Millie Bobby Brown on Florence by Mills, Stranger Things, and Self-Care

What’s the last rabbit hole you went down on Instagram or YouTube?

Probably Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau’s wedding. I went in such a deep hole, and I could not get out of it. I was like, “What is happening right now?”

You’re stranded on a desert island, what are three products you bring with you?

Well, I mean if it’s a desert island, it’s going to be hot, so definitely moisturizer. Then probably my lip oil and a cleanser, because I could just use the ocean water to wash it off.

What color are you loving on your nails right now?

I haven’t had my nails done for a really long time, but right now, it’s purple.

What’s your favorite getting ready music?

I love Taylor Swift’s new album Lover. “London Boy” is my favorite song ever.

How much time do you spend getting ready normally?

You know, for an event and stuff, it takes maybe an hour and a half. But for everyday, less than five minutes. I just put my moisturizer on. And then at night, when I’m winding down, that takes me about 20 minutes—just cleansing slowly, moisturizing, taking off all my makeup.

Are you strict about taking your makeup off or do you fall asleep in it from time to time?

No, I’m pretty religious about my skin care routine. I wake up, put my moisturizer on, put my Swimming Under The Eyes Gel Pads on, and then go to work. I also like steam my face once a month. Oh! And I do a face mask every Friday night.

I love the little whale eye patches.

That was my idea from day one, and that was really difficult to get the shape right on those.

Why whales?

Because I believe that every animal should be in the wild and be free, and whales especially are such an angelic animal that deserve to be in the ocean. I’ve always had a love for how majestic and beautiful they are, so I wanted to involve them.

What’s your favorite way to take a moment for yourself?

I like to watch TV or YouTube—Friends is always my go-to—or I like to call my friends and hang out with my family. I also like to clean. I know that sounds crazy, but my room, I love a good clean. It feels very therapeutic for me.

Every Outfit Kate Middleton Wore on Her Royal Tour of Pakistan with Prince William

Not long after Meghan Markle wrapped up a 10-day tour in South Africa, Kate Middleton is off on an official trip of her own, traveling to Pakistan for five days with Prince William. Sadly, we won’t get to see the couple’s three children—Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis—on this trip, but we will get to see a lot of fashion.

Expect to see the Duchess of Cambridge in local designers (something that both she and Markle often incorporate into their wardrobes during official travel), as well as traditional dress reimagined by some of her go-to designers. (So far, she has chosen a colorful shalwar kameez—a style that involves a tunic-like top over trousers frequently worn in Pakistan—by Catherine Walker.) And don’t be surprised by any callbacks to Princess Diana: Within a day of arriving, she already drew comparisons to her late mother-in-law, who visited the country not long before she died in 1997.

Ahead, we’re keeping track of every single outfit Middleton has worn during her royal tour of Pakistan.

Sex After Divorce Was a Chance to Explore All My Fantasies

He grabbed me by the waist kissed me deeply—the first time anyone had done so in years. At first, I tensed, startled by the touch. But my reservations melted as his hands wandered over my body. After ten hot minutes of making out, I scurried into my bed alone, giddy like a pre-teen girl who just had her first kiss and terrified like, well, a recent divorcee who hadn’t been touched in a very long time. Underneath all of the weirdness and terror, I also felt something powerful: desire.

Two weeks later, we met again and had sex for the first time. At first, it was scary, but he was a passionate and intense partner. That began a three-month-long affair of intimate sex, and countless nights talking until the sun came up. Turns out, I wasn’t asexual after all. But that doesn’t mean it was a healthy attachment—we both had serious challenges that we were not properly addressing. We eventually parted ways as friends but for those few months, he was exactly what I needed. Sexually, I felt alive again. And that made me feel like myself again.

My family and friends noticed an instant change. Multiple people asked, “What the hell happened to you?” marveling at my new, positive attitude. Truthfully, the answer was that I was finally getting laid. I felt beautiful. Wanted. Needed.

Other lingering questions from my celibacy still hung over me like a cloud about to burst into a rainstorm. Was I attracted to women? Should I look into sleeping with multiple partners? I probably need to have a one night stand, right? I had fantasized about all of the former over the years—my pornography preferences often included women over men and sometimes involved group sex. The universe had given me unexpected singledom, I reasoned. The chance to explore other sides of my sexuality had arrived.

Shortly after, I reconnected with an old friend while on a trip for work. Towards the end of the trip, she and a man she had been seeing ended up with me and a bottle of whiskey in a hot tub, winding down from a hurried week of meetings.

Over the course of our conversation, they had been inching closer towards each other. At some point, she lifted her hand and beckoned towards me, inviting me to their corner of the whirlpool. I thought, “Why not?” and floated over. I remember feeling someone’s hands—I couldn’t tell whose—making their way up my thighs and between my legs. Soon, we were a mess of hands and limbs, kissing each other and casually passing the bottle around. We ended up back in my hotel room, where my friend and I mainly had sex—my first time with a woman—while her date mostly watched. After she and I finished, I asked him to have sex with just me. I realized in that moment that while I appreciated and enjoyed having sex with a woman, at the end of the day, it’s men that really get me going.

That encounter ended a years-long question about my sexuality—I enjoyed having sex with women but I only wanted to date men.

Not long after, I met the man who would become my first serious boyfriend since my divorce. This brought up a fear I hadn’t yet tackled: The thought that deep down I was afraid of intimacy. I wondered if I had lost my sexual appetite for my ex-husband precisely because we were so emotionally close—was I just too mentally shattered to have a healthy sex life within an intimate relationship?

As the months with my new boyfriend wore on, it became clear that we were building a killer sexual connection. I remember one time during sex giggling and laughing into each others’ bodies, whispering with limited breath how much fun we were having. Our sex was on point—so satisfying, excited and connected. It only got better over time as our emotional and physical connection deepened.

Jennifer Aniston Makes Her Instagram Debut With a Friends Reunion

Just call it “The One Where Jennifer Aniston Joins Instagram”.

That’s right, the woman who has been a household name since Friends premiered in 1994 has finally entered the social media age. Could it be that her pals Reese Witherspoon and Courteney Cox—both avid users of the platform—finally convinced her? It’s also probably not a coincidence that Morning Show (her latest project with Witherspoon) is premiering next month on Apple’s new streaming service.

Whatever the reason, however, we’re just happy to see our “friend” on the platform. Aniston kept things simple in her bio, writing, “My friends call me Jen.’ She’s currently following 81 accounts, including Comments by Celebs, Julia Roberts, Adam Sandler, Kate Hudson, Oprah, and her Friends co-stars David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc, Cox, and Lisa Kudrow. (Matthew Perry isn’t on Instagram.)

For her first post, Aniston knew to give the people what they want: a group selfie of all six Friends. “And now we’re Instagram FRIENDS too. HI INSTAGRAM 👋🏻,” she wrote in the caption.

People were very excited by this new digital development. “YASSSS!!! Welcome to Insta Jen!!! ❤️✨😍,” Witherspoon wrote.’Oh, yeah tushy!,” Chelsea Handler said.

“I guess you didn’t go with the nude like I suggested, but this pic is cute too. So happy you are here!!!!!!!❤️,” Sara Foster added.

It would appear that this photo is from the group dinner that Aniston spoke about on Howard Stern’s show last week. ““We just had dinner this week, on Saturday night,” she said. “The whole gang. Everyone was there. Schwimmer was in town. We all happened to have a window of time, so we all got together.”

Even after all these years, it’s fun to see Rachel, Ross, Joey, Chandler, Monica, and Phoebe all together. Cox loves to tap into that Friends nostalgia on her feed too. Her very first post involved a recreation of Central Perk on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Honestly, if all Aniston ever posts is Friends-adjacent content and throwbacks, we’d be happy.

9 Celebrity Takes on Denim-on-Denim to Inspire Your Summer-to-Fall Wardrobe

The denim-on-denim look is one that has been memorably embraced by celebrity. That Britney Spears/Justin Timberlake red-carpet moment is obviously No. 1, but there are plenty of other low-key, off-duty interpretations of the Canadian tuxedo that feel a little bit more accessible (and easier to copy). Some key examples: Priyanka Chopra Jonas walking her pup in New York wearing a belted denim jacket with a matching skirt, Kendall Jenner on a summer’s day in head-to-toe American Eagle, Hailey Baldwin on a date with Justin Bieber in a Versace-branded denim jacket and jeans… These outfits don’t feel that far removed from something we’d wear on a weekend, especially as summer winds down and we move toward a more layered approach to dressing. Consider the nine looks ahead a primer on transitional fashion, featuring everyone’s favorite: denim.

All products featured on Glamour are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Bachelorette Star Mike Johnson Asked Keke Palmer Out on Live Television

Hannah B’s season of The Bachelorette was full of drama, sure, but everything that’s happened since might be even more dramatic. First, we had the intense but short-lived Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron relationship. Then we learned that Mike Johnson and Demi Lovato were reportedly going on dates after some flirting online. And now, Johnson is asking out Keke Palmer on live television?

Let’s back up: During Hannah’s season, way back in July, Lovato posted footage of Johnson on her Instagram Stories with the caption, “Mike I accept your rose.” The two then reportedly met up for a dinner date IRL.

Naturally, Bachelor fans were on board for the new romance—though it seems Johnson had some reservations. “What scares me about [dating publicly] is that if Demi and I were not to become boyfriend/girlfriend, right, how would people perceive that?” he’s said previously. “Which honestly, I shouldn’t give two s—s about it, right? No disrespect to people that, you know, follow us. But it scares me for that reason.”

Now, People is reporting that Johnson and Lovato are “done.” He seemed to confirm as much during an appearance on Good Morning America‘s third hour, Strahan, Sara, and Keke, on October 14 when he asked out Keke Palmer while on the air.

“I made a mistake, I don’t like dating in public,” Johnson said. Then he turned to Palmer and asked, “But, if I were to ask you, if we could go on a date…?” Palmer looked wide-eyed and perhaps even a bit embarrassed to his question. She replied, “What’s the next question? Michael, you’ve got the next question!”


“What’s that? I didn’t hear nothing. He lost me when he asked you out for a date,” Michael Strahan responded. “What did you say? Yes or no?” Palmer never answered, but Strahan did let Johnson know that he was keeping an eye on him but that the pair looked good together. “Mike, I’m going to tell you something, right. Demi is my girl, I love this one here, too. Now, you mess up, I’m coming for you.”

“Ladies, I’m at work. I’m at work, guys. Go ahead,” Palmer said. “I’m at work.” Strahan added, “Okay, at the commercial break, you’ll get her number.”

Even though Johnson says it was a mistake to date in public, asking out another famous person on television is the very opposite of private, no? Anyway, watch the entire exchange below.

Best Plus Size Jeans: Universal Standard’s Seine High-Rise Skinny Jeans

Most people describe their aesthetics las “always wears black” or “free-spirited, could-be-at-a-music-festival-anytime boho chic.” Mine is “never wears pants.” I’m like the opposite of Tobias Funke in Arrested Development, because you will rarely catch me in denim.

I’m a petite (5’1”), plus size (18/20) woman with a long torso and short legs. Pants always ride too low on my hips and are so long they could be a denim wedding gown train, so I stick to dresses, skirts, and jumpsuits that work on me proportionately. I actually boycotted pants for 10 years and only recently came around to them again. And that’s largely in part to Universal Standard’s Seine high-rise skinny jeans.

Universal Standard Seine High Rise Skinny Jeans

Universal Standard


Buy Now

I had my first encounter with these jeans at Universal Standard’s showroom in New York. I was trying on dozens of pants for a different Glamour story, and was skeptical at first. They’re true skinny jeans, which can be too constricting and make me feel like a sausage. But immediately I noticed how these struck a delicate balance of adhering to every curve of my body, yet were forgiving enough that I didn’t have to hop into them to get them up. They slid on smoothly and had enough stretch that I could do high kicks, dance, squat, and—most importantly—sit in them without feeling constricted. And the 24” inseam meant they actually were ankle jeans on my very short legs.

The term “high waist” can vary across brands, but Universal Standard’s Seine hits a few inches above my belly button, but not touching my bra. It’s also able to hold my stomach in so it doesn’t jiggle about, and my flat ass doesn’t look so teeny tiny from the way it sculpts in the back from the bit of stretch.

Seine High Rise Skinny Jeans Petite

Universal Standard


Buy Now

The material is soft and comfortable, but it’s also sturdy enough that I can wear these jeans a few times in a row without them sagging at all. I get why it won a Glamour Plus-Size Fashion Award. I have the Seine in distressed blue, but am contemplating buying a pair of sleek black ones next.

I tend to wear longer shirts with these jeans just because I don’t like seeing a stomach outline, but one perk of the design is that it has little distressed lines across the torso that pull the focus away from that. Even after a few washes, the jeans have held their shape and haven’t pilled or ripped between the thighs. I dried them on low once and they shrink slightly, but if you wash cold and hang dry as Universal Standard recommends, they should be fine.

Laid Off? Here’s How To Get Back On Your Feet

She Makes Money Moves is a new podcast from Glamour and iHeartRadio. Hosted by Glamour editor-in-chief Samantha Barry, the podcast shares intimate, unscripted stories from women across the country along with advice from financial experts to help guide those women—and women everywhere—forward. Download a new episode every Tuesday, then visit for an article like this, with more insights from that week’s expert.

In 2018, American businesses laid off 21.9 million workers. And while layoffs happen across the board—and are actually on the decline in the country as a whole—some industries have been hit harder than others. For one, 7,200 people have lost their media jobs so far in 2019. Then there’s Elon Musk’s Tesla, which let 3,000 people go, and Toys R Us, which gave 31,000 staffers pink slips. So no matter what, it’s beneficial to have a plan in case the worst happens when it comes to your work.

The guest on this week’s episode of She Makes Money Moves was unexpectedly fired, which left her without health insurance and forced her to miss college and retirement funding contributions. She had some emergency savings, but she was worried about her mortgage payments. To help her—and women in similar positions— figure out a game plan, Barry welcomed financial expert Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche onto the podcast. Here, Aliche shares her best advice for getting back on your feet and getting that new gig.

Make a “noodle budget”

Do you know what your “noodle budget” is? You should. It’s your financial baseline—your life without the bells and whistles like cable and other subscriptions. It’s the lowest amount you can spend each month on food and other necessities, plus your essential bills like rent. It’s the “If I had to live on Ramen Noodles for a little while…” budget. After getting laid off, you want to cut back on or eliminate anything superfluous in your budget. Of course, it’s a temporary solution to help you ride out just this period. The less you spend, the longer your savings will last you as you look for a new job.

Give your resume a refresh

Keeping your resume updated is always a good idea, even while you’re employed. Anytime you get a promotion, work on a challenging project, or master a new skill, add it in. That way in case you need to move on, you’re ready for it. While you’re at it, keep a running “brag book.” It’s a document (or even a file in your Notes app) that gives you space to keep track of specific ways you were able to save or make your previous employer more money and what tangible value you added to your company, monetary, or otherwise. You’ll want that info at your fingertips if you’re looking for work.

Clean up your social

Social media is your resume before your resume. Is your LinkedIn picture low-res or out of date? When’s the last time you copy-edited your bio? Are your social media profiles filled with pictures you’d rather a new boss didn’t see? Do a quick evaluation of your public presence to ensure that it paints a picture authentic to who you are now. Not who you were in school a decade ago.

According to a survey by Fidelity, the sponsor of She Makes Money Moves, 80 percent of women aren’t talking about money with the people closest to them. Today Glamour invites you to the conversation: Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, in the iHeartRadio app, or wherever you listen to podcasts, and join us as we help women raise their voices and make money moves.

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Royal Tour of Pakistan—See All the Best Moments

Another week, another royal tour.

On the heels of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry‘s trip to southern Africa, Kate Middleton and Prince William traveled from London to Islamabad yesterday, October 14, to begin their five-day tour of Pakistan. “This is the most complex tour undertaken by [the duke and duchess] to date, given the logistical and security considerations,” a statement released by Kensington Palace ahead of the tour said. “Pakistan hosts one of Britain’s largest overseas networks, with the British High Commission in Islamabad being one of the United Kingdom’s largest diplomatic missions in the world.”

While the couple’s three children are not with them on this trip, Hello! reports that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge dropped Prince George and Princess Charlotte at school before their flight to Pakistan.

Here are all the best moments from the royal tour.

The Cambridges had a red carpet arrival in Pakistan, complete with flowers and gifts from local children. Middleton wore a turquoise ombré take on the shalwar kameez, the traditional dress of the country that includes a tunic top over trousers.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images
Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images

First up, the royals visited a school where the children are part of a fast-track teacher training program called Teach for Pakistan, which focuses on young girls and women pursuing jobs in education, before meeting with kids from three schools in the Margalla Hills.

Cara Nicoletti Knows How the Sausage Gets Made

Growing up, Cara Nicoletti was never told to eat her vegetables. Instead, she spent her childhood hanging around her grandfather’s butcher shop in Massachusetts. Meat was the family business—and business was good. Her grandfather Seymour was a third-generation butcher, and while his daughters didn’t take up the profession, all worked at the store. Nicoletti, 36, ran the counter and eventually graduated to making sausages because, “It was apparently the least dangerous thing to do, even though there’s like a million ways you can die doing it,” she tells Glamour. And at home it was meat, meat, meat. So it wasn’t until Nicoletti began working in New York City kitchens—first as a pastry chef—that her love affair with vegetables began.

Nicoletti, who now rarely eats meat at all, is known on Instagram for her technicolor sausages, which come in shades of fuchsia, lime green, orange, and more. Nicoletti’s blends combine vegetables, herbs, and other unexpected ingredients to make to make her signature off-beat sausage flavors like borscht, banh mi, and chicken parmesan. The idea for them first came to her while working in a butcher shop a decade ago. Nicoletti was discouraged by how many people—like her younger self—were only eating meat. She was desperate to get people to diversify their diet, and decided to try a trojan-horse approach. “Part of the process of hiding these vegetables in the sausage was not saying, ‘Here’s a chicken sausage with mushrooms and spinach,'” she says. “Instead I’d rename them as a meal in a casing so people would think, ‘What’s a matzoh ball soup sausage? That’s funny, I’d buy that.’ And then it just so happens that it’s 30% vegetables and you’re eating less meat.”

Her chicken tikka masala, pho, and other delicacies have since gone viral—though Nicoletti is adamant that the fleeting fame associated with Internet popularity was never her intention. “In this Instagram age, and especially being a woman in a super male-dominated industry, I think a lot of people want to look at what I’m doing and say that I’m only doing it for the ‘gram,” she says. “And I don’t give a shit, I really don’t. But the thing I always fall back on is that these are actually incredibly well-made and really fucking delicious. So come at me all you want, but actually try them.”

As her platform expanded, opportunities to move out from behind the meat counter came fast. After teaching a sausage making class to a VICE executive, higher-ups asked her to star on a Munchies show. Nicoletti became the host of The Hangover Show, for which she made dishes like cheeseburger fried rice, avocado toast pizza, and bacon egg and cheese wontons that would “cure your hangover.” After that ended, Nicoletti developed Open Fire with the brand, where she cooks with chefs across cultures.