The Only Winter Shirt Men Need

RISING TOO far up the jugular to be a crew and lacking the fold-back that defines a turtleneck, the mock-neck shirt has always suffered from an identity crisis. Its roots are similarly muddled: The turtle harks back to preppies and beatniks, the crew skews All-American jock, but the mock has to make do with an oddball family tree that includes “Growing Pains” cast members, the early-’90s heyday of Gap basics and hip-hop artists like Run D.M.C.

The whims of fashion aren’t judgmental, though, and the mock has returned. Its…

The Latest Ski Trend Takes the Sport Back to its Origins

DESPITE THE TECHNICAL wizardry and multimillion-dollar amenities of modern ski lifts, the biggest growth in the sport over 20 years is in the backcountry: Climb the slopes yourself and shush your way down, a method known among ski bums as “earn your turns.” Zealots laud the merits of hard-fought climbs, relishing a few memorable runs a day rather than fighting lift lines and rising resort costs. But now more skiers want it all—one high-performance setup to go up and downhill in any snowy terrain—and companies are producing versatile new gear like the collection shown here. It opens the gate to backcountry skiing without…

Why the Ford F-150 SuperCrew Limited Sparks Joy

THE MARIE KONDO organizing mania has struck our household, from the attic to the basement. I have to say, the one thing missing from Ms. Kondo’s counsel is the usefulness of a big ol’ pickup truck, one capable of hauling unwanted items to flea markets, donation centers and landfills. That’s right. The road to inner peace runs through Dearborn, Mich.

Three weeks ago Ford delivered a truly handsome 2019 Ford F-150 SuperCrew Limited 4×2 pickup ($70,755, as tested), painted German-executive silver with two-tone leather upholstery,…

Glass Block in Décor: Cheesy or Charming?

Why We Love It

AS A KID, I was beguiled by the prisms you could buy in science stores. They made a toy of the light. Today, I get the same nerdy kick from glass block, the way it garbles objects on the other side of it and dapples incoming light.

I’m aware that many people derive no such thrill. After glass block began turning up in public restrooms, municipal swimming pools and diners in the 1980s, it was maligned as retrograde and even sleazy. In the right hands, however, it sheds its cheesy past. For a living room in a…

A Creamy (Yet Creamless) Helping of Winter Vegetables

COMFORT FOOD has its limits. Assuredly (and deliciously), butter and cream temper the sting of winter’s most biting weeks, but it’s easy to overdo it, too. “So let’s make something you don’t regret at all afterwards,” said chef John Sinclair. At Longway Tavern in New Orleans, he naps sweet peas and country ham in a pureed-cauliflower “cream.” In his second Slow Food Fast recipe, adapted for home cooks, the whole thing bakes in the oven until the buttery breadcrumb topping goes all crunchy and golden. It amounts to something very much like a vegetable pot pie, minus the fussy pastry and gut-bomb sauce. “You can eat a…

The Hot Collectible Vases We Can Thank Richard Nixon For

AS A CHILD in the bohemian 1970s, Melissa Rufty was oblivious to the rattan, straw and bamboo that warmed up Jackie O’s and Candice Bergen’s chic Manhattan apartments in Vogue pictorials. What did make an impression on the New Orleans designer: the basketwork vases her mother used around the house, and later filled with garden roses to place by Ms. Rufty’s bedside as a welcome home from college.

More recently, Ms. Rufty began collecting the handcrafted vessels herself, drawn by the intricately plaited strips of tawny bamboo…

‘Things Are Just Blurry’: Auction Houses Brace for a Volatile Year

The art market held its own last year, but the world’s chief auction houses are bracing for an unpredictable season ahead.

Christie’s International sold $7 billion of art last year, up 6% from 2017. The London-based company said on Wednesday it auctioned $6.3 billion in art, a 6% increase due in part to the $835 million estate sale of banking billionaire David Rockefeller and his wife, Peggy. The house sold an additional $653.3 million in art in privately brokered deals, up 7%. Its online-only art sales rose 20% to $86.6 million.

The Reinvention of Jason Wu

After Michelle Obama wore an embroidered silk chiffon one-shoulder gown by Jason Wu to her husband’s inaugural ball in 2009, the young designer was set up to become the next star of the American fashion industry.

But things didn’t turn out that way. Clothing trends moved toward edgy, casual looks, away from Mr. Wu’s demure, ladylike styles. Luxury-goods sales slumped in 2015 and 2016, hitting retailers across the globe. Today, 140 stores world-wide carry Mr. Wu’s fashions and he employs 35 people, but the buzz is muted.

The Essential Insider’s Guide to Scottsdale, Ariz.

FOR DECADES Scottsdale has been a winter escape hatch for freezing Midwesterners longing to nab a sunrise tee time. Phoenix’s more relaxed neighbor caters to anyone who’s ever picked up a golf club, with more than 50 courses within its borders and some 200 among the Phoenix metro area. “The best part about Arizona courses is the variety. They all have different personalities,” said rocker Alice Cooper, who plays 300 rounds a year in his home state. While snowbirds have long enjoyed Scottsdale’s links, resorts, spas, dining and untamed desert landscapes, increasingly the city caters to a younger crowd. Thanks to a smartphone-enabled…

A World War I Documentary Becomes ‘Event Cinema’

Innovative filmmaking, strong reviews and a strategic ground campaign in theaters has helped a documentary film about World War I win some box-office glory among big-budget blockbusters and Oscars contenders.

“They Shall Not Grow Old” was made with archival film footage, which director Peter Jackson (“The Lord of the Rings”) restored, colorized and transformed with 3-D techniques. It hit theaters in stages, beginning in December with a series of one-night showings around North America, a release method more common for live…