Missy Elliott Has A House Made Of Hair In Mind-Blowing ‘DripDemeanor’ Video

At this point, what words can be used to describe the MTV Video Vanguard Award-winning-Missy Elliott and her music? Creative, imaginative, and legendary, are too easy, much too normal. She’s constantly pushing the envelope with each song and video, always coming from the left field no matter where she starts at. She opens a portal to a mysterious new dimension in her new video for “DripDemeanor.” There, the weirdest fashion is the coolest, and clones of Missy are normal. It’s quite the experience that should only be watched if you’re familiar with the unfamiliar.

“DripDemeaor” features vocalist Sum1 who joins Missy in this darkly psychedelic trip. In large Mad-Max like post-apocalyptic outfits, but black, Missy and Sum1 lead a group of dancers in an intimate routine. The sensual jam propels the sexy video that finds power in eccentricity. The next scene involves alien-like style in a dark parking garage that looks unlike anything in our dimension. Clones of Missy are situated around nearby steps for a creepy look at time travel. It gets weirder from there. Sum1 takes refuge in a house inside of Missy’s hair while she sings and, then, at the end, Teyana Taylor plays a museum guide teaching a kid about Missy’s brilliance. There’s a “To be continued” sign at the end, so, presumably, this thread will be picked up again next time.

Missy performed songs like “Lose Control” and “Work It” at the 2019 VMAs during her career-spanning set before accepting the Video Vanguard Award. In August, she dropped the nostalgic video for “Throw It Back.”

Watch the video for “DripDemeanor” up above.

Ariana Grande Wants To Sample Kylie Jenner’s Viral Wakeup Call

In a now-viral clip from her official office tour, Kylie Jenner whispers to a cameraperson while holding a doorknob. “We’re going to wake Stormi up, and we’re going to get out of here, and I’m going to show you guys her room,” she says. She turns the knob and walks in where another person with a camera is already standing across from her while Stormi is, in fact, awake. Kylie sings to her daughter to “rise and shine”  in a drawn-out, nasally timbre that could be the chorus of a new pop anthem. If Ariana Grande has her wish, she’ll definitely make that happen. Drawn to the clip too, the “Thank U, Next” singer issued a formal Instagram request to Kylie to sample those now-famous words.

Grande posted the clip to her Instagram story of her singing Kylie’s vocals, just a tad bit smoother. Along with the clip, she wrote the caption “@kyliejenner can i sample.” Kylie later responded, giving her the heads up with one stipulation: “Yes, yes you can @arianagrande. As long as I’m in music video.” This could all be jokes of course. But this could also be Kylie’s big entry into the music industry. She’s already taken over cosmetics. It’s not too hard to imagine a similar tour de force for pop music. Just think about a Kylie-led music festival.

Grande’s been super busy lately, with her most recent project being that she co-executive produced the soundtrack to the forthcoming Charlie’s Angels film. She’s also teased the release of a live album in the future. In August, Grande dropped “Boyfriend.”

Check out Ariana Grande’s cover of Kylie’s epic moment up above.

Teyana Taylor’s New Album Will Be Here Just In Time For The Holidays

Teyana Taylor has a new album coming, and it’ll be right in time for the Christmas holiday, so imagine what the svelte sounds of her cavernous voice will do for parties of pouring up egg nog cups. It’s currently unnamed, but the follow-up to 2018’s K.T.S.E. is set to drop on December 6th. Take that with a grain of salt. She unveiled the news as a response to a meme about her taking a long time releasing music, so it could be a knee jerk reaction, a “HA!” moment, that involves just tossing a date out and then working towards it. But for now, it’s time to rejoice. New music from Taylor is in the pipeline.

What will it sound like, though? That’s the question. K.T.S.E. was a compact and soulful experience, building upon soft guitars and sexy soul-sampling that made it an intense look at love under the microscope. So far, the only clues as to what it will offer come in the form of “How You Want It?,” her recently released single with King Combs that’s a nostalgic peek into the blinds of 90s R&B music. It works well for her because of her timeless voice. Could there be more of the past in Taylor’s present? Or will she go an entirely new direction?

Taylor’s been digging the past lately. In April, she released the video for “Issues/Hold On,” starring Tyler, the Creator and A$AP Rocky, which was all about the grooviness of the 1970s. Since then, she’s been working with her production group, The Aunties Production, and filming music videos such as “Lies” by Schoolboy Q, Ty Dolla $ign, and YG, and “Pull Up” by Lil Duval and Ty Dolla $ign.

Monsta X Evoke The Spirit Of 90s Boy Bands In ‘Someone’s Someone’

In their push toward Stateside dominance, Korean artists Monsta X have released a string of English singles — from the bouncy club bop “Who Do U Love?” featuring French Monsta to the cheeky love song “Love U” — but “Someone’s Someone” might be their most mainstream, and sentimental, release yet. The song shows us the softer side of members Shownu, Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Jooheon, and I.M with gentle vocal harmonies and a breezy mid-tempo beat. Now, the pop song is complete with its very own dreamy visual.

The video puts a fresh spin on iconic 90s boy band aesthetics, like walking aimlessly on a pier in billowy shirts and standing in the rain. The members of Monsta X are serving looks — and angst — to the camera, and they’ve never looked better. Or more GIFable.

The sweet pop song was written with their fans, called Monbebe, in mind. “We love the song’s message of unity, being connected to someone and not being alone,” Monsta X said in a statement. “We are always here for our Monbebe, and we belong to them unconditionally.”

And Monbebe will get to watch the group perform “Someone’s Someone” live when Monsta X join this year’s iHeart Radio Jingle Ball lineup in Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and New York City — alongside Taylor Swift, Jonas Brothers, Halsey, 5SOS, and more. Here’s hoping they’ll bring a rain machine on the road with them because we can’t wait to add them to our list of the “wettest boys in pop.”

Katy Perry Rips The Road On A Chopper In ‘Harleys In Hawaii’

Have you ever been sleeping in the back of a car and get rudely awakened by the monstrous roar of a Harley Davidson motorcycle? You open your eyes and see the driver sneering at you through your tinted window, chuckling at your interrupted slumber. Katy Perry‘s new song and video for “Harleys In Hawaii” caters to these riders and sticks its middle finger up to anyone who has a problem with them. It’s good, bellowing fun full of motorcycle jackets, views of a beautiful countryside, and, of course, gruff and scruffy beards.

“Harleys In Hawaii” starts with this familiar grumbling. Katy’s slashing up the countryside on the back of this mechanical monster with her crew riding behind her. They pull up to a bar where members of her collective fight behind her while she sips a drink out of a nice cup. She’s not all about the drama though because just a few moments late, she’s lounging on the beach with her bearded, chopper-riding lover. It’s nirvana for her. She has more fun in a hotel room with some hula-hooping friends while they smash guitars and eat spicy snacks. The video is like an urban fantasy of what a Red Bull can wants to be when it grows up.

Katy released “Small Talk” in August, co-written by Charlie Puth (who also co-wrote “Harleys In Hawaii”). Earlier this year, she dropped a heartbreak-curing video for “Never Really Over.”

Watch Perry hop on a bike and rip the road in “Harleys In Hawaii” up above.

Nicki Minaj Let It Slip That An ‘Epic’ Collab With Adele Is On The Way

Diehard Adele fans are well-aware that she’s been a longtime supporter of Nicki Minaj. And if you want proof, look no further than her 2016 “Carpool Karaoke” segment with James Corden, when she flawlessly rapped Nicki’s verse in Kanye West‘s “Monster.” But now, it seems the two are way more than just admirers of each other’s work. And on Tuesday (October 15), the rapper revealed to ET that they collaborated on an “epic” song together.

“Yes and yes, yes and yes, wooo hoo!” Nicki responded when asked about a potential Adele collaboration. And even though the exciting news was supposed to remain a secret, she couldn’t help but give fans a little something to look forward to. “Adele made me swear to secrecy that I’m not allowed to tell anyone that I’m working with her. And that we already shot a video. And it’s an epic song! Ahh!”

Although Nicki didn’t spill any additional details about her upcoming song with Adele, she did open up about what it was like working with Ariana Grande and Normani on a song called “Bad To You” from the Charlie’s Angels soundtrack. “I’m proud of her,” Nicki said, referring to Grande’s work on the soundtrack. “’cause she executive produced that album and I’m proud to be a part of something that’s her baby.”

For her, working with Grande on yet another project wasn’t just all work and no play. It was also a chance to do something together as friends. “It’s always good working with her because we actually — unlike other artists — we actually have a real friendship outside, in the real world. People don’t realize that. Like we actually text, we actually FaceTime and we actually get on each other’s nerves, stuff like that.”

Clearly, Nicki fans have a lot to look forward to between the upcoming Charlie’s Angels soundtrack and the newly confirmed Adele collab. And once we find out more info about the “epic” song they’ve been working on, don’t worry — you’ll be the first to know.

Taylor Swift Performed Acoustic Songs From Lover ‘Because They All Started Out That Way’ On ‘Tiny Desk’

Today’s the day (October 16). Taylor Swift‘s concert for NPR’s Tiny Desk is now out, so the opportunity to immerse yourself in nearly thirty minutes of acoustic songs from both Lover and Red is finally here. There were no backup musicians, just Taylor, a piano, and the guitar. It was nostalgic, magical, and breath-taking.

It started with Taylor’s very anti-pastel suit. She made white and burgundy plaid the definitive fall trend to follow as she introduced herself to the crowd of more than 300 guests packed into the tiny space. After a humble and sheepish greeting, she thanked fans for liking her new album, Lover, and revealed that she’d be performing acoustic versions of the songs. “It’s one of those albums where I wrote everything on one instrument first so it’s really fun to pick songs to do acoustically because they all started out that way,” she said.

She kicked things off with “The Man“, but not before an important introduction. “It’s a song that I’ve wanted to write conceptually for a very long time,” she started. “We have a bit of a double standard in our society. It’s something that I’ve thought about 700 million times a day for the last ten years of my life. She then launched into “The Man” with such gripping, sunny energy as the crowd sang along (in this Tiny Desk, you can actually hear them at certain points).

Afterward, she headed over to a piano to play “Lover.” “As soon as I wrote it, I knew it would be the title track,” she said. She then went on to explain the process of creating songs and how it’s harder on some days as opposed to others. With “Lover” though, she was ready to pull the idea out of her brain and apply it musically. You could hear it in her soft timbre as she played the tune live in mesmerizing fashion, her voice radiating through the hall as the song crescendoed in the chorus.

After finishing the song, she took off her white and burgundy plaid suit jacket to reveal a lush burgundy sweater. It was shiny and somehow luxurious, practically blinding, and even more confirmation that burgundy is the color of this fall. She launched into “Death By A Thousand Cuts” after explaining it being inspired by being current friends’ breakups and also situations that played out onscreen. She brought the guitar back out and her voice grew higher and softer. The gentle plucks of the instrument grew into giant swipes and grand notes that matched her soaring singing.

Most Tiny Desk performances are capped at three songs. But it’s Taylor. Who’s going to have a problem if she squeezes in just one more for the sake of the thrilled audience? She took things back to what she described as her “autumn” album, Red, with a performance of “All Too Well.” She dubbed it “a sad song about fall” and went to the piano again, ending the performance on a wispy and fervid note.

Check out Taylor’s epic Tiny Desk performance up above.

Justin Tranter Reveals The Heart Behind His Hits For Cardi B, Ariana, Halsey, And More

The context: Crafted for the singer-songwriter’s upcoming album Cheap Queen (out October 25), Tranter and the 20-year-old crooner first connected shortly after her piano-driven breakout, “1950,” became a viral hit. “I was shown the video after it had been out for about four days and was like, ‘Oh my God. Who the fuck is this?'” Tranter said. “You could tell off the bat what a musician and songwriter she is, and she’s obviously proudly queer, which is important to my whole life as well.”

The heart: The song, concerning the ruminations of being in an undefined relationship, was crafted a week later. “I don’t want to speak for her or her personal life, but I think it’s pretty fair to say that that is what she was going through at the time,” Tranter said. “I said, ‘Well, that has to be the song.'” Oddly enough, much of the discussion about the lyrics took place on a pickup truck outside the studio. “We needed some fresh air, and if an artist is talking about something that’s super personal, I’ll suggest to change environments. Plus, a lot of studios are dark and weird because people think that’s what musicians want.”

Bebe Rexha Is A Magical, Badass Marathoner In ‘You Can’t Stop The Girl’ Video

Bebe Rexha is certainly on the move in her latest video. But instead of wowing us with some next-level choreo, the pop superstar laces up her sneakers and leads a badass pack of runners in the clip for the aptly named anthem “You Can’t Stop The Girl.”

Directed by Sophie Muller, the clip opens on Bebe pounding the pavement in the streets of L.A., flanked by a diverse group of fellow athletes. That may sound straightforward, but considering this is the theme song for Disney’s Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, there’s a magical element to it all. Rexha winds up in an enchanted, butterfly-filled forest and has her own princess moment as she belts the song’s inspiring message: “Oh, they tryna shoot down angels / They tryna pull their wings off / So they can’t fly / Oh, but she’s so brave though / Just like a tornado / She’s taking us by storm.” All the while, we see scenes of Angelina Jolie’s winged anti-hero, which only takes this vid to further heights. Check it out below.

According to a press release, Rexha and Muller developed the video’s concept together, aiming to create “a cinematic, modern take on female empowerment and dream-big possibilities.” The pop star added on Twitter, “You are capable of anything and everything! Thank you to these amazing girls for running with me and supporting me.”

Next up, Rexha will bring “You Can’t Stop The Girl” to life with a performance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this Friday (October 18) — the same day the Disney flick hits theaters.