Birds Of Prey’s Director Was Not Happy The Movie Was Called A Flop So Early

Cathy Yan’s film is still a sizable win for a female filmmaker of color who had never been at the center of a high-profile comic book project like this before. When Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman broke box office records, she was a more established filmmaker with the Oscar-winning Monster under her belt, and she had a much more well-known hero at the center. Gal Gadot had been introduced in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, which was a bigger hit as a set-up film than Suicide Squad was for Harley Quinn. And it came just ahead of the highly-anticipated Justice League, which arrived later that year.

Onward Has Already Hit Disney+ And Parents Are In Their Feelings

And she’s really not kidding. Onward follows two teenage elves, Ian and Barley Lightfoot, who use a magical staff to bring their father, Wilden, back to life for a single day. As can be expected in any Pixar film, things don’t go exactly to plan, and they end up on a pretty wild and dangerous adventure. In the end, Ian realizes that his older brother has been there for him in all the ways that Wilden couldn’t be, and the brothers are able to move forward with their lives after getting a chance to say goodbye to their father.

The Butthole Cut And 9 Behind-The-Scenes Facts You Might Not Know About Cats

Producer Steven Spielberg Was Originally Set To Make An Animated Version Decades Ago

Steven Spielberg, whose production company Amblin would produce the 2019 Cats, was previously attached to make an adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s musical, only instead of live-action, the acclaimed director’s version would have been animated. According to Gizmodo, Amblimation, as it was called, had been working on a lot of the pre-production work before the studio shut its doors in 1997, ending the project in the process.

People Are So Interested In Cats’ Rumored Butthole Cut, It Has Its Own Snopes Investigation

The funniest thing about all of this is that even without a Butthole Cut, Cats is easily one of the weirdest movies out there. Though it’s been out in the world for less than half a year, it’s already become a bit of a cult classic, a once in a lifetime, so-bad-it’s-actually-still-just-really-really-bad-but-we-can’t-stop-watching-it movie event. If you haven’t checked it out yet, what are you waiting for? It’s available to stream and, when watching it, make sure to keep an eye out for a stray butthole.

Jordan Peele’s Candyman Gets New Release Date, So Don’t Say His Name Just Yet

Some may be disappointed to know that they’ll have to wait a bit longer for the iconic horror villain’s big-screen return, but the move makes sense. Given the state of things, Universal would ideally want to make as much as they can on their investment. At this point, releasing it during the summer would more than likely lead to a loss on the company’s part.

Apparently The Wizard Of Oz’s Cowardly Lion Costume Was Made From Real Lion Fur

Naturally, if The Wizard of Oz were made today, there’s no way in hell they would allow this to happen. PETA would be surely slamming down every door at MGM, throwing protests galore because of this information. But The Wizard of Oz was originally released back in 1939, which means that such animal ethics and animal protection groups weren’t around back then (at least, not to the same size and scale they are today). Also, it should be noted that in the ’30s, fake fur designs weren’t what they are today. That might’ve played a factor in using real opposed to fake lion fur while creating this classic costume.

5 Major Disney And Universal Theme Park Projects Likely Delayed By Closures, And One That Isn’t

Epic Universe

There’s a lot that isn’t happening right now on the theme park front, and for obvious reasons, but interestingly, the biggest current project of them all is reportedly still moving forward. Universal Orlando’s fourth gate, Epic Universe, is, according to the company, still moving forward. Universal states that all appropriate protocols are being followed, but the massive new park, which is scheduled to open in 2023, apparently isn’t slowing down even a little bit, though that can always change.