How The Big Bang Theory’s Young Sheldon Crossover Did In The Ratings

Both The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon aired new episodes last night, and both shows were slightly down in the 18-49 ratings. To be fair, they were not down by much, and Young Sheldon had a slight increase in overall viewers. But ratings are still paramount for advertiser dollars, and CBS has to be at least slightly disappointed that there wasn’t an uptick for the highly promoted crossover.

The Big Bang Theory Season 12, Episode 10 had 12.33 million viewers and a 2.1 rating, according to TVBytheNumbers. That’s down from the most recent episode on November 15, which had 12.56 million viewers and a 2.3 rating.

Meanwhile, Young Sheldon followed with 10.87 million and a 1.6 rating, vs. 10.77 and 1.8 on Nov. 15.

It’s possible The Big Bang Theory was ever-so-slightly down in viewers because it had been off for the past two weeks. Maybe some fans thought the November 15 episode was the midseason finale? Also, A Charlie Brown Christmas aired last night on ABC and picked up 1.2 million viewers, so some of those viewers may have been TBBT fans who’ll watch the show later this week on DVR or whatnot.

It’s not exactly bad news for The Big Bang Theory to still have more than 12 million viewers and top ratings in its 12th season. However, this is the final season of the CBS comedy. Numbers have been pretty steady in the 12-13 million range, which is great, but nothing like the 15-20 million heights of recent seasons.

A couple of months ago, Kunal Nayyar (Raj) said the countdown to the end would really begin once they came back from Christmas break:

The Big Bang Theory is reportedly ending in Season 12 because Jim Parsons is ready to call it quits. Hopefully the show ends on a high note — creatively and in the ratings.

Season 12 premiered in September to 12.92 million fans, with a 2.5 rating. There will be 24 episodes to this final season, so there’s a long way to go before the end. The ratings will almost certainly rise as we get closer to the final episodes of the popular comedy.

Crazy Rich Asians’ Constance Wu Has A Reason For Not Wanting To Join The Star Wars Franchise

The Star Wars universe isn’t going anywhere, with Episode IX, two original television shows from the upcoming streaming service Disney+, Rian Johnson’s planned new trilogy and the film series from Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss all on the way. However, you can rule out Crazy Rich Asians lead Constance Wu among the long line of actors eager to sign themselves up for a role for a chance to wield a lightsaber and rock space buns. Here’s what Wu said:

It looks like the Force isn’t with Constance Wu! It’s not that the actress doesn’t love the Star Wars franchise, she just doesn’t want to tied to a long contract movie deal. She was asked by Rogue One‘s Jyn Erso herself during an episode of Variety’s Actors on Actors starring Wu and Felicity Jones.

Before Star Wars fans write off Constance Wu, she did give some understandable reasons why she wouldn’t be instantly attracted to working on a Star Wars film. She has been doing a lot of the same as Jessica Huang on ABC’s comedy series Fresh Off the Boat for five seasons and is ready to regularly challenge herself with a mixture of roles.

Felicity Jones’ Star Wars experience was an exception to the norm of the franchise, as Rogue One was a standalone film that pretty much hits the self-destruct button for potential sequels as the film closes. In the Variety interview, Jones expressed to Constance Wu about how she would love to play the part again and have the stability Wu has found on Fresh Off the Boat.

Constance Wu then back-tracked a bit, thinking back to her massive press junket for this summer’s massive hit Crazy Rich Asians. Wu loved coming back to a familiar set of Fresh Off the Boat and appreciates the comfort of it.

She likely already has a franchise on her hands, since Crazy Rich Asians was the highest-grossing rom-com since 2009’s The Proposal, just received two Golden Globe nominations (including a nod for Constance Wu for Best Actress in a Comedy) and has two sequels in the works for the characters based on novels by Kevin Kwan.

Crazy Rich Asians has been confirmed for a sequel, but it looks like Wu just hasn’t gotten the official call yet, and director Jon M. Chu has In the Heights lined up to work on in 2019 first.

As far as Star Wars is concerned, pretty much anything is possible considering the franchises plans to go backwards and forwards in the timeline in their film and television show endeavors. Constance Wu could certainly find a short-lived role if she wanted to, and I think she would be a great fit for the franchise.

While Felicity Jones’ chances of returning to Rogue One seem initially dim, her costar Diego Luna, who played Cassian Andor is getting a Disney+ series of his own, which precedes the Star Wars prequel even further. Maybe there’s hope for Jyn Erso too?

How Karen Allen Feels About Scrooged Becoming A Christmas Classic

Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol is one of the most popular Christmas stories ever written. As such, in the 163 years since it was published, it has been adapted into film numerous times. Surprisingly, looking back on all of them, one of the most popular has to be the Bill Murray comedy Scrooged. 2018 celebrates the 30th anniversary of the film and on that occasion, I recently had the opportunity to speak with Karen Allen, who played the role of Claire in the film. I asked her what she thought of the fact that the film had achieved such recognition. Needless to say, she has always been somewhat surprised by it all, mostly because the film’s popularity wasn’t instantaneous. Allen told me…

I just remember suddenly, 15 or 20 years ago people started talking about it as being a Christmas classic and I thought ‘Oh, you know, [laughs] that’s interesting.’ I hadn’t realized that it had gained that kind of stature but now it seems to be solidly, if you’re going to look at the top five or 10 Christmas films of all time, it’s solidly started to crawl into that list of must-see films at Christmas and must share with another generation of kids. That’s kinda great, that’s fun to be a part of something that becomes tradition for a yearly celebration.

It’s certainly true that Scrooged wasn’t an instant hit when it was released on Thanksgiving weekend of 1988. It won that weekend at the box office with a take of $18.6 million, but it wasn’t up against anything significant. It went on to gross a total of $60 million, which made it the 13th highest grossing movie of 1988.

The critics, however, took a bit harsher view of the film, while one would have to call the reviews “mixed,” many of those who didn’t like the movie really didn’t like it. Some thought it was more mean and depressing than uplifting and funny.

However, over the years, Scrooged has clearly become a regular Christmas season movie for a lot of people. Karen Allen told me that she assumes that more people who missed the theatrical run picked up the movie on home video or on cable TV and that grew the audience to a point where the movie became more popular than it ever was when it was new.

As somebody who didn’t see Scrooged in the theaters myself, I can attest to this. I certainly must have seen Scrooged on basic cable at some point, unless my family rented it at the video store first, (because that was a thing once). It’s exactly the sort of movie that would appeal to your average basic cable channel. It would have only required minimal editing, as only language would have been an issue, and not a great deal of it. It had a built-in season to rerun it every year, and an audience looking for a Christmas movie to watch every December would almost certainly give the movie a chance, and watch it again the next year if they liked it.

Many movies have become classics, either broadly, or of the “cult” variety, only after enough time has passed and enough people have come across the material. The Princess Bride mostly bombed in its theatrical run and today it’s such a popular film that Once Upon a Deadpool can build an entire film around poking fun at its framing device, and there’s no worry that the audience won’t get the joke.

Christmas movies finding new life thanks to television is certainly not unusual. The Jimmy Stewart movie It’s a Wonderful Life became a Christmas classic itself largely due to the fact that the film lost it’s copyright in the 1970s and became much cheaper for television stations to air. It began to be incredibly widely broadcast, leading to massive audience exposure.

For many, however, Scrooged might actually be the version of A Christmas Carol for modern generations. If you’re a classic movie fan you might like the Alaister Sim version from the 1950s. There’s also the great classic Scrooge portrayal of George C. Scott from just a few years before Scrooged came out. It’s certainly the case that other, more recent, versions of the story, like the animated Robert Zemeckis film or the TV-movie with Patrick Stewart do not appear to have built an audience the way Scrooged has. Does anybody even remember they made a movie about the writing of A Christmas Carol all of a year ago? I didn’t think so.

Of course, the movie still has to be good to become that popular, but there’s little argument that Scrooged isn’t hilarious. The movie takes the standard premise of A Christmas Carol and modernizes it, (for 1988). Ebeneezer Scrooge is now television network executive Frank Cross, played by Bill Murray. He’s an angry curmudgeon who hates Christmas, except for its financial benefit to him, thus the fact his station is set to air a live version of A Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve.

This makes the fact that he’s visited by three spirits in an attempt to get him to change his ways a joke itself, as Frank Cross is very familiar with the story he seems to have found himself in. Karen Allen plays Claire, Cross’ girlfriend when he was younger, who he split from after he chose his ambition in business over his relationship with her.

Bill Murray is his regularly funny self. Karen Allen confirmed to me that Murray ad-libbed much of his performance with her on the set, often changing up his lines even between takes of the same scene. She clearly had as much fun making the movie as the rest of us had watching it. Add to this a great performance by the always funny Carol Kane and Bobcat Goldthwait in another supporting role and you’ve got the makings of a great cast. And really, how does one go wrong with a movie that opens with the Six Million Dollar Man blowing away terrorists defending Santa Claus in the North Pole in The Night the Reindeer Died?

If you’re one of those people who loves to watch Scrooged every Christmas, but you don’t actually own it yet, the 30th Anniversary edition of Scrooged is available now on Blu-ray and in Digital HD.

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Ed Sheeran Responds To Critics After Underdressing In Beyonce Duet

Earlier this week, Ed Sheeran and Beyonce Knowles shared the stage together. Suffice to say, one of these musicians was clearly more fashionable than the other. Queen B was decked out in a gorgeous, extravagant pink gown, which flowed and extended in a variety of different ways. It was an eye-catching fashion item, which isn’t something you can say about Sheeran’s attire for the evening.

The singer-songwriter wore a simple T-shirt and jeans combo, and it drew a lot of criticism towards Ed Sheeran for looking like “a slob” to some in comparison to the typically fabulous Beyonce. With that, Sheeran commented on the critiques. In fact, you could say Ed Sheeran responded to the criticism directed his way in a comical fashion.

On social media, as it was reported by NME, Ed Sheeran posted a posted of the black T-shirt he wore for the performance, which says “Hoax UK Since 94.” He also wrote the following in white text overtop of the shirt picture. Clearly, the musician has a sense of humor about the biting fashion critiques.

At least Ed Sheeran isn’t paying too much mind to the critical comments being directed at him for his fashion choices. Though it has led the Internet to have an interesting discussion on the nature of fashion between men and women, and how women are often expected to be fashionable. Conversely men can often get the liberty to be a little more, shall we say, slack in their choices.

But that’s a rich discussion for more knowledgeable people to partake… At least, more knowledgeable people than myself. As it stands, Ed Sheeran commented on the commentary accordingly; he used humor to deflect it.

If you wish to see the performance from Ed Sheeran and Beyonce Knowles at the Perfect Global Citizens Festival earlier this week, you can watch the footage below and you can make your own points and observations about the differences between what Knowles wore and what Sheeran wore there.

This is not the first time that Ed Sheeran and Beyonce Knowles have performed together, and there’s a good chance they’ll perform together again in the future — what they wear for those duets, however, will be left unknown. Will Sheeran make sure to step up his fashion game, lest he ends up criticized once upon for “slacking” it? Or will he continue to wear what he likes, believing it’s true to his character and image? We’ll just have to see.

In any case, no matter what Ed Sheeran and Beyonce Knowles decide to wear, together or separate, we’ll give you the news whenever it arrives. And we’ll continue to keep you posted on the latest news in film, television, video games, pop culture and a whole lot more right here at CinemaBlend.

DC Has A Plastic Man Movie In The Works

If you follow news about DC movies regularly, then you’re well aware that there are a lot of projects in development for the DC Extended Universe. Seriously, a lot, as in nearly two dozen! Not all of these projects will see the light of day, but every now and then a new one is added to the mix, and today brings word that there’s now a Plastic Man movie in the works. Talk about stretching yourself thin!

Warner Bros has tapped screenwriter Amanda Idoko to pen a Plastic Man movie, which is described as a “comedic action-adventure.” No specific details about Idoko’s Plastic Man story were revealed, but apparently her hiring caps off a six month-long search on Warner Bros part to find someone for the gig. According to sources who spoke with THR, Warner Bros is intending for this Plastic Man movie to stay “true to the light-hearted and even silly tones of the character.” The project is still in the early stages, so there’s no directed attached yet, but New Line’s Bob Shaye will executive produce.

Tara Reid Just Filed A $100 Million Sharknado Lawsuit Against Syfy

Yes, we live in the timeline of $100 million Sharknado lawsuits. Tara Reid is suing Syfy and the Sharknado producers for allegedly using her image on slot machines without her permission.

The lawsuit was filed yesterday, TheWrap reports, and it sounds like the Sharknado star’s team may have anticipated such an event.

The suit references Tara Reid’s contract for the sixth film, which includes a clause that “in no event shall [Reid’s] likeness be used for any merchandising in association with alcohol, tobacco, gambling, hygiene, or sexual products without [Reid’s] prior written approval.”

Sexual products! Are there Sharknado condoms? I’m afraid to search.

Anyway, this lawsuit alleges that the defendants — Syfy and the Sharknado producers — never asked Tara Reid’s permission to use her face on slot machines.

According to documents quoted by The Blast, Tara Reid is suing Asylum Entertainment and SYFY Media Productions, claiming false endorsement and misappropriation of celebrity likeness. She alleges they wrongfully licensed the rights to use her image to “manufacturers of slot machines, gambling products and beer makers, who in turn have marketed their product with her likeness, and continue to wrongfully trade and profit therefrom.”

She’s asking for $100 million in damages, and an injunction prohibiting her face from continuing to be used on machines and products.

You can see a Sharknado slot machine, featuring various characters (including Tara Reid’s April), in this visitor’s video from a trip to San Manuel Casino.

The Sharknado film series definitely put Tara Reid back on the map, after she broke out as Vicky in the American Pie films and as Bunny Lebowski in The Big Lebowski.

Sharknado debuted on Syfy in 2013, starring Tara Reid as April Wexler, with Ian Ziering as April’s ex-husband Fin. The film turned into a campy cult classic, earning huge live Twitter buzz. The franchise continued with Sharknado 2: The Second One in 2014, Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! in 2015, Sharknado: The 4th Awakens in 2016, Sharknado 5: Global Swarming in 2017, and The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time in 2018.

When Tara Reid isn’t starring in Sharknado films — or apparently suing production over slot machine visuals — she stars in horror films like Ouija House and Charlie’s Farm, and comedies like Last Call and The Hungover Games. Unfortunately, Tara Reid also regularly makes headlines for her alleged behavior, including a recent airplane story she took pains to refute.

Chris Hemsworth Shares First Look At The New Men In Black In Action

Over the course of filming, Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson have given fans several glimpses behind the scenes of the upcoming Men in Black spinoff film, but up until now we haven’t gotten a look at the film itself. That changes today as Chris Hemsworth has shared the first look from the film showing the globetrotting pair of Men in Black in action. Take a look:

These two are a long way from Thor: Ragnarok‘s Sakaar, but it looks like they will still find plenty of trouble here on Earth. This first look shows us the two agents of galaxy protection of course looking fly in their Men in Black suits, bringing a level of class to intergalactic relations. And, as you would expect from this franchise, Chris Hemsworth‘s Agent H and Tessa Thompson’s Agent M are wielding some very weird and super cool looking sidearms.

The two weapons look new, and apparently neither of the two characters got saddled with the emasculating (but powerful) Noisy Cricket. Let’s hope this movie again has some fun with the ridiculous names for the guns too, like the Series 5 De-Atomizer perhaps?

We know that the Men in Black spinoff will take the alien enforcement team out of New York and send them on a globetrotting adventure. In the new image, we see them in Jolly Old England (with a sweet Jag XJ in the background). But based on their guns being drawn, it certainly doesn’t look like everyone is keeping calm and carrying on.

On Twitter, Chris Hemsworth joked that he and Tessa Thompson drew their laser guns and took down one of London’s biggest crime syndicates. But I’d say the smart money is on the two agents encountering some kind of alien threat in the city. The plot of the film is still under wraps, so we don’t know exactly what might lead these new Men in Black to drawing their alien weaponry in the middle of the street in one of the world’s major cities.

While there still hasn’t been an official announcement from Sony about the film’s title, we get some hints yesterday that the spinoff will be titled Men in Black International. Chris Hemsworth’s hashtag adds credence to that and is a fitting title for a movie that filmed in London, New York, Morocco and Italy.

The film also stars Rebecca Ferguson, Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, Rafe Spall and Kumail Nanjiani and is directed by Straight Outta Compton‘s F. Gary Gray.

The Men in Black spinoff hits theaters on June 14, 2019. Check out our 2019 Release Schedule for this and all of the other huge movies headed to theaters next year and for all the latest movie news you won’t want to neuralyze away, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

The Blacklist Season 6 Trailer Reveals Red Goes To Jail And More

The Blacklist is returning with an explosive twist. Red is going to jail! Given his ongoing criminal empire, it may not be entirely surprising. Nevertheless, it is still a striking sight to behold. See Red trading in his smooth business suits for a jailhouse jumpsuit in the Season 6 trailer below:

Surprising? Yes. Shocking? Absolutely. The Blacklist still pulls no punches and Season 6 is proving that point. Red has dealt with his share of setbacks before, but as the trailer teases, this one should not keep him down for long, either. He is facing the death penalty, though.

That said, Red did end up readily rebuilding after Mr. Kaplan took away his criminal empire, but that was no easy feat. Plus, it is crucial to remember the crime drama will kick off with a two-part season premiere. Something that would indicate Red’s time in prison may be a two-episode arc.

He goes in during Part 1 and gets out in Part 2? Maybe, it is just wishful thinking. However, Red allowing himself to remain in prison for longer than that seems unfathomable, even if Liz is working to make that happen.

Following her jaw-dropping realization that Red is not the man originally known as Raymond Reddington, she is on the warpath. Further complicating matters is that she no longer believes present Red is her biological father, making him an all-out imposter.

To quickly recap, viewers cannot be sure that twist is entirely what it seems. What they can be sure of, after watching this Season 6 trailer, is that Red is going to jail. Well, that and Liz’s current operating premise is bound to cause him a great deal of pain.

In the trailer, Red asks Liz to help him find whoever betrayed him. He also indicates he knows that whoever they are, they are close to him. Fans, who thought Red versus Mr. Kaplan was a battle, better buckle up. This is bound to get nasty.

Red may be too personally invested to even realize that Liz is set on betraying him. Of course, he has received warnings in the past. Liz faked her death to live a new life away from him, but, of course, that did not work out so well for either of them. Learning that he was her biological father seemed to calm her desire to make future flight plans.

Now, Liz thinks current Red killed the real Red and assumed his identity. Making her believe that dead Red is her biological father and not living Red, even though he still could be her real father. Add to all of this Liz blaming Red for Tom’s death, and Red is not going to be on the receiving end of her mercy any time soon.

In the trailer, Liz appears to be pretty defiant, as does Red. Despite being told that he is going to be executed, Red does not seem shaken. At the 52-second mark, Red has bruises on his face, indicating he was beaten up in jail.

Will him being attacked be the cliffhanger of the first half? Will Liz have any regrets? Can she truly outmaneuver Red? Find out if the student can outplay her teacher when The Blacklist returns! It is going to be a bumpy ride.

Season 6 of The Blacklist will premiere over two nights. It starts Thursday, January 3 at 10 p.m. ET and continues with the conclusion on Friday, January 4 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. So, The Blacklist will be arriving after this fall and in the upcoming midseason.

11 Awesome Shots From The Avengers: Endgame Trailer And What They Mean

It took a while to get here, but at long last the trailer for Avengers 4, now officially titled Avengers: Endgame, arrived bright and early this morning. The massive first trailer is all about tone and the aftermath of Avengers: Infinity War, playing out like a eulogy for the countless fallen and a lamentation of the broken-hearted left behind, before offering a spark of hope from the smallest of heroes.

The Avengers: Endgame trailer holds a ton back and doesn’t give us much about the overall plot of this movie, but it is still full of awesome shots dripping with weight and meaning for us to break down and speculate about as we count down the days (which are now fewer) until this game comes to an end.

The Last Will And Testament Of Tony Stark

Poetically, this trailer starts much as the MCU began, with Tony Stark, alone and trying to get home. With resources running low and no hope of rescue, Tony Stark sees his end in sight and offers up a heartfelt goodbye to Pepper Potts. It’s a beautiful moment from the former playboy as he tells her “When I drift off I will dream about you. It’s always you.” This sets up the very personal stakes of this film and lets us know that although he survived The Decimation, Tony Stark is not out of the woods just yet. Exactly where Tony is or how far he is from home we don’t know, but I’d have to guess the most likely way he gets saved is Captain Marvel.

Watching The Sun Rise On A Grateful Universe

The Avengers: Endgame trailer shows us Thanos’ armor, hung up and no longer in need of use, leading in to a beautiful shot of the Mad Titan walking through a field as the sun rises. It’s such a compelling contrast because as the rest of the trailer shows our heroes in mourning, here we see the villain in a shot that is serene and peaceful, the kind of imagery we usually associate with children and happiness. I also took these shots to mean that Thanos is alive and well, on permanent vacation and not, as some have suspected, dead or in the Soul Stone.

Back At Home

In Avengers: Infinity War, the schism in the wake of Captain America: Civil War remained, but after the attack on Vision and Scarlet Witch in Edinburgh, Captain America returned home to Avengers Headquarters. Whether the powers that be were all snapped away or whether they’ve realized the error of their ways, it is clear that this movie will see our heroes no longer on the run as fugitives, but back at home and operating out of headquarters as they try to recover from The Decimation.

Cap In Mourning

Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers is the beating heart of the MCU, and we see here that that heart is broken. As Black Widow talks about Thanos accomplishing his goal of wiping out 50% of all living creatures, we see Cap processing the magnitude of that loss. It probably took some time after the Battle of Wakanda for the full effect of Thanos’ snap to be measured, but we see here that the total devastation is setting in. Although Cap is a sentimental guy, he is strong for everyone else and this moment, perhaps more than the rest, is enough to get even the most jaded of MCU fans to tear up.

Tallying The Dead

After the events of Avengers: Infinity War, we had a pretty good idea of who was alive and who was dead, but a few characters were left ambiguous. This shot of Bruce Banner tallying the dead indicates that Shuri is either dead, like Peter Parker, who we also see, or missing like Scott Lang. That leaves an interesting opportunity for Shuri to play a secretive role if she really isn’t dust. Also, this shows that for whatever reason, the Avengers believe Scott Lang to be dead or missing, which makes the end of this trailer all the more impactful.

Should Have Went For The Head

Every hero suffered and lost in Avengers: Infinity War, but Thor’s loss was perhaps the most personal, and thus the most painful. His people were homeless, fleeing from an Asgard that was no more. Then, Thanos set upon his refugee ship, killing half of what was left of his once mighty civilization. Thanos also killed his brother Loki right in front of him. Thor’s journey throughout the film was one of vengeance and when he had the shot, he failed. What we see here is a Thor who has lost everything and is likely racked with guilt and regret over what he could have done differently, like planting Stormbreaker into Thanos’ dome. I expect he’ll be aiming to right that wrong in Endgame.


At the end of Avengers: Infinity War, Nebula and Tony Stark were stranded together on Titan, having just watched those around them snapped to dust as Thanos completed his goal. The trailer doesn’t make it exactly clear what’s going on with Nebula here. She is clearly, like the rest, in mourning, having lost her sister, but what’s next for her, we do not know. You would think she and Tony left Titan together, but we don’t see them together at the beginning of this trailer or here. So if they aren’t together, then where is Nebula and why didn’t she leave with Tony?

Hawkeye Appears At Last! As Ronin!

After his absence in Infinity War, we were hoping to finally see Hawkeye in this trailer and it did not disappoint when we did. Hawkeye has assumed the Ronin identity as it was rumored he would, and he looks incredibly badass as the masterless, wandering samurai. We see him as Cap’s voiceover says “We lost family,” all but confirming my belief that his family were victims in The Decimation. Although we’ve now seen him, lots of questions remain about Clint Barton, like who he just killed in this scene, why, and whether Natasha was specifically looking for him or just ran into him.

Captain America And Black Widow Have A Plan

In the trailer, Black Widow tells Cap that “This is going to work, Steve,” implying that they have a plan. The trailer doesn’t tell us what that plan is, but after mourning, as we would expect, our heroes are getting back on the horse to try and recover what was lost. Cap’s response really conveys the gravity of the situation, hammering home that this truly is the Endgame. Also, as we saw earlier in the trailer, Cap has shaved his beard and here, instead of the uniform he wore in Infinity War, he has gone back to the STRIKE Stealth uniform he wore in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, perhaps indicating that he is no longer a fugitive and is reassuming the mantle.

Remembering Peggy Carter

As we see Captain America and Black Widow talking of a plan, the trailer shows us Cap holding a compass with a picture of Peggy Carter in it. That Steve Rogers is remembering his true love in this moment is touching and may also clue us in to one of the story’s suspected elements. We have long thought that time travel would have to play a role in this story if The Decimation is to be undone. If that is part of the mission Cap and Widow are about to embark on, he is likely thinking of a selfish way he wishes he could use it, like getting that dance that they never got. Hopefully this is a hint that we’ll see Hayley Atwell‘s character again in some fashion.

Ant-Man To The Rescue!

After choking back tears for the first two minutes of the Avengers: Endgame trailer, the preview leaves us with a moment of levity and also a clue as to the heroes’ salvation. We see Scott Lang arriving at Avengers Headquarters (a place he once robbed) and basically ringing the doorbell. As discussed earlier, Steve and Natasha seem to have thought he was dead, making his appearance miraculous. We also know that he was stuck in the Quantum Realm, so somehow or another, he got out. Ant-Man didn’t make it to the first fight with Thanos, but his appearance now hints that the Quantum Realm will play a big part in this Endgame.

Avengers: Endgame is now opening on April 26, 2019. For all of next year’s biggest movies, check out our 2019 release schedule.

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Rami Malek Wants To Take Queen For A Drink After Bohemian Rhapsody’s Golden Globe Nominations

Following an outpour of praise for Bohemian Rhapsody, particularly for Rami Malek’s spot-on portrayal of Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, the Golden Globes included the film in two nominations for the film yesterday: for Best Picture and Best Actor in the Drama categories.

Rami Malek’s recently responded to the news of his Golden Globe nomination, and I’d imagine that the actor is off somewhere singing “We Are The Champions” with his Queen brethren. As he tells it,

For Rami Malek, his Bohemian Rhapsody role was first and foremost a tribute to Freddie Mercury and Queen. Therefore, getting the remaining band members behind his performance was a priority. Malek can consider his mission accomplished, since Brian May and Roger Taylor have been quite vocal about their support regarding his Freddie throughout the development and release of the film.

In his same conversation with EW, Rami Malek talked about how it “means everything to have their support” so it makes a lot of sense that he would be celebrating with none other than the two of them, who he has become quite close to through the making of Bohemian Rhapsody.

While, the backing of the real Queen band may already have Rami Malek over the moon, this Golden Globe nomination certainly makes for a few heaping cherries on top. Despite some early mixed reviews from critics about Bohemian Rhapsody, not many could argue about the true star power Malek emulated as Freddie. The film did magnificently well among audiences, taking home over $551 million worldwide so far.

The film featured some impressive reenactments of Queen’s live performances, including the cast pushing through a 22-minute one shot take of the band’s iconic Live Aid performance from 1985. Rami Malek showed true passion for embodying Freddie Mercury, wanting to delve even deeper into his life than the movie could hold in its run time.

Bohemian Rhapsody is now a Best Picture — Drama contender for the 2019 Golden Globes with Black Panther, BlackKklansman, If Beale Street Could Talk and A Star is Born among its competition. Rami Malek’s Best Actor nomination is also shared with Bradley Cooper for A Star is Born, Willem Dafoe’s van Gogh in At Eternity’s Gate, Lucas Hedges for Boy Erased and John David Washington for BlackKklansman.

To see if Bohemian Rhapsody rocks it or is another one to bite the dust, tune in to the Golden Globes on January 9, 2019 on NBC.