Victoria Monét Shows You What It Takes To Have Glorious Glutes In ‘Ass Like That’

It’s almost winter now, but summer is always around the corner because of global warming. It’s 45 degrees and rainy today; tomorrow could be 97 and scorching. To be ready for what the weather brings, it’s always best to have one foot in the gym so that your confidence is maxed out. Just ask Victoria Monét.

As she reveals on her new single, the frequent Ariana Grande collaborator has been in a relationship with aerobics for some time and has the body to prove it, too. “Ass Like That” is about this fascination with aerobics and the benefits that they bring to the body — mainly, having an awesome ass. But that’s not all. There’s also confidence, strength, and perseverance. But those come second to having a nice ass.

Monét met the gym two months ago. It’s the first line of the dulcet tune that’s really “an empowering song,” as she writes in the video description. Monét’s been making heads turn with her thighs, burning calories like medical marijuana, and not editing pictures. With her soft voice, she boasts about her body with a warm grin that makes you want to put down the deep-fried macaroni and cheese bites and pick up a medicine ball. No matter who you are, having a nice ass is always worth the work.

In the accompanying lyric video, Monét gives a preview of the routine it takes to have nice thighs. She’s on the exercise bike, drinking a ton of water, and making sure to stretch whenever she can. If this is the bar she sets to reveal her lyrics, we can imagine what’s going to happen in the actual music video.

Watch Monét’s “Ass Like That” lyric video and get inspired up above.

Juice WRLD’s ‘Lucid Dreams’ Is The Subject Of A $15 Million Lawsuit

Juice WRLD‘s been hit with a huge lawsuit by pop-punk band Yellowcard, who claim that “Lucid Dreams,” Juice WRLD’s breakout 2018 single, copies melodic elements of their 2006 song “Holly Wood Died.” The case is set to the tune of a whopping $15 million. Along with financial compensation, the band is looking for co-ownership of the song and royalties as well.

Yellowcard isn’t just suing Juice WRLD; they’re going after nearly everyone connected with the record, such as producer Nicholas Mira, co-writer Taz Taylor, Interscope Records, and more. Since the song was instrumental in breaking Juice WRLD to mainstream America, they’re also looking for revenue from his concert tours and public appearances. To establish the song’s similarities, they point to a “melodic idiosyncrasy” called a melisma, which, according to the band, appears in a “parallel position” in both songs.

There’s also the fact that Juice WRLD is quoted in an interview saying that he “listened to and educated himself in emo pop-rock music” to impress a girl that he had a crush on in fifth grade in 2006. It’s the same year that “Holly Wood Dies” came out on Yellowcard’s Lights and Sounds album.

According to Yellowcard’s attorney, the lawsuit isn’t new. “They put all of the parties on notice a long while ago and gave them every opportunity to try and resolve it,” he said in a statement to Billboard. “That notice was pretty much ignored leaving them with no real choice.”

Nicki Minaj Got Married And Fans Are So Happy For Her

Nicki Minaj is officially a wife! She hit Instagram with the news yesterday (October 21) with a video of caps with “bride” and “groom” monogrammed on the fronts and a caption of the date with emojis surrounding it. There are also some cool mugs to add to the wedding swag, so if this is all that’s in the video then imagine what else is off-camera. Her first post-rap-retirement move is awesome to see and is the first step towards starting the family that she’s ready to have.

Nicki’s fans took to Twitter to shower the Queen of Rap with praise. They were so happy to see her happy that many were in tears as they admired her romantic journey with her husband.

Nicki recently revealed to The Shade Room some details about her then-pending ceremonial plans. “You know when you’re a little girl and you want this big beautiful wedding, and I used to think I was one of those girls, I always wanted the fairytale,” she said. “But then the things that used to matter to you don’t matter as much. I’m madly in love with this man. He’s also my best friend. The things that used to matter to me before don’t matter as much now. So yes, we’re going to have a big wedding eventually.”

The world was shocked in September when Nicki announced that, effective immediately, she was retiring from rap. She was ready to “have a family” and gave fans one last command: “To my fans, keep reppin me, do it til da death of me.”

Check out some of Nicki’s wedding swag and fans’ reactions to the wedding up above.

Brooke Candy Rides Choppers And Boogies With Alpacas In ‘FMU’

As the decade wraps up, it’s clear that straddling a Harley Davidson is the move for pop stars going into the new year. First, Katy Perry hopped on a Harley for the aptly named “Harleys in Hawaii” last week and, now, Brooke Candy‘s grabbed her own for a trip through the forest in the video for “FMU.” It’s a wild visual for her new single, which features Rico Nasty, that’s all about admiring the beastly bikes and the woman who tame them. There’s one word to describe it. Badass.

Brooke’s a master of the wardrobe. In “FMU” she looks like a punk rock version of Van Helsing. She puts a bandana and Lil Nas X-like hat and rides bikes, stands on crumpled cars in a junkyard, and dances with alpacas in a field. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it’s strangely adorable. In one of the coolest scenes, she finds a group of women in the forest with bikes and dances with them as they look at her strangely, as if the bit isn’t rehearsed. Brooke really knows how to have fun. Rico doesn’t appear in the video, which is a shame, because we can only imagine how much more energy she’d bring. She would have definitely popped a couple of wheelies on her bike.

“FMU” is set to appear on Brooke’s forthcoming album SEXORCISM that’s set to come out on October 25. The LP will also feature the previously released tunes “Drip” and “XXXTC.”

Watch Brooke’s beautiful, bike-obsessed video for “FMU” ” up above.

Miley Cyrus’s New Album May Feature Cardi B And Shawn Mendes

Miley Cyrus is coming… again. After kicking off her new era in May with She Is Coming, Cyrus said she would follow up with two more EPs that would ultimately comprise a full-length project titled She Is Miley Cyrus. But it appears the 26-year-old may be jumping straight to album mode, if her recent Instagram Live is any indication.

On Sunday (October 20), Cyrus took to IG to give fans a tour of her animal-filled L.A. abode, which included her home office. There, viewers got a look at a whiteboard with what appears to be a tracklist and a November 23 release date (which also happens to be MC’s birthday). The 13-song list includes a smattering of tracks from She Is Coming — “Mother’s Daughter,” “Party Up The Street,” and the RuPaul-assisted “Cattitude” — as well as the recent single “Slide Away.” Interestingly, there may be a couple more collaborations on the docket — eagle-eyed fans noted that “Naked” appears to feature Cardi B, while Shawn Mendes may make an appearance on “Playing With Fire.” Other notable titles, if this tracklist is legit, include “Golden G-String” and “Mary Jane.”

In July, Cyrus spoke about the upcoming album in an interview with Elle, saying, “My record is called She Is Miley Cyrus. ‘She’ does not represent a gender. She is not just a woman. ‘She’ doesn’t refer to a vagina. She is a force of nature. She is power. She can be anything you want to be, therefore, she is everything. She is the super she. She is the she-ro. She is the She-E-O.”

Other highlights from Cyrus’s livestream included a throwback rendition of her Bolt theme song “I Thought I Lost You” (which came at the request of Justin Bieber, who hopped onto the stream at one point), and the debut of a song called “Bad Karma.” Singing a cappella, Cyrus belted, “They say it’s bad karma being such a heartbreaker / I’ve always picked a giver ’cause I’ve always been a taker.”

That wasn’t the only unreleased tune Cyrus sang for fans. At another point in the nearly one-hour stream, she sat down at the piano and played a song she said she’d been working on that week. “Just think about me before filling up the cup / Feels like nowadays everybody’s breaking up / But I wanna last, I wanna last / Baby just keep me from my past,” she sang, noting that the song probably won’t be on her album. She added that the melancholy tune was inspired by her sobriety; she revealed she’s four months sober and added, “It’s the best I’ve ever felt. … It’s my number one priority right now.”

Peep the rumored MC7 tracklist below, and mark those calendars for November 23, in case Cyrus does decide to release this thing.

1. “Sagitarius”

2. “Mother’s Daughter”

3. “Slide Away”

4. “Party Up The Street”

5. “American Dream”

6. “Naked” feat. Cardi B

7. “Golden G String”

8. “Mary Jane”

9. “Victoria”

10. “Cattitude”

11. “Bad Karma”

12. “Play With Fire” feat. Shawn Mendes

13. “Coldblood”

Kesha Drives Through The Road Of Life In A Busted Jalopy In New Album Trailer

Kesha‘s new studio album High Road is out soon. So ahead of its release, the singer has released an epic trailer showcasing what life looks like if it were a vintage road trip from the 1960s. There are bits and pieces of new music, wild snapshots of party life, and profound philosophical nuggets from Kesha that make you question what your definition of life really is. If this teaser is any indication, then High Road will be a thrilling and eye-opening follow-up to 2017’s Rainbow. 

In the years since her last album came out, Kesha has been driving across the road of life. There are numerous pitstops and distractions, but she zooms past them all. She illustrates this by driving a beat-up jalopy through different dusty streets. “I’ve seen the light: life is like driving across the country in a pretty small Astrovan, with your whole family in it, for 90 years,” she says in an aside. “Because I think life is a vacation from where we go when we die.”

Over the course of the two minutes, we’re shown a lot of perspectives, viewpoints, and cartoonishly over-the-top segments that make it clear that Kesha is actively making the best of her ride. Some of these sets, such as one that pays homage to The Shining‘s scary twin girls and another that takes place in a brightly-colored grocery store, appears to be from forthcoming music videos. We won’t know until they drop but it’s clear that High Road is going to be special.

High Road is due to come out in December. In a September cover story with Billboard, Kesha gave some details about what the new LP will sound like. “It’s the happiness that I began my career with,” she said. “Part of this album is resurrecting the fact that you can be a fucking mess in your head one day and then you can also be glittered-up and have the best night of your life.”

Watch some of Kesha’s wild ride of life in the trailer up above.

Coldplay Will Return With A New Album After Working On It For A Century

A new Coldplay album, before today, sounded like something that would be in a head full of dreams. But alas, it’s true. Coldplay returns on November 22, according to a new letter to fans. They’ve also figured out time travel because they’ve been working on the LP “for the last 100 years.” In a month, fans will get to consume the legendary band’s first album in four years.

In the letter, the band gave some first details about the album. First and foremost, its name: Everyday Life. Well, at one point it’s been called that, but that may not be the final name. The LP will also be a double album and be divided into halves. The first is “sunrise” and the second is “sunset.”

Coincidentally, teaser images have popped up around the world and on social media. In São Paulo, Brazil, a poster of the band members from November 22, 1919 is at the metro station. Coldplay also posted the mysterious image on Instagram without any further explanation. It’s a little spooky and that makes us all the more here for it.

Coldplay’s last studio album was 2015’s A Head Full Of Dreams. Last year, they released “E-Lo” with Pharrell and Jozzy.

Check out Coldplay’s letter and the mysterious imagery up above.

Good Luck Getting Tomorrow X Together’s ‘9 And Three Quarters (Run Away)’ Out Of Your Head

It’s been seven months since Tomorrow X Together made their anticipated debut, and now the K-pop rookies are continuing their whimsical coming-of-age journey with new single “9 and Three Quarters (Run Away)” — an energetic song that channels typical teenage angst into something magical and extremely catchy.

“9 and Three Quarters (Run Away)” is all about breaking free from everyday burdens and running away to a special place where you can forget your troubles and be yourself alongside your best friends. But even more than that, it’s a song about the magic that occurs when you’re together. If “Crown” tapped into the emotional and physical pangs of adolescence — the uncertainty and the abundance of feelings — then “9 and Three Quarters (Run Away)” refers to finding strength in sacred moments shared among friends.

Of course, there’s still a fair amount of angst, in addition to the heavy bass line and explosive hook. “It feels like everybody’s happy but me,” Beomgyu sings. “It hurts more when I smile than when I cry.” But these moments subside, as they so often do when you have friends to weather the storm with — or give you a Band-Aid when you need one. “In moments like those / When tears fill your eyes / Hold my hand tight,” Yeonjun sings. “Should we run away?”

And while the lyrics and visuals make obvious references to the magical world of Harry Potter — summoning spells, departing trains (bibbidi bobbidi!), rewinding clocks, wands, and the titular Platform 9 3⁄4 — the Boy Who Lived is never referenced by name. (Though, J.K. Rowling, you are now obligated to stan Tomorrow X Together.) The magic in question, however, isn’t so literal. It’s a feeling, one that TXT first evoked in “Crown” with the lyric, “Your existence changes my world like magic.”

At their media showcase in Seoul on Monday morning (October 21), leader Soobin said the song captures the “magical moments that we have together.”

Big Hit Entertainment

“9 and Three Quarters (Run Away)” is the lead single off the group’s first studio album, The Dream Chapter: Magic. The album is an eclectic mix of genres, but it’s one that feels distinctly TXT. From the sentimental R&B of “20cm,” to the charismatic swagger of “Angel or Devil,” and the fizzy pop of “Poppin’ Star,” Magic diversifies the group’s sound without completely losing their signature energy and stylistic flourishes. It also further establishes members Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Huening Kai as versatile performers who can sing, rap, and dance. In fact, it’s that playfulness and their willingness to try just about anything that makes the young group stand out among their peers. (The spell-binding narrative helps too.)

Still, as Big Hit Entertainment’s second-ever boy group — the first being global superstars BTS — TXT know that all eyes are on them and their second release. “It would be a lie if I say I don’t have any pressure,” Beomgyu said at their media showcase. “There is pressure, but it also gives us driving force to prepare harder.”

“We are aware BTS and Big Hit gave us big wings,” Soobin added. “In order to fly high with the wings, we need a strong body. That’s why we are preparing hard.”

Perhaps that’s why when asked if they had their own Platform 9 3⁄4, somewhere special they go to escape the world for a bit, Soobin thought of a recording studio inside the company. “I can be by myself,” he said, “watch movies, or write song lyrics and listen to music and sing.” But the most “precious place” of all for this formidable fivesome is the practice room. “It’s where we spend the most time,” he said.

Watching Tomorrow X Together perform “9 and Three Quarters (Run Away)” for the first time — all “precise movements and raw energy,” as Yeonjun likes to say — and it’s clear that all that time has paid off. And that dynamism and teamwork is exactly what makes them so magical.

Young Thug And Gunna Brought A Marching Band To The Fallon Stage

Young Thug and Gunna were the musical guests on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night (October 20) and, instead of winging it with just themselves for a steamy (literally) performance of their collaboration “Hot,” they brought along members of the Temple University Diamond Marching Band for a Drumline-esque show of brass (and woodwind) pizazz. Both Young Thug and Gunna are theatrical artists, so you can imagine the level of showmanship on display in the brief show. But for three minutes, the rappers, and the band, transported the audience to the football field at halftime for a show that they’ll never forget.

The show began with a drum major (who looks just like Gunna and it’s definitely surprising that he doesn’t turn out to be) leading the group of flutists and trumpet players as they bounce around and play the song’s roaring production sequence. Gunna emerges behind them in all black and begins to rap the song with the smoothness of a slithering garden snake maneuvering through fresh grass. Young Thug rises from the stage’s steam in all white, a stray vapor that has figured out how to use a microphone. He’s more energetic than Gunna here and the two share the stage for his verse. Just as soon as it starts, the halftime show is over. Everyone head back to the stands, the third quarter is about to get underway.

“Hot” appears on Young Thug’s sophomore studio album So Much Fun that dropped in August. The LP also features “The London” with J. Cole and Travis Scott.

Watch Young Thug and Gunna’s football field performance up above.

Carly Rae Jepsen Finally Gives Justice To ‘The Sound’ With A New Performance Video

If you’ve been lucky enough to witness Carly Rae Jepsen‘s Dedicated Tour (or if you’ve at least lived vicariously through other fans’ concert videos), you know that “The Sound” has unfortunately not been part of the setlist. At long last, though, Jepsen has given justice to the Dedicated ditty by giving it a live performance video that’s adorably autumnal and simply sublime.

In the vid, released on Friday (October 18), Jepsen and her bandmates take over the dock of a lake in Lapland, Finland, for a waterfront performance with absolutely zero fans (or any other humans, for that matter) in sight. Random? Sure, but the scenery is absolutely gorgeous, and perfectly fits the song’s easy-breezy vibes. Wearing a Penny Lane-esque coat, Jepsen sounds impeccable as she sings about needing more than words from her partner: “Love is more than telling me you want it / I don’t need the words / I want the sound, sound, sound, sound, sound.”

Jepsen’s live video for “The Sound” comes just a few weeks after she released the vibrant vid for Dedicated single “Want You In My Room.” Next up, she’s continuing touring behind her fourth album, while also teasing the possibility of writing a pop musical. This girl sure knows how to keep us on our toes.