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Adam Sandler And Jennifer Aniston Reflect On Awkward Kissing In Netflix’s Murder Mystery

Jennifer Aniston signed up to join Netflix’s Murder Mystery, which drops on the streaming service today, for one reason and one reason only, to get to work with Adam Sandler. The two are longtime friends that enjoy working together but despite that friendship and their previous collaboration Just Go With It, there is still one thing that remains awkward: the kissing. Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston play a married couple in the film and the kissing that entails made for some awkward hilarity, as they explained:

You had to know  comedian Adam Sandler would turn the awkward kissing he and Jennifer Aniston had to do for Murder Mystery into a big joke. I’m not sure whether that joking makes the situation more or less awkward, but it’s funny either way. The idea that Jennifer Aniston was counting down the days until she got to kiss Adam Sandler like a kid with an advent calendar eagerly awaiting Christmas is quite the hilarious concept.

It’s also nice to hear that Adam Sandler’s wife Jackie is supportive of her husband kissing another woman onscreen. So much so in fact that, according to a joking Adam Sandler, his wife even gave him notes to really commit to the kiss with Jennifer Aniston. I expect that would have been quite awkward.

For Jennifer Aniston’s part, as she told the Associated Press, if she had to kiss Adam Sandler, she needed him to do some maintenance to make himself more kissable. Namely, he had to use some beard oil to make the facial hair his character Nick Spitz has in the film less scratchy. Jennifer Aniston doesn’t like prickly facial hair; a solid note for any would-be suitors out there.

This whole back and forth conversation between Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler really shows what good friends they are and how much fun they have together. It totally explains why Jennifer Aniston signed on for Murder Mystery and why they’d want to work together. They have a brother-sister dynamic, which makes them comfortable with one another, but also makes the kissing quite a bit more awkward than it would be if they were just strangers.

Hopefully their chemistry offscreen translates onscreen for the film because they are a delight together. Fortunately for the two actors, Murder Mystery isn’t some pure romance film in the vein of a Nicholas Sparks adaptation; it is, as the title says, a murder mystery and a comedy. And judging by the trailer, the two get to do some funny stuff and action scenes to break up that awkward kissing.

Universal Studios’ New Hagrid Roller Coaster Is Having Problems

Universal Orlando Resort’s newest attraction, Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, just opened to the public, but unfortunately, that opening has not been going particularly smoothly. Yesterday, the ride saw some pretty epic wait times, and while that’s not unexpected for a brand new, and highly anticipated roller coaster, day two has added increased technical problems into the mix.

It seems that, some of the problems today are actually left over from yesterday’s opening. Anybody who was in line for the attraction when the theme park closed last night was allowed to stay in line and get on the ride. However, due to the extensive line, that meant the ride was running very late, and as a result, Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure was not available when the park opened this morning.

It seems that because the ride ran so late, it needed extra time to get ready for the new day, and thus had to open late. The line was reportedly not allowed to open until the ride did. Of course, all this likely would have simply repeated the process of having incredibly long lines and running the ride late into the night.

To help alleviate the line issues, Universal Orlando was reportedly planning to set up a virtual queue system, wherein people would be able to hold a place in line virtually and wouldn’t actually need to stand in line for 10 hours, as some reportedly actually did yesterday. That meant people could actually go enjoy more of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter or the rest of Universal Orlando Resort and not have to waste their day in line. Unfortunately, plans to launch that system today did not go forward.

Of course, for those willing to stand in long lines, and deal with it, at least they’d get to ride the brand new roller coaster, which, from all accounts, is pretty damn impressive. Unfortunately, it seems even that didn’t quite work. The attraction has been having technical issues of its own, which has even left some riders stranded, which is an issue since it’s June and it’s Florida.

Technical issues and ride break downs are certainly nothing new for theme parks. They are impossible to avoid and will always happen from time to time. It’s just extra frustrating when the attraction is brand new and there are a lot of people who want to go on it. While soft openings and media events can act as a test for a ride to help make sure everything works, there’s really no replacement for opening the ride to the general public. Only then will it get constant use over the course of several hours. Only then will you discover if there are elements of the ride that can’t handle the load.

Hopefully these issues will be ironed out and Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure will begin to run a bit more smoothly. If you love theme parks you know how much fun they can be, but you also know how frustrating it is when things don’t work out. These problems are going to lead to a lot of unhappy guests. Hopefully the park is prepared to take care of them.

Best Summer Bags for 2019: Beaded, Fringed, Bucket and More

Nothing against Jane Birkin but I just don’t know about straw bags anymore. Ever since she decided to wear one somewhere in the south of France, some time during the 1970s, everyone has been trying to replicate her very french, very summer look. It’s pretty impossible to go a couple blocks in the summer without seeing one on someone’s arm (most likely worn with light wash vintage jeans and baby bangs). If you’re like the rest of the entire population on earth, you probably already own a straw bag and once you own a really good straw bag, you probably don’t need another.

But because no one has restraint when it comes to summer shopping, you probably want a new bag. Instead of channeling Birken, consider all of the other personas you can take on with a summer bag that isn’t made of straw. Want to look like a toddler (it’s chic now!)? There are rainbow beaded bags! Want to expose all of your belongings to the general public? There are PVC bags! Want to look like an extra from the Old Town Road music video? Bags with fringe! There are so many possibilities from brands like Staud to Mango to Chloe and some are even on sale. Shop all the best summer bags below.

Frozen 2 Will Feature A Time Jump

Disney is known for its animated blockbusters, with musical numbers that become part of the pop culture lexicon, and countless children’s memories. And the biggest of these movies in recent memory is 2013’s Frozen. The movie made a ton of money at the box office, inspiring endless merchandise, halloween costumes, and even a Broadway musical.

The generations of fans have been eagerly waiting for Frozen 2 in the years since the first movie arrived to break box office records. And that wait is nearly over, as the sequel will finally hit theaters this fall. Trailers and information about the follow-up blockbuster have slowly been revealed, setting up the adventure Anna, Elsa, and the rest of the crew will go on in their sophomore appearance in theaters.

Disney recently revealed some new footage Annecy Animation Festival, and teased that Frozen 2 would be deeply connected to the first movie and exploring Elsa’s past. That event also revealed another exciting bit of information: the sequel is set three years after the events of Frozen.

This report, which comes to us from THR, is sure to excite Disney fans who are rabid for any information regarding Frozen‘s highly anticipated follow-up. It looks like our favorite characters have had a number of years between movies, no doubt allowing their interpersonal relationships to develop in exciting ways.

This is especially relevant to the dynamic shared between sisters Anna and Elsa. Frozen was about their relationship at heart, which was strained due to shared grief and Elsa’s fear of her cyrokinetic abilities. But the were able to truly support and love each other by the movie’s ending, uniting against the evil of Hans. Moviegoers were hoping to see the heroines live happily ever after, and it seems that three years of sisterhood will happen ahead of the events of Frozen 2.

Due to this time jump, we should expect Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel’s Disney princesses to be in a much different emotional place than the original movie. Frozen 2 looks like it’ll be a high stakes adventure, so the Anna and Elsa will need to have each other’s backs as they venture into mysterious new lands. Much of the plot will focus on where Elsa’s powers come from, with Kristoff and Olaf joining the sisters on their quest.

The trailer for Frozen 2 appear much more serious and high-stakes than the first film, which had plenty of comedic beats to help buoy the story. Elsa will also encounter a mythical beast in the sequel, see what her powers are truly capable of. Seriously, her running on the ocean is something else.

Luckily, the wait for Frozen 2 is nearly over. The highly anticipated musical blockbuster will finally arrive in theaters on November 22nd. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Drake Is Celebrating The Raptors’ Win With Two New Songs So That Fans Are Also Victorious

The Toronto Raptors won the NBA Finals last night (June 13) and, since then, Drake has been insufferable. As the Global Ambassador of the NBA team that got its first final championship in Toronto’s history, it’s understandable that he’s excited about their victory. He’s so thrilled by the moment that he’s releasing two new songs to commemorate the moment sometime today. We’re just not sure when.

Drizzy made the announcement shortly after the buzzer rang signaling that the series was over when celebratory screams rang throughout his city. He took to Instagram to announce that a “2 Pack” would be dropping today: the first song, “Omerta” which a code of silence for criminal activity, according to the Oxford Dictionary. The second is “Money In The Grave” that features Rick Ross. That one sounds like,  for sure, it’ll be a bruiser of a summer anthem.

Drake won the award for Best Rap Song at the 61st Grammy Awards for “God’s Plan” earlier this year and, soon after, he told his fellow artists that awards didn’t really matter. He released Scorpion last year.

Godzilla: King Of The Monsters Director Says Mothra Was ‘Daunting’

Godzilla: King of the Monsters is a movie that has a lot of heavy lifting to do. It not only has to create a compelling story and impressive action, but that action has to feel massive, so as to properly represent the massive monsters that are engaging in it. In addition, those monsters have to be interesting, exciting, and compelling. Bringing so many new creatures into the film was likely quite overwhelming, but King of the Monsters director Michael Dougherty says that Mothra was particularly daunting.

While characters like Godzilla or Ghidorah come across like dinosaurs or dragons, classic monsters that everybody knows and loves (and fears), Mothra was, well…a moth, but director Dougherty says he found inspiration not only in the old Toho movies that introduced the character, but also other giant insect films that came before…

Insects are tiny things that most of us pay little mind to. Of course, that’s also why the concept of giant insects that could swallow us whole can be so unnerving. The concept has been investigated in countless films over the decades, and each of them helped inform the new version of Mothra for Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

As Michael Dougherty tells Collider, Mothra isn’t quite like the rest of the creatures that appear in Godzilla: King of the Monsters. While the rest of the titans are basically just monsters that are really good at stepping on buildings or biting holes in each other, Mothra is different. She’s the only one of the creatures that has been historically presented as entirely good, and Michael Dougherty says was the reason she could be handled differently, which was solution to the daunting problem. According to Dougherty…

In Godzilla: King of the Monsters, while Mothra does get into the dirt and brawl with the rest of the monsters eventually, she mostly stays out of the fight, and when she does take a more active role in the story, it’s to act as a sort of conduit between Godzilla and the humans. She clearly has power that is unlike the rest of the titans, and while it largely goes unexplained, it’s exactly for that reason that she feels more like a deity that just a monster.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters is in theaters now.

The Best Woven Shoes and Sandals 2019: Mules, Espadrilles and More

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by sandals season, and the accompanying pressure of needing a pedicure to partake. Listen, we love a good summer polish—but sometimes, you just can’t get to it. Luckily there’s hope for a summer lewk that comes free of that burden…. Introducing woven shoes, your new favorite low-stress shoe trend.

Whether made with leather or raffia, these braided flats, espadrilles, and mules deliver the same beachy, breezy vibes you desire from a summertime shoe, sans toe exposure. You still get a hint of skin, thanks to the lattice material—just without even having to think about whether that coat of polish you applied however-many-weeks-ago has chipped. Plus, could there be a better companion for your straw bag?

To 3D Or Not To 3D: Buy The Right Men In Black International Ticket

Men In Black: International Agent M and Agent H aiming their weapons on the street

Here come the Men (and Women) In Black, ready to defend the galaxy from the scum of the universe yet again. It’s time to suit up for action once again, as Men In Black International arrives this weekend to cash in on a storied franchise and its continuing adventures. Which means, it’s also time to answer the greatest question in the search for the truth of the universe: to 3D, or not to 3D?

If you’re curious as to how Men In Black International stacks up as a film, you’ll have to make your way to our official review to find that out. However, if you’re ready to slip on the glasses, and let your eyes be treated to the potential thrills of a 3D conversion, we’re ready to help you find out whether this trip is worth the 3D money, or if you’d be better off saving up for your own series 7 De-Atomizer.

3D Fit Score


The Men In Black series has always had a tendency to create images that highlight out of this world activity in the most interesting ways. Considering the action in films like Men In Black International has always lent itself to a sort of an exaggerated reality, the 3D treatment has felt at home with the series since it was first used in 2012’s Men In Black 3. So having director F. Gary Gray’s entry into the series come at the audience with potential 3D thrills is something that sits well with franchise history, as well as modern business practices.

Planning & Effort Score


The level of 3D conversion on Men In Black International is quite impressive, both in terms of 3D presentations on the whole, and especially considering this year’s efforts in the medium at large. This is a crisp, clear presentation that doesn’t strain the eyes at all, and doesn’t forget to throw in some 3D thrills into its options package. Even something as simple as the point of view of Kumail Nanjiani’s Pawny looking at Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson’s characters manages to get augmented into a visual gag. The only real flaw present in Men In Black International’s 3D viewing were a couple of shots that had a sort of weird, clear smudging around some characters in frame during the portion of the film set in Greece. They’re only noticeable if you’re looking at the images hard enough.

Before the Window Score


Most films use the Before The Window factor to throw objects out of the screen, point guns out into the audience, and have cool shots of spacecraft flying straight at the camera. Men In Black International does indeed have all of those things, and it does them well. However, the most impressive part about the film’s 3D presentation is the fact that there’s some seriously awesome moments of perspective enhancing visuals that come at the audience. Again, when Pawny is looking at Agent H and Agent M, you get the sense of the scale in that scene, as their faces stick out a little more and everything looks a little bigger. Even something as simple as Agent H sitting in a job interview makes sure to protrude the arms of her character out to the audience, as if you’re sitting right in front of her.

Beyond the Window Score


Depth for days. That’s basically what Men In Black International has to give the audience when showcasing all of the exotic locales that the film takes place in. Street markets have that extra sense of endless depth, and a sequence involving a wormhole between dimensions is quite breathtaking when you stare into the frame and see just how deep everything seems to go. Even something as simple as opening a window, or watching characters move through a scene adds an edge to the scenes at hand.

Brightness Score


Most of the time in our To 3D Or Not To 3D feature, you’ll hear us banging on about how the brightness wasn’t up to snuff. Even with the best of 3D intentions, the image on the screen gets washed out once you put on those famous glasses. But with Men In Black International, there’s a degree of stunning clarity that persists through that very stumbling block. Now mileage will vary, depending on how well your theater in question maintains their projection rigs, so make sure you go with someone you trust. That said, as far as the presentation of Men In Black International observed for this feature goes, it’s really damned solid.

Glasses Off Score


In the 3D universe, blur is the thing that binds the overall product on a conversion job. Taking off your glasses during a 3D movie like Men In Black International allows you to see just how blurry the picture gets. So when you see something as blurry as the picture for this film looks without those glasses, you’re usually in for a treat. There’s a strong blur factor throughout the image, with the standard 2D anchor points that help keep the image grounded. But those two-dimensional elements aren’t distracting in the overall 3D scheme of things, especially when there’s so much of the Men In Black universe that depends on clever background gags and set dressing.

Audience Health Score


When 3D sucks, a lot of things can happen that affect your situational health. Your eyes become tired or confused, and in some cases, you might feel queasy from the action being shown. Absolutely none of this is true with Men In Black International, as this happens to be one of the easiest experiences to enjoy in the realm of third dimensional thrills. When walking out of the theater, you won’t feel tired or strained when you take those glasses off, and that’s pretty spectacular when coming out of a modern 3D experience.

3D Fit Score 5
Planning & Effort Score 4
Before the Window Score 5
Beyond the Window Score 5
Brightness Score 5
Glasses Off Score 5
Audience Health Score 5

While the film may not be gaining a lot of friends in the critical community, from a 3D standpoint it’s pretty obvious that Men In Black International is best enjoyed with the added bells and whistles. A prime example of the sort of fun the right 3D conversion can add to the film, it’s without question an experience that audiences should try and take when they have the opportunity. If you’re going to see this film anyway, make sure you don’t forget to add the 3D fun to your ticket.

How will you see Men In Black International?

Be Sure to visit our full To 3D Or Not To 3D Archive.

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Captain Marvel Got A Funny Shout Out In Jessica Jones Season 3

Minor spoilers ahead for Jessica Jones Season 3

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is on a serious high, as Avengers: Endgame continues to clean up at the box office. But as the adventures on the big screen heat up and wrap up Phase Three, Marvel’s TV projects are in a more precarious position. All of the Marvel Netflix shows have been cancelled, likely in order for Disney+ to be the home for official MCU content.

But despite the cancellations, Jessica Jones released its third and final season today on the streaming service. Krysten Ritter’s signature alcoholic hero is back for another adventure, as is her best friend Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor). Trish was teased to have new powerful reflexes during Season 2’s finale, and this season follows her attempting to become the superheroic Hellcat. And a scene from the second episode gave Captain Marvel a quick shout out.

When Trish goes to a costume shop in an attempt to find something to fight crime in, we’re treated to a montage of potential suits– including her iconic yellow one from the comics. During that sequence she puts on a Captain Marvel costume, striking a pose in the blue and red outfit. While not armored like the one Brie Larson rocked, the reference comes through clear as day.

It stands to reason that Jessica Jones would make a callback to Captain Marvel, considering both projects are set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the timeline of Endgame and Jessica’s third season is murky, it’s fun to see Carol Danvers finally referenced in other Marvel projects. She and Krysten Ritter’s Defender both broke new ground as female superheroes, so its a fitting tribute.

It’s also worth noting that Trish’s costume doesn’t actually bear all that close of a resemblance to the alien equipment worn by Brie Larson in Captain Marvel. It’s a leather pant/jacket combination, rather than actual armor. What’s more, she dons a Brunette wig during the easter egg, even though Carol Danvers is more of a blonde during her big screen appearances.

But considering when Jessica Jones filmed its third season in relation to the release of Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame, we can give this discrepancy a slide, and enjoy the shout out.