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Frozen II’s Olaf Is Getting An Unusual Spinoff With Josh Gad

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As far as Disney animated blockbusters go, there are few quite as massively popular as the Frozen franchise. Anna and Elsa’s first adventure in Arendelle became a pop culture sensation when the original movie arrived in 2013. The House of Mouse broke new ground by releasing a full theatrical sequel, which also made a ton of money at the box office. And it looks like we’ll get more of Josh Gad’s beloved talking snowman Olaf in a spinoff. Although, it’s not a spinoff in the way you might think.

The Hamilton Cast Reunited on John Krasinski’s Show Just to Surprise a 9-Year-Old Fan

The Hamilton original cast, Mary Poppins, Jim from The Office, and a very surprised nine-year-old girl joined together on Sunday night, April 5, for what must be the liveliest Zoom meeting since your boss’ husband walked in with no pants on.

The scene: the second episode of John Krasinski’s homemade quarantine talkshow, Some Good News.

The reason: Aubrey, a nine-year-old in Jacksonville, was supposed to see Hamilton when the Broadway tour came to her hometown this week, but the show was canceled for social distancing reasons. “We’re home watching Mary Poppins Returns instead,” Aubrey’s mom tweeted, after the family missed the show. “At least we’re safe & healthy.”

The strangely heartwarming outcome: watching a pre-teen light up as a stranger chants, over video call, “How does a bastard orphan son of a whore…”

Since Aubrey could not go to Hamilton, Hamilton came to Aubrey.

Welcoming the nine-year-old, who described herself as a “one-million” on the 1-10 scale of Hamilton fandom, Krasinski first promised to fly her and her mom to New York to see Hamilton after social distancing rules lift. He then introduced her to Mary Poppins herself, a.k.a. his wife Emily Blunt, who played the “practically perfect” nanny in Mary Poppins Returns. The call was then interrupted by Hamilton writer and star Lin Manuel Miranda, who co-starred with Blunt in Mary Poppins (or as Krasinski said of him, “He was kind of like a backup dancer.”).

Aubrey, who had grinned while speaking to Krasinski and smiled while meeting Blunt, gasped and mildly hyperventilated when Miranda joined the call. She became totally speechless when he was joined by Hamilton star Leslie Odom Jr…and then Anthony Ramos…and then Daveed Diggs and Phillipa Soo…and eventually, the full Hamilton original cast, who joined together to sing the title song from the musical.

It’s hard to overstate what truly good news this all is—that the Hamilton cast is staying safe and well and extremely on beat, that Daveed Diggs has such elaborate wallpaper, that Lin Manuel Miranda is as electrifying over front-facing cam as he is live, that entertainers are going out of their way to make joyful art during dark times.

“Thank you for having me!” Aubrey, the world’s most polite nine-year-old, shouts at the end of the video. It’s nice to take a break from living through a major historical event to watch one that unfolded so long ago, it’s been made into a rap-filled Broadway musical. History has its eyes on all of us. So stay home, and call someone who needs some good news.

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Why Disneyland’s Avengers Campus Is Avoiding Thanos’ Snap

The idea that Avengers Campus isn’t the MCU in the same way that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is a galaxy far, far away, might be a disappointment, but the fact is that alternative universes are a major part of Marvel as a whole, so the idea that the theme park universe is yet another isn’t really that big a deal. And while the theme park attractions might not be in the same universe as the films, all of Disney’s theme park attractions at all of the parks around the world are confirmed to exist within the same universe. So there is still a universe, it’s just a different one.

Verishop Is Having a Ridiculously Cozy Sale Right Now

As we prime ourselves for another week of Zoom calls, it’s become clear that the preferred work-from-home ‘fit is head-to-toe cozy. Even for those of us who adhere to a sense of normalcy by getting dressed up, chances are the end goal is to feel comfy and homey in your outfits—and that’s where Verishop’s “Cozy Sale” comes in.

Verishop is basically what you’d get if Amazon and Nordstrom had a baby—with free one-day shipping and expertly curated fashion, beauty, and home decor products. Right now, the retailer’s coziest styles are stocked and ready to ship for the WFH wardrobe of your dreams. Get 25% off all sweatshirts and sweaters with code SWEATS25 through Sunday, April 12. From cropped hoodies and cashmere crewnecks to tie-dye sweatshirts, there’s ample clothing choose from—but the best part about this sale may be Verishop’s free one-day shipping policy.

There’s no denying that shopping amidst the coronavirus can feel indulgent—but if you’re in a place to do some retail therapy, sales like these can help support the brands you love while also helping you update your wardrobe essentials with things you actually need. So whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, here are the 11 coziest pieces you can buy today and have tomorrow.

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James Gunn Reveals Guardians Of The Galaxy Star He Had To ‘Fight For’ During Casting

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a massive franchise, and there are a few properties that stand out as fan favorites. Chief among them is James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, which made the unknown characters household names. Gunn assembled a killer cast to make up that titular team of Marvel heroes, but it turns out that he had to fight for one actor in particular to be considered.

The Rock Explains Why Disney Pushed Jungle Cruise Back An Entire Year

While things may have changed in the three years since he said that, it’s quite likely that, with the parks closed down now and no work being done inside them, whatever was planned for the attractions is also on hold. The movie could, at least in theory, open whenever it wants once theaters are open, but theme park attractions take more time to get ready than that. And jumping into an attraction renovation and trying to get it done in a certain window to hit a movie release date isn’t Disney’s style. These things usually take their time, and so it seems likely that by pushing things off by almost exactly a year, the time table remains essentially intact, only the year has changed.

Mandy Moore Just Sang ‘Only Hope’ From A Walk to Remember, and It’s What We All Needed

If you’re anything like me, you may be seeking comfort during these unsettling times in the form of nostalgic TV shows and movies. Mandy Moore definitely gets it, and is here with the content you need right now as we start another week of isolation.

The singer/actor and her husband, Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes, have taken to performing music sets on Instagram Live from their home. Moore has been doing songs from her latest (excellent) album, Silver Landings, along with many other classic covers. But on Sunday, April 5, Moore brought out the big guns—emotionally speaking—when she sang “Only Hope” from her famous teen tearjerker, A Walk to Remember.

If for some reason you’ve never seen the movie, based on Nicholas Sparks’s hit novel, it follows the love story of Jamie, the sweet preacher’s daughter who’s battling leukemia, and Landon (Shane West), the popular bad boy forced to join the school play after getting into trouble. You can imagine where things go from there. In one of the movie’s pivotal moments, Landon starts to realize the true depth of his feelings for Jamie as he’s on stage with her during the play. Jamie is famously singing “Only Hope”during this scene—so to hear Moore belt it out again on IG brought on all of the feels.

Check it out for yourself below, it’s beautiful.

Fans were beyond excited.

This scene is super meaningful to Mandy Moore, as well. “The most memorable scene [in A Walk to Remember] for me is the school play and singing the song ‘Only Hope,'” she told Entertainment Weekly in 2017. “I remember putting on that beautiful ice blue, silk dress and everyone fawning all over it. It was the first time that I wasn’t in a ratty sweater and an oversized housedress.”

In case you’re know jonesing for A Walk to Remember cry, it’s currently available to rent on Amazon Prime.

The Best Beauty Sales to Shop This Week: April 6th

It’s officially week four for many of us who began social distancing in early March, and one way we’ve been keeping our heads high is by maintaining our routines—and finding comfort in self-care. One way to do that is to continue to support the brands you care about (and the people who work for them) by shopping beauty products on sale right now. In times like these, it’s the little things that count. Sure, a new moisturizer won’t get us out of self isolation any faster, but it might make you feel better, especially if you scored it on a discount.

While most physical stores are temporarily closed, sales are happening across the internet, from Ulta to Nordstrom to Fresh. Whether you’re looking to rehab your hair, take care of your skin, or dust on some blush to feel a semblance of normal, we scoured the internet for 10 great beauty products on sale now (or later) this week. Scroll on, and get ready to add to cart.

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Will No Time To Die Make Changes After Delay? Here’s What The Director Said

Cary Fukunaga’s update about No Time to Die comes to us from his personal Instagram page. The filmmaker recently posted a professional portrait of himself, and then eventually engaged with the public in the comments section. Obviously one of the biggest points of conversation is No Time to Die, especially following its change in release date. But despite the long wait until November, they’re not going to be making any more changes.