John Krasinski, Ryan Reynolds Call Out Hugh Jackman For Getting A Little Too Close To Emily Blunt

Things might be getting a little heated between Hugh Jackman and Emily Blunt, and John Krasinski isn’t going to stand by and watch it happen! When the Australian actor and the British actress were seen on the red carpet together, they got a little too close for Krasinski’s comfort. The actor/director suggested Jackman better back off if he knows what’s good for him, and Ryan Reynolds is also joining in on the fun. After all, it’s another opportunity for the Deadpool actor to bust Jackman’s chops. He’s obviously going to seize the moment, making it into a big stinking deal. But it all started with an innocent image from Wolverine himself.

It started innocently enough. Or so it seemed. On Twitter, Hugh Jackman posted a picture of himself with the lovely Emily Blunt after they recently had the chance to talk to each other, actor-to-actor, during Variety’s annual Actor on Actor series. The Front Runner star called the opportunity a “pleasure.”

While this photo doesn’t suggest any foul play on Hugh Jackman’s part, John Krasinski was quick to comment with another, separate photo where Jackman and Emily Blunt seemed to be getting pretty chummy. Krasinski claimed Jackman might’ve misinterpreted what was meant by “Actor on Actor.” To make matters worse, the actor and director of A Quiet Place also suggested that he wasn’t at all afraid to get a little physical with Jackman himself.

Time to bring out the (adamantium) claws! While John Krasinski is (surely) being a bit cheeky here about staying away from his wife, he feels a few boundaries might be necessary if Hugh Jackman and Emily Blunt are going to be spending any more time together. Of course, Mr. Jackman is considered one of the nicest, most easy-going gentlemen in Hollywood, and he’s teasing the one-time Wolverine actor based on a salacious snapshot. After all, Jackman is in one of the most committed marriages in Hollywood, having stayed married for more than two decades.

But that’s not going to stop Ryan Reynolds from stepping into the fun. The actor relished the opportunity to once again poke fun at this former X-Men Origins: Wolverine co-star by suggesting that he, John Krasinski and several other men and women should all step up to bring down Hugh Jackman.

The time has come to bring down Hugh Jackman. Ryan Reynolds has spoken. Now that he’s done playing Wolverine for good, he’s not quite as bulky and imposing as he once was, and John Krasinski and Reynolds are seemingly going to take this opportunity to make sure that the actor doesn’t impose himself on anyone else’s wife in the near future. Of course, if anything, Blake Lively has wondered if Reynolds and Jackman have gotten a little too intimate in the past, so maybe there are a few questions to be asked before the war on Hugh Jackman is lead by the Once Upon a Deadpool actor.

Game Of Thrones’ George R.R. Martin Clarifies Timeline And More For HBO Prequel

Game of Thrones fans knew its prequel series would be set well before the events of the original. Who better than the creator of the Game of Thrones universe to clarify how far before? George R.R. Martin has shared new insights on the prequel’s timeline and some other key facts. Martin revealed:

It is hard to imagine a Game of Thrones-fueled world without those ingredients. As George R.R. Martin points out to EW, that should be part of the fun. After all these seasons, fans will have the chance to see the world that brought the one we know to bear.

One of the many key differences of the prequel? There will be no King’s Landing. That setting has served as a crucial location throughout Game of Thrones‘ run. It has been the locale of countless intrigues and shockers. Accordingly, we will all have to wait and see what the prequel serves up in its absence. It is a tough act to follow. Or in this case, is it precede?

The lack of an Iron Throne is another big thing that will be missing from the prequel. It has served as an iconic visual component of the series. In many ways, the Iron Throne is a character in its own right. The powerful visualization of authority has driven a large amount of the tale we have come to know and love.

Without the Iron Throne, the prequels will be tested to set up a new conflict for its story to revolve around. Survival is an equally pivotal aspect to Game of Thrones. Perhaps it will not be manifested into a figure as recognizable as the Iron Throne. Conversely, while the Iron Throne may not be its physical representation, a fight for power could still be present.

Another major thing that will be missing from the prequels is the dragons. For those of us who love the direwolves, this could be refreshing news. As fans well know, Game of Thrones has always attributed more of its resources to bringing the symbol of House Targaryen to life than House Stark’s.

When Game of Thrones begins, we know that direwolves are going extinct. By flashing the story back in time, we may be able to revisit the period when they were thriving. Thus, restoring the direwolves to a more prevalent role than the one they have experienced in the original series.

The lastly missing piece that George R.R. Martin shared would be missing is the Targaryens. That is a big one. House Targaryen has been at the fore of Game of Thrones‘ story. Despite the absence of the Targaryens, messed up family histories should still be in play. Can you really have a Game of Thrones-style world without them?

While a premiere window has yet to be set for its first prequel, the one for Game of Thrones‘ eighth season has. The final installment will premiere April 2019 on HBO. Lots of new content is arriving this fall and throughout the midseason to keep your TV appetite satiated.

The Detective Pikachu Trailer Completely Changed My Mind

It feels safe to say that no one really knew what to expect from Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, the first live action movie based on the mega-successful media franchise that’s into its second decade. Of all those beloved video games, they went with the one where Pikachu cosplays as Sherlock Holmes. It certainly wasn’t my first choice of source material for a movie to adapt, and it seemed entirely out of left field. Like many others, I was feeling pretty indifferent to Detective Pikachu… until last week when the first trailer‘s arrival made me do a total 180 on the film. Bring on the cosplay!

Before the trailer drop, I was just not into this movie, despite having been a huge Pokemon fan as a kid and played many of the games into adulthood. There were a few reasons for this, but thanks to that solid, surprising and funny trailer, I’ve changed my mind on the movie. I now see the potential that Detective Pikachu brings to the table and why it was ultimately the right choice for the first live-action Pokemon movie, as opposed to going in a more traditional direction.

For those who may not be keeping up with all the latest in the continually expanding Pokemon franchise, Detective Pikachu is a spinoff game that is unlike any other in the franchise to an extreme degree. The game doesn’t include franchise staples like traveling across a new region, battling gym leaders and catching Pokemon. It’s a mystery puzzle game that follows Tim Goodman, a young boy who teams up with a talking, super-smart Pikachu to find his missing father.

This isn’t the only time that the Pokemon mythos has branched off in significant ways (there’s a whole series of games about getting turned into a Pokemon), but Detective Pikachu is the weirdest. I think that the primary emotion often associated with Detective Pikachu is confusion; confusion at why the video game exists in the first place and confusion at why it was chosen to be the basis for a film over the decades worth of material.

There were far more obvious jumping on points. The Pokemon TV series spans generations of fans who grew up watching Ash Ketchum and Pikachu try to catch ’em all. Any of the games from the main series could have also been an inspiration. But Nintendo and Legendary Pictures picked the black sheep of the family, so that first trailer had to do a lot to sway people over.

And it did. The reaction to the trailer has been mostly positive, and in my case, it converted me. First and foremost, nothing helps to sell people on an idea then to see it in action. Detective Pikachu on paper doesn’t make much sense, but in execution, you can see exactly what director Rob Letterman and crew are going for. Fans are going to see live-action Pokemon in a family-friendly film with a contained story.

The Detective Pikachu trailer gets additional points for being funny. The bulk of that falls on Ryan Reynolds, who voices the sleuthing Pikachu. Reynolds’ voice still sounds weird coming out of Pikachu (but honestly, that’d be true for any actor), and while that snarky Pikachu may take getting used to, it helps that he’s funny. Pikachu’s elation that Tim (Justice Smith) can understand him is great, as is the interrogation of Mr. Mime and Pikachu’s attempt at playing bad cop. Maybe those will end up being the best jokes in the movie, but at least it’s not lowbrow kids humor.

Another great thing about the trailer is that it lays out the plot nice and smooth. A human has to team up with a Pikachu to find his missing father. Boom, done! That’s where the choice of Detective Pikachu as the basis for the movie makes sense. No Pokemon game is heavy on plot, but they are difficult to adapt. The player character is always a blank slate with no personality, and the goal is really just to battle and capture strong Pokemon. There are bad guys (like Team Rocket) thrown in for good measure, but there’s a lot of work to be done to turn this into a fully-realized film.

Detective Pikachu, on the other hand, is much more suitable from a story perspective. The characters have a clear goal, it’s contained in one setting, there are not too many characters and it still provides an opportunity to see plenty of Pokemon. Plus, it’s centered around a mystery, which is usually more engaging for the viewer. The smaller size of Detective Pikachu also makes it a good experiment to see if a Pokemon movie can be successful. If it does win at the box office, then the sky is likely the limit, and any game could potentially be adapted down the road.

Perhaps the single biggest draw of this movie, however, is that people finally get an idea of what Pokemon would look like in the real world. Detective Pikachu does not try to break the formula in any way when it came to the creature designs. Every Pokemon looks almost the same as they do in the game, but with photo-realistic features that make them look equal parts cute, cool and creepy.

You can say that’s just an attempt at not damaging the brand, but I think the Pokemon look really good. Pikachu is predictably adorable and all the Pokemon looked like the jumped straight out of the games, for the most part. Their creepiness doesn’t outweigh their cuteness, and I’m excited to see more Pokemon and what a Pokemon battle looks like in live action.

Thanks to this preview, I’m now down to see Detective Pikachu. It’s true that a trailer is not indicative of the quality of the movie. Plenty of bad movies have good trailers because the trailer is meant to get butts in seats. Well, this is an excellent trailer then, because come May 10, 2019, my butt will be planted in a theater seat.

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Shazam’s Director Reveals How Goofy Scenes Look With Stand-Ins

There’s a lot of intense stuff that goes into the making of any movie, and that’s especially true of big budget superhero movies that feature tons of additional CGI, intricate costumes, impressive fight sequences and more. Not everything on set is always high tech, though. Shazam! Director David F. Sandberg recently shared an image from the set with a Zachary Levi stand-in that really cracked him up. Take a look.

Normally, on the set of Shazam it would be Zachary Levi’s character hanging out with his pal Freddy Freeman, played by Jack Dylan Grazer. When stand-ins are on set, however, they don’t get the full (and presumably wildly expensive) wardrobe. Instead, apparently production gives Levi’s stand-in some sad snow pants, a bulky red sweater and what looks to be a blunt piece of material that wasn’t even hemmed around his shoulders.

David F. Sandberg calls it “really shitty cosplay” in his Instagram post, which it fitting and perfect for whatever that look is, considering I’ve seen some really intricate cosplay in my day. On set, though, while a shot is being set up, no one really seems to give a fig how the stand-in looks.

That said, this might be good news for the dude standing in for Zachary Levi in the shot. Superhero costumes are not known for being particularly comfortable. Some are wildly hot. Others are pretty tight and difficult to get in and out of. Plenty more are bulky. If you’ve seen the actual full costume look from the trailer, there is a short cape and a bit of a bulky look that fits the character’s comic book roots.

David F. Sandberg has previously said the vibe was to be “more of a Golden Age superhero.” The costume has still been undergoing a lot of changes between the time the first image was introduced and the present. Indeed, the final suit may even look different on the big screen. As Sanberg also mentioned before this post:

The stand-in sort of looks like the type of Shazam! costume that a 10-year-old kid would have created for his first movie endeavor, which is sort of fitting, considering the subject matter of the movie. Shazam! Will follow Billy Batson, a 14-year-old foster kid who is given superhero powers by an ancient wizard and has to learn to play act as an adult superhero.

In the meantime, you can catch Shazam! starting on April 5, 2019. You can see what other flicks are coming out in the new year with CinemaBlend’s full movie schedule.

Why Sylvester Stallone Picked Dolph Lundgren For Rocky IV

We’re now only days away from watching Ivan Drago make his grand return to the Rocky universe in Creed II, which means that many fans of the film series, if they haven’t already, will be re-watching Rocky IV for a refresher on The Siberian Express’ debut. Drago is arguably the most physically menacing of the Rocky franchise antagonists, and that was the point, as Sylvester Stallone recently noted that he saw the character as a “monster” with a “very thick wall of power.” So when Dolph Lundgren sent some pictures in through his acting coach, eventually they passed in front of Stallone’s eyes and he became intrigued. As Stallone recalled:

Rocky IV certainly did a good job of propping Ivan Drago up as a near-perfect physical specimen, although it is heavily hinted that some of his strength comes from steroid injections. With Dolph Lundgren exuding that “flawless” quality,” it makes sense that Sylvester Stallone picked him to bring Drago to life. Whereas Rocky Balboa has plenty of issues and, at the start of Rocky IV, isn’t as fit as he once was, Drago is at his prime during this movie.

That contrast worked great for Rocky IV, as Sylvester Stallone mentioned while plugging Creed II on the movie’s social media channels, but in the end, Ivan Drago was defeated. All his power and intimidation weren’t enough, as thanks to Rocky going through his most intense training montage to date, he managed to beat Drago, avenge Apollo Creed’s death and basically bring an early end to the Cold War. Not bad for a movie’s work.

Over 30 years later, Ivan Drago is back to make Rocky Balboa’s life hell in Creed II. Dolph Lundgren was initially hesitant to reprise Drago because he didn’t want to hurt the character’s image, but once he read the sequel’s script, he decided to jump on board to depict Drago in a vulnerable state.

In Creed II, Ivan Drago pops back on Rocky’s radar because he wants his son, Viktor Drago, to fight Adonis Creed in the ring. Having lost everything following his fight with Rocky all those years ago, Ivan sees Viktor as his ticket to regaining glory, and he won’t let anything stand in his way. And just because Viktor vs. Adonis will be the main conflict in Creed II, don’t think that doesn’t mean Ivan and Rocky won’t get into their own tussle.

Creed II punches its way into theaters on November 21. As for what else these remaining weeks of 2018 have in store, check out our holiday premiere guide for that information.

PlayStation’s Recent Moves Could Spell Trouble In 2019 And Beyond

The PlayStation 4 is doing insanely well right now and the brand’s future appears to be bright. But after pulling out of two major upcoming events, it looks like Sony itself needs some convincing of that fact.

It was revealed recently that PlayStation will not be making an appearance at E3 2019. That means that on top of Sony not holding its annual live games showcase next June, the massive booth that takes up a good chunk of the West Hall will no longer be home to PlayStation games.

As a fan of the platform, I find this pretty frustrating. We’re going to work through several of the reasons why Sony might have decided to change its promotional plans for the coming year but, taken at a glance, it feels like the king of the current generation of gaming is content to simply coast until its next console launches. As much as I dislike the term “optics,” this is simply a poor look for Sony right now.

That goes double given how much Sony’s most direct competition, Microsoft, has been doing this past year to prepare for the next generation. While the Xbox One seems to have been set to simmer for the majority of this current generation, it’s clear the folks at Microsoft have learned from their mistakes and are preparing to make a big push with whatever console they’ve got lined up next. They’re doing a lot of work in the areas of game streaming and cross-play, their Xbox Game Pass has become the best bang for your buck in modern gaming and they’ve acquired many promising studios who will undoubtedly be working on Xbox exclusives moving forward.

As it sits, the PlayStation 4 has sold more than 86 million units to date, with the platform being home to some of the most critically acclaimed games of the past five years. This year alone saw the launch of exclusives God of War and Marvel’s Spider-Man, which are sure to appear right at the top of a bunch of Game of the Year lists next month.

Looking ahead, Sony appears poised to have an equally big year in 2019. But, after calling off its annual PlayStation Experience in December and bowing out of E3 2019, you wouldn’t be blamed for joining the current buzz on social media and message boards claiming that the landscape is going to be desolate until the PlayStation 5 arrives.

PlayStation Experience Cancelled

For the past several years, Sony has hosted an event it calls the PlayStation Experience every December. They stream the show on every platform imaginable and have even hosted screenings in movie theaters around the world.

The conceit of PSX is the same as E3: March out a bunch of developers to talk about their upcoming games and then show off a bunch of rad trailers with a couple of surprise announcements peppered throughout. It was a perfect stopgap during the winter lull, as all of the big holiday games have already been released and the road to the next E3 is six months in length.

In September, Sony announced that they would not be hosting a PlayStation Experience this year, and I found the reason to be a bit baffling. According to Sony’s Worldwide Studios Chairman, Shawn Layden, there simply isn’t enough to talk about.

Now that we have Spider-Man out the door, we’re looking down in 2019 to games like Dreams and Days Gone, but we wouldn’t have enough to bring people together in some location in North America to have that event. We don’t want to set expectations really high and then not deliver on it.

While I appreciate the fact that many of the upcoming heavy hitters for PlayStation are already known quantities, fans don’t typically get up in arms about learning new information concerning highly-anticipated games. Even if you don’t have new launch dates to announce, a new trailer and some extra details can go a long way. On top of the two games Layden mentioned, the PlayStation 4 still has Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us 2, Death Stranding, Concrete Genie and MediEvil on the horizon in terms of exclusives, which seems like a pretty solid showing in my book. Now throw in a handful of big third party games and we’re really cooking. Or, how about a nice indie showcase dropped into the presentation for good measure and, while you’re at it, spare a dozen or so minutes for upcoming PlayStation VR projects?

The problem with Sony’s reasoning is that it makes it sound like there’s nothing coming to the PlayStation 4 next year, which has fans understandably worried. I figure this means one of two things. First, it’s possible that games like Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us 2 and Death Stranding won’t be making it out the door in 2019, so Sony probably wouldn’t want to keep beating those drums if their launch is still in limbo. Second, The Game Awards continues to grow into a showcase for upcoming games and it happens right around the same time as PSX. At this point, it might just be a better idea for Sony to show off its exclusives at that particular event rather than hosting its own.

An E3 2019 No-Show

So, folks were already feeling a bit iffy concerning the kind of year the PlayStation 4 will have in 2019, and then Sony goes and cancels its entire presence at E3 2019. Given everything we know (and think we know) about the upcoming year in games, this one actually makes a bit more sense. Still, you can’t fault fans for feeling like it’s a sign Sony has simply bowed out for the remainder of the current generation.

Assuming there are no unknown exclusives yet to be announced for the remainder of the PlayStation 4’s run and considering the lineup of E3 2018, then a PlayStation showcase at E3 2019 would be a repeat of this past year’s show, minus one game since Days Gone will have launched on April 26. Hosting an E3 showcase to highlight the exact same games would likely be more costly than hosting its own PSX this December and, even if those games look great, it’s likely the response would be “Sony has nothing new to show for the PlayStation 4.” Also, considering how poorly Sony’s last E3 conference was received due to its art-over-quantity approach, they probably don’t want to chance two negative events in a row.

And if you were on the E3 showroom floor last year, then you likely noticed that Sony’s presence was already drastically reduced. They still took up the same amount of space, but a huge chunk of that was dedicated to a massive open area for people to sit and stare at a screen while various interviews and demonstrations took place. People are more interested in going hands-on with games than watching something they could stream online so, again, E3 2018 wasn’t super great for Sony.

On top of all of that, rumors are circulating that Microsoft will reveal its next console in the coming year, which is likely in advance of when Sony is aiming to make their own reveal for the PS5 (or whatever they end up calling it). It’s also worth noting that Microsoft has already stated it will be part of E3 2019 after hosting its own off-site event last year, which adds a bit more weight to those next-gen rumors. Given everything noted above, it’s understandable that Sony would not wish to couple that with the potential they will be fighting for headlines and attention amidst a new console reveal.

Looking To The Future

Roll all of that into a bummer burrito and it starts to make sense why Sony has decided to call off both the PlayStation Experience and its presence at E3 2018. They don’t have enough new things to show at these big, expensive events. But again, the issue here is optics. They had to know how this would look, so it’s kind of baffling to me as to why they would not find a better way to reveal this news. They claim they are not touting more of their games because they don’t want to create unrealistic expectations, but they’ve been showing off all of those games for a year or two at this point, so that reasoning doesn’t really track for me.

They’ve clearly got something planned but, rather than loop folks in on the particulars, they’ve decided to keep things vague and, thus, further concerns that their console is on a downward slide until the next generation rolls around.

They can obviously afford that kind of negative buzz given the success of the PS4 up to this point but, on the verge of going into a fresh console cycle against a determined Microsoft and the Nintendo’s Switch, is that really the best idea?

Putting aside the doom and gloom for a moment, perhaps the most telling (and frustratingly vague) hint at what the future holds comes from a recent statement Sony offered to Polygon. It begins by stating that Sony Interactive Entertainment is looking into “inventive opportunities to engage the community,” hence cutting out PSX and E3.

…We always want to innovate, think differently and experiment with new ways to delight gamers. As a result, we have decided not to participate in E3 in 2019. We are exploring new and familiar ways to engage our community in 2019 and can’t wait to share our plans with you.

That sure sounds like they’re planning on doing video presentations similar to a Nintendo Direct, or maybe they’ve got something totally different planned, like their own showcase that’s near but not technically part of the E3 experience.

Either way, they’ve clearly made some missteps in messaging recently, so here’s hoping Sony figures out a way to wow us in the not-too-distant future. The future of the PlayStation 4 is bright, but Sony is doing everything in its power to make it seem otherwise.

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6 Rock Bands Who Need A Film Like Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody‘s story has had the world talking about Queen again and has sparked a new wave of interest in the band’s music. It wouldn’t be surprising if a lot of other current and former rock groups are taking note of the success and planning their own big-budget biopics for the world to see. In no particular order, here are some rock bands’ stories we’d like to see recreated on the big screen.

Black Sabbath

There’s plenty of heavy metal bands from around the same era as Queen and beyond that could get a Hollywood feature about them, but only one has Ozzy Osbourne. Of all the rotating members Black Sabbath had throughout its run, he’s the Freddie Mercury to the band’s Queen. Well, at least in the sense that he’d need a portrayal worthy of the stories surrounding him, and a character most the audience would like to see the most of.

Ozzy’s wild antics that led to his dismissal from Black Sabbath, and that would be a point of interest, but it’s not the only part of the band’s history worth telling. The band also featured Ronnie James Dio, Deep Purple’s Ian Gillan, and even an alleged audition from Michael Bolton. A scene built on the latter mention alone would be worth the price of admission, especially in a movie with the ability to get as dark as the ritual the band is named after.

The Beatles

This is a fairly obvious one as it seems inevitable someone will attempt to create a comprehensive story of the Fab Four on film. They’ll have quite a difficult task on their hands as condensing the story and various phases of The Beatles will be difficult to accomplish. It’s probably why all attempts prior to now have largely focused on one member (like Nowhere Boy) or very specific events.

The most interesting portion of The Beatles’ career to tackle would be the era between Abbey Road and the well-publicized end of the band. All other pieces of the band’s past could be relived in short flashback moments, perhaps in a way similar to The Social Network. The tension and factual nature of events would be a challenge to nail down, but if Hollywood got it right, it’d be the film fans have been waiting on for a long time.


There’s more to that band who sang “Whip It” than weird hats, and it could make for a solid story. For those that don’t know, Devo’s concept was rooted in the belief that mankind was de-evolving over time. The concept began as a joke between two Kent State art students Gerald Casale and Bob Lewis, who met keyboardist Mark Mothersbaugh the same year as the infamous Kent State shootings. The joke then became the basis for their band.

Devo’s schtick and impact on music videos would keep them in the public eye for quite a while. Its style and type of humor still jive with the memes of today, mainly because it’s so offbeat. A movie, if nothing else, would at least shed some light on the vision the band sought out to spread, and the bizarre success they created with it. Plus, it might get “Whip It’ on the radio again, which is never a bad thing.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

This is another band that would be hard to do a cohesive movie on because the Red Hot Chili Peppers legacy bleeds into so many eras. Obviously, the band didn’t find mainstream success until 1989, but that success has continued all the way up into the modern day at an even rate. That said, a ’90s-era flick would certainly hit on the nostalgia of an era that hasn’t gotten a music film in a while.

This could lead to depicting events such as Woodstock 94, which could then create cameo appearances by folks portraying Trent Reznor, Green Day and others. Of course, there’s the typical rock and roll struggle as well that makes RHCP a great subject in general. With the band still making music, it may be a while before this happens, so I can only hope they’ll one day sell their story and “give it away, give it away” to a competent screenwriter.

Led Zeppelin

How has Hollywood gone all these years without trying to “get the Led out”? Sure the band had a fleeting reference in Almost Famous, and Thor: Ragnarok and School of Rock wouldn’t be the same without “Immigrant Song,” but where’s the feature-length film that captures the band’s wildest exploits when its members were at their peak?

Specifically, a Led Zepplin film should delve into the wild time the band spent at The Edgewater hotel in Seattle. There have been some pretty wild allegations that are rumored to have gone down during that stay, the wildest of which involved a mud shark. Beyond that bit of grotesque imagery, there was enough debauchery of other sorts that resulted in one of the nation’s top acts being permanently banned from the establishment. Basically, this could be the ultimate party movie.


This is just in case Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park or Detroit Rock City didn’t tell enough of the band’s story. Obviously, there have been attempts to capitalize of the highly marketable nature of KISS throughout its career, but will there ever be a story that tells the true nature of the band? Will the world ever get a real biopic that covers a real factual account of all the members’ time in the band?

If not, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. After all, if there was any band that someone could highly exaggerate and stylize the story of, KISS has the perfect image for it to be done. Just imagine Across The Universe but with KISS songs, and try to act like it’s not the rock opera the world has always needed.

Obviously, this only scratches the surface of the multitude of bands that deserve their own big-budget adventure. Readers can make their suggestions in the comments below, and for more on Bohemian Rhapsody, read more on Rami Malek’s transformation into Freddie Mercury and the depths of his character he sought out to explore in the rock legend.

Which of these bands would you like to see get their own movie?

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Kourtney Kardashian Had A Blunt Comment For Tristan Thompson After True’s Birth

It has been a turbulent few months for Tristan Thompson and the Kardashian clan. Ever since it was revealed that Thompson was cheating on Khloe Kardashian while she was pregnant with their daughter, True Thompson, tensions have been high. And it took a decent amount of time before things cooled down between the professional athlete and the world-famous reality TV stars. It seems like everyone is okay with each other now, but it was a tough summer. Thanks to the newest episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, we can see the ways through which Kourtney Kardashian let out her frustrations with Tristan Thompson. Namely, through a pointedly blunt comment that ultimately earned the warm appreciation of Khloe Kardashian.

On the newest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Tristan Thompson claimed he was turning a new leaf and that “girls can change your life.” What followed was a cutting comment from Kourtney Kardashian, where she didn’t mention the cheating directly but made her intentions very clear, noting “we can only pray.”

Khloe Kardashian didn’t hear the comment when it was uttered in real life, but she caught it when she watched the latest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. On social media, the mother of True Thompson appeared to be appreciative of the snide remark from her older sister. She tweeted:

It’s hard to know for sure where things land regarding the cheating scandal between Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson these days. It’s apparent that they had to work out a ton of issues when the cheating scandal made national (and international) news waves. It’s one thing to learn about your partner cheating on you while you’re a few days away from delivering your first child. It’s another thing to have that news become public, with the whole world knowing, then speculating wildly.

Thankfully, however, Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are seemingly moving forward despite their difficulties. They are renewing their plans to live together in Cleveland, Ohio, where Thompson lives and works. There are also reports claiming that Khloe and Tristan are planning to spend this week’s festivities together. If the reports hold true, the couple will be celebrating Thanksgiving together, not merely as partners but as a family too. That’s encouraging news.

With these new episodes making their way on television, it’s likely difficult for Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson to move forward with their relationship without a few hiccups when the worst chapter of their lives is being broadcast for all the world to see. Each of them has taken different approaches when it comes to the new episodes. Tristan Thompson refuses to watch them, while Khloe generally directs people’s attention elsewhere.

There will be more Kardashian news to report in the days and weeks to come. You should expect to know more about the reality TV family thanks to CinemaBlend, where we will provide you with the latest updates and developments. Check back with us for more information about the famous family.

What DC’s Gal Gadot Would Look Like As Marvel’s Black Widow

In her three cinematic outings as Diana Prince, Gal Gadot has shown the compassion, physicality and power that prove she is Wonder Woman. But what if she wasn’t? What if she had entered the comic book movie realm as a different character, one on the Marvel side of things? That’s exactly what some new fan art imagines, showing Gal Gadot as Marvel’s Black Widow. Take a look:

As if it wasn’t obvious by now, it is pretty clear here that there aren’t many badass pop culture characters that Gal Gadot wouldn’t look great as. She looks like she could totally be playing the character currently inhabited by Scarlett Johansson. If this was official concept art for Black Widow before Iron Man 2, I think we all would have been sold on Gal Gadot in the role.

Gal Gadot’s Black Widow also looks quite tall here, which makes sense considering the actress is much taller than Scarlett Johansson. The only thing I’m not sure about in this image is the red eye color. It looks a little strange and I’d prefer her to have her natural dark eyes. The red accents on the suit though are a nice touch that match Black Widow’s red hair and add some style to the tactical outfit.

You’ll also notice the Wonder Woman ‘W’ symbol on Black Widow’s arm patch and her belt buckle. It’s a cool nod to what the DC character we know Gal Gadot as, while also kind of working to stand for ‘Widow’ in the Marvel universe. That makes this fan art something of an Amalgam of the DC and Marvel characters.

Because we now have an idea what Gal Gadot would look like as Black Widow, it’s only right that we get to see what Scarlett Johansson would look like as Wonder Woman. Well, fear not, because BossLogic also posted the counterpart image to his Twitter account. Check it out:

It’s strange at first to see someone else as Wonder Woman, but we know Scarlett Johansson has the action chops to play the Themysciran. You see here she retains some of the redness of her locks that her Natasha Romanoff is known for, again making this something of a DC/Marvel hybrid.

These are neat looks at what might have been had casting turned out differently, and maybe it did in an alternate universe. That’s the idea behind BossLogic’s ‘ElseBothworlds’ series of art; taking the concept of DC’s Elseworlds or Marvel’s ‘What If’ comics, which imagine alternate realities and what could have been for our favorite superheroes, and applying that idea to the actors who portray those heroes for Marvel and DC on the big screen.

The Gal Gadot/Scarlett Johansson swap isn’t the only one he did either, BossLogic also swapped Chris Hemsworth and Jason Momoa as well as Henry Cavill and Chris Evans to name a few.

While we’ll never know what might have been had different actors been cast as these superheroes, we do know that things have worked out pretty well for most of these actors and characters. Scarlett Johansson is getting paid a boatload of money for her long-awaited solo Black Widow film and Gal Gadot is currently the shining star of the DCEU, next appearing in Wonder Woman 1984.

Wonder Woman 1984 was recently delayed until 2020, but there are still plenty of movies to look forward to next year. Check them out in our 2019 release schedule.

GameStop Customer Trashes Store For Not Being Able To Return Fallout 76

An attempted video game return at GameStop turned slightly violent recently as a guy who was denied a cash refund for an open copy of Fallout 76 decided to trash the business in retaliation.

Facebook user Tarenthis Campbell happened to be at GameStop when a customer entered the store and attempted to return a copy of Fallout 76. As you can see from the short clip above, the customer was not super happy with the fact that he could not receive cash back for the return.

It’s important to note that GameStop is upfront about its return policy and the guy behind the counter is very polite in his explanation, making it clear that they can only offer store credit, not a cash refund, if a game has been opened.

The first customer walks off camera as another customer walks into the store, which is precisely when we hear a loud commotion happening off to the right. The camera quickly pans over to witness the disgruntled customer trashing several store displays on his way out. The customer who just entered the store stands frozen, not quite sure what he just walked in on. When the violent customer leaves, the guy filming the ordeal flips the camera around to state his own shock concerning what just took place.

Obviously, this is a horrible way to behave regardless of whether or not the guy thought he was in the right for wanting his money back rather than store credit. Still, something has to be said for the GameStop employee who either has seen this type of thing too many times before or is just so hardcore he can’t be phased. As the destruction comes to a close, you can hear the guy simply answer a ringing phone saying, “Thank you for calling GameStop, this is Brian, how can I help you?” as if absolutely nothing out of the ordinary has just taken place.

At first, I thought it was a bit odd that this person was filming this encounter before anything started to go down but, then again, people start filming anything and everything these days, so maybe he just sensed things were about to turn sour.

Given the lukewarm reception Fallout 76 has received in the first several days since launch, a lot of folks seem to be making jokes about how the game has driven players to react in extreme ways, such as in the video above. But that’s super unfair to the game and the team that developed it. More importantly, even if a highly-anticipated game isn’t creating the splash its community expected, absolutely zero blame should be pointed at the game for this kind of behavior.

Thankfully, it looks like a lot of folks in the comments agree. Some are talking about how people inexplicably expected a different game than what was being advertised with Fallout 76, while others point out that the return policy is printed on the back of the receipt.