There’s One Aquaman Scene People Overseas Are Going Crazy For

The following contains minor spoilers for Aquaman.

Aquaman is a hit movie overseas and at home. The film has already grossed over $800 million around the world, which shows that the film is the sort of product that can cross cultural boundaries and appeal to different people all over the world. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it’s exactly the same things about Aquaman that are appealing to everybody. Director James Wan recently learned that what China loves the most isn’t one of the great action set pieces, it’s when Amber Heard eats a flower. According to Wan…

The scene in question takes place about midway through the movie. Arthur Curry and Mera are traveling together on the surface and Mera has become the fish out of water. She sees some people eating food around her when Arthur offers her a bouquet of flowers as a gift. She makes the connection they must be food and eats one. He doesn’t want to make her feel embarrassed, so he follows suit and does the same.

It’s not entirely clear why China apparently loves this scene. Wan tells THR that Warner Bros. informed him it was the most popular across the nation. It’s a funny scene to be sure, it’s also quite sweet in the way Arthur Curry goes the extra mile to make Mera feel at home, but it’s still somewhat surprising that it’s apparently the most popular moment in a movie that includes some impressive visual effects and numerous action sequences. Apparently, there was no need to spend so much money on digital effects to impress China. Just have an actress eat flowers.

Whatever the reason, it has resulted in Aquaman grossing over $260 million in China, making it the third highest grossing Hollywood movie in the country in 2018. It’s just barely behind Venom, close enough it will likely overtake the film in the new year, and a little less than $100 million behind Avengers: Infinity War.

Certainly, this doesn’t mean that China doesn’t enjoy the impressive visual effects and the exciting action, but it does show that different aspects of any given movie are going to appeal to cultures differently. Even if we were exclusively looking at the funny moments of Aquaman, I’m not sure most in the west would rank Mera’s flower eating as the best.

Whether you love the action or the humor, it’s clear that pretty much everybody loves Aquaman to one degree or another. Of the three potential blockbusters that all came out around Christmas, it has kept it’s lead over both Mary Poppins Returns and Bumblebee, though neither of those films has had any particular problem making money, especially overseas.

One Particular Part Of Vice Adam McKay Wishes He Didn’t Have To Leave Out Of The Movie

Adam McKay’s Vice is a film that is massive in its scope. While there are many biopics that choose to cover their subjects by highlighting one particularly notable event that sums up the person’s life, the Dick Cheney movie covers decades that the politician spent in Washington. Taking this approach was always going to mean leaving certain details on the cutting room floor, but for McKay, one part of the story he wish he could have kept in was Cheney’s impact when it came to protecting (or more accurately, not protecting) the environment:

The one that drove me crazy was that he kind of single-handedly killed action on global warming. He had a guy in the room with [George] W. Bush who told them that, Christine Todd Whitman, that we’re going to do the cap and trade. Cheney called the oil guys in the Senate, like [James] Inhofe and all those guys – they put the kibosh on it. When we were making the movie we hadn’t heard the UN report that global warming was 50 times worse than we thought, and I cut that out of the script, and I was like, ‘Awww.’ But at least we had the solar panels in there.

Every film has to kill certain darlings as they make their way through development, and Vice was no exception. The movie does a great job serving as both an expose and a highlight reel — shining lights in dark places, and also hitting on all the huge events everybody remembers — and squeezing all of that material in required some cuts. For Adam McKay, who I had the chance to sit down with last month prior to the release of the biopic, it was apparently the global warming material in particular that he wishes he didn’t have to remove, especially because of world events and revelations that we’ve seen/heard about in the months since production.

Of course, it should be noted that the movie definitely does touch on Dick Cheney’s record with the environment — it apparently just doesn’t go as far with it as it could. As Adam McKay notes, there is still a sequence where the solar panels at the White House, installed by the Jimmy Carter administration, are removed when Ronald Reagan takes office, but that’s not all. The film also goes into detail on how the conversation around the issue was completely changed specifically by Cheney and his people by using certain kinds of spin, like getting the public and media to call it “Climate Change” instead of “Global Warming.”

This is obviously a significant part of the story in terms of the lasting impact of Dick Cheney’s political career, but it’s also apparently one of many things that couldn’t be fully addressed in Vice because of the inherent storytelling limitations present in narrative filmmaking. Adam McKay cited global warming as something he wished he didn’t have to cut when I specifically asked him for an example, but he began his answer by saying there’s a good 45 minutes of extra content that existed in early cuts of the movie that had to be whittled out over the course of post-production.

At the same time, however, the filmmaker discovered that there was a certain art to telling the life story of Dick Cheney, specifically because the man has done so much to try and stop his story from being told in this fashion. Vice was certainly created to shine a light on one of the most significant political figures of the last fifty years, but it also had to mold itself to fit its unusual subject. McKay explained,

The early cut of the film could have almost been three hours long. It’s a giant American epic, and, at the same time, the reason I liked the movie was because he’s a mystery. He’s a guy that we don’t know. He’s a guy who doesn’t want the spotlight. So I had to kind of avoid certain scintillating aspects of him upfront, and because of that I had to cut stuff. That was tricky about it.

Fortunately, anything that didn’t get the chance to be fully covered in Vice is still out there in the world, and any interested individual can now start doing their own personal dig into the man-shaped mystery known as Dick Cheney. What’s brought to life through Christian Bale’s performance was never going to be the entire story, but for those fascinated by the subject matter it can definitely be a starting place.

One person who was certainly left fascinated by the Vice experience is Adam McKay himself, who admitted during my interview that he has a certain respect for what the man did — even while recognizing the horrific consequences of a lot of it. Dick Cheney, unlike anyone else in history, is a person who figured out how to play the United States government like a musical instrument, and the intelligence required to pull off something like that is unquestionably rare and impressive. Said McKay,

This guy ran game through Washington DC like you can’t believe. I’m trying to think of any comparison to it. The Grifters, The Sting… he was a master. You have to admire it. He knew every move. There was so much stuff we couldn’t put in the movie that was just like, ‘Whoa.’ He’s a grandmaster; he’s a chess master.

Click play on the video below to watch Adam McKay discuss killing darlings for Vice, including the global warming material that didn’t make the finished cut:

Based on an original screenplay by Adam McKay and starring Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Sam Rockwell, Steve Carell, Jesse Plemons, Tyler Perry, and more, Vice is now playing in theaters everywhere in wide release. We’re sure to continue hearing a lot more about it as we get deeper into awards season, so stay tuned for all of that, and to take a look ahead at what else is going to be hitting the big screen in the coming months be sure to check out our 2019 movie release schedule.

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Into The Spider-Verse 2 Could Include Japanese Spider-Man, On One Condition

As Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse showed audiences, there’s a multiverse filled with all kinds of Spider-heroes. The sky’s the limit on who could team up with Miles Morales in the announced sequel, and one of the candidates under consideration is the Japanese Spider-Man from 1970s television. However, Phil Lord, Into the Spider-Verse‘s producer and co-writer, says that the movie currently playing in theaters will need to cross a specific box office milestone in order for Japanese Spider-Man to appear in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2.

You hear that, folks? If you want one of the weirdest versions of Spider-Man ever created to participate in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2, you’ll need to help get its predecessor’s box office numbers up stateside. In addition to one of the most critically acclaimed movies of 2018, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse has also done well for itself financially, making over $200 million worldwide. However, looking just at the domestic numbers, Into the Spider-Verse is currently sitting at $103.6 million. So it’s a little over the halfway point for the goal Phil Lord set on Twitter for fans, but since January is a lighter movie month, maybe more people will check it out after having heard all that positive buzz.

In case you’re not familiar with Japanese Spider-Man, this version of the Web-Slinger, real name Takuya Yamashiro, led his own 41-episode TV show (plus a movie) in Japan, which was produced by Toei through a licensing deal with Marvel, from 1978 to 1979. Rather than having a similar origin to Peter Parker, Takuya instead stumbled across a crashed UFO containing Garia, the last warrior from Planet Spider. Before dying, Garia injected Takuya with some of his blood, giving him arachnid-like powers.

Takuya Yamashiro also obtained a bracelet that contained his Spider-Man costume, his web-shooters and the ability to control Garia’s ship, the Marveller, which could transform into a giant humanoid robot named Leopardon. With these new abilities and gadgets, Takuya fought the forces of Professor Monster and other beings threatening Earth as Spider-Man, a.k.a. The Emissary from Hell (I doubt he’d have that moniker in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 given its PG rating). Takuya also appeared in the 2014 Spider-Verse comic book event.

Whether or not Japanese Spider-Man shows up in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2, the prospect of seeing this kooky Spidey joining forces with Miles Morales sound incredibly cool, especially if he see him piloting Leopardon. For now, though, the only other character confirmed for the sequel is Spider-Gwen, who will become romantically involved with Miles.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 doesn’t have an assigned release date yet, so keep checking with CinemaBlend for that information and other updates. In the meantime, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is still playing in theaters, and be sure to look through our 2019 release schedule to find out what movies there are to look forward to over the coming year.

Ming-Na Wen Calls Out Netflix For Not Crediting Her For Mulan

The holidays is ample time to finally watch some of the movies available on Netflix you may have missed out on watching over the years, such as one little animated indie film from Disney called Mulan. Well, it was recently pointed out that the streaming service hadn’t credited Ming-Na Wen as the voice of the eponymous heroine, and the actress fired back, as you can see below.

When Twitter user @kroqkom got finished watching one of Disney’s beloved classics, he couldn’t help but notice that Hua Mulan actress Ming-Na Wen wasn’t credited by Netflix. It only named Miguel Ferrer (Shan-Yu), Harvey Fierstein (Yao) and June Foray (Grandmother Fa) as the main cast. He tweeted out a picture of it, demanding Netflix honor the leading actress of the film. Ming-Na Wen heard his battle cry and joined in the charge.

As the actress points out in her post, Shang-Yu voice actor BD Wong is also not credited for his main role in the 1998 film. It also doesn’t help that all of the actors named aren’t of an Asian descent, making it look like the goof is purposefully ignoring Mulan‘s use of Asian-American actors.

A day after Ming-Na Wen called on Mulan fans to complain to Netflix for their mistake, the streaming service responded with this:

Sure enough, if you click on Mulan on Netflix today, it credits the film’s main cast Ming-Na Wen, BD Wong and Eddie Murphy, who famously played Mushu the dragon. There is also a note that says “Ming-Na Wen, Eddie Murphy and George Takei lend their voices to this winner of 10 Annie Awards.” This shows the streaming giant is making an effort to highlight another Asian actor in the film, Star Trek‘s Takei, even though he plays a very small role as First Ancestor.

It was obviously a good move for Netflix to listen to Mulan herself, but it begs the question why her name wasn’t present in the first place. It could have very well been due to the streaming site’s algorithm or a clear indication of oversight of Asian-American actors as Ming-Na Wen characterized it. Additionally, if you look at the film’s IMDB page, Ming-Na Wen is listed 12 down on the cast list too.

Mulan is an important mainstream film to the Asian community, as there are only so many centering on Chinese culture that have reached its popularity and with a Chinese lead actress. Let’s not strip it of its talented lead cast made up of minorities!

Ming-Na Wen recently had the opportunity to voice the role of Mulan in Ralph Breaks the Internet, along with most of the Disney Princesses for a sequence that includes them in one room. The actress is now best known for playing Melinda May on the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. television series, which will have her character returning for Season 6 this summer and a recently announced 7th season as well.

Mulan is also getting the live-action treatment, with Chinese star Liu Yifei (aka Crystal Liu) starring as the titular hero. The remake is being released March 27, 2020. You can learn more about the new Mulan movie with our guide detailing everything we know about the upcoming release.

How Annabelle 3 Feels Like A New Conjuring Film

What started with The Conjuring in 2013 has grown organically into a connected universe with spinoffs of the mainline films that are now spawning sequels of their own. While we’ll probably have to wait until 2020 for The Conjuring 3, the next sequel in The Conjuring universe arrives this year in the form of Annabelle 3. Unlike the other spinoffs to date in this universe, Annabelle 3 will actually feel like a new Conjuring film according to producer James Wan, who said:

It sounds like the very nature of the story in Annabelle 3 will make it feel like a new Conjuring film. Prior to Annabelle 3, Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga’s Ed and Lorraine Warren didn’t factor in to the Conjuring spinoff films. But as James Wan told Bloody Disgusting, Annabelle 3 will not only feature the two actors at the heart of this franchise, it will be set in the home of the Warrens.

The setting of the Warren home and the presence of Ed and Lorraine should make Annabelle 3 feel more like a new Conjuring film than any of the previous spinoffs. It also sounds like it will be a neat hybrid of a Conjuring film while also working as a spinoff in the franchise that continues the story of Annabelle and Annabelle: Creation.

Annabelle 3 is set before The Conjuring 2 and after the beginning of The Conjuring, once Ed and Lorraine have brought the Annabelle doll back to their home and put it in the Artifacts Room. Unfortunately for them, it turns out that putting a bunch of evil objects all in one place is not the best idea.

When the plot for Annabelle 3 was first announced, it seemed obvious that Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga’s characters would have to be in it, but now that we know they will appear, and with James Wan’s statements here, it makes this spinoff the most exciting one yet. Seeing the Warren’s once again dealing with the paranormal should definitely make this feel, at least to a degree like a Conjuring film; The Conjuring 2.5 perhaps, or 1.5 given its place in the timeline.

As for the next proper Conjuring film, The Conjuring 3 is scheduled to shoot this year under the direction of Michael Chaves, director of the upcoming The Curse of La Llorona, who will take over for James Wan. Aquaman and The Conjuring 2 screenwriter David Leslie Johnson is returning to work on the script.

Should Avengers: Endgame Retcon The Death Of Killmonger?

The resurrection of Erik Killmonger is the latest of the Avengers: Endgame theories to hit the web, and it seems as though Marvel fans are predicting the Black Panther villain may return to the MCU. While Michael B. Jordan’s reprisal of the role would make quite a few people happy, is this a supervillain death that should be reversed? There’s certainly an argument to be made both ways, with strong points to be made both for and against this comeback.

The gut reaction for many may be yes, and it isn’t hard to see why. Erik Killmonger was one of the most sympathetic and likable villains Marvel has created to date, which is really saying something. Erik’s actions, while extreme, were layered behind a valid message that was easy to get behind. It seemed as though Black Panther laid the groundwork for him and T’Challa to have a lasting rivalry, only to kill him off by the film’s end.

Bringing back Killmonger in Avengers: Endgame would be a huge twist, and a great way to reignite the tension between the two characters. Additionally, Killmonger would be a great asset to have in a fight against Thanos, provided he could be swayed to aide the heroes as opposed to taking another shot at capturing Wakanda. Plus, is there a better way to build hype for Black Panther 2 than by bringing back an A-lister like Michael B. Jordan?

When viewed through that lens, the answer seems clear. Bringing back Erik Killmonger sounds like a great idea on paper, and Marvel could eventually transform Michael B. Jordan’s character into the villain you hate to love like Tom Hiddleston’s Loki. It’s a perfect idea, unless you’re someone of the mindset who thinks dead characters should stay dead.

Let’s face it, Marvel will find ways to bring back whatever characters it’s killed off however it can. That’s not always a bad thing, but in the case of Black Panther, it could really cheapen the impact of the end. Will T’Challa’s killing of Killmonger feel as substantial to future generations if they already know he’ll return in a future film?

There’s probably a score of Loki fans right now shaking their heads no, and the Asgardian is certainly a poster boy of a character fans rally behind in life and death. That said, deception and trickery are Loki’s M.O., and such shenanigans are to be expected from someone like that.

The same can’t be said for the MCU’s Killmonger, who embraced his fate in death rather than spending the rest of his days locked away in prison. There was something noble about that, and bringing him back to life, whether he chose for it to happen or not, diminishes his decision. I’m all for having Killmonger in Black Panther 2, but not if that presence does anything that lessens the impact of his death in Black Panther.

Additionally, there’s really little reason for Killmonger to be alive in the MCU at this stage. In a world where Erik Killmonger returns, it would stand to reason T’Challa would as well. If both men are alive, T’Challa already revealed Wakanda to the world and set up programs in order to help underprivileged black children and families around the world. What does Killmonger do when his primary motivation for wanting to seize control of Wakanda is already a thing?

I would imagine he’d be up to a whole lot of nothing. His beef with T’Challa would be squashed, so what would he do then? A return into Wakandan politics seems unlikely given his failed uprising and the fallout from that, so he’d be brought back for the sheer novelty of doing so. A mellowed out Killmonger generally in support of where things are headed in Wakanda does not sound like the type of reprisal I’d like to see.

To be honest, I’m more curious to see what the future of the Black Panther franchise holds than I am seeing a fan-favorite villain back in the saddle. With all the work that went into establishing Wakanda and T’Challa in the first movie, the only direction this franchise should be headed is forward. That means new and exciting villains like Namor, and not more of the same just because it’s the safer option.

Now, with that said, let’s not forget that Avengers: Endgame could bring back Erik Killmonger as CBR theorized without time travel or retconning. There’s a theory that Killmonger never died at the end of Black Panther, which means he could be kicking around somewhere in the new film just waiting to be found by the heroes.

This is a scenario I could get behind, mainly because it gives Erik Killmonger both direction and purpose if only for one adventure. Erik may be driven by his wish to see Wakanda returned to the state it was in prior to Avengers: Infinity War. Granted, this is a stretch given the villain looked super dead in Black Panther‘s final moments, but Wakandan technology is pretty advanced, so maybe T’Challa did something immediately after to save him?

Perhaps the strongest argument one could have against a Killmonger return is what would change if he stayed dead? The Black Panther franchise isn’t hurting for villains, and it’d be one less talented actor on the Disney payroll that has to make scheduling these ensemble events nothing short of a nightmare. Having Michael B. Jordan back in the MCU would be nice, but it’s also completely unnecessary.

One thing few will dispute is Michael B. Jordan’s portrayal of Killmonger was one of the best on-screen performances we’ve seen of a Marvel villain to date. It’s why there’s a community of folks hoping desperately he’ll re-emerge in Avengers: Endgame, and why there’s a community of those hoping the exact opposite. We’ll have to wait and see what will actually happen, of course, and we can only hope that however this pans out, audiences are ultimately pleased with what happens.

Avengers: Endgame is set to arrive in theaters on April 26. For more on the film, check out the latest conversation surrounding the film’s trailer, which has people debating Scarlett Johannson’s hair.

Do you want to see Killmonger in Avengers: Endgame?

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Don’t Expect Any Comedy In The New Spawn Movie

Although Spawn is still going strong in the comics more than 25 years after being introduced, the character’s cinematic history is still only represented by 1997’s Spawn, which was met with negative reception. Creator Todd McFarlane is aiming to give Spawn theatrical redemption by writing and directing a new Spawn movie, but those of you interested in seeing this reboot should know that this will be a joyless experience. McFarlane wants his Spawn movie to be as dark as possible, as he explained:

While the original Spawn movie was by no means a comedic affair akin to Deadpool or Guardians of the Galaxy, it did have a few moments that helped lighten the mood, perhaps to its detriment. Todd McFarlane is determined to stay far away from that territory for the Spawn reboot, as he told Nerdist. Spawn may be a comic book adaptation, but it’s taking more of a horror approach, and those kinds of stories usually aren’t peppered with jokes or humorous beats. Clearly McFarlane is aiming for this movie to feel as different as possible from the traditional comic book movie fare audiences have come to expect.

This isn’t the first time that Todd McFarlane has said that Spawn will be more of a horror movie than a superhero movie. Just last October, he said that he wanted to reboot to be so dark that it will make children under 10 cry. He also said that Spawn will feel more R-rated than Deadpool, which he felt still followed the “same PG-13 formula.” Since Spawn is being produced by Blumhouse, which has churned out some of the best horror movies of the last several years, there shouldn’t be any issue with making Spawn as adult and scary as possible.

Unlike the first Spawn movie, this reboot will not be an origin story, meaning that Al Simmons, played by Jamie Foxx, will already have assumed his demonic form. This version of Spawn will also not speak during the movie, instead communicating in a special way. Aside from the eponymous protagonist, the only other character who’s been cast is Detective Twitch Williams, who will be played by Jeremy Renner. Rather than be paired with Sam Burke like he is in the comics, this version of Twitch will have a different, still-to-be-identified partner.

The Spawn reboot still doesn’t have a release date yet, so stay tuned to CinemaBlend for that information and other updates on its progress. For now, you can learn what movies will be released over the next year with our 2019 release schedule.

Why John Cena Joined The Transformers Franchise With Bumblebee

In recent years, John Cena has been following in the footsteps of fellow former WWE wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson with a quite successful career in acting. After stealing the show in 2015’s Trainwreck, Cena has nabbed starring roles in the animated film Ferdinand and the comedy Blockers. John Cena’s most recent role in Transformers spinoff, Bumblebee, demanded that the actor do a lot more than just deliver laughs, and he was more than up for the task. Here’s what he had to say about what drew him to join the action franchise:

John Cena explained his reasoning for hopping onto the latests Transformers flick while speaking to the In Bumblebee, Cena plays Agent Burns, a Sector 7 military officer who spends much of the film chasing down the yellow Transformer. In preparation for the role, Cena created a backstory for the character to add dimension to Agent Burns. He describes him as a lone-wolf military professional who has risen up in the ranks through the ranks. Burns’ motivations are always in the best interest of helping the nation and world, but he can sometimes get tunnel vision.

Director Travis Knight said John Cena was a “revelation” to him, because although he already knew he could deliver on the comedy front from his previous work, his role in Bumblebee made it necessary to help deliver some heartfelt moments in addition to being this badass intimidating military officer.

After five Transformers films directed by Michael Bay, Bumblebee is a different kind of movie for the franchise as it is helmed by the Kubo and the Two Strings‘ director and focuses heavily on injecting heart. The action flick is set in 1987 and sees a younger Bumblebee teaming up with a teenager named Charlie, played by Hailee Steinfeld, who form a close friendship.

Bumblebee is the most critically-acclaimed Transformers film to date, with a 93% Rotten Tomatoes score and a 79% audience score. The spinoff opened beside two major releases Aquaman and Mary Poppins Returns as the overall highest-rated of the three, though opened at No. 3 in its first weekend in the prime holiday slot.

In its almost two weeks in theaters, Bumblebee has made $157 million worldwide with a $135 million budget. Bumblebee will need to score a lot more cash while it’s in theaters to be as lucrative as the other Transformers entries.

The Prodigy Trailer Is Unsettling And Creepy

Rule #236 of horror movies: never have children; no good can come from it. They either turn out to be evil or prove to be a huge liability when trying to escape whatever horror is tormenting you. That timeless lesson is affirmed in the unsettling and creepy trailer for The Prodigy, which finds a young mother concerned about her son’s disturbing behavior. Check it out below.

This trailer takes a very minimalistic approach to selling The Prodigy and it is to its benefit. Instead of giving us a bunch of scares or over-explaining the story, the trailer simply gives us the tone, the basic premise and one good scare, leaving everything else to our imagination.

What works really well is that this trailer is very slow and methodical, building the tension throughout the first minute with just a simple scene. Instead of lulling us in to calm trance where we feel safe and relaxed, the metronome is deeply unsettling, acting as a harbinger of the inescapable darkness to come.

The tagline for The Prodigy is ‘What’s wrong with Miles?’ and the answer is clearly, ‘a lot’. This trailer does a good job of letting you ask yourself that question for the first minute or so. We see that this kid is in some sort of therapy and he has mismatched colored eyes, but you’re left to speculate what exactly is going on.

Colm Feore’s delivery here is super creepy, and you know that even though what he is saying seems innocuous enough, a turn is coming. And come it does when he tells Miles that they are going back to the time before this body.

At that point I was thinking that Miles is some sort of reincarnation of a past evil but, Colm Feore’s character then implies that some sort of supernatural force (Paimon?) is possessing Miles. Even then the trailer holds back by not showing us Miles’ response.

Delivering a major jump scare at the end of a relatively calm trailer seems to be a trend of late and the trailer for The Prodigy delivers on that account. Miles tells his mother, played by Orange is the New Black‘s Taylor Schilling that he is scared, and he runs into her arms at which point he turns into a naked dude that grabs her by the head. Next time tell that kid to suck it up and go back to sleep.

It’s fascinating that this trailer doesn’t explicitly show what Jackson Robert Scott’s Miles’ did to that causes his mother so much concern, or what exactly makes him the prodigy of the movie’s title.

We see that he is a talented artist, but that’s about it. Presumably while Miles is excelling at some things, some of his other behavior sets off the alarm bells. There are flashes of a door being broken through and somebody running, but we don’t yet know if those flashes are memories of Miles’ life or those of whatever is possessing him.

The Prodigy is directed by Nicholas McCarthy, whose last feature film was 2014’s At the Devil’s Door. The script for the film comes from Jeff Buhler, who has a positively huge 2019 having worked on the scripts for The Prodigy, Jacob’s Ladder, Grudge and Pet Sematary. Clearly horror is his thing and he has a lot of film’s vying for a position of prominence in the ongoing horror renaissance.

Find out what’s wrong with Miles when The Prodigy opens in theaters on February 8th. For all of movies you can look forward to in this new year, check out our 2019 Release Schedule.

Sandra Bullock’s Most Memorable Movies (Because She’s Not Just the Lady From Bird Box)

If you logged onto social media over the holiday season, chances are you’ve seen a blindfolded Sandra Bullock from Netflix’s Bird Box going viral as the star of a lot of internet memes. A LOT of people watched the sci-fi horror film within the first week of its release. Netflix even reported that Bird Box hit a record for the streaming giant, as over 45 million users watched it within its first seven days. However, something concerning sprung amidst all this Bird Box excitement. There are actual people in the world who don’t know who Sandra Bullock is. Take a look:

It’s a terrifying reality. However, when you think about it, before 2018, Sandra Bullock hasn’t physically been in a major release since Gravity in 2013. So for the younger generation who is more likely to regularly watch Netflix than re-runs of her past work on TV, it is possible this acting queen hasn’t been on many people’s radar. This is unacceptable. Sandra Bullock is not only an accomplished and Oscar-winning actress, she is also a producer, philanthropist, mother of two and reportedly has a net worth of $200 million. If you’re just discovering Sandy, I’m honored to be your guide through this list of her best roles over 30 years, and all are welcome to this trip down memory lane.


Alright, pop quiz — how did the career of the one “lady from Bird Box” famously launch? With the 1994 action classic Speed, of course! In this thrill ride, Keanu Reeves stars as an LAPD officer who tirelessly tries to stop a ruthless bomb terrorist and Sandra Bullock plays the young LA bus driver who has to keep steering it at over 50 mph prevent the bomb onboard from exploding.

While You Were Sleeping

This genuinely hilarious rom-com sees Sandra Bullock playing a lonely transit token collector named Lucy who saves her secret crush (Peter Gallagher) from being hit by a train on Christmas Day and is mistaken by his family as his fiancée. She kind of just goes with it because she falls in love with the warmth the family treats her with and starts to form a special connection with his younger brother (Bill Pullman). It’s quite the underrated holiday charmer.

Practical Magic

Sometimes we forget that Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman played witch sisters back in 1998. In Practical Magic, Sally and Gillian Owens are faced with a curse that kills off any man they fall in love with. Bullock’s Sally is much more careful then her eccentric sister about letting her heart guide her until she starts to fall for the police detective (Aiden Quinn) who is investigating the deaths of the doomed men who have crossed Gillian’s path.

Miss Congeniality

Miss Congeniality will likely go down in history as Sandra Bullock’s most iconic roles because of its many hilarious, quotable moments and because her character beautifully subverts what was typically expected of women at the turn of the 21st century. Bullock as a one-of-the-boys F.B.I. agent who goes undercover in the Miss United States beauty pageant helped position her as a refreshing leading lady for audiences.


This 2004 Best Picture winner from Paul Haggis follows the lives of a handful of people living in Los Angeles in a 36-hour period as each of their lives start to intertwine. Among them, Sandra Bullock plays the wife to a district attorney (Brendan Fraser) who has recently been carjacked by two black men. Her racist view of the situation plays a vital role in the important conversation of race relations in America that Crash discusses.

The Proposal

Before Ryan Reynolds was cracking us up in the Deadpool films, he too was once was a rom-com regular, one of which had him starring alongside Sandra Bullock. Before Crazy Rich Asians broke its record over the summer, The Proposal held as the highest-grossing movie in the genre for almost a decade. If you don’t know it, Bullock forces her assistant (Reynolds) to marry her so she doesn’t have to get deported back to Canada.

The Blind Side

Sandra Bullock became a Best Actress Oscar winner after portraying real-woman Leigh Anne Tuohy, who famously took an African-American named Michael Oher and helped him become the famous football player for the Baltimore Ravens. The Blind Side features one of Bullock’s most transformative roles to date as she shed her comedic roots to become an affluent mother from the South with some truly memorable scenes.

The Heat

At a time when Melissa McCarthy really started coming in hot on the big screen, Bullock thankfully came along the ride in The Heat, a buddy cop masterpiece. This pair of funny woman have an electric chemistry on screen as McCarthy plays a foul-mouthed cop from the streets to off-set Bullock’s at-first proper F.B.I. agent on a hilarious chase to take down a drug lord.


Prior to working with Netflix on his passion project Roma, Alfonso Cuarón helmed a critically-acclaimed/blockbuster hit Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. The drama has the actress playing an astronaut who is stranded in space after a terrible accident. It’s perhaps her most vulnerable and trying performance as an actress, as she must carry the film much on her own with only the backdrop of cold and lifeless space behind her.

Ocean’s 8

In summer 2018, Sandra Bullock led a female-led spinoff of the Ocean’s Eleven series alongside Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Mindy Kaling, Rihanna, Awkwafina and Sarah Paulson. The new take on the franchise wasn’t the year’s biggest hit, but Ocean’s 8 showed great potential for a new heist franchise starring women, and having Sandra Bullock at the center was the perfect move.

Sandra Bullock has had an incredible career thus far, and her lead role in Bird Box definitely will earn a place among this list since it’s been all the rage recently. Check out my review on her latest role in the horror film, and I hope you check out some of these other titles!