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One Of Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible Co-Stars Would Love To Be In His Space Movie

Of course Tom Cruise is planning to be the first actor to star in a full-length film shot on location at the actual International Space Station, because it’s the most on brand move the Top Gun actor could sign on for. But will he be bringing along a full cast for the underwraps project directed by Edge of Tomorrow’s Doug Liman, or is this a one-man show? One solid option he should think about sharing his spacecraft with his longtime Mission: Impossible co-star Simon Pegg. I mean the guy’s already played the U.S.S. Enterprise’s trusty engineer in Star Trek, and a Jakku junk boss in Star Wars. That applies to actual space travel, right? It also helps that he’s actually volunteered for the gig.

32 Celebrity Costars Who Dated in Real Life, Too

There’s something so fascinating about celebrity costars who have dated. Picture it: You’re watching your favorite characters share an intense moment in a movie or TV show. Maybe they’re fighting in the rain (ahem, One Tree Hill) or trying to escape White Walkers (you know nothing, Jon Snow). Suddenly, you feel…something. Is it excitement? No. Anticipation? That’s not it. Chemistry? Ding ding ding. 

With the right smoldering look or gesture, chemistry between two leads can make us overlook some of the most unrealistic storylines (sorry, Riverdale). It’s even more enticing to watch when you know those onscreen feelings match offscreen feelings, too. Celebrity costars who dated in real life give us moments that keep fans coming back for more–even if the IRL relationship is long over. 

Tom Hanks Has Some Blunt Thoughts For People Refusing To Wear Masks

With a firmly worded statement like that, I’m surprised Tom Hanks didn’t send us to our rooms… figuratively speaking. Still, considering what he’s been through, along with just caring for the general well being of others, I can understand why he’s so frustrated. Hanks brought up the mask issue while comparing the thematic parallels of what the characters in Greyhound deal with to the pandemic-related troubles we’re dealing with in real life.

A Face Mask Is a Non-Negotiable For These Celebrities

Somehow, the idea of a wearing a face mask to help slow the spread of Coronavirus has divided America, turning a simple preventive measure into politicized fodder—and turning TV news into one giant “Hot Topics” segment. We’re not here to preach—you’ve read the studies and heard the pleas of concerned physicians and politicians (well, some anyway)—but we are here to showcase the sheer number of celebrities heeding the advice of the CDC to wear cloth face coverings when in public. 

Earlier this week, Jennifer Aniston spoke out about the importance of wearing face masks with an Instagram post that was prompted by fashion designer Tory Burch’s viral #WearaDamnMask  challenge. “I understand masks are inconvenient and uncomfortable but don’t you feel that it’s worse that businesses are shutting down… jobs are being lost… health care workers are hitting absolute exhaustion. And so many lives have been taken by this virus because we aren’t doing enough,” the Friends star wrote. 

Burch’s challenge inspired dozens of other celebrities and members of the fashion community including Kerry Washington, Reese Witherspoon, Tracee Ellis Ross, Jerry Seinfeld, Julianne Moore, and Diane Von Furstenberg to implore their followers to protect themselves and others.  

Offline, celebrities are walking the walk in their daily lives, with dozens of stars like Hailey and Justin Bieber, 2 Chainz, Emily Ratajkowski, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lucy Hale, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Rosario Dawson  all stepping out wearing masks to run errands, dog walk, or get some exercise. 

Tom Hanks, America’s de facto dad and early COVID-19 victim, also had some strong words about safety during a  press conference for his upcoming movie “Greyhound.” “There’s really only three things we can do in order to get to tomorrow: Wear a mask, social distance, wash our hands,” he said, according to People. “Those things are so simple, so easy, if anybody cannot find it in themselves to practice those three very basic things, I just think shame on you.” 

Read on to see over 50 celebrities protecting themselves and others by wearing a face mask while out in public. 

As news about the novel coronavirus pandemic rapidly evolves, Glamour is committed to bringing our readers the most accurate and up-to-date facts. As a result, information in this story and others like it may change, and we will update when necessary. For the most recent news about COVID-19, please visit the CDC, WHO, and your state’s department of health.

Tenet’s New Image Leaves Even More Questions

While it might be easy to assume Tenet deals with time travel, Christopher Nolan has come out shooting that theory down. Instead, he said it deals with different ways that time functions. In this case, it’s time running backward relative to us. Perhaps, with that in mind, this new image is not two versions of John David Washington, but John David Washington moving through time in different directions? Still, it doesn’t explain why he would have a respirator.

The Celebrities Who Are Just As Pumped For Hamilton Hitting Disney+ As We Are

In true Slytherin fashion, Tom Felton expressed his impatience for Hamilton to come out. Fortunately, he’ll only have to be patient for a few more hours. I would not have pegged the Harry Potter actor as a Hamilton fan, but then again, can anyone really deny the pure talent we’re about to witness? Lin-Manuel Miranda, Daveed Diggs, Anthony Ramos… the list goes on!

WNBA Star Maya Moore Helped Free a Wrongfully Convicted Man From Prison

Back in 2019, WNBA player Maya Moore took a break from basketball to fight for a man serving a 50-year sentence in Jefferson, Missouri for a crime he did not commit—now Jeremy Irons is finally free.

Irons, a Black man, was just 16 years old when he was arrested and 18 years old when he was convicted on burglary and assault charges for the shooting of a white man. There was no DNA or physical evidence that put Irons at the scene and Irons insisted from the start that he had been misidentified, according to the New York Times.

Moore met Irons through prison ministry in 2007, the NYT reports. A year later, Moore would go on to become a star player at the University of Connecticut before going pro with the Minnesota Lynx, winning four WNBA championships and being named MVP. She’s also a two-time Olympic gold medalist, by the way. 

However, Moore decided to step back from the game last year to devote more time to helping Irons with his final appeal by raising awareness about his case and helping to fund his defense team. “I’m dedicating my life to freeing Jonathan the same way I dedicated myself to each game in the WNBA,” she said in an Instagram video at the time. 

Back in March, Missouri judge Daniel Green vacated Irons’s 1998 conviction, claiming the case—which was heard by an all-white jury—was “very weak and circumstantial at best.” In particular, fingerprint evidence had not been turned over to Irons’s defense team back in ’98. The print in question reportedly did not belong to Irons or the victim of the shooting, suggesting that Irons was not the assailant.

On Wednesday, July 1, Maya Moore was right there with Jonathan Irons when he was released from prison as prosecutors declined to retry the case. 

“In that moment, I just really felt like I could rest,” the 31-year-old advocate told Good Morning America . “We’ve been standing for so long, and it was an unplanned moment where I felt relief, and it was kind of a worshipful moment, just dropping to my knees, and just being so thankful that we’d made it.”

“People don’t want to watch a fixed game, they want to watch a fair game, and so that’s all we’re asking for, in our justice system—let’s be fair,” Moore also the morning show. You can watch the full conversation, above. 

Moore also captured Irons’ own reaction as he left Jefferson City Correctional Center on Instagram

“I feel like I can live life now. I’m free, I’m blessed, I just want to live my life worthy of God’s help and influence,” Irons—now 40 years old—said in the video. “I thank everybody who supported me—Maya and her family.”

There’s A Wild Theory Ben Affleck Dyed His Hair To Look Younger For Ana De Armas

First of all, is the age gap to blame or the fact he could finally get his hair done again to blame for the new look? As evidence to the latter, we need look no further than The Way Back, one of the few movies that did hit theaters in 2020 before the shutdown and one featuring Ben Affleck as a total drunk for much of its runtime. Despite having no personal life outside of drinking activities and a plethora of grey hair as that character, Ben Affleck’s beard looks pretty dark. That, combined with his newly dark-haired look following his grayer beard earlier in quarantine indicates to me he typically throws a little dye in that beard routine. If that’s true, there’s no shame in that, but it also means it probably has nothing to do with impressing Ana de Armas, who I’m sure sees him with bedhead and stinky breath sometimes.

Disney Wins Lawsuit Battle Over FastPass Access

Ultimately, Disney wants as many guests to attend its theme parks and have a good time as possible. Sometimes that involves changing the rules for certain guests to make their experience more inclusive, but as the judge in this case ruled, sometimes that also involves drawing a line somewhere. Of course, for any of this to matter, we need to get guests back into Disney Parks safely, whenever that might be. Expect to see changes, but hopefully, the same spirit and sense of wonder will still be there.