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The Best Bruce Wayne Performance, Ranked

Ranked lists on Batman are always fun, but what about the man behind the mask? So many have criticized and compared the various Batman performances of actors over the years, yet so few look to the Bruce Wayne portion. Batman, while awesome, is rather one-dimensional compared to the headspace one has to have to play Bruce Wayne. From worst to best, here’s a definitive ranking of the best Bruce Wayne performances based on the actors who played him in live action cinema.

George Clooney

George Clooney’s fleeting performance as Batman has never gotten a lot of love, and we can’t say his performance as Bruce Wayne is any better. Sure, he’s got the good looks, but there’s not much else to love about Clooney’s Wayne. His public persona is rather lacking, as evidenced by his television interview in Batman & Robin that he stumbled through in what feels like a Jeff Goldblum impersonation?

Now we know the scenes between George Clooney’s Wayne and Michael Gough’s Alfred have some appeal, but that’s more a product of Gough’s acting than anything. Most of the emotional weight in the scenes comes from Gough’s delivery, while Clooney’s Wayne has this smug smirk on his face seemingly inappropriate for a man so mentally scarred by the death of his parents that he’s been driven to vigilantism. Without question, he’s the gold standard for how not to play Bruce Wayne.

Adam West

There’s an argument that can be made that the late Adam West may be the best Bruce Wayne of them all, but that’s not the case here. West’s performance ranks above Clooney because he represents the classic Batman to a “t”, and for all the Bat merchandising he did create he never went to the bank and got a credit card in his name.

Here’s the thing though, Adam West’s Bruce Wayne and Batman are practically identical. This makes it impossible to tell if the man is always on as Batman, or as Bruce Wayne. If it’s the latter, then it’s a damn good performance and worthy of a higher ranking on this list. Without a clear way of knowing, however, he’s gonna have to hang out near the bottom with George Clooney.

Michael Keaton

Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne, while leagues above the aforementioned performances, is still somewhat lacking compared to the three above him. Keaton’s Wayne has the brooding and anger down well enough, but can never really break out of that shell into the deeper personas of Bruce Wayne. He couldn’t even chill out long enough to have an honest conversation with Vicki, and ended up shoving her and telling her to “shut up.”

In truth, Michael Keaton’s Bruce is perfect for the actual Bruce. It’s a fine persona to have in the presence of Alfred, but a bit more problematic when dealing with the general public. After all, if the town’s billionaire is always acting tough and staring down supervillains out of costume, people might put two and two together as to who he really is. It worked for Keaton’s films, but is far from a perfect performance as Bruce Wayne.

Val Kilmer

Batman Forever may be one of the lesser films of the franchise, but Val Kilmer’s performance as Bruce Wayne was actually pretty solid. While the actor could never reach the same level of acclaim for the Batman portrayal of his predecessor, Kilmer struck a better balance between Wayne in private and Wayne in public than Keaton ever could.

The public persona of Kilmer’s Wayne is best showcased when he first met Edward Nygma. The professional nature, the boss-like attitude, the smile on his face despite his clear annoyance, that’s the Bruce he puts out there for people to see. Conversely, the argument with Robin in the Batcave is much more unrestrained and more honest. Kilmer never quite reaches the intensity or sadness of the character, however, so we can only give him so much credit.

Ben Affleck

There are certainly shades of Michael Keaton’s performance in Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne, but he saves that for Alfred or people that piss him off. He’s capable of playing the billionaire Playboy rather well, but equally as capable of letting his gruff, no-nonsense personality show on a dime. The party scene between Clark and Bruce in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a great showcase of this, and exemplified the difference between Keaton and Affleck’s Wayne.

The conversation started with Affleck trying to quickly end things with who he thinks is just some journalist. He cracked a joke to justify his attention to Diana, which falls in line with his playboy persona. Once Clark started taking shots at Gotham and Batman though, Bruce flips the script and let him know he didn’t know what he was talking about. It’s a brilliant scene that should have everyone crossing their fingers he’ll return to the role.

Christian Bale

Was there ever any question Christian Bale would top the list? His performance may have an unfair advantage considering he had three films to build his Bruce Wayne persona, but honestly, Batman Begins featured plenty of evidence he understood Batman’s secret identity from the jump. The plot presented a clear understanding that Bruce must maintain a certain public persona to keep from arousing suspicion about his life as Batman and executed it perfectly with the hotel scene.

Christian Bale’s performance doesn’t just take the #1 spot for publicly displaying his extreme wealth and fake carefree persona either. Bale’s Bruce almost appeared to be having fun, which ground to a halt after a chance reunion with Rachel Dawes. Bruce tried to keep the act up, but eventually dropped it and tried to show more of his true self to his old friend. It’s the epitome of what it means to play Bruce Wayne, thus deserving of the top spot.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, of course, so those with different ideas on where each Bruce Wayne falls and whether Bale’s performance surpasses even that of DC Comics‘ vision should share their thoughts in the comments below. For more on Batman, be sure to check in on the latest news regarding Matt Reeves’ solo film by visiting and bookmarking our what we know so far guide.

Which actor gave your favorite live action Bruce Wayne performance on film?

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Nintendo Just Won Big In its ROM Lawsuit

Emulation has always come under fire from the major platform holders. It’s a lightning rod for controversy due to the fact that while the emulators themselves are legal, distributing the ROMs across the internet without the platform holder’s consent definitely isn’t. That point was hammered home recently with the latest lawsuit that Nintendo won against a ROM site.

TorrentFreak is reporting that Nintendo managed to win the lawsuit that it had filed against the owners of and The website owners, married couple Jacob and Cristian Mathias, were hit with a $12 million dollar settlement after pleading guilty to copyright infringement charges by Nintendo.

The report notes that after Nintendo initially filed the complaint against the couple back in July of this year the owners of the ROM sites didn’t seek to drag things out in the court of law by trying to battle against the very litigious Nintendo — a company, who I might add, has been in quite a few big lawsuits over the years and has come away victorious in a number of them.

Nintendo doesn’t have a perfect record in the courtroom, though. It did bite the bullet in a case last year where the company was sued by iLife for infringement on the motion control design for the Wii. The company sued Nintendo for $144 million for infringing on a patent they had filed for motion-based technology. Nintendo fought against the judgment, but it’s somewhat ironic that shoe is now on the other foot and Nintendo is now suing a ROM outlet for copyright and trademark infringement. This time, however, Nintendo came out victorious.

It wasn’t just that the sites distributed ROMs of Nintendo’s games, it’s also that the site carried the BIOS files for Nintendo’s hardware, which is what enables emulators to read ROM or ISO files. Several days after Nintendo originally filed the lawsuit against the couple, they pulled down both LoveROMS and LoveRETRO. The lawsuit from Nintendo had a chilling effect on the emulation community, resulting in sites like Emulation Paradise and The ISO Zone to also shut down their download sections for ROM files.

Nintendo began getting litigious against ROM sites after the Nintendo Switch was hacked earlier in the year and emulation of the hybrid device became possible. There’s currently a working Nintendo Switch emulator out in the wild at this very moment, and it’s capable of playing games like The Binding of Isaac and Super Mario Odyssey all the way through. Obviously this could hurt Nintendo’s bottom line if majority of gamers began forfeiting buying the Switch and its games and instead just downloaded the emulators and the ROMs/ISOs from ROM sites.

The news about the $12 million dollar settlement was not well-received in the emulation community, who sees Nintendo as bullying the Mathias couple into financial submission. Some believe that the high-price on the settlement is to scare off other ROM sites from also hosting Nintendo games. Given that Nintendo is desperately trying to get back into the console war race to catch up with the PS4 using the Switch, it’s not surprising that the company is going after ROM sites.

9 Network TV Shows In Danger Of Getting Cancelled

With each fall TV season, viewers get a variety of promising new series and an even bigger variety of returning hits, though not everything is built to last for the long haul. Even though linear TV viewing is in decline overall, this season has seen quite a few shows breaking the mold, such as NBC standout Manifest and Fox’s pickup Last Man Standing. Unfortunately, some shows have much less to celebrate than others.

While no networks have started to pull the plugs on their fall content just yet, we can probably expect to see at least one axe drop before the holidays arrive, with more to come in the new year. For now, here are the nine broadcast TV shows that have the lowest chances of surviving into the 2019-2020 TV season.

The Gifted – Fox

After Fox introduced the non-Batman world of Gotham to welcoming viewers, the network thought it could find similar success with the X-Men-free world of The Gifted. Somewhat surprisingly, though, audiences just haven’t been as rabid about a small-screen fight between mutants and humans, despite The Gifted‘s talented cast and interesting array of comic book heroes and villains. Perhaps because legal issues necessarily hinder the heroes and villains that can be used.

In that vein, it was perhaps optimism for potential X-Men arrivals that kept fans tuned in for Season 1, because viewership has dipped even lower. The Season 2 premiere audience was smaller than every Season 1 episode save for one, and with a demo rating that hovers around the 0.7 mark, it will take a host of powers to save The Gifted from being taken out of the picture on Fox as the new year kicks off.

Blindspot – NBC

Like many dramas before it, Blindspot built its buzz upon a mysterious hook that wasn’t necessarily enough to keep viewers regularly tuning in on a year-to-year basis. Of course, the twisty tattoo-driven drama has managed to make it to four seasons, which is more than any other show on this list can claim to have reached by now.

It’s Blindspot‘s second year of airing on Friday nights, which usually means the end is nigh for any show. Season 3’s numbers didn’t drop so dramatically after the initial time slot swap, but Season 4 has seen a steady down-tick in the stats since its premiere, bringing in less than 3 million viewers an episode. The 0.4 demo ratings definitely don’t help, either, so fans should hope for Jaimie Alexander’s Jane Doe to have a few miracles up her (tat) sleeve.

Murphy Brown – CBS

Former TV hits Will & Grace and Roseanne made splashes with their updated revivals, so CBS thought it wise to give Murphy Brown another crack at adding political commentary to the primetime lineup. Of course, real-world politics has already been a major talking point across all of television in recent years, watering down Murphy‘s most pointed jabs and normalizing the once-refreshing sitcom.

Its numbers on CBS are still respectable, although in six episodes, its live audience has dipped from 7.5 million to 5.9 million, and its key demo rating has dipped from a 1.1 to a 0.8. So it’s not being thrown into its grave just yet, but _Murphy _Brown’s figures are declining in the now all-important delayed viewing numbers, too, and it’s failed to get a full-season pickup from CBS so far. Had critics not largely panned and dismissed it upon its return, we might be talking about it in a more positive light.

Speechless – ABC

As a part of ABC’s diversity-embracing comedy lineup, the Minnie Driver-starring Speechless found a winning hook as a family comedy in which one member has cerebral palsy. Its first season was a big hit with critics and audiences, and while nothing necessarily changed in any big ways, the attention started to wane in Season 2.

Unfortunately, things got even worse in Season 3, though the most recent declines in viewership and ratings were to be expected. ABC slotted Speechless into its newly reformed TGIF lineup, which meant that the show was sacrificing its mid-week viewers for a Friday night audience. Such time slots are generally TV graveyards, minus exceptions like former ABC sitcom Last Man Standing, and Speechless is currently ABC’s lowest-rated scripted show, period.

REL – Fox

Comedian Lil Rel Howery made waves among mainstream audiences on the NBC sitcom The Carmichael Show and in the critically lauded horror Get Out. Unfortunately, his self-starring Fox sitcom REL likely won’t be one his fans will be dying to hear about years from now. Though the freshman comedy probably wowed producers with its premiere totals — 5.49 million viewers, 1.9 demo rating — those stats were buoyed by a post-NFL time slot.

By the next week, when it was pushed back 90 minutes to a post-Family Guy slot, its numbers dipped to 1.99 million viewers, with a 0.8 demo rating, and they haven’t risen above that since. Considering its Live+3 delayed viewing numbers are no longer taking the demo above a 1.0, REL‘s place in Fox’s busy schedule is likely temporary.

Happy Together – CBS

Any time a new CBS comedy debuts, all eyes are on it to see how well it compares to the network’s current and past hits. The comparison isn’t so stellar for Happy Together, starring Damon Wayans Jr. and Amber Stevens West. The show features a fairly wacky plot where a young pop star (played by Felix Mallard) moves in with his older accountant (naturally) and the show plays off of the generation gap between the characters.

Happy Together can boast that its numbers staying pretty consistent over the first half of its freshman season, but those numbers aren’t exactly high enough for the consistency to wow studio heads. (Each episode after the premiere has been watched by fewer than 5 million people.) CBS does own Happy Together, which helps its future chances, but the network has yet to order any remaining episodes for the season, which is as good as a death knell these days.

I Feel Bad – NBC

Ahead of its premiere, the biggest thing that NBC’s comedy I Feel Bad had going for it was Amy Poehler as an executive producer. Starring No Tomorrow‘s Sarayu Rao as the family-oriented character who takes on the titular emotion, I Feel Bad is based on Orly Auslander’s book of the same name, though it got far more negative critical reviews than the source material. This isn’t a show where bad press equal good numbers, either.

Its doubled-up Wednesday sneak peek fared promisingly enough without a new Criminal Minds airing, but the viewership dropped somewhat sharply between just those two same-night airings, from 5.72 million to 3.98 million. Since then, it’s only gotten worse, with episode viewerships topping around around 2.2 million, with around a 0.5 demo rating. Unless something changes quickly, I Feel Bad will start feeling a lot worse.

Lethal Weapon – Fox

By most accounts, Lethal Weapon wasn’t guaranteed to make it into Season 3 after the cast-flipping kerfuffle that surrounded former star Clayne Crawford. But it did, with new lead Seann William Scott serving as a new partner for Damon Wayans’ belabored Murtaugh. Not too long after, Wayans declared he was stepping away from the show as a lead, citing long production schedules being hard on his body.

With cast troubles come ratings dips, and even though Season 3’s premiere got bigger numbers than the chaotic Season 2 finale, the numbers have dropped since. (The Nov. 6 episode showed a slight uptick, but that can presumably be tied to Fox being the only broadcast network airing new eps on Election Day.) Can Scott’s Cole save the day, or is everyone getting too old for this shit?

Midnight, Texas – NBC

It’s almost strange that we’re only just now a few episodes into Midnight, Texas Season 2, considering Season 1 ended last September. Perhaps the second season’s delay played a part in the supernatural drama’s declined ratings for these early episodes, which fall short of those from the previous year. Of course, it could be the fact that NBC shifted Midnight, Texas from Wednesdays to Fridays. (There’s a pattern here.)

Midnight, Texas does have a fairly passionate fanbase, even if it’s not the biggest in network TV, and its viewership has been consistent in these early installments. But while those elements may be all-around good news for NBC’s witches and vampires hoping for another season, they don’t change the fact that Midnight, Texas is currently NBC’s lowest-rated drama, earning around a 0.4 demo rating each week.

Which of these shows should get saved, and which should become dust in the primetime winds? Let us know in the comments, and keep track of all the new and potentially amazing shows with our fall TV premiere schedule and our midseason TV guide.

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White Influencers Appearing Black Is the Instagram Trend No One Asked For

For centuries, black women’s physical features have been seen as undesirable because of our inability to conform with “mainstream,” Eurocentric beauty standards. And yet, time and time again, when a famous white woman adopts those features endemic to women of color, it’s considered “cool,” “pretty,” or “trendy.” The debate is nothing new. Just look at the discussion around Kylie Jenner’s lips. She might have the option to get rid of them—or wear “boxer braids for fun—but for black women, these attributes are our genes and culture, not merely an accessory.

And, well, here we are again. The latest example to sweep the internet? White influencers and models appear to be passing as light-skin black or biracial women—also known as “blackfishing”—on Instagram.

The conversation first bubbled up on Twitter, after one user shared a conversation between her and another one of her followers about a Swedish Instagram influencer with over 200k followers. Despite the woman’s appearance—deep, tan, racially ambiguous skin; full lips; and wavy hair—a deeper dive through Emma Hallberg‘s feed showed that before all the spray tans, her skin was actually quite pale. That tweet caused an uproar and a full-on debate about what it means to “look black.”

One user commented, “Some of y’all gotta stop trynna make this look OK..racial fetishism objectifies POC. I bet this girl thinks she looks more “aesthetic” when she makes herself look like a light skinned black girl.”

Another user commented, “White woman if you don’t realize the formula for instant social media fame and notoriety is to copy black womens’ style, appropriate black women culture and pretend to be a mix/light skin black woman then you’re lost in the sauce.” [all sic.]

“I genuinely believed this girl was Afro-Latina,” Deja told The Cut. “She had been mimicking black features and getting famous for it. She has been darkening her skin several tones deeper than her natural shade, braiding her hair to make it look similar to mixed people’s curl pattern, and even been featured on Instagram accounts made for black hairstyles and spotlighting black women. The sad part is she really fooled everyone into believing she was a mixed girl.”

According to Buzzfeed, the influencer self-identifies as white—which she’s confirmed to others on social media (Glamour has reached out for comment and will update when we’ve heard back.)

For example, after an old Snapchat photo resurfaced of her explaining how she got her hair wavy, Hallberg shared that she sleeps with braids in her hair to achieve this wavy look. And after old images surfaced when her skin was noticeably lighter, she was approached by another Instagram user asking if she was white and why her skin used to look so much lighter. She responded, “Yes, I’m white and I never claimed to be anything else.” She also went on to explain that those “before” pictures were taken after summer, where she gets the same tan every year.

“It made me sad that some of my natural features are hurting and upsetting people. It also made me upset and scared that I can’t look the way I look naturally, without receiving false accusations, hate, and threats,” she told Buzzfeed.“I do not have any specific intentions other than [to] show my passion for makeup and fashion.”

Unfortunately, Hallberg isn’t the only white woman who has been recently called out for the same act. Another Twitter thread started to shed light on several white influencers appearing to co-opt black features. Most of them aren’t from the U.S., where appropriation often gets lost in historical context, but nonetheless, with easy access to the Internet and the global conversations that take place around blackface, it’s no excuse.

As a woman of color, it’s disappointing to see that situations like these keep happening, and it’s equally as disheartening that black women are still being held to a different standard when it comes to our physical traits. White women work so hard to achieve the same looks we were born with—and they’re celebrated for them while we’re still shunned. I wish I had an answer to make all it stop. But until then, I’ll keep shouting into the void. Influencers, can you just not?

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Nintendo Switch Online Add Metroid And More

The November Nintendo Switch Online update has gone live, bringing a quartet of new games to the NES classics collection, including fan-favorite Metroid. The update includes three standard games as well as another surprise “Special Edition” of a game that’s already available through the service.

The original Metroid launched for the Switch’s NES collection this week, according to Eurogamer, which should serve as a big draw for classic game diehards and folks who are just excited, in general, about Samus’ antics in wrangling the titular aliens. We know that Metroid Prime 4 is currently in development and, according to rumors, Nintendo might be planning to bring the first three games in that particular series to the switch at some point, too. If they’re looking to build a little extra hype for the series, then this week’s addition to the NES lineup was a solid move.

Metroid is joined in the November update by the platformer, Mighty Bomb Jack, and the vertically scrolling shooter, TwinBee. As an added bonus, Nintendo has thrown in Gradius SP, which changes up the classic NES game in a couple of interesting ways. If you play this version of the game, you’ll receive a fully upgraded version of the ship and be dropped directly into the game’s fifth level. Think of it like a cheat code in an era where cheat codes are no longer really used.

Something similar was offered last month when Nintendo introduced The Legend of Zelda SP, which let players begin the game with upgraded equipment and several useful items and Rupees. Since we know another three games are set to hit the service next month, it seems likely Nintendo will continue this trend with another special edition of another beloved game.

Speaking of December, Nintendo has already revealed three games that will be introduced to the Switch’s NES library next month, including Adventures of Lolo, Wario’s Woods and Ninja Gaiden. That will bring the total number of games available on the service to 31, or 32 if they throw in another SP offering.

When the Switch’s online service launched in September, Nintendo revealed the 20 initial NES games that would be included as part of the premium program such as River City Ransom, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Double Dragon. They then went on to reveal the next three months’ worth of additions, running all the way into December. There’s no word yet if more games will be added in 2019 but, considering how many great games the NES had available, we figure they can keep the train rolling for quite some time.

Speaking of the NES collection, have you folks been enjoying all of those old-school games when you aren’t too busy playing Diablo 3 and Monster Hunter? What games would you like to see added next? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Valve Just Gave Somebody $20,000 For Finding A Security Hole

This isn’t his first experience with bug squashing on Steam and, in fact, it’s not even the highest single pay day he’s had for discovering exploits. He once earned $25,000 for digging up an SQL Injection bug which, again, is completely beyond my comprehension. In this most recent case, though, Valve forked over a $15,000 bounty initially, then went on to offer a $5,000 bonus.

First Look At Ralph Breaks The Internet’s New VR Experience In Action

While consumer virtual reality hasn’t had quite the levels of adoption that many anticipated, there’s no question that the technology is impressive and capable. The Void is one company that has been looking to see just far the technology can go. A partnership with ILMxLAB has let the retail VR company create multiplayer VR experiences using Disney brands, and we now have the first trailer for the second VR experience, Ralph Breaks VR. Check it out.

The new film Ralph Breaks the Internet will see our favorite video game wrecker and his friend Vanellope Von Schweetz leave the confines of their arcade for the boundless internet. The trailer for Ralph Breaks VR will do the same, only it will allow you and three friends to go along for the ride. We see a variety of different interactive experiences including what looks like a VR version of the classic Space Invaders and a section that appears to have players dodging flying baked goods. It’s bright and colorful just like the film and looks to be a lot of fun.

John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman lend their voices to their characters from the film. We’ll have to wait and see if any other key members of the cast reprise their roles as well.

Ralph Breaks VR follows on the heels of Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire which has been running at Void locations throughout the world for the last couple of years. That game saw players take on a somewhat more serious story that included infiltrating an Imperial base and even coming up against Darth Vader. This one looks to be a bit more silly, but considering the themes and location of Ralph Breaks the Internet, it’s certainly the perfect film to have a tie-in VR experience.

Void VR takes things a step further than the consumer VR product that is currently available for PCs by allowing for up to four people to interact together within the same space. Multiplayer VR isn’t a new thing, but it’s not really possible for multiple people to hook their VR units together and interact together in the same physical space.

Ralph Breaks VR will be available at four Void locations, including, fittingly, Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort and Disney Springs at Walt Disney World. Tickets are now on sale and the VR experience will begin on November 21.

I’ll be making my way to Walt Disney World in a couple months. I’ll certainly be looking to make this part of my trip. On the plus side, it appears that Ralph Breaks VR is not replacing Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire, as tickets for both experiences are available on the Void website into early January, at least at the Disney Springs location, which is as far in advance as it is currently possible to buy any tickets.

A third Void virtual reality experience, involving Marvel, has been announced, but no details or release schedule has been given.

How Gary Hart Reacted To Seeing Hugh Jackman Play Him In The Front Runner

The Front Runner follows the collapse of Gary Hart’s 1988 presidential campaign, following news stories on his alleged extramarital affair. As you can imagine, it’s not a fun subject for the real Hart to relive. That said, when director Jason Reitman first brought the finished cut to Hart so they could watch it together, Hart only had eyes for star Hugh Jackman and ears for his own voice. Here’s how Reitman described Hart’s reaction to the film:

If someone has to play you during one of the worst times of your life, you’re doing well if it’s Hugh Jackman. (Actually, the same goes for playing you during the best times of your life. Jackman is just a diamond.) Based on Jason Reitman’s comments at a post-screening panel discussion, Hart sounded pleased with Jackman’s performance.

Australian actor Hugh Jackman told the panel (via Yahoo) that he did a lot of research for the role, including meeting the now 81-year-old former Colorado Sen. Gary Hart and his family. Jackman wanted to get a feel for the real Hart — and he also wanted to make his own intentions clear:

Hugh Jackman said Gary Hart was most nervous about how his family would be portrayed on screen — especially his wife, Lee Hart. But he loved actress Vera Farmiga’s performance, as anyone would.

It has been 30 years since Gary Hart’s scandal played out, changing the relationship between politicians and the press. As The Front Runner explores, before that point, the more common view was that politicians’ personal lives were private and not fit for publication/broadcast by serious news outlets. But the Hart story helped open up and feed the continuing debate on how much the public has a right to know about the people running to represent them in office.

People Are Really Into Queen’s Music Again Thanks To Bohemian Rhapsody

It may be 40 years since Queen blew up the music scene, but thanks to Bohemian Rhapsody, it’s clear the British rock band haven’t bit the dust. With the recent success of the Queen biopic, the band is rising through the ranks of the music charts. The film’s soundtrack currently has the band at No. 3, a spot the band hasn’t held in 38 years.

What a Killer Queen! The Bohemian Rhapsody soundtrack features a variety of the band’s most recognizable hits, including audio from Queen’s legendary appearance at Live Aid in 1985. According to Ultimate Classic Rock, the album sold 59,000 units during the film’s debut week. Queen’s Platinum Collection has also risen to No. 9, setting a record for the band who has never seen two of its albums in the top 10.

With Bohemian Rhapsody still making big money at the box office as it soon hits its third week in theaters, Queen is sharing this triumph with a chart influence they haven’t had since releasing their 1980 album The Game. The album introduced songs such as “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” and “Save Me.” Following an unexpected opening weekend win of $50 million, Bohemian Rhapsody has continued on to rack up a combined $294 million worldwide. If there was any question of Queen’s impact on the masses, this is the proof.

Bohemian Rhapsody had a far from a smooth production process, mainly due to the director switch-up midway through from Bryan Singer to Dexter Fletcher. Reports also surfaced that the film’s Freddie Mercury actor Rami Malek had some disagreements on set about Singer’s directorial choices. When the film was screened to critics ahead of its release, various people found it to be a disappointing and by-the-numbers biopic, despite the band’s interesting story. None of this seemed to sway fans of the band, with audience ratings soaring much higher than that of critics. Bohemian Rhapsody is a smash hit that is currently the third highest music biopic of all time, still with room to dethrone Walk the Line and Straight Outta Compton.

Whether or not fans come away with believing Bohemian Rhapsody did justice to the band’s story, it certainly does its job of drumming up excitement for one of the greatest rock bands who saw prominence in the ’70s and ’80s. Buying a ticket means seeing the band portrayed young again and at their height when songs like “We Will Rock You” and “Don’t Stop Me Now” regularly filled concert venues and stadiums. Rami Malek is receiving showers of praise for his spot-on portrayal of the beloved frontrunner Freddie Mercury.

So turn up your favorite Queen track, because the innovative rock band is seeing a massive surge of success and utter coolness like it had in its heyday. You can also catch Bohemian Rhapsody still playing in theaters everywhere.

How to Own a Rare Piece of Automotive History

The Italian car styling firm Bertone produced some of the most important supercars of the 20th century, but an auction this month will be the closing chapter for this storied autos styling house. Photo: Lamborghini

EARLIER THIS year, auction house Aste Bolaffi sent its car historian Massimo Delbo to the outskirts of Turin to catalog the contents of a factory once owned by Bertone, a century-old Italian car styling company that went bankrupt in 2014. Mr. Delbo expected to spend a single day picking through the factory’s remains, but once he cracked open the doors, he realized the project could take him months.

Drawer after drawer, room after room revealed thousands of beautifully hand-drawn sketches, design models, technical prints, full-scale concepts and production cars of some of the most important and unique automobiles of the last 50 years, from famous Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Alfa Romeos, to wildly creative prototypes.

Alfa Romeo Montreal, 1971, estimated price: about $79,000-$96,000.
Alfa Romeo Montreal, 1971, estimated price: about $79,000-$96,000. Photo: Garage Bolaffi

“Everything there was left covered in dust. That, usually, in the classic car world is a good sign” said Mr. Delbo, because it means the pieces are undisturbed by weather or human hands.

Many of the materials, including silk-screen prints of the Lamborghini Countach, Ferrari Dino 308 and Lancia Stratos that once adorned Bertone headquarters are up for auction this weekend in Turin (register for the auction at None have a reserve price.

With designers such as Marcello Gandini—who at 25 began drafting what would become Lamborghini’s Miura and Countach—Bertone defined the aesthetics of supercars in the mid-to-late 20th century. “He created something that was simply outrageous,” said Mr. Delbo.

Some brands that hired Bertone produced the exotic designs; others took only small details of a sketch, such as a light cluster. Many ideas never made it to showrooms but they represent a vision of what might have been, which is why, as classic car auctions become big business, models of Bertone designs are in high demand by collectors.

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione ‘Pandion’ 100-year anniversary car, 2010, sold for $650,000.
Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione ‘Pandion’ 100-year anniversary car, 2010, sold for $650,000. Photo: Garage Bolaffi

If there were any question about Bertone’s artistic value, it was answered when, ahead of a similar auction held in May, Italy’s Ministry for Culture declared that many original drawings were part of Italy’s heritage and could not leave the country.

Owning these relics might seem an attractive investment to someone with more than enough to spend at auction, but they’re “not like a share or a bond that you can buy today and sell tomorrow,” warned Adolfo Orsi Jr., co-author of the “Classic Car Auction Yearbook,” an annual publication of data, trends and sales from all major auctions in the U.S. and Europe.

The market can be dangerous, blowing hot and cold, he added. In his 1993-94 yearbook, the most popular marque was Rolls-Royce, which accounted for 11% of all dollars spent at auction and aftermarket sales. Porsche brought in less than 1%. Things are different now. Over the past 12 months, 28% of the $1.2 billion exchanged at car auctions was spent on Ferraris; 8% on Mercedes Benzes, 6% on Aston Martins. If the market turns against you, it could take months before a car sells, or you might have to consider taking a big loss: “You have to buy the car because you like the car. With any luck, you’ll also make a return on your investment.”

Alfa Romeo 2000 Veloce, 1974, about $39,000-$51,000 (not available at auction).
Alfa Romeo 2000 Veloce, 1974, about $39,000-$51,000 (not available at auction). Photo: Garage Bolaffi

The best bargains: cars that have already had lots of restoration work, said Mr. Orsi, because the financial hit someone took to spruce them up is rarely reflected at auction. A third of cars sold at U.S. and European classic car auctions in the last three years had no reserve and sold for the hammer price, plus fees, no matter how low the winning bid.

Conversely, buying a very cheap car that needs restoration is rarely worthwhile as parts can be scarce, said Mr. Orsi. “Most of the time the [restoration] cost is higher than the value of the car.”

Along with the classic-car category—anything older than three decades—two more groupings have recently been defined. One is “youngtimers,” cars under 30 years old. Easier to maintain and to find, these autos tend to fetch less at auction than their original asking price.

The other, considerably more expensive, group is the “instant classics.” When Ford released a new version of its GT in 2017, it quickly acquired this status. The same could be said of certain Bugattis, Ferraris and Paganis, often built in limited editions. But the same warnings about fickle market sentiment apply.

Chevrolet Corvette Mantide, 2000, rejected 1:1 full-scale design model, about $1,100-$1,700.
Chevrolet Corvette Mantide, 2000, rejected 1:1 full-scale design model, about $1,100-$1,700. Photo: Garage Bolaffi

“Design is about history, not the future,” said Mike Robinson, a car designer whose career was inspired by a Bertone Stratos Zero prototype poster he saw in college and who eventually became the brand’s final design director, adding that we may not know which designs were truly influential for 50 years.

This November auction allows classic car enthusiasts to buy into Bertone’s archives of innovative vehicles, and also discover designs that remained hidden until now.

There are a number of cars for sale at the auction, including a 1971 Alfa Romeo Montreal and 1968 Fiat Dino Coupe. Among the more unusual designs being auctioned: the 1:5 scale BMW Pickster, a 1990s prototype pickup truck for the German brand. There’s also a 1:5 scale model of Chevy’s Ramarro, Bertone’s 1980s reinvention of the Corvette. And if you have the space, a full scale 1:1 nonworking model of the Chevrolet Corvette Mantide, another variation on the American classic.

Lamborghini Countach 1:5 scale design model, about $1,700-$2,800.
Lamborghini Countach 1:5 scale design model, about $1,700-$2,800. Photo: Garage Bolaffi

Other design mocks likely to attract enormous interest include Mr. Gandini’s models, an Alfa Romeo Carabo and the Lamborghini Athon. Most of these lots have modest guide prices, starting at about $570, but it’s conceivable that prices could soar.

The auction also includes more esoteric lots such as spare parts, rims, cars seats, an ax that was used to mark wood deemed of suitable quality for use on Bertone cars and a drafting table likely used by Mr. Gandini.

It’s not the same as driving a Lamborghini—but in many ways it’s better.

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