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Behold Taylor Swift’s 6-Day Journey To ‘Christmas Tree Farm’ From Start To Finish

Taylor Swift has given Swifties around the world a lot this year. In addition to releasing her seventh studio album, Lover, back in August, the “You Need to Calm Down” songstress gave fans a cheerful new Christmas track early this month inspired by her childhood home in Pennsylvania. Now, the pop star’s back at it again with a behind-the-scenes video on the making of that track, which took her all of six short days to create and share with the world.

Yep! In a new video posted to Swift’s YouTube channel today (December 23), she brings fans through the process of creating “Christmas Tree Farm,” from coming up with its general theme on December 1 to dropping it less than a week later on December 6. “So the idea I have for the song is ‘Christmas Tree Farm,’ ’cause I grew up on one,” she explains. “These are chords I don’t usually use, so bear with me, but it’s about how you’re in the city and you’re stressed out and your life is feeling really low but in your heart is a Christmas tree farm.”

From there, Swift plays a rough, first-draft version of the first verse on piano, mumbling over the lyrics that she didn’t write yet. Then, she brainstorms what the beginning of the track should sound like. “We could start it with the beginning being some sort of sad beginning, like — I’ll think of it in a second.” And so she did. In the next clip that was taken just one day later, the “Lover” singer mapped out the “expensive” and “luxurious” intro with producer Jimmy Napes.

Once the verses and chorus were all planned out, the next step in the expedited process was laying it down in the studio. After recording the lead vocals, Swift gave fans an inside look at the 10-piece gospel band as they recorded the epic harmonies heard on the track’s thunderous bridge. Cut to the end, and it was time to release “Christmas Tree Farm” for all to hear. “Hi, we’re done with the song,” Swift said, “It’s done. We’re going to put it out. We hope you like our Christmas song.”

To say that fans simply liked the song would be a total understatement. Immediately after the track’s release, Swifties took to social media to freak out over the song together and to rejoice in the fact that, this year, they had a new Christmas bop by their all-time favorite artist. Merry Swiftmas to all, and to all a good night.

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