Mark Hamill Jokes About Star Wars Scene Where He’s Speaking Way Too Fast

While it’s actually more than a little difficult to parse Mark Hamill’s tweet with everything run together like that, but the key bit comes at the end, where the actor revels that George Lucas would apparently direct his actors to deliver lines frequently “faster with more intensity.” So that’s exactly what Hamill did. The line comes across a little too fast, but the urgency of it is certainly there, so as far as that goes, it seems it worked.

How Much Bad Boys For Life Made Opening Night

Early screenings started at 4 PM in most markets, allowing for more showings on the first day than the average Thursday night, which tends to see films starting at 7 PM. The number was enough to win the night, as the other major wide release movie hitting screens this weekend, Robert Downey Jr.’s Dolittle, brought in less than $1 million in total according to The Wrap, though its screenings started later in the evening and it was shown on fewer screens nationally.

Why Jordan Peele Resists Question About Us’ Ending And The Tethered

Jordan Peele’s Us was a movie that was absolutely chilling in the way it presented a horror movie villain that was a dark reflection of ourselves. The “Tethered,” as they came to be called, were like us, but twisted in ways that made them seem inhuman. The movie leaves a lot of questions unanswered about where the tethered came from and where exactly they are going, but if you want to know what’s going to happen next, don’t ask writer/director Jordan Peele, he’s not talking.

Don Cheadle Clarifies Space Jam 2 Role

The idea, as far as we’ve all assumed to this point, was to make a sequel that followed the beats of the original pretty closely. It would be a combination of live action and animation, star Lebron and a few other high profile basketball names, and involve a basketball game. A number of other players in the NBA and WNBA have been named to the cast, so up until now, everything was falling into place.

10 Other Comic Book Characters Christian Bale Should Play

What started purely as an independent webcomic before landing a limited run with Dark Horse Comics, Axe Cop follows a divorced police officer who, in lieu of a pistol, prefers an axe as his weapon of choice in his daily battle against bad guys. He has some help from his allies, which include a T-Rex, a cybernetic lion, and a half-man, half-avocado hybrid. Does a cop uniform-clad, mustachioed Christian Bale wielding an axe against unicorns and nonsense like that under the direction of, say, Edgar Wright, not sound like the most incredible idea you have ever seen?

Star Wars Fans Think They Found The Moment That Fan Favorite Character Died In The Rise Of Skywalker

After decades of filmmaking and three trilogies, the Skywalker Saga has come to an end. The Star Wars franchise as we know it wrapped up with J.J. Abrams’ The Rise of Skywalker, with the filmmaker giving conclusions to various characters who occupy the galaxy far, far away. While we said goodbye to a handful of characters who died on screen, another fan favorite Rebel was revealed to have died in Episode IX‘s final battle. Namely, Nein Nunb, who made his debut back in Return of the Jedi. And the fans seem to have picked out the exact moment when Nein died.

Bad Boys For Life Has An Awesome Cameo You Might Miss If You’re Not Paying Attention

Taking things one step further, from a geeky filmmaking standpoint, I adored the fact that during Bay’s scene, Fallah and El Arbi employ the classic “Spin the Camera in a Circle Around Your Subjects” that Bay uses in so many films. In fact, he memorably used it in the middle of a shootout in Bad Boys II, and even though Bay is only making a wedding toast in his Bad Boys for Life scene, it plays out on screen like this: