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Why Tyler Perry Gave A Fall From Grace Star Her First Big Break In 40 Years

Given Tyler Perry’s growing empire in the movie and television sectors, he certainly could have had his pick at leading ladies for A Fall From Grace. In the past, he’s enlisted talents such as Taraji P. Henson, Tiffany Haddish and Janet Jackson to play his leading characters. But he knew it was about time Crystal Fox got her moment for A Fall From Grace.

Black Widow Has Added A Two-Time Oscar Winner

Black Widow marks Alexandre Desplat’s first time composing a Marvel movie, but he’s definitely one of the biggest talents in Hollywood when it comes to music. His notable composing work includes The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, the final two Harry Potter movies, Argo, Godzilla, The Secret Life of Pets and The Shape of Water, to name just a few. He’s won two Academy Awards, two Golden Globes and two Grammys, and he’s also been nominated for another Best Original Score Oscar for Little Women.

Apparently National Treasure 3 Is Back On Track

But here we are, 13 years later, and Disney hasn’t even officially announced the project, despite never outright dismissing or cancelling National Treasure 3 in any capacity. And with legacyquels being all the rage now, especially at the studio that’s looking to also bring back Honey, I Shrunk The Kids with its own far flung follow-up, the fires of hope may be rekindling around this project, but it’s far from a given until an official go-ahead is reported.

Meghan Trainor Is ‘Crazy But Sweet’ On Her New Song ‘Blink’

The last time we heard from Meghan Trainor, she was detailing her ongoing journey to self-love, on the feel-good single “Workin’ On It.” Now, M-Train is back with another bop that puts that newfound confidence into action.

“There ain’t nobody like me, baby,” she sings on the floor-filler, later proclaiming herself “a shooting star” and an “innocent bad bitch.” The uplifting energy continues as she boldly asserts, “The only one left / They don’t make ’em like this, oh … You better not blink / ‘Cause you don’t want to miss this.” It’s another danceable bop from Trainor, and a promising taste of what to expect once her long-awaited third album, Treat Myself, arrives later this month.

Treat Myself, the follow-up to 2016’s Thank You, also includes the previously released tracks “Wave” featuring Mike Sabath, “Workin’ On It” featuring Lennon Stellar and Sasha Sloan, and her 2018 single “No Excuses.” The 15-track LP arrives on January 31, and Trainor has said that it’ll be packed with “self-love anthems.” Consider us pumped to hear more.

Don’t Breathe 2 Just Took A Big Step Forward

There’s no speculated release date for Don’t Breathe 2, but it wouldn’t be shocking if the film, at the earliest, dropped in theaters this October as a surprise. However, seeing as Sony’s looking towards that month to repeat its Marvel fueled success with Venom 2, there’s a chance that an early 2021 slot could be a perfect moment to blind the box office with Don’t Breathe 2.

The 10 Best 2019 Movies To Get Snubbed By The Oscars

Somehow, the Best Animated Film category eluded Frozen II, and as far as snubs go, that feels like a pretty big one. With the original film not only getting the Best Animated Film nod, it actually won those honors back in 2014. So at the very least, the 2019 movie felt like a sure fire attendee at the 2020 Oscars. But, as history has shown us, sometimes even the popular kids get put on ice.

Why The Invisible Man Is Rated R

I imagine that was just a sample of what The Invisible Man has in store for horror audiences and while I don’t know if the film will be a full-on gorefest, based on the rating, some of the violence will be particularly bloody. Also, Elisabeth Moss’s charcter is being hunted and haunted by an invisible man while everyone around her questions her sanity. Who among us wouldn’t drop at least a few F-bombs in that situation?

Joe From ‘You’ Is a Murderer, But Some Women Would Date Him

Brittani, a 30-year-old nurse, says she would “Absolutely not” go out with Joe. (“He murders people at the drop of a hat. No thank you.”) But she says she enjoys hearing his inner monologue and “brutally honest” opinions. “I also admire how smart and organized he can be,” she says. Other women describe Joe as “sexy” and “ready to do anything for loved ones,” even knowing what they know about the character.

And many women say that Joe reminds them of men they’ve already dated, who they describe as stalkers and abusers. One woman I spoke to said of Joe, “Knowing what I know, I wouldn’t even look [Joe’s] way. I wouldn’t even want to associate with him for fear of not only my life but anyone I know, as well.”

“I’ve had many men become obsessed with me in my lifetime and it’s not fun,” she says. “In fact, it can turn scary real quick!” These men, she says, “go to extreme lengths” to keep other people from being close to you. “Maybe [they haven’t] killed anyone in a literal sense but they slowly kill who you are and your other relationships,” she says.

Another You fan I interviewed spoke about how she’s currently reconsidering her relationship with her husband, who she says exhibited “similar behavioral traits” to Joe at the beginning of their relationship.

“The writer was brilliant in making the character Joe,” she says. “They made him exhibit loyal behaviors most women (or men, for that matter) long for in a self-absorbed world. People justify Joe’s wrongdoing because it’s morally intertwined with a justified feeling from their perspective.”

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg on ‘You’Beth Dubber/Netflix

Shymaa agrees. “The writer gave people what they wanna see in themselves,” she says. “It’s a criminal reflection of most people’s true selves…especially women. I mean, don’t we just love ‘light stalking’ our partners sometimes?” To many people, identifying with the characters on the show, and particularly lusting after Joe, is crazy. But a lot of female fans made it clear that they are able to see even the bloodiest storylines as allegorical, even while acknowledging that those same storylines (stalking, killing, sex crimes), however dramatized on You, are very real threats in their lives.

Watching their own worst nightmares come true on screen—the same way huge numbers of women devour true-crime podcasts and binge SVU episodes—is how women have always experienced entertainment. At least, many seem to be saying, let the made up perpetrator be really, really hot.

Badgley has claimed that interest in Joe, interest even in You, is a sign of our own moral corruption. “In a more just society, we would all see Joe as problematic and not be interested in the show, but that’s not the society we live in,” he said.

But the women who professed love and desire for Joe seem perfectly aware that he’s problematic. They’re used to problematic men. They’re used to risking violence when they go on dates.

They’re chasing desire in an unjust world. An anavrin, as the show puts it—a twisted, backwards, nirvana.

Jenny Singer is a staff writer for Glamour. Follow her on Twitter @JeanValjenny.

Buttercream Blond Is the Prettiest New Hair Color for 2020

If the new year has you itching to make a hair change, consider going over to the light side. While winter is generally reserved for going darker, stylists say there’s been an uptick in requests for warm, buttery golds and rich champagnes this season. The coolest takes on the trend (which Popsugar officially dubbed “buttercream blond”), is the easiest way to get in on it.

Essentially, buttercream blond is a natural, creamy blonde with tons of dimension. Because of the mix of colors, it looks naturally sun-kissed, and the mix of warm and cool highlights means it’s flattering across different skin tones. Instead of a harsh, bright, one-note blond, buttercream swirls ribbons of champagne, honey, and baby blond for an easy-lived in look.

While it’s easiest to get the shade if you’re already a blond, it’s not impossible to incorporate elements of the shade into darker hair as well. Below, hairstylist Lauren Grummel breaks down three variations on the trend.

Bright and light

Lauren Grummel 

“This color works best if you’re already naturally light and in the blond family,” says Grummel of this look that’s bright blond from root to tip and heavier on the cream than the butter. She explains that this shade can be done in one sitting if you’re already blond, but be prepared to be in the chair for a couple hours. To keep the buttery dimension, she says to ask your stylist for a full highlight with bright pops throughout: “Tone it more neutral or cool to get a few white pieces to really pop.”

Buttery Blond

Lauren Grummel 

This is a true buttercream blond with a mix of warm highlights with a few pops of brightness. Grummel says this is a great entry into blond if you have light or medium brown hair. For this particular shade, Grummel lightened the base color to start, and then added full highlights for the brighter pieces, leaving some of her natural color for dimension. If you’ve previously colored your hair, it can effect the time it takes to transition to blond, so Grummel recommends really planning with your stylist before making the jump.

Warm Buttercream

Lauren Grummel 

“This shade of buttercream is great for clients who want a little something and don’t want to commit to blond all over,” says Grummel of this warmer blond-dipped look. She loves this shade because it’s very low maintenance, and it’s easy to transition to if you’re brunette. Ask your stylist for “brighter pieces around your face with pops of lightness through your ends, plus lived-in highlights through your crown.”

Scroll on for more of our favorite buttercream blond hair ideas, and get ready to call your salon.

Bella Cacciatore is the beauty associate at Glamour. Follow her on Instagram @bellacacciatore_.