LizzoBillie EilishAerosmithBlake Shelton, and Gwen Stefani are also on the docket, and something tells us their are more exciting announcements to come as the big night approaches.

From performers to nominees, we’re keeping our antennas up for any and all news regarding what we can expect come Grammys night so that you don’t have to. But if you’re staying up to date and counting down the days like us, we’ll see you Sunday, January 26 when the 62nd Grammy Awards broadcast live on CBS at 8 p.m. EST/5 p.m. PST.

Taylor Swift’s New Documentary Is Coming To Netflix This Month

Taylor Swift‘s new documentary, Miss Americana, finally has a concrete release date. It’s set to come to Netflix on January 31, a week after it premieres at the Sundance Film Festival on January 23. After a brief period in December where both Swift and fans were unsure if it would come out, it’s now set to arrive very soon.

The release of the movie was recently thought to be in limbo due to Swift’s feud with Scooter Braun and Big Machine’s Scott Borchetta. Last November, Swift shared a note on Twitter, captioned “Don’t know what to do,” in which she accused both Braun and Borchetta of stopping her from performing some of her old songs, pre-Lover, at the American Music Awards. She also alleged that they were working to block her from using her old music for the documentary too.

Later that month, Big Machine announced that a licensing agreement had been approved, enabling Swift to perform her songs at the AMAs and Braun posted that he wanted to ‘come together’ with Swift and work out their disagreements. In December,  older songs for the documentary were reportedly cleared for use.

Miss Americana looks at Swift’s career and is “a raw and emotionally revealing look at one of the most iconic artists of our time during a transformational period in her life as she learns to embrace her role not only as a songwriter and performer but as a woman harnessing the full power of her voice,” according to a statement.

Hayley Kiyoko Wants To Be ‘The Girl You Can’t Forget’ In Her Nostalgic New Video

Before Hayley Kiyoko was a VMA-winning pop star/gay icon-in-the-making, she was just another awkward teen with a questionable haircut. And in her latest music video, for the new single “She,” Kiyoko revisits that pre-fame life by giving fans a tour of her bedroom circa 2005 — lava lamps, portable CD players, and all.

In the new clip, which Kiyoko directed herself, the now-28-year-old channels her younger self while living out her rockstar fantasy and singing about her truest ambitions. “Don’t wanna be dreaming, warm in bed / Don’t want to be old with one regret / Gotta be a diva, have respect / Be that girl you can’t forget,” she proclaims on the hook. “If you try to make her less / She’ll stand up and pound her chest / You’ll be mad she ain’t part of your life / Miss do it right.”

It all culminates in a moment of true bliss, as Kiyoko waves a rainbow flag around her room while a make-believe crowd cheers her name. It’s ultimately a reminder of how far “Lesbian Jesus” has come, especially for a girl who probably didn’t have many LGBTQ pop stars to look up to. Driving that point home, there’s even an awesome cameo from Lance Bass, who comes to life inside a vintage NSYNC poster on Kiyoko’s wall. Watch it all go down in the nostalgic, colorful vid below.

In an Instagram post about the new vid, Kiyoko said, “This music video is dedicated to that time in my life where I’m celebrating who I am and who I’ve become. All my insecurities are the reason why I became me.”

“She” is the final single Kiyoko will release from her upcoming, incredibly titled project I’m Too Sensitive For This Shit, following “I Wish,” “Demons,” “L.O.V.E. Me,” and “Runaway.” Next week, she’ll kick off her accompanying North American tour, which begins in San Diego on January 20 and wraps up in L.A. in March. A strong start to 2020 for HK!

Billie Eilish, The Bad Guy, Will Sing The Theme For The Next James Bond Movie

For the first time in the history of the James Bond franchise, the Bad Guy has technically created the theme song for the movie. Billie Eilish has revealed that she wrote the theme, with her brother, Finneas, for the forthcoming No Time To Die film that hits theaters on April 10. It seems that when good girls go to release new albums, they move on to writing legendary themes for the hottest espionage franchise ever.

By writing and performing the theme song, Eilish becomes the youngest artist in history to do so for a James Bond film. The official account for James Bond posted a statement from the singer explaining how she feels about her involvement. “It feels crazy to be a part of this in every way,” she wrote. “To be able to score the theme song to a film that is part of such a legendary series is a huge honour. James Bond is the coolest film franchise ever to exist. I’m still in shock.”

Before Eilish’s new song comes out with the movie, she’s set to perform at the 62nd Grammy Awards along with Lizzo, Gwen Stefani, and more on January 26. Eilish is also nominated for six different rewards such as Record of the Year (“Bad Guy“), Song of the Year, and Best New Artist.

Check out Eilish’s statement up above.

Cardi B’s Award-Winning Debut Album Just Broke Another Record

The “B” in Cardi B‘s name may not stand for anything since her name’s a play on the popular Bacardi rum brand, but, if it did, it should be for “Break Records.” The Grammy-award winning rapper’s debut studio album Invasion Of Privacy that dropped in 2018 has become the longest-charting debut album by a female rapper in the history of the Billboard Hot 200. Before her, it was Lauryn Hill‘s 1998 debut studio album, The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill.

This is just the latest of so many record-breaking and accolade-accruing moments for Cardi B’s debut LP. It’s been certified triple platinum and she became the first female artist to have every track from an album to be at least certified gold. In April 2018, Apple Music revealed that the album had over a hundred million streams in a week, setting a new record for female artists. She won the Grammy award for Best Rap Album for her debut and became the first solo woman to win in history. To outline every single thing that this LP has won would take hours, maybe days. Maybe the “B” in Cardi B stands for “brilliant.”

It’s been nearly two years since the album has come out and Cardi hasn’t taken much time off. She’s released “Money,” “Please Me” with Bruno Mars, and “Press,” since, appeared as a guest on a ton of songs, and is hard at work finishing up her sophomore album. In December, she revealed in an interview with Vogue that she’s curious as to how fans will take her new music. “I wonder if people are gonna relate to the new things, to the new life, to the new shit that I gotta talk about now,” she said. “Music is changing.”

Mandy Moore’s First New Album Since 2009 Is Out Soon, And She’s So Ready

Since 2016, Mandy Moore has held it down as an emotional anchor on award-winning NBC crier This Is Us. She’s long been an actress — her roles as Tangled‘s Rapunzel and in early-2000s teen dramas like A Walk to Remember mean a lot to a lot of people. But she’s been a singer-songwriter for even longer, though her music career has been on pause for a decade.

On Tuesday (January 14), though, Moore picked up the microphone once again to share “Save a Little for Yourself,” a savvy slice of rootsy pop-rock that leads off an upcoming new album. That’s right: Mandy Moore’s first album in 11 years, Silver Landings, will be out March 6.

Silver Landings will be Moore’s first album since 2009’s Amanda Leigh. She also dropped the song’s video, which finds Moore leading a band — one that includes her husband, Dawes’s Taylor Goldsmith, on guitar — as she sings about perseverance: “When someone takes the best of you / Don’t let them take the rest of you.”

In a statement, Moore called the tune “sort of the other half of a love song that we don’t always talk about or acknowledge. Sure, we should open ourselves up, let people in and love them as wholly as possible but none of that carries any water if we’re not taking care of ourselves first and foremost. It might not be as romantic, but it’s an equally important part of the equation.”

“Save a Little for Yourself” is the third Moore track in the past five months after the aching “When I Wasn’t Watching” and the soulful “I’d Rather Lose.” All three are set to appear on Silver Landings. Moore is also taking her new music on the road this year, from March through May, alongside Bedouine and Madison Cunningham.

In February 2019, Moore spoke out against her “psychologically abusive” ex-husband Ryan Adams in a New York Times piece, along with several women (including musician Phoebe Bridgers) who described Adams’s abuse, manipulation, and sexual misconduct. “His controlling behavior essentially did block my ability to make new connections in the industry during a very pivotal and potentially lucrative time — my entire mid-to-late 20s,” Moore said.

She elaborated on the elation she feels now, being able to make music, in an Instagram post announcing the album. “It feels so good to be stepping assuredly into this next chapter of my life as a woman and performer, with an album of songs I couldn’t be more thrilled with or ready to share,” Moore wrote. “Having music back in my life makes me feel like a more complete version of myself, in ways I wasn’t even expecting.”

Check out “Save a Little for Yourself” above, then dig into her infectious 2003 take on XTC’s “Senses Working Overtime,” which appeared on her all-covers album, Coverage. It’s killer.

Charli XCX’s New Nintendo Theme Song Is Just (Princess) Peachy

Charli XCX does a lot of cool things, but being able to say that you sang the theme song for a Nintendo theme park and stood next to Toad from the Super Mario franchise may just be the most awesome set of things ever in the history of things period. The eclectic pop singer teamed up with Swedish EDM duo Galantis to create “We Are Born To Play,” a Super Mario-infused theme song for Universal Studios Japan in Osaka coming sometime before this year’s summer Olympics. Everything you need to know about the park can be found in the awesome accompanying music video/teaser that finds Charli and Toad becoming the best of friends.

“We Are Born To Play” screams fun. Galantis’s absorbing, EDM-influenced production sounds like controller buttons being mashed at the speed of light on the back end. On the front end, it’s the same as that burst of energy you get when you’re wearing a red cap and blue overalls and hug a bouncing star with eyes. Charli’s lyrics express pure joy as she sings about the feeling of having fun (“I wanna burn like fire tonight/I feel my heartbeat jumping twice”). Its cheeriness is so bouncy and contagious that you just can’t help but swing your head to the side and smile. As far as theme songs go, it definitely gets you excited to check out the attractions.

The song’s just one half of the experience though. The video for “We Are Born To Play” isn’t your typical park advertisement because it takes you inside the experience. It kicks off with people around the world playing their Nintendo Switches, finding a portal that takes them to Nintendo’s new theme park where Mario exists in a recreation of some of his franchise’s most iconic levels. Everyone gets one of his iconic hats and gets to stomping on goombas and jumping on angry bullets. After dodging fireballs and accepting the blessing of those dandy dancing stars, the park visitors join together to complete the event by raising Mario’s flag on the level-completing pole. This entire time, Charli relaxes on the sideline and watches with Toad, glad to be able to contribute to this nostalgic experience.

Super Nintendo World is going to be a gaming paradise that’s equally futuristic and nostalgic. There will be wearable wrist bands called “Power Up Bands” that will be able to sync with a smartphone app and keep track of various digital games and activities, according to Bloomberg reporter Kurumi MoriAt the park’s global celebration, Thierry Coup, the Chief Creative Officer of Universal Creative called it “a life-size, living video game.” After Super Nintendo Land opens in Osaka, it’s set to come in parks in Hollywood, Orlando, and California sometime later.

Check out Charli XCX and Galantis’s epic new Super Nintendo World theme song up above.

Selena Gomez’s Second ‘Lose You To Love Me’ Video Is Heavy On Emotion — And Piano

Selena Gomez has shared a second video for “Lose You To Love Me,” the intensely diaristic lead single from her recently released third studio album, RareIt was shot on an iPhone and isn’t too different from the original video. But who’d frown at fresh Gomez content? It offers a new perspective of heartbreak and discovery, one that matches the burning fire of the song that can never be extinguished.

In her original black-and-white video for “Lose You To Love Me,” Gomez sits at a chair and teeters between being destroyed internally and also being okay. She sings her stirring number to the camera through woozy effects that off-center your equilibrium, making you feel as anxious for normalcy as she appears to be.

For the alternate version of it, Gomez uses her fingers to sing her heartbreak at a piano. Still black-and-white, the simple visual, shot on an iPhone, is a touch more emotional. After staring at the keyboard for most of the performance, she turns to the camera and belts the number with the force of a hurricane wind. It’s a fitting closing segment that shows her stronger than ever before.

Gomez released Rare on January 10. That same day, she also released the video for the title track which finds her growing and becoming stronger with a magical forest.  “I actually recorded the song early on in the process,” she recently revealed to MTV News. “And when different things happened in my life and I’d take a break from writing and recording, I still knew that song would be the title of the album. It’s a powerful word.”

Check out Gomez’s alternate “Lose You To Love Me” video up above.

Monsta X Will Rule The Summer With A North American Tour

This summer, Monsta X is heading on a North American tour that’s set to take them across the United States and briefly into Canada. You’ll have seventeen chances to catch them while they’re here. The trek is coming a few months after they release their forthcoming studio album, All About Luv, so they’re coming with a new slate of tunes that you don’t want to miss. Tickets go on sale on January 17.

Monsta X’s tour kicks off on June 2 in Minneapolis. In total, there are seventeen dates, with fifteen being in the United States and two of them in Canada (Toronto, ON on June 14 and Vancouver, BC on July 3). It wraps up on July 11 in Los Angeles.

06/02 – Minneapolis, MN @ Armory

06/05 – Detroit, MI @ Fox Theatre

06/07 – Washington, DC @ EagleBank Arena

06/10 – Newark, NJ @ Prudential Center

06/12 – Boston, MA @ Agganis Arena

06/14 – Toronto, ON @ ScotiaBank Arena

06/16 – Chicago, IL @ United Center

06/19 – Atlantic City, NJ @ Borgata Event Center

06/22 – Atlanta, GA @ Infinite Energy Arena

06/24 – Fort Lauderdale, FL @ BB&T Center

06/27 – Fort Worth, TX @ Dickies Arena

06/29 – Denver, CO @ Pepsi Center

07/01 – Seattle, WA @ Accesso ShoWare Center

07/03 – Vancouver, BC @ Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre

07/06 – San Jose, CA @ SAP Center at San Jose

07/08 – Phoenix, AZ @ Arizona Federal Theatre

07/11 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Forum

Monsta X’s new album, All About Luv, will be their first English language album. It’ll be the ultimate romantic musical companion since it comes out on Valentine’s Day. In December, they released its first single, “Middle Of The Night.” The accompanying video depicts the group members so lovesick that they’re desperate for the affection of their partners and willing to do anything to get it.

Check out Monsta X’s full tour dates up above.

Cardi B Could Make The Jump From Rapper To Politician In The Future

Cardi B could be on the campaign trail in the near future, smooching babies on their cheeks with grey streaks running through her hair. The rapper, who’s been politically-inclined for the duration of her career, revealed last night (January 12)  that she’s mulling over the idea of entering into the world of United States politics later in her career. In a series of tweets, she promised to elaborate on her feelings. So down the road, expect Cardi’s political passion to burn brighter than ever before.

Cardi’s announcement seemingly came out of the blue. “I think I want to be a politician,” she tweeted to her 8.7 million followers. “I really love government even tho I don’t agree with [our] government.” She set the stage for fans at large to already mentally cast their votes, preparing them for a future in which she’ll be focusing on all of the important issues and working towards fixing them.

In her next tweet, Cardi elaborated a bit on her choice, revealing where her inspiration to tackle this career path came from. “Like I was watching War documentaries. No matter how many weapons a country have you need people!” she wrote. “How are you trying to go against a country and possibly start a war when this country lacks patriotism? I barely see people claiming they LOVE being American.”

Further news about her political career is set to come down the line. “I will have to explain a lot so I will have to do a video or a live talking about it …So imma come back to my last two tweets another day. Imma talk about it another day,” she wrote, capping off the tweet series with hope for the future. Could she be the political bright spot that we need?

When it comes to rappers taking over pop culture, it’s not a stretch to say that Cardi is one of the most politically inclined. In August, she shared a 12-minute video interview with Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in which they discussed his stance on racism, police brutality, and more. Last January, she called out President Donald Trump for the extended government shutdown and its effects on employees.

Check out Cardi B’s series of political tweets up above.