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Netflix Lowkey Added An Amazing Batman Movie, Despite HBO Max

HBO Max added a ton of exciting Batman animated movies to its catalogue in July, which makes Mask of the Phantasm‘s home on Netflix so peculiar. On July 1st, the service added eight different titles, including recent direct-to-video releases Batman and Harley Quinn, Batman: Under the Red Hood, and Batman: Year One. On launch, Batman: The Killing Joke was also included, with HBO Max becoming a hub for all things Bruce Wayne. With the exception being Mask of the Phantasm, of course.

Orville Peck’s Heartbroken Twang, Jessie Ware’s Sultry Banger, And More Songs We Love

Orville Peck’s latest, a Spotify Singles cover of Bronski Beat’s 1984 ballad about a small-town expat, is the flamboyant country crooner at his finest: mournful, melodramatic, and infectiously catchy. The British synth-pop trio’s masterful storytelling finds a kindred spirit in Peck’s soulful vocals. His entire cover is thick with emotion. When Peck sings, “Run away, turn away, run away, turn away, run away,” you feel restless in your seat; when he belts, “Cry, boy, cowboy, cry,” you feel the phantom prickle of tears in your eyes. It’s Peck’s rodeo, y’all. We’re all just living in it. —Sam Manzella

31 Best Sex Toys for Couples, According to Sex Therapists

Like many things in relationships, the best sex toys for couples can be a tricky thing to agree on. There’s something out there for just about any kind of person, budget, and preference, let alone two people—and things get even more personalized with all the attachments you can add to your favorite vibrator. With so many factors involved, the bed can start to feel a bit crowded, so we asked sex therapists, educators, and counselors to share the sex toys they recommend for couples, and boy did they deliver. 

Not surprisingly, the sales of sex toys for couples (and personal vibrators) are on the rise. People in quarantine are looking for novel ways to relieve their cabin fever. So if you’re cooped up with your partner right now and things are starting to feel tense, think of shopping for expert-recommended sex toys as a welcome reprieve. Nothing lets up the mounting tension quite like makeup sex, and assuming you’re both past the “should you or shouldn’t you buy a sex toy?” stage, a new gadget could be just what the two of you need to blow off steam. (After all, when’s the last time you felt vibrations so good you nearly passed out?)

From vibrating penis rings to G-spot stimulators, finger vibrators that can be used during penetrative sex, and a tongue-like attachment that simulates the real thing, browse the 31 best sex toys for couples that are just as fun to use together as they are alone. 

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There’s A Wild Conspiracy Theory Ben Affleck Dyed His Hair To Look Younger For Ana De Armas

First of all, is the age gap to blame or the fact he could finally get his hair done again to blame for the new look? As evidence to the latter, we need look no further than The Way Back, one of the few movies that did hit theaters in 2020 before the shutdown and one featuring Ben Affleck as a total drunk for much of its runtime. Despite having no personal life outside of drinking activities and a plethora of grey hair as that character, Ben Affleck’s beard looks pretty dark. That, combined with his newly dark-haired look following his grayer beard earlier in quarantine indicates to me he typically throws a little dye in that beard routine. If that’s true, there’s no shame in that, but it also means it probably has nothing to do with impressing Ana de Armas, who I’m sure sees him with bedhead and stinky breath sometimes.

Doctor Sleep Director Reveals The Critical Change Stephen King Requested

This story gets into spoilers for Doctor Sleep, so if you haven’t yet seen Mike Flanagan’s masterful adaptation of Stephen King’s story, go watch it right now, and then circle back here. 

When Mike Flanagan agreed to adapt Stephen King’s novel Doctor Sleep for the big screen, you have to imagine that the one review of the film that meant the most to him was King’s. Doctor Sleep is a sequel to The Shining, and in tackling it, Flanagan not only brought the book to life, he drew a deeper visual connection to Stanley Kubrick’s Shining movie, which King notoriously disliked.

50 Years Ago, I Told ‘Glamour’ I Wanted to Change the World. Here’s My Advice for Women Starting Out Today

Fifty years ago, like many young women of my generation, I had my cause: saving the threatened environment. I was passionate about matters that demanded public attention, like clean air and water, and preventing oil spills. I studied biology at Mills College, edited the student newspaper, and was selected as one of Glamour’s “Top Ten College Girls.” As I wrote in my essay published in the magazine, I wanted to be a science journalist “with a pen sharp enough to pierce public awareness.”

1970 was a year of college activism on many fronts. Environmentalists held the first Earth Day, with marches and teach-ins on campuses across America. Students joined women of all ages in marches in New York, Washington and other cities, carrying signs saying “Women Demand Equality” and pushing for equal employment and educational opportunities. Protests against the Vietnam War turned deadly when the Ohio National Guard killed four students and injured nine others at Kent State University. The national outrage led colleges and universities to shut down spring classes across the country. The student unrest of the 1960s rolled right into the start of the 1970s and, to paraphrase Bob Dylan, “the times” were (still) “a-changin.’”

Times were changing at Glamour as well. The annual student contest, started in 1957, was originally the “The 10 Best Dressed College Girls.” In 1968, Glamour made history when Top Ten winner Katiti Kironde became the first black woman to appear on the cover of a major women’s magazine. In 1969, Glamour shifted the focus toward leadership, academics, and extracurricular activities and changed the name to “Top 10 College Girls.” (It finally became “Top 10 College Women” in 1978!)

The August 1970 college issue featuring the “Top 10” (purchase cost: 60 cents) promoted student activism, with a headline proclaiming, “Happiness is Being Committed to Something More Than Your Own Small World.”

“It’s not so much what interests you as what you DO about what you’re interested in that’s the mark of the new student culture,” the text went on. “Whether it’s college curriculum, women’s lib or ecology problems that get to you, you don’t just sit around and rap about it, you do something, you move out of your own private world. Like GLAMOUR’s Top Ten College Winners, for example. They’re involved in everything from their own campuses to local government to the whole universe.”

So, what were we doing? The ten of us came from diverse colleges and universities from coast to coast—New York to New Hampshire, Texas to Virginia—half of which were all-women at the time. I was a junior at Mills College in Oakland, California, a thriving women’s college with feminism embedded in our culture. Among our Glamour college group, half were active in environmental issues, marching in Earth Day celebrations and organizing campus teach-ins and teach-outs—including going to local grade schools to help install environmental values at a young age. Several pushed for new campus curricula in urban and black studies; others were student organizers and political leaders. Half of us worked for our college newspapers, and two of us were elected to Phi Beta Kappa, the national academic honors society. One was a poet. We wanted to be marine biologists, journalists, photographers, and teachers.

Five decades later, the diverse Glamour 2020 College Women of the Year are making their mark as leaders, too, pushing the boundaries of scientific knowledge, serving in government, shepherding student journalism, and fighting for disability rights.

Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s Associate and Close Friend, Has Been Arrested by the FBI

Ghislaine Maxwell, the woman often referred to as Jeffrey Epstein‘s close confidante and associate, has been arrested by the FBI, according to the Associated Press and other news outlets. 

The AP reports Maxwell was taken into custody around 8:30 AM on July 2 in New Hampshire, per FBI spokesman Marty Feely. The details of the charges have yet to be released, but CNN reports she is expected to appear in court later today. The U.S. Attorney General for the Southern District of New York announced a press conference where the charges will be explained. 

“There will be a press conference today at noon to announce charges against Ghislaine Maxwell for her role in the sexual exploitation and abuse of multiple minor girls by Jeffrey Epstein,” the office’s official Twitter account posted. 

Over the years, a number of Epstein’s victims have accused Maxwell of recruiting them to give massages to the late financier during which time they were later sexually assaulted by him. In 2019, Epstein was indicted on charges of allegedly paying girls as young as 14 to have sex with him and was in jail awaiting trial when he died by an apparent suicide. (He faced similar charges in Florida, but he signed a plea deal in 2008 that allowed him to avoid federal charges.)

Since his death, public pressure has mounted for authorities to speak to Maxwell—the daughter of British media mogul Robert Maxwell—about her involvement with Epstein and his alleged crimes. 

A number of Epstein’s survivors have directly named Maxwell as the person who lured them into his web, eventually leading to abuse. Virginia Giuffre, who spoke to Glamour in December 2019 with four other survivors—is one of those women. In a sworn deposition in 2016, she says she was introduced to Epstein by Maxwell when she was just 16 who said she wanted to hire her as a masseuse. “My whole life revolved around just pleasing these men and keeping Ghislaine [Maxwell] and Jeffrey [Epstein] happy. Their whole entire lives revolved around sex,” Giuffre said in the deposition. (Maxwell has denied the allegations.)

Maxwell’s arrest brings survivors one step closer to justice. 

This story is developing and will be updated as new details emerge.

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Producer Teases The Sequel’s Wild Visuals

Chris Miller shared his first impression of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 over on his Twitter page. He and Phil Lord often use social media to directly communicate with audiences, especially regarding their new animated franchise. Into the Spider-Verse featured a stellar cast of voice actors, and a variety of different web slingers. This includes Miles Morales, Peter Parker, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Ham, Peni Parker, and Spider-Man Noir. They’re a motley crew, and one that fans are eager to see reunite in the upcoming sequel.

Sterling K. Brown Was Really Bummed His Frozen 2 Song Got Cut, But Has Hope For Frozen 3

The new documentary series that looks at the making of Frozen II is a must watch for fans of the film. Even though the series only covers rgw last year of production, it shows how a remarkable amount of the total film was only really understood in that time. We see “Show Yourself” completely change as a song and what it means in the film, but we also see songs cut from the movie entirely, including one that was going to showcase Sterling K. Brown.

5 Avengers Teams We Want To See In The Future Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe

When Brian Michael Bendis and David Finch launched the New Avengers comics in 2005, the group still included Iron Man and Captain America, but most notably also included Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Sentry, Echo, and Spider-Woman (though she turned out to be a Skrull in disguise). The movie version wouldn’t have to directly copy this list, but it would be impressive and exciting if the cinematic take on the team looked totally different than the original group from 2012 – and with upcoming movies and TV shows introducing a plethora of heroes including Shang-Chi, Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel and more, there will be plenty of opportunity for diversity.