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Bop Shop: Songs From Beyoncé, Baekhyun, Lower Dens, And More

Within the first 30 seconds of “UN Village,” Korean crooner Baekhyun invites us into his exclusive world. Known primarily as a main vocalist of EXO — one of the most successful K-pop boy groups of all time — Baekhyun made his official solo debut this week with “UN Village,” an enticingly smooth R&B track off his first EP City Lights. While B-sides like the sensual “Stay Up” (featuring rapper Beenzino) and the confident pop-R&B stand-out “Betcha” showcase his potential as a solo performer, “UN Village” is the perfect introduction to Baekhyun, not as a member of EXO but as a singular artist. It shows us a new side — a more relaxed side — of the singer, as he beckons his lover, almost teasingly, to lay with him under the moonlight on “Hannam-dong UN Village hill.”

UN Village is a gated luxury community in Seoul, and it also happens to be where Baekhyun lives. So, essentially, he’s inviting you over to “whisper love into your ears” while you both relax and chill under the stars. As far as debut songs go, it doesn’t get more personal (or alluring) than that. And I, for one, would like to take him up on that offer. —Crystal Bell

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