Hobbs And Shaw Cut Out A Joke About Idris Elba’s James Bond

So Idris Elba nixed the Bond joke because it was too close to the discussion surrounding him and you could also make the argument that it would sort of take audiences out of the movie a bit, referencing this meta thing happening in the real world. Plus, the black Superman line is ultimately better, regardless of who came up with it (both Idris Elba and Dwayne Johnson claim ownership).

Watch Marvel’s Women Reflect On That Epic All-Female Moment in Avengers: Endgame

This clip comes to us from Instagram, clearly cut up to help the push towards Endgame’s upcoming home release. From the video, you can see that the cast of women was assembled to film together, rather than being inserted through visual affects. Gwyneth Paltrow is suited up in full Rescue armor, getting in battle with the likes of Scarlet Witch, The Wasp, Captain Marvel, Guardians Nebula, Gamora, and Mantis, and Wakandans Shuri and Okoye. The only person missing was Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie, who was presumably added into the scene in post. She was riding a pegasus after all.

Dwayne Johnson On Hollywood Changing And The Possibility Of A Black Superman

For almost 20 years, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been starring in movies, and with his hugely-successful career he’s broken some serious barriers for leading men. In Hobbs & Shaw he’ll do it again when the Fast & Furious characters journey to Samoa and take part in an epic showdown alongside his “Samoan brothers” there.

At the Hobbs & Shaw Los Angeles premiere on Saturday, the action star was asked about the growing representation and inclusion on the big screen. Here’s what he told Variety:

Dwayne Johnson will soon be joining the world of superhero blockbusters when he suits up for Black Adam for DC. The actor has been confirmed to take on the role for five years, but the project is finally moving forward with Rampage writer Adam Sztykiel onboard and Jaume Collett-Serra (The Shallows, Jungle Cruise) at the helm.

The Rock’s last quip about Black Superman is clearly a reference to the Hobbs & Shaw villian played by Idris Elba. The super-powered terrorist calls himself “Black Superman” in the movie. Johnson will miss his chance to play Superman since he’ll already be Black Adam, but the comic book character actually shares many of the same powers such as super strength, flight and durability.

Black Adam is actually more powerful than Superman because his powers come from magic (just like his arch-enemy Shazam)! Johnson said the Black Adam movie will start shooting in the first half of 2020. A release date has not yet been set for the film but considering the character’s connections with Shazam, it makes sense that strides are being made after the film’s on-screen debut.

Dwayne Johnson has been starred in blockbuster after blockbuster non-stop and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. After Hobbs & Shaw’s summer release, he’ll lead Jumanji: The Next Level alongside Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Karen Gillan, Danny DeVito and Danny Glover in December. The action-packed sequel follows the $962 million worldwide box office haul of 2017’s Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

Taika Waititi Is Returning To Direct Thor 4

Although Thor has been an integral part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2011, the God of Thunder was revitalized at the hands of Taika Waititi in his third standalone movie, Thor: Ragnarok. The threequel was met with critical acclaim and made $854 million worldwide, and nearly two full years later, it’s been announced that Waititi will be back to direct Thor 4.

Back in April, Tessa Thompson, who brings Valkyrie to life in the MCU, said that she heard that a pitch had happened for Thor 4 and that Taika Waititi would come back. Sure enough, THR has confirmed that Waititi has signed a deal to write and direct the next installment of this corner of the MCU.

Seth Rogen Says It Was ‘Weird’ Watching The Lion King With Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

The lion has always been known as the king of beasts, but there’s no actual proclamation that makes it so. Unlike with people, where there are actual people who have been deemed kings and queens throughout the world and throughout history. The Lion King recently had its U.K. premiere in London, and along for the ride was the actual royal family.

The Duke and Dutchess Harry and Megan were in attendance at the premiere event, and Seth Rogen recently told Good Morning America that watching the movie with them was quite strange because they were actual royalty. According to Rogen…

To be fair, it might. While the Royal Family of Great Britain doesn’t hold the political power it once did and is mostly ceremonial, it’s a place of prestige that one is born into through random happenstance. Nobody actually did anything to earn a place, and yet, there’s an expectation that comes with the position that nobody asked for. If you’re Prince Harry, you have to live your life in a certain way because of who your parents are. He can probably relate to Simba in some way.

The entire concept of a king is part of what makes The Lion King feels so foreign and magical to an American audience. While there’s a clear love of the Royal Family by many in the U.S., part of the reason for that is that we don’t have kings and queens of our own.

Simba’s story is about his attempt to reject his birthright after he makes what he believes is a terrible mistake. However, in the end, Simba realizes he has a duty to live up to as the son of the king.

Of course,there’s no need to actually be born royal to have a strong connection to The Lion King. The original was a movie holds a special place in the heart of pretty much everybody that has seen it

It seems quite likely that the new remake will have a largely similar impact on the new audience, both those that have seen the original before and those that have not. For better or worse, the new Lion King is largely unchanged compared to the original, beyond it’s visually stunning look.

Check out the full comments of Seth Rogen and director Jon Favreau in the video below.

The Lion King remake is looking to be just as massive a hit this time around as it was in the mid-90s. It will almost certainly be one of the highest grossing films of the year. The wait to find your place in the Circle of Life ends Friday.

Space Jam 2 Has Had A Director Shakeup

While Terence Nance brought youth and indie sensibilities with him to Space Jam 2, in Malcolm D. Lee, Warner Bros. gets a director with experience and a proven track record on the big screen. After his 1999 debut The Best Man, Malcolm D. Lee directed films like Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins, Soul Men and Barbershop: The Next Cut. More recently, Malcolm D. Lee directed the critically acclaimed and commercially successful Girls Trip, as well as the Kevin Hart film Night School.

Why Tim Miller Chose Terminator: Dark Fate After Deadpool

The sci-fi is one of the most popular genres in filmmaking, having entertained and intrigued audiences for decades. There are certain properties that stand out among the rest of the genre, remaining fan favorites through the test of time. Chief among them is James Cameron’s pair of Terminator movies, and (to a lesser degree) the myriad sequels that have followed throughout the years. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s signature character will be back for Terminator: Dark Fate, which is being helmed by Deadpool director Tim Miller.

Tim Miller had massive success with Deadpool, which was a critical and box office hit. But he ended up departing the sequel due to creative differences, eventually signing on to bring Terminator: Dark Fate to reality. He recently explained the choice to pivot to such a beloved franchise, saying:

It looks like Tim Miller is as big a fan of the Terminator movies as the rest of us. As such, he jumped on the opportunity to get behind the camera and put his own perspective on the beloved property. Especially with the original actors returning, forming a new timeline in the process.

Tim Miller made his directorial debut with Deadpool, and had the odds stacked against him. Miller made the project on a modest budget by superhero movie standards, and utilized a character that wasn’t a household name. But all that changed with the first movie, which proved an R-rated superhero blockbuster could make a ton of money at the box office.

As such, sci-fi fans were thrilled when it was announced that Tim Miller would be helming the newest Terminator movie, even if it meant that he didn’t get to work on Deadpool 2. The pressure is certainly on for Miller to deliver on his sophomore run as a director, especially given how much moviegoers love James Cameron’s set of Terminator movies.

Terminator: Dark Fate will be a direct sequel to Terminator 2, which is largely considered the strongest entry in the franchise. This narrative choice helps to simplify a convoluted timeline, while also bringing in Linda Hamilton to reprise her role as Sarah Connor. Considering Tim Miller’s fresh eye and daring perspective on filmmaking, it should be interesting to see what he does with Dark Fate, and if he breaths new life into the somewhat uneven property.

Tim Miller’s efforts and enthusiasm for the franchise will come to the light when Terminator: Dark Fate arrives in theaters on November 1st, 2019. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Tom Holland’s Peter Parker Is Vastly Different Than Tobey Maguire, And That’s A Great Thing

Spider-Man: Homecoming Marvel

Warning! The following contains SPOILERS for Spider-Man: Far From Home. read at your own risk.

If it wasn’t clear prior to Spider-Man: Far From Home, the Spidey-sequel certainly solidified Tom Holland will be a different Peter Parker than Tobey Maguire’s iconic Spider-Man. Apologies to Andrew Garfield in advance, but when it comes to the definitive version of the Web-Slinger to have graced cinema, fans largely seem torn between Maguire and Holland. With that said, can they ever be truly compared considering their alter ego’s lives are so different?

People will make comparisons regardless of whether or not it’s necessarily fair to, and that’s completely fine. In fact, it’s a great thing these two couldn’t be more different, for reasons we’ll get into below. We’ll also touch on some of the major differences between Maguire and Holland’s Peter Parkers, and the difference it may make for Holland’s Peter going forward.

Tobey Maguire Peter Parker Spider-Man 2

Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker

Throughout the course of the Sam Raimi films, Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker is mainly down on his luck and struggling. Whether it’s love, disappointing loved ones or trying to keep a roof over his head, things are pretty rough on him throughout the trilogy. Being an adult is rough, especially if it isn’t common knowledge you’re also a superhero trying to save the world.

“With great power comes great responsibility.” It really all comes back to that phrase throughout Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man run, as he experiences every interpretation of that phrase over the course of three films. Maguire’s Peter Parker is always trying to live up to the mantra bestowed upon him by his dead Uncle Ben (who was sneakily referenced in the recent film). He’s ultimately driven by his loss, and often tried to live up to the man his uncle was.

Superpowers aside, Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker is the average man and possibly one of the most relatable heroes in Marvel for that reason. Even with his powers, he’s just another dude trying to get by, which may be the beauty in being a hero only subject to standalone films. Overall, there’s a reason people still love those movies today, and a lot of it is due to his arc as Peter Parker.

Tom Holland Peter Parker Spider-Man

How Tom Holland’s Peter Parker Is Different Than Tobey Maguire’s

We don’t know where the arc of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is going, but we can assume it’ll be very hard for him to become that same person. Mysterio revealed his identity to the world, who will probably not be able to keep a secret like those folks in that subway incident. Jokes aside, one can imagine Peter won’t have a job at the Daily Bugle following that exposé.

We haven’t seen who Tom Holland’s Peter Parker was before becoming Spider-Man, but instead have seen him grow throughout his experiences within the MCU. Tony Stark played the mentor to Tom Holland’s Peter Parker that Ben was to Tobey Magure’s Parker, and that difference in mentorship has been quite phenomenal. Ben passed on some words of wisdom, whereas Tony has passed on technology and a weapons system that could obliterate just about anything he could ever want.

With his identity compromised and Tony Stark’s gifts at his disposal, there’s really no foreseeable way Peter Parker kicks off the next Spider-Man movie delivering pizzas for fellow New Yorkers. This Peter Parker hasn’t been an every man since he caught that vibranium shield in Captain America: Civil War, and it’s hard to imagine his life will suddenly become normal.

Tony Stark Peter Parker Marvel

Why This Change Is Great For The MCU

As great as Tobey Maguire’s arc as Peter Parker was, it would’ve been foolhardy to attempt and recreate it within the context of the MCU. Tom Holland’s Peter learned the world was much bigger than his life very early on into his run, and that has consumed him ever since. He couldn’t even take a vacation without having to suit up, but that’s just the world he lives in.

Take that in comparison to Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker, who spent a chunk of Spider-Man 2 choosing a normal life over heroic responsibilities. It’s a luxury the MCU’s Peter Parker couldn’t afford even when he tried to do so, because the world is much bigger than him. Making him as self-centered as as Maguire’s Parker is at points would make him immature, which is sort of ironic given Holland’s Peter is much younger.

It’s ironic, but also appropriate. Tom Holland’s Peter Parker may be much younger than Tobey Maguire’s throughout his arc so far, but he’s experienced a hell of a lot more. This includes an extinction level event that everyone is still trying to heal from post Avengers: Endgame. He may not be the most mature Spider-Man, but he’s done pretty well considering the circumstances, and has yet to lose his powers because he got “sad.”

Tobey Maguire Spider-Man

Why This Change Is Great For Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man

In defense of Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker, the world was a lot more chill in his multiverse. He only had to deal with a major villain every couple of years, and the rest was mainly petty crime. He wasn’t living in a world as crazy as the MCU, so we can’t really rag on the fact he could afford to have an existential crisis.

There’s no denying that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is nothing like Tobey Maguire’s in regards to how their personal lives play out. With that said, the MCU hasn’t messed up here and doesn’t need to make Holland’s character more similar, nor do people need to constantly compare Holland’s Spider-Man with Maguire’s. They’re both incredible, and dare I say, amazing? Again, sorry to Andrew Garfield and all the fans who hold his Spider-Man in the highest regard.

The fact these two are so separate is a blessing for audiences, as neither performance really steps on the toes of the other. Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man is still great and holds up, and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is right up there with him. Their differences make it easy to celebrate both without having to decide which is the definitive hero, which is a luxury not all heroes (or their actors) get. Additionally, there’s still the crazy chance these guys could work together in some Spider-Verse sequel, so let’s be happy they’re different.

Agree? Disagree? Need to weigh in on Andrew Garfield’s behalf? Any and all commentary is welcome in the comments, and be sure to stick with CinemaBlend for more on Spider-Man: Far From Home, and other things happening in movies and television.

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Zachary Levi Thinks DC Will Make Shazam! 2 ‘As Soon As Possible’

Shazam showing off his powers

The DC live-action universe had had its share of missteps, but it seems like Warner Bros. has found its stride in recent years. After the box office disappointment of Justice League, the shared universe stepped away from crossover heavy projects, instead focusing on director-driven blockbusters that focus on one character at a time. It’s a method that worked out well for Aquaman and Shazam!, and both projects are expected to get their own sequel shortly.

Early reports indicated that The Trench would arrive before Aquaman 2, but what about a sequel for Shazam!? Zachary Levi played the superpowered title character in the film, and seems to think that Shazam! 2 might be coming sooner rather than later. Mainly, due to the cast of child actors that should presumably be brought back for another adventure. As he put it:

The only other thing I know is they want to make it as soon as possible because those kids are growing up like weeds, so if we don’t do that in like the next two days, they’re gonna be full grown adults.

You’ve got hand it to Zachary Levi, he makes a solid point. Shazam! focuses on teenager Billy Batson, who is given fantastic powers by a Wizard. Billy’s foster siblings also have major roles in the movie, eventually given their own superheroic doppleganger by the film’s ending. So if Shazam! is going to get a sequel, it’s going to need to go into production quickly before the young cast ages too much.

Child actors have always presented an interesting challenge in serialized storytelling, be it on the big screen of TV screen. Actors tend to age faster than their characters, causing some cognitive dissonance for audiences. Shazam! has a cast largely made up of young performers, so director David F. Sandberg and company are going to need to kick it into high gear ASAP. At least, according to Zachary Levi’s estimation.

Zachary Levi’s comments about a Shazam! sequel come from his recent appearance at Germany’s CCXP Cologne Convention (via Comic Book), and make a great deal of sense, and are sure to excite all DC fans out there. Shazam! brought something new to the superhero genre, adding a sense of naivety and childlike wonder to the previously ultra dark DCEU.

During his same appearance, Zachary Levi spoke about the talks going on regarding Shazam! 2, and the studio’s response to the first film. He said:

I know that I’m gonna have a conversation with my bosses pretty soon about what the idea is and where we’re going with the new movie, but all I really know is that New Line, our studio, and Warner Brothers, our parent studio, and DC, and our producers and executives and everybody who’s involved in all of the decision making, they’re all very happy with what we did. They want to do even better the second time around, and they are crafting a story right now as we speak about what that sequel is going to be.

The DC fans should be happy to hear this news, as it appears the DCEU has really hit its stride following the worrying performance of Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, and Justice League. Rather than releasing full phases of movie releases like the MCU, Warner Bros. appears to be approaching its shared universe more freely, allowing the performance of each blockbuster to dictate plans for the future.

Shazam! and Aquaman proved that DC could make movies that were critically acclaimed, and helped to breathe new life into the DCEU. Until that point, only Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman managed to get great reviews, and the future of the shared universe seemed precarious. But now the studio has course corrected, with director-driven projects like Joker and Birds of Prey coming down the pipeline, in addition to the projects that are still being developed.

The next installment in the DCEU is Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), which will hit theaters on February 7th 2020. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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