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Cardi B’s New Tattoo Is A Tribute To Offset And He ‘Can’t Wait To Get Home’

Cardi B and Offset‘s rollercoaster relationship has had its fair share up and downs, but it appears to be smooth-sailing in recent months. Now, the pair are almost never seen in public without matching lovebird-esque smiles and their x-rated back-and-forths on social media lets the world know that everything’s good for them in all facets. But if all of that isn’t enough, Cardi B’s new tattoo should be more than enough to convince you that she’s 110% percent invested in their marriage. She’s gotten Offset’s name on the back of her thigh. This just changed the entire game of love in the 21st century.

Sure, we’ve heard of names on necks and arms, but the back of one’s thigh? That’s astounding. Offset posted a screenshot of a recent Facetime call with Cardi who had her leg up, showing off her new ink: “Offset” written in gigantic Olde English-style letters. Offset blocked his face with an emoji so it’s reasonable to consider the possibility that he was flabbergasted by this display of affection. Cardi just looks at the camera and blows a warm smooch. Offset’s caption summed up how he was feeling succinctly: “CANT WAIT TO GET HOME” with three tongue-out emojis.

This new level of affection is astounding, considering all that they’ve gone through such as cheating allegations and Offset’s subsequent public plea for Cardi to give him another chance. They came back together and are stronger than ever. See their collaboration, “Clout,” or Cardi’s recently released tune “Press“; the two rappers are living as a union where only they and they alone matter to each other. The world doesn’t have to understand. They do. With that being said, they did recently go on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to explain the meaning of “Clout” so that older listeners would get the message.

Check out Cardi’s awesome new tattoo up above.

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