The Black Leggings I Never Hesitate to Wear As Pants

Ah, black leggings—I love to hate them. I’ve tried many in my day: different fabrics, cuts, rises… I’m a relatively active person who only wears black, so you’d think they’d be my bread and butter. But I’m also someone who cares a lot about aesthetics (hello, fashion editor), and it’s not easy to make black leggings feel special. In my book, the ultimate find would be a pair that are fitness-friendly but are also incredibly stylish, ones that, indeed, you can wear as pants. For a while, I thought this idea was too good to be true.

Then, I was introduced to époque évolution. The line was founded by two friends, who traveled together to Morocco: One noticed the other packed everything she needed—for hiking, wandering, cocktails, dinner, and everything in-between—in a single backpack, which inspired them to design clothing so versatile and no-fuss, you could fit it all into a small bag and not have to worry about it. That turned into a collection of tops, sweaters, skirts, dresses, jackets, and trousers—all made from sustainable materials—that retail for under $500. And that includes its signature Orion leggings, which come it at $98.

PHOTO: Jessica Mironov/époque évolution

What instantly drew me to the Orion—other than the price—was the measured slit on either leg, right at the ankle. It reminded me of a pair of leggings that came down the Céline Fall 2016 runway that I never got my hands on, something I regret to this day. (Phoebe Philo forever.) That collection was a seminal one for the Great Leggings-As-Pants Comeback, encouraging styling people everywhere to wear their black leggings under dresses, tunics, and so on. Céline instantly made it the cool thing to do—but because I couldn’t get those black leggings, I never actually tried the trend for myself. But since then, more designers, from Paco Rabanne and Jil Sander to Off-White and Burberry, have introduced their own version of the Fashion Legging, with have made me even more eager to incorporate it into my day-to-day.

It wasn’t just the Philo-ness of the slit that I loved—it was also the material and fit on the leggings: high-waisted with a wide, no-pitch waistband that doesn’t dig in, made from a sleek 35% lycra, 65% Econyl fabric that doesn’t pill. The leggings are also water-friendly, meaning you can literally do water sports or swim in them, and the quick-drying, moisture-wicking style will hold up. Other cool things about them: They come with built-in sun protection (UPF50), and don’t sag or stretch out with wear.

PHOTO: Jessica Mironov/époque évolution

When I wore the Orion leggings to the office—because, yes, I wear these to work—someone stopped to ask me if they were indeed Céline. (Is there a greater compliment you could give a fashion editor?) They’ve come with me to yoga and pilates, on dog walks and road trips, and to professional functions. I’ve worn them with Birkenstocks, sneakers, kitten heels… Any shoe, really, because the slit is great for showing off your footwear.

For me, these leggings aren’t an afterthought, or a lazy-day outfit solution—they’re my new go-to bottoms, for any and every scenario. I’ve turned two other editors onto them: Both are new moms who were looking for pants that looked chic but would also allow them to keep up with their kids. Between the three of us, we’ve really put them to the test. Our conclusion? These are truly the ultimate black leggings.

You can shop époque évolution’s Orion leggings here.

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The Royal Family’s Christmas Decorations Are the Polar Opposite of the White House’s

The royal family revealed their Christmas decorations for Buckingham Palace on Tuesday (December 4), and they’re so cheery. And festive. And everything you could possibly want out of Christmas decorations. The trees are adorned with white twinkly lights; little crowns are scattered everywhere; and the staircases are covered in greenery with multicolored ornaments. It’s exactly the scene you need to get into the holiday spirit.

The decorations are a stark contrast to the White House’s Christmas setup, which, sure, is festive—but it’s also a little scary. Need we remind you of the red Christmas tree room, which looks like it was inspired by The Shining, Suspiria, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and just straight-up blood?

Here’s a few photos, in case you forgot.

Now, compare this to Buckingham Palace’s decorations. No scary red trees in sight!

Twitter is definitely noticing the differences between Buckingham Palace and the White House’s takes on Christmas.

“So this is what it looks like when your leaders don’t choose ‘dystopian holiday hellscape’ as a decorating theme, huh?” tweeted one person. “Now that’s tasteful compared to the one at America’s White House,” tweeted some else, savagely.

Check out some more reactions for yourself, below:

It’s been a busy year for the royal family. Kate Middleton gave birth to her third child, Prince Louis, in April. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tied the knot in May, followed by a whirlwind royal tour of Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, and Tonga in the fall. Markle is also expecting her first child, due in spring 2019. The entire royal family is reportedly spending Christmas together.

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Michelle Obama’s Advice to Meghan Markle? “Don’t Be in a Hurry to Do Anything”

Breaking Down All the Rumors About Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton’s Royal “Feud”

The Queen Reportedly Thinks Royal Protocol Is ‘Rubbish’

Meghan Markle has repeatedly made headlines for breaking “royal protocol” but apparently, it’s not that serious. In a recent interview, Michelle Obama revealed that Queen Elizabeth II is more chill than the public gives her credit for. She once told the former First Lady not to worry too much over codes of behavior because “it’s all rubbish.”

Appearing at a book event in London’s Southbank Centre, Obama talked about meeting the queen in 2009 and again in 2016, and described how overwhelming all of the etiquette associated with such a high-profile encounter can be. Apparently, the queen was actually super easygoing and made it clear she doesn’t get too bogged down in all of the nitpicky traditions.

“I had all this protocol buzzing in my head, and I was like, ‘Don’t trip down the stairs and don’t touch anybody, whatever you do,'” Obama said, according to The Daily Mail. “And so the queen says, ‘Just get in, sit wherever,’ and she’s telling you one thing and you’re remembering protocol and she says, ‘Oh it’s all rubbish, just get in.'”

The suggestion that the queen may not be such a stickler after all should come as a relief to fans of Markle. Lots of her so-called “breaches” in protocol have involved fashion: The Duchess of Sussex has gone barefoot, worn pantsuits, and skipped wearing a hat, despite certain expectations of the royal family. Still, there’s no real rulebook, and it seems like most of Markle’s supposed infractions have been pretty minor in the grand scheme of things. They might even be some of those “rubbish” rules the queen is overlooking herself.

Obama has been all about the royals lately. In a recent conversation with Good Housekeeping, she shared some words of wisdom for Markle: “[My] biggest piece of advice would be to take some time and don’t be in a hurry to do anything.”

Here’s Your First Look at Priyanka Chopra’s Ralph Lauren Wedding Dress

Did you also spend the weekend refreshing the Instagram feeds of Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas, and all their celebrity friends for glimpses at their wedding? The couple has been slowly rolling out photos from their various pre-wedding ceremonies, but exclusive images of the main events have been revealed (in People, obviously.)

We knew that, for the Christian portion of the event, both the bride and groom would be wearing Ralph Lauren, a tidbit dropped as part of a Vogue cover story. (For the Hindu ceremony, Indian designer Sabyasachi outfitted both Chopra and Jonas—her in a traditional red lehenga, him in a sherwani with a hand-embroidered chikan dupatta and a chanderi tissue safa.)

Ralph Lauren is a brand that has special significance for the couple: They attended the 2017 Met Gala together as its guests, marking their first major outing as a duo.

"Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garcons: Art Of The In-Between" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals

PHOTO: George Pimentel

Shortly after announcing their engagement, Chopra and Jonas attended Ralph Lauren’s anniversary show during New York Fashion Week, in September.

Ralph Lauren - Arrivals - September 2018 - New York Fashion Week

PHOTO: Rob Kim

This wedding is a pretty significant moment for Ralph Lauren as a brand: According to Vogue, the brand has only designed bespoke bridal and bridesmaid looks for members of Lauren’s family—but he made an exception for this couple. (“He personally came to Chopra with sketches,” the magazine noted.) And the result did not disappoint.

Ralph Lauren created a total of 34 outfits for the wedding ceremony: Chopra’s dress, Jonas’ tuxedo, Chopra’s mother’s look, Jonas’s mother’s outfit, Jonas’s father’s suit, twelve bridesmaid dresses, twelve groomsmen tuxedos, four flower girl dresses, and the ring bearer look. (For the reception following the Christian ceremony, the bride changed into a different ivory dress, also by Ralph Lauren.)

The main event was obviously the bride’s gown: a long-sleeved, high-necked, hand-beaded, hand-embroidered two-layer dress. The sheer top was crafted from tulle, and embellished with mother-of-pearl paillettes, crystal seed beads, Swarovski crystals, and satin-colored buttons; according to the brand, this portion of the dress took 1,826 hours alone to make. Underneath, there was a strapless, sequined column dress—complete with 2,380,000 mother-of-pearl sequins, per Ralph Lauren. Her veil was a very low-key 75-feet long. You can see the newlyweds on People‘s Instagram, as well as watch a video of Chopra walking down the aisle.

Chopra’s Ralph Lauren wedding dress was filled with personal, hidden details. Firstly, a piece of her now-mother-in-law’s wedding dress was incorporated into the design. Then, she had eight words and phrases sprinkled throughout the embroidery: Nicholas Jerry Jonas (her now-husband’s name), 1st December 2018 (her wedding date), Madhu & Ashok (her mother and father’s names), Om Namah Shivay (a Hindi mantra), Family, Hope, Compassion, and Love.

Jonas, too, opted to sprinkle some nods to his now-wife into his wedding tuxedo: A piece of Chopra’s gown was stitched to the inside of his Ralph Lauren Purple Label blazer, with the words “My Jaan” (“My Life” in Urdu.)

PHOTO: Courtesy of People.

Ah, you’ve got to love love.

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Ada Hegerberg Makes History, Then Is Asked If She Knows How to Twerk

While you were sleeping, a little moment riled up the sports world. It was a history-making event: Ada Hegerberg, 23, the star striker from Olympique Lyonnais team in Norway, was the first woman to ever be honored with the prestigious Ballon d’Or award, recognizing her as the best soccer player in the world. She gave a heartfelt speech about the players who would follow in her footsteps, saying, “I wanted to end with some words for young girls around the world: believe in yourselves.”

And then the host, French DJ Martin Solveig, stepped up to ask her a question. About her 157 career goals, her inspirational impact on girls everywhere, her incredible decision to boycott the sport until female players in Norway get more respect? No. He asked, in French, “Do you know how to twerk?” Hegerberg gave a terse no, and tried to exit the stage.

The video already has hundreds of thousands of views, and appropriately, the Internet went off.

Tennis player Andy Murray shared his rage on Instagram Stories.

Actor Hugh Grant chimed in on Twitter, and others followed:

And Hegerberg’s fellow soccer players, like U.S. midfielder Lindsey Horan, gold medalist Abby Wambach, and Swedish player Sif Atladóttir chimed in too:

Bottom line is this is yet another episode that reflects exactly where feminism is at right now. Women are breaking glass ceilings. Setting new records. Yet still getting asked questions about what they’re wearing (like when Amal Clooney was in court for a major human rights case), their diet (like Scarlett Johansson fitting into her Black Widow costume; and no, Robert Downey Jr. wasn’t asked the same, or how they “balance” work and, well, the rest of life.

Solveig apologized quickly after the show, saying, “of course I didn’t want to offend anyone.” I believe him—most people don’t intend to insult women or their accomplishments. This is just so ingrained in our culture that it eventually comes out, like a Freudian slip. We have to actively think and process and combat it.

Hegerberg did what most women do in these situations. She smiled, said she wasn’t offended, shook hands, and moved on. Because she is focused on the work. Note to any future interviewers to do the same. Ask women about the training, the challenges, the joys. You know, the same questions you ask the guys.

Ariana Grande Told Fans (Again) to Leave Pete Davidson Alone

Ariana Grande came to her ex-fiancé Pete Davidson’s defense yesterday after he revealed he’s been bullied by fans for the past nine months. “I have never encouraged anything but forgiveness,” she wrote at the time. “I care deeply about Pete and his health and would never encourage any kind of mistreatment.”

She doubled down on this sentiment last night, taking to Instagram Stories and reminding her fans to be “gentler.” “I really don’t endorse anything but forgiveness and positivity,” she wrote in a slide next to Davidson’s original message about bullying. “I care deeply about Pete and his health. I’m asking you to please be gentler with others, even on the Internet. I’ve learned [through] my own mistakes not to be reactive on socials, so I do understand but you truly don’t know what anybody is experiencing ever. Regardless of what they choose to display on social media or how they may appear in public. I can promise [you] that.”

Grande continued, “So, please, let whatever point you’re trying to make go. I will always have irrevocable love for him, and if you’ve gotten any other impression from my recent work, you might have missed the point.”

See Grande’s statement for yourself, below.

PHOTO: Instagram

Grande and Davidson ended their relationship in mid-October, and the Saturday Night Love comedian says the swipes made about him since have been relentless. “I’m trying to understand how when something happens to a guy the whole world just trashes him without any facts or frame of reference,” he posted to Instagram. “Especially in today’s climate where everyone loves to be offended and upset it truly is mind boggling.”

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12 Holiday Gift Ideas for Every Guy in Your Life

Holiday gift ideas for guys present a particular type of stress: You want to treat the men in your life to something special instead of generic “man” things, like another tie, a universal remote, or a pack of golf balls. Here, we’ve rounded up a selection of holiday gifts for all of the guys in your life that are useful, yes, but also stylish, cool, and anything but generic. Keep reading for gifts dudes will be excited to unwrap this holiday season.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ Wedding: Everything We Know

We have another royal wedding upon us, people. OK, so not actual royalty, but they might as well be. I’m talking, of course, about Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ upcoming nuptials. After a whirlwind summer relationship, Jonas and Chopra confirmed in August they were engaged. Since then it’s been a frenzied few months of red-carpet events, wedding planning, and bachelor and bachelorette parties. All the excitement will culminate in a days-long wedding celebration reportedly happening in India next month. We’ll keep you posted on the festivities when they happen, but for now here’s what we know:

The date: The exact date hasn’t been confirmed, but several outlets report the wedding will happen between November 30 and December 2. The pre-wedding festivities, however, are already underway—the happy couple arrived in India on November 22 to get the party started.

The location: All signs point to Jodhpur, India—specifically at the Umaid Bhawan Palace, which boasts 347 rooms, a full-service hotel, and a museum. So, ya know, just your standard venue.

Umaid Bhawan palace, Jodhpur, Rajastan

PHOTO: Getty Images

The style of the wedding: Jonas and Chopra toasted their engagement with two parties: a traditional Indian Puja celebration, and a less-formal house gathering. Us Weekly reports the wedding will be a similar blending of their cultures. “They really want to blend wedding traditions from both of their cultures that are important to them,” a source told Us Weekly. “Priyanka is having a really good time planning the wedding because it’s a mix of Indian and American styles and customs, which she knows so much about.”

The guests: Cosmopolitan via FilmFare reports Jonas and Chopra’s wedding will have a “limited guest list of 200 people with only their close friends and family in attendance.” Expect Nick’s brothers, Joe and Kevin, there, as well as their partners, Sophie Turner and Danielle Jonas. Of course, the parents of both Chopra and Nick will be there too. There were 225 guests in total, according to People.

The dress: For the Western ceremony, Chopra wore a hand-beaded and embroidered Ralph Lauren gown with a 75-foot long veil. She wore a traditional red dress for the Hindu wedding. She carried a bouquet of hyacinths and tuberose flowers for the Western ceremony. Everything concluded after the Hindu wedding on Sunday with the Bidaai, a ritual where Chopra’s family blessed her new chapter with Jonas.

The post-wedding festivities: According to the Times of India, the happy couple plan to host not one, but two receptions in the days following their nuptials. According to the Times, one wedding reception will take place in New Delhi, an another will take place in Mumbai. The outlet reports that the Mumbai reception will include more celebrity friends, while the New Delhi reception will be more intimate.

The Sangeet and Mehendi ceremonies. On November 30, Jonas and Chopra participated in a Mehendi ceremony, where they received Henna tattoos, followed by the Sangeet that night, where their families performed elaborate musical numbers.

The puja ceremony: Chopra and Jonas kicked off their wedding festivities on Wednesday, November 28 with a traditional puja ceremony. Puja is a Hindu prayer ritual, and it will be the first of several events leading up to the couple’s wedding.


The guests’ gifts: As for the lucky few who actually get to attend this weekend’s celebration, wedding guests will not be going home empty handed. The soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs Jonas provided friends and family with decked-out welcome gifts that include everything from shoes to tasty treats and even an “Oh Shit Kit,” according to The Daily Mail. The outlet also reports that the couple gave guests an information guide, two books: “Western Weddings for Dummies” and “Indian Weddings for Dummies,” and a personalized silver coin.

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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Say Their ‘Perfect’ Wedding Weekend Was ‘All Tears’

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ wedding weekend wrapped on Sunday night, and it included 225 guests, elaborate musical numbers, and not one but two ceremonies. People magazine chatted with the couple about the festivities leading up to “I do,” and it all just sounds, well, “perfect.”

“The emotions were running high during the ceremonies, I think especially during the Western wedding for me,” Jonas says. (The couple had both a traditional Hindu wedding and a Western ceremony.) “You know you think your whole life about that moment. Honestly, I could not have imagined it would be as perfect as it was. It was highly emotional.”

Chopra echoes this sentiment. “It was all tears. All tears,” she says. “I could not hold it in. I think I was nervous and scared. But as soon as the curtains opened, and I saw his face it was just like everything settled and I knew I was making the best decision of my life.”

The celebration took place over four days at the Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur, India, a lavish residence that boasts 347 rooms, a full-service hotel, and a museum. The couple had a Mehendi ceremony on November 30, where they received henna tattoos, and a Sangeet ceremony later that night included elaborate musical performances from both Chopra and Jonas. A Western ceremony, where Chopra wore a stunning Ralph Lauren gown with a 75=foot long veil, took place on Saturday (December 1), and the Hindu wedding took place on Sunday.

“I love that our wedding was a religious mash-up,” Chopra says. “We took beautiful traditions that we both grew up with and personalized them in a way that made sense for us. It’s been incredible to find the commonalities between our beliefs and figuring out how to blend them in a respectful and meaningful way.”

Read People‘s full story here.

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Go Behind the Scenes of *Glamour*’s New Podcast, *Broken Harts*

On March 26, 2018, a German tourist spots a flipped 2003 GMC Yukon XL at the foot of a steep cliff, off U.S. Highway 101 near Mendocino, California. In what appears to be a horrific accident, the vehicle had driven off the cliff and plummeted more than 100 feet to the rocks below. The car’s passengers, many of whom are found either inside or near the vehicle, are pronounced dead at the scene. They were two moms, Jen and Sarah Hart, who were white, and three of their adopted black children—Markis, 19, Abigail, 14, and Jeremiah, also 14.

Two weeks later the body of 12-year-old Sierra, the youngest adopted Hart child, washes ashore. The Harts’ other adopted children, Hannah, 16, and Devonte, 15, are not immediately found. At the release of this podcast, their whereabouts remain a mystery, though they are believed to have been in the car. A foot found near the crash site, widely believed to have been Hannah’s, is being tested for DNA.

Below, a closer look at the crash site, courtesy of Broken Harts field reporter Lauren Smiley.

In the weeks following the incident, upsetting new details begin to emerge: None of the victims in the car was wearing a seatbelt. Jen, who had been at the wheel, had an elevated blood alcohol level, while Sarah and two of the kids had an ingredient commonly found in Benadryl in their system. The speedometer was stuck at 90 miles per hour.

In episode one of Broken Harts, we delve into the questions on the minds of so many: What happened that day in March? And why did it happen? And, as we uncover over the course of reporting this story, the truth isn’t always one-sided.

PHOTO: Shutterstock

The cliff where the wreckage of the family was found on March 26, 2018

PHOTO: AP Images

The rocky coastline near where the Harts’ Yukon was discovered by a German tourist

This story starts in small-town South Dakota, where Sarah Gengler and Jen Hart both grew up. The women met in 1999 when they were 20, in Aberdeen as undergrads. Once they did come out as a couple, “the Midwestern mind-set was relentlessly unforgiving and unaccepting,” Jen said in a Facebook post, claiming she’d lost friends as a result. The pair eventually moved to the lake town of Alexandria, Minnesota, where they worked at Herberger’s, the biggest department store in the Viking Plaza Mall.

When Sarah became a manager, she placed a cuddly photo of herself and Jen on her desk—a bold move for the time. Sarah and Jen were different but seemed to complement each other. Sarah was emotional, quiet, and introspective. Jen was confident, assertive, and “intimidating,” as a former colleague described her.

In 2006, Jen and Sarah adopted their first set of siblings: Markis, 8, Hannah, 4, and Abigial, 2. And in February 2009, they officially adopted Devonte, 5, Jeremiah, 4, and Sierra, 3.

In 2013 the family relocated to West Linn, Oregon, a small suburb located 30 miles south of Portland. Over the years the pair became regulars at inclusive “transformational” festivals, always joined by their kids, interacting with musical acts, carrying motivational signs, and dressing in colorful costumes. One YouTube clip shows Devonte in a zebra costume, holding a “Free Hugs” sign and embracing musician Xavier Rudd as he performs, shirtless, for a crowd of adults.

Between shows, the festival crowd kept tabs on one another on Facebook, where Jen racked up the likes. “She was a master poster,” a friend recalls. Her feed showed Abigail and Devonte eating breakfast with hens perched on their heads (“Vegetarian chicken and waffles”); Devonte, Jeremiah, and Sierra painting on the living room floor (“Mini Jackson Pollocks”); all six kids grinning with a “Kindness is contagious” sign (“Redwood nation is about to get blasted with kindness”). Each post reaffirmed the storyline: two moms and their rehabilitated kids thriving against all odds. The narrative was, “You saved them, awesome,” says family friend Ian Sperling: “Everyone was envious. They were the perfect people with the perfect kids.”

Jen also often took to Facebook to comment on how the family she was born into bore little resemblance to the one she and Sarah built from scratch. “Apparently my 5-year-old self needed to remind this 36-year-old self about following the dream,” she wrote on Facebook in May of 2016. “My heart is still yearning for a special piece of land where our family can live more sustainably, grow, create, hold space for community gatherings, and thrive in a more natural setting. It’s time to delve into making this lifelong dream a reality.” It was important to her, it seems, to prove to everyone that she was in charge of her own destiny—”unforgiving and unaccepting” naysayers be damned.

PHOTO: Jen Hart Facebook

The following year the family relocated once more—to Woodland, Washington, where Jen bragged of their greenhouse, a coterie of farm animals, and the nature that enveloped their home. Jen Hart often painted an idyllic picture of her blended family. In lengthy, paragraphs-long posts, Jen spun the tale of a loving couple raising a brood of six happy, adopted children. Somehow the smoke and mirrors of Jen’s Facebook feed successfully fooled even those closest to her.

On March 24, two days prior to the discovery of the crash, Sarah’s coworkers at Kohl’s, where she worked as assistant manager, received a text from their friend at 3:00 A.M. saying she was too sick to open the store later that morning. When she hadn’t heard from Sarah by that afternoon, Kohl’s employee Cheryl Hart (no relation) called 911:

In this recording, Cheryl notes that when she tried to contact Sarah it seemed as if “her phone is now dead.”

That same morning the Hart’s neighbors, Bruce and Dana DeKalb, noticed that the Harts’ Yukon is no longer in the driveway, and that the bright red kayak normally affixed to its roof had been removed and left behind.

Bruce and Dana DeKalb at home in Washington in July 2018.

PHOTO: Holly Andres

Bruce and Dana DeKalb at home in Woodland, Washington, in July 2018

This wasn’t the first time the DeKalbs had worried about the welfare of the Hart children. The previous summer Hannah Hart appeared on their doorstep, visibly upset. She frantically explained she’d jumped out of her second-floor window to escape from her moms. “Hide me,” she pleaded. “They whip us with a belt… Don’t make me go back! They’re racists, and they abuse us!”

A note 16-year-old Hannah gave the DeKalbs after begging them to “protect” her in 2017.

PHOTO: Holly Andres

A note 16-year-old Hannah gave the DeKalbs after begging them to “protect” her in 2017. It reads: “I stopped this morning because I feel awful about disturbing your peace and worring [sic] you in the middle of the night. I was very frustrated with my brother and didn’t handle things very maturely, and I’m sorry for telling lies to get attention. I’m working on being more honest and find better ways to communicate my frustrations. I’ve been pretty sad about 2 of our cats dying recently, so I was just very sad and frustrated last night. Thank you for being kind.”

Dana’s father, Steve Frkovich, had placed a 911 call months later to report suspected abuse in the Hart household. “I think there’s something very serious going on there,” he tells the dispatcher. Listen to the call below.

Upon investigation, the police said there is “no indication of ongoing issues.”

In pictures and in public the family appeared to be an emblem of warmth, love, and protection, but postmortem accounts of the Hart Tribe, as many called them, paint a very different picture. Who were the Harts? What were they hiding? We delve into that, and more, in episode 2 of Broken Harts, “If Not Us—WHO?” out Tuesday, 12/11.

Subscribe now to our new podcast, Broken Harts, from Glamour and HowStuffWorks and based on this story from the October 2018 issue of Glamour. New episodes will air each Tuesday; find them on Apple, Google, Spotify, or wherever you like to get your podcasts. For the full transcript of this episode, click here.