Inside Rimowa’s L.A.-Inspired Collaboration With Artist Alex Israel

The artist Alex Israel’s cotton candy–colored luggage collection will be easy to find among the sea of anonymous black bags on the airport carousel. The limited-edition suitcases, which come in two styles and sell for around $2,800 each, are a collaboration with the German company Rimowa, and they are based on the artist’s Sky Backdrop paintings, a series of skyscapes airbrushed by a Hollywood studio crew that does backdrops for film. In fact, the bags’ gradient motif is a common theme across Israel’s oeuvre, representative of his deep affinity for Los Angeles.


‘Gross!’ Japanese Tricks to Keep Greasy Fingers Off Touch Screens

OSAKA, Japan—Some people fret over the health implications of potato chips. And then there are those who worry about what they do to touch screens.

Cleanliness-obsessed consumers are fed up with soiled fingers gumming up smartphones, computer mice and other electronica. “I used to eat with my hands and lick my fingers when I was small,“ said Tomoki Yoshino, 19 years old. “But one day, my game controller got all greasy, and it was really gross.”

Why Serious Cooks Are In Love With Frozen Food

I KNEW I WAS entering “a new life stage” when I recently found myself fantasizing about buying a second freezer. My interest in maximum cubic capacities and automatic defrost cycles was not precipitated by a craving for Hungryman dinners or initiation into a doomsday cult. Rather, as a recipe developer and my family’s primary cook, I’ve come to regard my freezer as my most reliable wing man.

Maybe you think of frozen food as over-processed and overpriced, a wasteland of pizza rolls and tater tots. If so, may I suggest a…

4K vs. 8K: Which TV Is Right for You?

JUST LAST YEAR, I bought a 65-inch 4K TV. It has a gorgeous picture: deep blacks and dynamic, true-to-life colors. I can finally watch all that 4K ultrahigh definition (UHD) content newly on offer from Netflix, Prime Video and iTunes. It’s a glorious thing, and it feels a lot like the early days of high definition: Everything is deliciously detailed, real, beautiful.

While gloating to a friend about the refreshing resolution on my relatively new TV, regaling her with an enthusiastic account of watching “Planet Earth II” in…

The Winter Salad Everyone Wants

YOU COULD CALL it bar food. That’s how chef John Sinclair describes the offerings at his two New Orleans bar-restaurants, Barrel Proof and Longway Tavern. But the term hardly seems equal to this salad of radicchio and arugula tossed with roasted squash, fennel, grapefruit and crunchy pistachios, Mr. Sinclair’s first Slow Food Fast recipe.

It has bold flavor and a bit of a spicy kick that certainly would stand up to a stiff drink pairing. It’s also satisfying, easy to love and happens to be vegan. “Vegetables have a place…

A Cozy Ski House With Midcentury Modern Spirit

When a San Francisco couple bought a slick, somewhat masculine, newly built condo in Park City, Utah, their designers knew it wouldn’t satisfy its intended purpose as a welcoming family ski home. “We wanted to make it happy,” said Chloe Warner, of Redmond Aldrich Design in Oakland, Calif. She and her associate Taylor Shanahan started with knowledge that the new owners felt an affinity for the lush, vibrant patterns of Josef Frank, the 20th-century Austrian-born architect and textile designer. Next, they invented a narrative to guide their decisions: What if Frank had a chic granddaughter named Heidi, with all that name’s…

The Surprising Truth Behind Wine Pricing

I LIVE IN a wine-rich part of the country, home to many good wine merchants. Some oenophiles, however, live in states where the government controls wine distribution, and thus access to certain brands. Others live far from wine shops and buy their bottles at grocery stores. I know this because I’ve received many letters from readers over the years requesting recommendations of wines produced in large quantities that are easy to find and also well made and reasonably priced—wines known in the trade as national brands.

I found…

In Daniel Radcliffe’s New TBS Show, the Former Boy Wizard Seeks Comedy Magic

As Harry Potter, actor Daniel Radcliffe was the boy wizard who lived in the cupboard under the stairs. Now, he’s an angel working in the basement of heaven.

In his new show, the TBS comedy “Miracle Workers,” Mr. Radcliffe plays Craig, a low-ranking angel at Heaven Inc., who diligently answers humanity’s prayers. He and other angels must try to save Earth after their capricious boss, God (Steve Buscemi), decides he wants to blow it all up and start a new venture.

A City-Dweller’s Guide to Trekking the Amazon

THE GUY whose task it was to guide me into the Amazon was named Ruber León Sánchez. “Like ‘lion,’” he told me after firmly gripping my hand and shaking it as if it needed to be wrung out. The named seemed fitting; the manager at my hotel had the last name of Puma. I wondered if later on I’d meet a woman named Anna Conda. “Let’s go,” said Ruber, whose confident stride, forest-green fatigues and 2-foot machete swinging from his belt made him king of the jungle in my eyes.

I didn’t particularly want to be traipsing through the…