BTS Stands For Big Ticket Sales As Their New Documentary Breaks Event Cinema Records

Can BTS possibly get any bigger? Probably not. But if the recent success of their documentary film Bring The Soul: The Movie is any indicator, it’s time for the South Korean boy band to expand their influence further out into the cosmos. Variety reports the group’s documentary had the widest-ever release for an event cinema title by selling 2.55 million tickets across 112 territories around the world.

Filmed last year, Bring The Soul: The Movie is both a discussion between the group members and a series of performances from the Love Yourself world tour that collectively tell a story about the idea and atmosphere of the concert. After its August 7 release, the film grossed $24.3 million worldwide, even by playing in 5,000 movie theaters on a limited engagement. Their third film, Bring The Soul: The Movie has become their biggest. Prior to that, Burn The Stage: The Movie set records last year by grossing $18.5 million. So basically, BTS just broke their own record.

BTS recently became the first-ever winners of the Best K-Pop Moon Person at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards. In their conquest for total world domination, the band is launching a TV show drama next year. This follows the release of their game, BTS World. These guys are literally unstoppable.

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