The Halloween Sequels May Be Bringing Back Another Actor From The Original

The horror genre has been in a serious renaissance for thee past few years. Rather than stale sequels or torture porn, filmmakers have been crafting unique and critically acclaimed films. In addition to scaring the hell out of moviegoers, these projects have also made a ton of money at the box office. Blumhouse’s Halloween movie is a prime example of this trend, and a pair of new sequels will arrive over the next two years to create a bonafide trilogy. Original stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle returned for the 2018 movie, and a new rumor indicates that another OG denizen of Haddonfield may be returning for the next installment.

Actor Tom Atkins starred in Halloween III: Season of the Witch, the oddball threequel that didn’t contain Michael Myers at all. He recently did an interview, where he indicated that original Halloween and Halloween II star Charles Cyphers was reprising his role as Sheriff Leigh Brackett for the upcoming blockbuster Halloween Kills. As he put it:

Well, this is exciting. It looks like Halloween Kills might have another cast member from John Carpenter’s iconic 1978 horror flick. Charles Cypher also appeared in the first sequel, which is no longer considered canon in Blumhouse’s timeline of events.

Tom Atkins’ comments to Comic Book haven’t been confirmed by anyone associated with Halloween Kills, but it’s new that will excite the hardcore fans of the franchise. Halloween helped change the horror world when it debuted, and Charles Cypher’s character is one that makes logical sense to bring back for another sequel. After all, he had a deep connection to the events of the original movie.

Leigh Brackett was Sheriff of Haddonfield during Michael Myers’ original rampage through the sleepy Illinois town. He was shown trying to galvanize the police force and seek out Michael, as he began ripping through babysitters. But perhaps his more emotional connection was that one of those victims was his daughter Annie.

Annie Brackett is one of Laurie’s best friends in the original Halloween movie. She’s feisty and quick-witted, and is babysitting Lindsey Wallace before handing her over to Jamie Lee Curtis’ signature character. She’s killed by Michael in her car, before her body is used to scare Laurie during her epic final sequence with Michael.

Bringing Sheriff Brackett back to the narrative seems like a great way to connect Halloween Kills to John Carpenter’s original film. Laurie’s teenage encounter with Michael Myers was shown to traumatize the franchise favorite, and Annie’s death likely also deeply affected her father. Especially because Brackett was unable to protect his own daughter from her grisly fate.

Alas, we’ll just have to wait and see if this report comes to fruition, as details about the upcoming sequel slowly drip out.

Halloween Kills is set to arrive in theaters on October 16, 2020. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

How Good Boys’ Jacob Tremblay Channeled Keanu Reeves For His Favorite Scene

If 2019 has taught us anything, it’s this: Keanu Reeves is iconic. Some of us already knew it the instant he said “Whoa” in Bill & Ted, but now it seems a new generation is discovering the actor’s talents. Reeves is even an inspiration to R-rated comedy Good Boys’ 12-year-old Jacob Tremblay, who said this of his standout scene in this weekend’s top earner:

It sounds like an awesome scene to shoot that was tons of fun! The Good Boys action sequence allowed Jacob Tremblay and his other co-stars to play around with paintball guns, even channelling the classic moves from The Matrix when the cast dodges the bullets in slow motion while doing backflips, martial arts and such.

Wait up… isn’t The Matrix rated R? The hilarious bit about the marketing for Good Boys is that the movie’s stars wouldn’t be able to walk into a theater and buy a ticket to their own. You can say the same about The Matrix circa 1999 before Tremblay was even a concept. The Matrix is one of the greats and doesn’t have nearly as many F-bombs, sex toys and all-around adult content than the Keanu Reeves-led movie ever did anyway. By the way, Tremblay watching The Matrix as a kid, even if he didn’t get through the whole thing, was a good call: it’s mind-blowing and sticks with you.

Jacob Tremblay’s Good Boys costar Brady Noon agreed that the paintball sequence when explaining his choice favorite scene to Vulture. In his words:

Yep, breaking a board over someone’s back is awesome, and Brady Noon can now say he did it in the No. 1 movie at the box office. Good Boys topped the weekend with a surprising $21 million haul, taking down Hobbs & Shaw in its third weekend after a solid opening night. The R-rated comedy earned mainly positive reviews from critics, with a certified fresh score of 79 percent on Rotten Tomatoes (CinemaBlend gave it 4 out of 5).

Good Boys follows three middle-schooler best friends played by Jacob Tremblay, Brady Noon and Keith L. Williams, who get into plenty of hilarious antics on the day leading up to a spin-the-bottle party. None of the “Bean Bag Boys” have kissed a girl before and their nervousness for the event has them getting into unlikely situations.

Check out Good Boys in theaters now!

How Much Will Smith’s Gemini Man Could Make Opening Weekend

One of the most intriguing movies still to come this year is Ang Lee’s Gemini Man, which pits an over-the-hill hitman played by Will Smith against a younger clone of himself, also played by Will Smith (kind of). Will double the Will Smiths be an equation that adds up to a big box office? The long-range tracking is in for the October release and we now have an idea how much Will Smith’s Gemini Man could make opening weekend.

Gemini Man releases in theaters on Friday, October 11 and Box Office Pro’s long-range tracking has the action film making between $25-$30 million in its opening weekend. We don’t know the exact budget on Gemini Man, but that seems rather unremarkable for a big budget sci-fi action film. However, it’s still early and there are quite a few factors that could work either for or against two-time Oscar winning filmmaker Ang Lee’s latest.

An opening in that range would be in the middle of the pack in Will Smith’s career, below Hitch and Bad Boys II but possibly just above stuff like Wild Wild West and After Earth. For Ang Lee, it would far surpass his last film, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, which failed to crack $1 million in its first weekend in wide release.

An opening between $25-$30 million would actually be the second best of Ang Lee’s career, behind Hulk’s $62.1 million and ahead of Life of Pi’s $22.4 million. That latter film wound up becoming quite successful, making $609 million worldwide, thanks in large part to international box office. So even if Gemini Man has a modest domestic debut, that isn’t the be-all end-all.

Will Smith’s drawing power at the box office isn’t what it used to be, but he is still a star and he can still deliver hits. In fact just this year Aladdin became the highest-grossing movie of Will Smith’s career. Admittedly, the success of that film was surely due more to the property than Smith himself, but I think his Genie was a question mark going in to the film and anecdotally it seems like audiences really embraced his take on the character.

The success of that film could make audiences excited to see Will Smith onscreen again. In addition, Gemini Man feels like a throwback to the kind of action movies the actor was making earlier in his career. If audiences want to see Will Smith in something like I Am Legend or I, Robot, that could bode well for Gemini Man.

There is also the technology factor and the boundaries Ang Lee is pushing on multiple fronts with this film. De-aging technology has become commonplace thanks to the Marvel films but Gemini Man still stands out and audiences may be intrigued to see what Ang Lee has done. The film will also be playing in 120FPS, but that shouldn’t have much impact either way given its limited distribution and general audiences’ ignorance of the differences in the frame rate technology.

Working against Gemini Man is the fact that it is an original blockbuster, an increasingly rare thing these days, and audiences may skip it because it isn’t part of some brand and they don’t know what it is enough to take a chance on it. The trailers will need to sell them and differentiate this film and personally, while I’m excited for the film, I don’t think the trailers have been particularly remarkable.

On the competition front, Gemini Man only really has The Addams Family to contend with opening weekend. That animated film is tracking to open between $16-$21 million and is obviously targeting a younger audience and shouldn’t detract much from Gemini Man. However, the week prior to Gemini Man’s release is the opening of Todd Phillips’ Joker.

If that DC film is a hit with critics and adult moviegoers, enthusiasm for it could carry over to its second weekend and eat away at Gemini Man’s prospects. That said, Joker will be R-rated and Gemini Man is PG-13 and some audiences may prefer more traditional action fare versus the dark character study of Todd Phillips’ film.

It’s way too early for reviews so we have no idea whether they will help or hinder this movie, but I tend to think Gemini Man’s success will hinge a lot on how well its received and what kind of word of mouth it has.

Gemini Man opens in theaters on October 11. Check out our 2019 Release Schedule to keep track of all the movies coming later this year.

Terminator 2’s Edward Furlong Is ‘Really Happy’ To Return For Dark Fate

It’s been nearly 30 years since Edward Furlong played the role of John Conner in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Considering how far a field the franchise had gone since then, it was a shock to a lot of people when it was revealed during this year’s San Diego Comic-Con that Furlong would be back in the role in the upcoming Terminator: Dark Fate.

Recently, much of the cast of several Terminator movies came together for a panel at Silicon Valley Comic Con. During the Q&A, asked Furlong about his return to the franchise. While, unsurprisingly, the actor was required to stay quiet about the role, it was clear from his response that he is excited to return. According to Furlong…

It’s not too surprising if the John Conner role in Terminator: Dark Fate isn’t that big. None of the trailers revealed the return, and clearly the focus will be on other characters.

Needless to say, the news that Edward Furlong was returning to the Terminator franchise was a shock for everybody. While we knew that Linda Hamilton would be back in Terminator: Dark Fate, there was no indication of how John Conner would be handled, or if he would even be in the movie. And considering John Conner has been played by several different actors throughout the franchise, there was no reason to believe that, even if John Conner was in the movie, he’d even be played by anybody who had the role previously.

And, of course, Edward Furlong returning seemed like the longest shot of all. While Terminator: Dark Fate will use the Halloween gambit and discount all sequels beyond Terminator 2, Furlong has had a very public battle with drugs which has resulted in numerous problems with the law. Such things made his return in a major blockbuster reasonably unlikely.

Furlong has been pretty open about the fact that his issues with drugs resulted in him not returning for Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, but he’s been working to clean himself up, and so the chance to come back to the Terminator franchise and fix the mistake he made feels like evidence that he is succeeding.

Edward Furlong is certainly glad to be back and many fans are probably glad to have him back. We’ll see what the future holds for John Conner when Terminator: Dark fate arrives in theaters November 1.

Should Marvel Introduce Namor In Black Panther 2?

Namor Marvel Comics

As the world waits for the exciting follow-up to Black Panther, rumors are already floating around about who T’Challa will be going up against in his next adventure. After kicking things off with Killmonger, it will be quite the challenge for the next villain to leave as great of an impact as he did. With that said, there have been rumors that the villain has been selected, and if it’s legit, Killmonger may become the second best villain of the Black Panther franchise.

I’m talking, of course, about Namor the Sub-Mariner. He’s been on the short list of Marvel characters fans would love to see in the MCU, and would certainly be a villain unlike any we’ve seen before in this universe. For those unfamiliar, dive down for specifics and why he’d be a great choice for the big bad of Black Panther 2.

T'Challa Black Panther

Two Kings Squaring Off

Marvel’s king of Wakanda squaring off against the king of Atlantis? Even if there wasn’t any history or precedent for Black Panther and Namor going head-to-head, the prospect of two Marvel monarchs going to war is exciting to say the least. Then you learn that there is history between these two going head-to-head in Marvel comics, and boy, those who don’t understand will get why people want to see Namor in Black Panther 2.

In Marvel Comics, Namor has done everything from broker deals with Doctor Doom that hurt Wakanda to literally destroying Wakanda when he was imbued with the power of The Phoenix Force. Long story short, T’Challa and Namor have never gotten along all that well, so even if Black Panther 2 ended with Namor in a semi-heroic role, chances are the two would come to blows at some point in the future. That sounds like the kind of tension we need in the MCU going forward, so let’s make it happen.

Killmonger Black Panther

He’s A Killmonger-like Character

One of the things that made Black Panther so great was Erik Killmonger’s complexity. He certainly did some evil things, but it was understandable to see where he was coming from and empathize with him on some level, even if fans didn’t support his methods. Hell, even T’Challa felt for him at the end!

Namor is similar to Killmonger in the regard that his primary motivation is relateable to a general audience. He’s looking out for the people of Atlantis, and unfortunately, the land-dwellers don’t always have the oceans’ best interest at heart in decision-making. Namor and his people suffer the effects of that, and eventually, the ruler has to step up and make a point. Unfortunately, he’s the type to level an entire city rather than condemn humanity’s actions in front of the U.N., so pissing off Namor can go south real quick.

Namor Marvel Comics

He’s Canonically Older Than Many MCU Characters

One of the negatives of Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers presumably not having a big role in the MCU is that the franchise is losing one of its biggest ties to the past. If Namor were to join, however, the MCU would have a half-human, half-Atlantean who actually fought alongside the Allies in World War II. Of course, we’re not sure that’s true in the MCU seeing as he wasn’t mentioned during Captain America: The First Avenger.

Of course, we’re still not aware of what all was changed by Captain America’s trip back in time. Or, maybe they were just fighting the battle in different areas and never crossed paths? Cap got encased in that ice pretty damn quick and he was consumed with thoughts of Peggy and saving humanity. If nothing else, Namor is old enough to have had a relationship with T’Challa’s father or even grandfather, which could make for a great opportunity to expand Wakanda’s mythos.

Namor Marvel Comics

He’s The Powerful Conflicted Character The MCU Needs Now

One thing that Marvel has in its comics, television and even other Marvel movies that the MCU doesn’t have right now are characters that aren’t wholly good. That’s not to say Namor isn’t entirely evil, but the dude has certainly has some questionable methods that have pissed off The Avengers many a time. He’s like Frank Castle: they get what he’s doing and why, but they don’t have to be ok with it.

The difference is Frank Castle is human, and a recent iteration of Namor was powerful enough to take on a team of the Avengers on his own. His strength allows him to stand against Thor and he’s durable enough to withstand a charged cosmic blast from Captain Marvel. The last time we saw a character do both of those things was Thanos in Avengers: Endgame, and we can all agree he was a real pain in the ass. Namor’s that, but he’s also kind of good. It really makes dealing with him problematic.

X-Men Phoenix Force

He’s The Link Between Other Franchises Yet To Be Introduced In The MCU

From a real-life history standpoint, Namor is the company’s oldest mutant (though there are mutants older than him in the lore). If he were to be introduced in Black Panther 2, he’d technically be the first mutant in the MCU as Wanda and Pietro Maximoff had their mutant origins scrubbed in Avengers: Age of Ultron. In short, he could be the official introduction to mutants in the MCU.

That’s not all he could usher in though, as Namor has had more than his fair share of run-ins with the Fantastic Four. Plus, rulers recognize rulers, and if ever there were a time to inject Doctor Doom into a movie, it would be when two rulers are going head-to-head. The easiest way to flip Namor from villain to anti-hero would be to compare him to Doom, and perhaps give the Wakandans and Atlanteans something to unite against.

Would you like to see Namor in Black Panther 2? Sound off in the poll and talk about why or why not in the comments below that. In the meantime, CinemaBlend will keep an ear to the ground for updates on whether or not he will appear, and will continue to report on all the latest news happening in the world of movies and television.

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Bond 25 Has An Official Title, And It’s Solid

The James Bond franchise is one of the longest running properties in film history. As such, there are generations of moviegoers and fans who were brought up on 007’s adventures. Plenty of actors have taken on the mantle of Bond, and 51 year-old Daniel Craig is the latest Brit to play the role. Craig brought a physical presence to the MI6 agent, but his tenure will come to an end with the mysterious Bond 25.

Not much is known about the 25th entry into the 007 franchise, although there have been some injuries and drama coming from the highly guarded set. But the movie is set to arrive in April of 2020, and the upcoming blockbuster’s title has finally been released. The next movie is officially titled No Time To Die.

This announcement was made over on the official Bond twitter. Check it out below.

Now this is exciting. Cinephiles have been patiently waiting for any information regarding the 25th’ installment in the James Bond franchise. The title No Time To Die feels like a classic Bond title, similar to other ones like Die Another Day. Now the question is, what will the upcoming blockbuster be about?

More to come…

New Rambo V: Last Blood Trailer Reveals The Movie’s Plot

Recently, Sylvester Stallone said goodbye to Rocky Balboa, his most famous and most successful character. However, there’s another icon of 1980s cinema that Sylvester Stallone brought to life, and now it’s time to see him one final time as well. John Rambo will be back in Rambo: Last Blood, and a new trailer gives our first real look at the plot of the film. Check it out.

The first trailer for Rambo: Last Blood showed us Rambo being a badass but didn’t give us much context for what we were seeing, the new trailer, posted to Sylvester Stallone’s Instagram, gives us a bit more detail.

At the end of the previous Rambo film, John had returned to his family farm, seemingly retiring from from the life he had known. We see him caring for a young woman (played by Yvette Monreal), but she’s apparently kidnapped from a club, and Rambo goes in to try and rescue her. He sees her as family, she calls him Uncle John, though it’s unclear if they are actually related. When the drug cartel that has her decides not to play nice, Rambo goes back to what he knows best, violence, in order to get her back.

I’ve always thought Rambo was an interesting franchise. While the first movie certainly didn’t lack in the action department, First Blood was ultimately more of a character driven piece as we watched a man struggling with PTSD, in an era where we didn’t talk about such things as much.

The sequels, however, were much more straight forward action movies. With the title of the new film Rambo: Last Blood certainly wants to remind people where the story started, but what we see here falls in line much more with the sequels than the original.

Still, watching Sylvester Stallone deal with psychological trauma doesn’t necessarily make for an exciting movie trailer, so it’s possible the movie will have that, but that it was simply left out here for marketing reasons.

As far as the action goes, it looks pretty great. Sylvester Stallone may be older, but he certainly still looks like he can take on an entire drug cartel with his bare hands. At this point the older male action hero is practically a genre all on its own. The fact that the new Rambo: Last Blood looks to have more than a little in common with Taken is likely no accident.

Based on the title, we can make a safe guess that this will be the final Rambo movie, if so, it does certainly leave the fate of our hero up in the air. One way or another, John Rambo will likely find peace, but exactly how he comes by that peace is very much still a question.

Avengers: Endgame Writers Weren’t Always Going To Kill Off Iron Man

Avengers: Endgame has become a true pop culture phenomenon in the months since it hit theaters. The Russo Brothers did the impossible, crafting a complicated and emotional story that serviced the myriad characters who occupy the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The co-directors were helped in this task by writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, who helped to write the narrative beats. And it turns out that Iron Man’s death wasn’t always set in stone.

Tony Stark went out in a blaze of glory in Avengers: Endgame, taking on Thanos directly and managing to swipe the Infinity Stones from the Mad Titan during the final battle. He snapped his finger to destroy the villain and his forces forever, sacrificing his life in the process. But Iron Man’s fate wasn’t always set in stone, as Christopher Markus recently revealed:

Well, this is interesting. While Robert Downey Jr.’s contract with Marvel Studios would be completed upon filming Avengers: Endgame, there wasn’t always a plan to kill off his signature Avenger. The writers and directors of the blockbuster were given freedom over the story, and crafting character deaths that would have the maximum emotional impact.

Christopher Markus’ comments to might surprise moviegoers, given how perfect Tony Stark’s ending was for the long-running character. But while the MCU seems like a well-oiled machine, it’s ultimately made up of individual artists doing their best. Iron Man kickstarted the entire shared universe with his 2008 origin story, so the pressure was on to give the character a proper conclusion in Endgame.

In fact, Tony’s finger snap and uttering of “I am Iron Man” was the very last scene that was shot for Avengers: Endgame. Clearly it was a live set, with the directors and writers attempting to find the most emotionally satisfying ending possible. They eventually nailed it, and killing of Iron Man was a super effective way to wrap up the story, and bring the entirety of the MCU together for his funeral.

It’ll be interesting to hear exactly Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely planned on keeping Tony Stark alive, before eventually giving the character his heroic sacrifice. Would Iron Man have alternatively retired from superheroics after bringing the dusted characters back to life? That definitely would have been a happier ending for Pepper Potts and Morgan Stark.

Avengers: Endgame is available on DVD and Blu-ray now, and the MCU will return to theaters with Black Widow on May 1st, 2020. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

No, The Hunt Was Never Named ‘Red State vs. Blue State’

The movie that was supposed to be the newest release from indie home Blumhouse, The Hunt, is now sitting on a shelf following Universal’s decision to not release the movie. With several mass shooting incidents taking place in recent days, the feeling was that now was not the right time to release a movie that included violence with a political slant. However, the studio is firing back at any implication that his movie was meant to add gas to the fire of political tension.

Craig Zobel, director of The Hunt, says that if he believed the movie was going to incite violence, he would not have made it. Instead the film, which featured “liberal elites” hunting “conservative deplorables” for sport, was designed to poke fun on those on both sides of the political divide. Universal released a statement to Variety which stated that a rumor that the movie was, at one time, actually going to be called Red State vs. Blue State, was simply untrue. According to the studio…

It’s certainly true that if there were ever plans to call the movie Red State vs. Blue State, then clearly the plan was to capitalize on the seemingly growing political divide for box office success. However, it appears that such a title was never even a consideration at any point. A movie called The Hunt could be about anything, the title itself isn’t looking to be controversial.

Of course, the movie was likely going to have to deal with some controversy, but it seems that ultimately, the film is actually about those on both sides tend to assume they understand those on the other side of the political spectrum without actually talking to them. The movie is about how we should not rush to judgment, which makes the situation regarding the political backlash to the film somewhat ironic, if unsurprising.

At this point, the fate of The Hunt is unclear. The film’s scheduled release has been canceled and its unclear when, if ever, audiences will have a chance to see the movie. Odds are even if the movie does still get a theatrical release down the road, it will be done quietly, with a minimal marketing push. Otherwise, we could see the film make the jump to a streaming service or a video-on-demand release.

Underwater Trailer: Kristen Stewart’s Head Is Shaved In New Deep Sea Monster Movie

Kristen Stewart has fought vampires, evil queens and government agents, but in the 2020 action-thriller Underwater, the acclaimed actress takes a dunk and goes up against a deep sea monster, and with a fresh new haircut. The first trailer for Underwater has arrived so dive in and check it out below.

The first thing that the Underwater trailer establishes is that this crew of underwater researchers is going to the very deepest parts of the ocean. The trailer doesn’t let us in on the specifics of their objectives or what they are studying, but all we need to know is that these characters are about as far as a person could possibly be on this planet from the nearest help or hope of rescue. That sets the stage for what’s to follow.

Something shakes the entire subterranean research laboratory and Kristen Stewart’s head shaved character Norah sees what has to be the most terrifying thing you could see in a place that deep underwater: a leak. The whole thing begins to flood and when the crew regroups, that’s when we get the first idea of what exactly might be going on. It seems that like the Dwarves in the mines of Moria, they “delved too greedily and dug too deep” and freed or awoke…something.

When the crew has to walk across the bottom of the ocean to survival, they must contend with the deep sea creature or creatures that are now awake. Unlike last year’s The Meg, and despite having comedian T.J. Miller as part of the cast, Underwater seems like it will largely eschew campiness. Instead it goes for a true sci-fi horror vibe and it was hard not to think of Ridley Scott’s original Alien while watching the trailer.

The one thing I really like is that similar to something like James Cameron’s underwater science fiction mystery The Abyss, which is still not on Blu-ray for some reason, the trailer for Underwater really makes the deep ocean feel like a different world. Just like space, the depths of the oceans are strange, unknown and alien and therefore frightening.

The special effects in this trailer look solid and the visuals have a real horror quality to them and appear distinctive enough to help this movie stand out if it’s good. My only concern on that front is that Underwater is a January release and while it’s not necessarily as true as it once was, that month is historically a dumping ground for movies Hollywood studios have no faith in.

On the other hand, that rule has exceptions and perhaps Underwater could find itself benefitting from Kristen Stewart appreciation following her role in November’s Charlie’s Angels reboot. The Signal is the third film from director William Eubank, who previously helmed 2014’s The Signal with Laurence Fishburne. For Underwater he lined up a cast that in addition to Kristen Stewart and T.J. Miller, also includes Vincent Cassel and Iron Fist and Game of Thrones actress Jessica Henwick.

Underwater splashes into theaters on January 10, 2020. There’s still plenty to look forward to in 2019 though, check it all out in our premiere guide.