A Clockwork Orange And 8 Other Movies With Terrifying Eye Scenes

The Terrifying Eye Scene: During a flashback, Travis (D.B. Sweeney) remembers the events of the alien abduction where the extraterrestrials poke, prod, and probe the human as they run a series of tests. After wrapping Travis in some type of skin-like material and inserting tubes, the aliens placed a clamp over his eye, pour a milky liquid on it, and then pull down a large needle towards his eye.

Police Department Reportedly Used The Purge’s Signal At Start Of Curfew And The Internet Is Having A Field Day

The most recent Purge movie, 2018’s The First Purge, wound the clock back to, as the title indicates, depict the origins of the Purge event. Rather than usher in the holiday across all of the United States at once, the first Purge was conducted only in Staten Island as an isolated experiment. Thus far, The First Purge is the highest-grossing Purge movie, collecting around $137 million worldwide off a $13 million budget.

Frozen II’s Olaf Is Getting An Unusual Spinoff With Josh Gad

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As far as Disney animated blockbusters go, there are few quite as massively popular as the Frozen franchise. Anna and Elsa’s first adventure in Arendelle became a pop culture sensation when the original movie arrived in 2013. The House of Mouse broke new ground by releasing a full theatrical sequel, which also made a ton of money at the box office. And it looks like we’ll get more of Josh Gad’s beloved talking snowman Olaf in a spinoff. Although, it’s not a spinoff in the way you might think.

Why Disneyland’s Avengers Campus Is Avoiding Thanos’ Snap

The idea that Avengers Campus isn’t the MCU in the same way that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is a galaxy far, far away, might be a disappointment, but the fact is that alternative universes are a major part of Marvel as a whole, so the idea that the theme park universe is yet another isn’t really that big a deal. And while the theme park attractions might not be in the same universe as the films, all of Disney’s theme park attractions at all of the parks around the world are confirmed to exist within the same universe. So there is still a universe, it’s just a different one.

James Gunn Reveals Guardians Of The Galaxy Star He Had To ‘Fight For’ During Casting

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a massive franchise, and there are a few properties that stand out as fan favorites. Chief among them is James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, which made the unknown characters household names. Gunn assembled a killer cast to make up that titular team of Marvel heroes, but it turns out that he had to fight for one actor in particular to be considered.

The Rock Explains Why Disney Pushed Jungle Cruise Back An Entire Year

While things may have changed in the three years since he said that, it’s quite likely that, with the parks closed down now and no work being done inside them, whatever was planned for the attractions is also on hold. The movie could, at least in theory, open whenever it wants once theaters are open, but theme park attractions take more time to get ready than that. And jumping into an attraction renovation and trying to get it done in a certain window to hit a movie release date isn’t Disney’s style. These things usually take their time, and so it seems likely that by pushing things off by almost exactly a year, the time table remains essentially intact, only the year has changed.

Will No Time To Die Make Changes After Delay? Here’s What The Director Said

Cary Fukunaga’s update about No Time to Die comes to us from his personal Instagram page. The filmmaker recently posted a professional portrait of himself, and then eventually engaged with the public in the comments section. Obviously one of the biggest points of conversation is No Time to Die, especially following its change in release date. But despite the long wait until November, they’re not going to be making any more changes.

Will Smith And Martin Lawrence Explain Why Fans Had To Wait So Long For Bad Boys For Life

Martin Lawrence, on the other hand, is semi-retired at this point. He’ll maybe take a movie or TV project a year if he’s really feeling like it, but he didn’t star in anything beyond a video short between 2014’s Partners and 2019’s The Beach Bum. So I just picture him hanging out at his house and occasionally fielding calls from Will Smith about maybe eventually getting the gang back together.

Birds of Prey Director Wants To Add A Fan-Favorite Character To The Sequel

This is no doubt why Cathy Yan chose Ivy as the character she’d most like to introduce in a possible Birds of Prey sequel. The first movie paired Margot Robbie’s character with mostly heroes, so it would be exciting to see her with another villain on the second go around. And considering how complicated Ivy and Harley’s dynamic in the comics is, there’s a ton of narrative threads to pull from.