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8 TV Shows and Movies to Watch the Week of June 16, 2019

This week’s lineup of new TV shows, movies, and music moments is slow, but there’s still some good stuff out there. Like Euphoria, a new scandalous teen show that will fill the Gossip Girl-shaped hole in your heart. Or Toy Story 4, which your inner child is demanding that you see.

Below, check out all the TV shows and movies to earmark this week. Plus one fun music update!

Absentia: Season two premiered Friday on Amazon streaming, so catch up today if you missed. An official description of the show reads, “Absentia centers on FBI agent Emily Byrne (Stana Katic), who had disappeared without a trace and was declared dead after hunting one of Boston’s most notorious serial killers.” Streaming on Amazon

Euphoria: Zendaya helms this racy new teen drama about high school juniors grappling with several different issues, including addiction, sexuality, and identity. 10 P.M. ET on HBO

2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards: Zachary Levi hosts tonight’s show, which honors the MTV crowd’s top picks from film and television. 9 P.M. ET on MTV

Wig: HBO posted an official description of this new documentary on its website: “Spotlighting the art of drag, and centered on the New York staple Wigstock, Wig showcases the personalities and performances that inform the ways we understand queerness, art and identity today.” 10 P.M. ET on HBO

Beats: According to Netflix, Beats centers on a hip-hop prodigy who navigates his anxiety and ambitions with the help of an “unlikely mentor.” Streaming on Netflix

Kim Petras’ Broken Tour: Petras is one of pop music’s rising stars and shows no signs of slowing down. She’s slated to release a new project titled Clarity on June 27, which will feature 12 songs. She’s released eight of them thus far, including “Sweet Spot,” “Do Me,” and “Got My Number.” Petras is also currently on her first headlining tour, The Broken Tour, which has a stop in Chicago tonight before heading to Minneapolis, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and then overseas.

Toy Story 4: Woody and Buzz are back at it again in this new adventure, which has them traveling with new friends and reuniting with old ones. In theaters

The Last Bridesmaid: Here is the official description, per Hallmark: “Becca is always a bridesmaid, but at her cousin’s wedding she bonds with Kyle, the videographer covering every stage of the planning. Perhaps she won’t be the last woman standing for long.” 9 P.M. ET on

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Shared a Brand-New Photo of Baby Archie for Father’s Day

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor is only just coming up on six weeks old, but he’s already endeared himself to pretty much everyone—to the point where there were stories only 11 days after his birth about the precocious infant repairing the alleged Sussex-Cambridge rift. And because the royals know that no one can turn down an adorable pic of Baby Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to gift us on Sunday (June 16) with a new photo of him in honor of Father’s Day—a milestone one for them, as it’s Harry’s first.

The photo, which was posted to the @sussexroyal Instagram account, shows little Archie in Prince Harry’s arms. “Happy Father’s Day!” the caption read. “And wishing a very special first Father’s Day to The Duke of Sussex.”

It’s the first close-up shot of Archie’s little face, reports Metro, and suffice it to say: He’s adorable. Check out those little fingers wrapping around Harry’s hand:

In May, Meghan and Harry shared a photo of Archie for Mother’s Day that featured his baby toes against a background of blue forget-me-nots—the favorite flower of his grandmother, Princess Diana.

The Sussexes aren’t the only ones marking the family’s first Father’s Day, either: A group of Prince Harry’s fans have thrown him a virtual baby shower. Like #GlobalBabySussexShower, which raised money for some of the royals’ favorite charities in honor of Archie’s impending birth, this round of fans’ spirited fundraising—dubbed #HappyFathersDayPrinceHarry—will benefit some of the charitable causes Harry supports.

It’s pretty cool that the new parents could celebrate both Mother’s and Father’s Day so soon after their little one’s birth. Happy Father’s Day, Harry!

Surprise? The New Shaft Is Getting Very High Scores From Fans

After almost 20 years away from the big screen, Shaft is back — and this time there are three generations who can answer this call. While the new movie starring Richard Roundtree, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jessie T. Usher did not impress critics, there’s a very different tune being sung by audiences, who are strutting out of the theater in smiles.

After almost 80 reviews were filed on Rotten Tomatoes, Shaft was given a disappointing score of 35%. However, the Audience Score is at 93%, and polled moviegoers gave the 2019 Shaft an A rating on CinemaScore. Perhaps critics were too hard on how much fun the flick is? Sometimes the consensus between reviews and fans just don’t agree with each other and Shaft seems to be another one of those cases.

The fourth Shaft movie has the worst Tomatometer score yet. The 1971 original scored an 88% with critics, 1973’s Shaft in Africa has a 56%, and 2000’s reboot a 67%. On the audience side, the new Shaft is the most loved of the franchise, per the numbers so far, with the original’s 68% being the highest of the other three.

On the site, fans of the film praised the summer movie for its blend of action and comedy, and the appearance of Richard Roundtree, Samuel L. Jackson, and newcomer Jessie T. Usher all together. Many noted they’d see it again and can’t wait to see a sequel (which director Tim Story has expressed interest in).

And what of the critics? Chatter includes “ruin your childhood bad,” “shamelessly regressive,” and “non-badass”. Some even accused the film of being sexist, racist, and homophobic. CinemaBlend’s own Mike Reyes gave the film a 2.5 stars of 5 in his review, noting that although the cast had chemistry and humor, its weak script ultimately made it a “missed opportunity.”

Sometimes it’s not the audience consensus but the box office numbers that do the talking, and Shaft doesn’t have an impressive run in front of it. In a weekend of disappointing new releases, the action-comedy is expected to open anywhere from $8M-$15M, behind Men in Black: International, Secret Life of Pets 2, and Aladdin.

The new Shaft also features two new female characters, Dark Phoenix’s Alexandra Shipp as J.J. Shaft’s crush, and Regina Hall as his mother and old flame to Samuel L. Jackson’s Shaft. The movie has FBI agent J.J. enlist his estranged father (Jackson) and grandfather to help him when his best friend dies under suspicious circumstances. The three generations venture to the Harlem underground to crack the case.

The movie does certainly seem like a good pick for Father’s Day weekend. Considering critics’ overt dislike for the film, and some audiences’ high praise, it may be tough to know whether or not to take the gamble. You can see it for yourself in theaters now.

A Bride Got Dragged for Wanting to Replace Her Maid of Honor Because of Baby Weight

There have been plenty of stories about controlling brides this year—tales relayed back to forums by wedding party members and wedding guests who need a place to vent (and gather some support, or answers). Some highlights? The bride who kicked a guest of her wedding…for wearing a patterned dress she thought was too white. Or, there was the bride who fired her bridesmaid over email. Granted, weddings can be a super-stressful time, especially if the bride-to-be is carrying an outsized share of planning it, but civility is still alive in 2019! Still, we don’t usually hear from the brides themselves—that is, until one bride reportedly posted in a mom’s forum (the post is now deleted) and, according to Fox News, asked if she could fire her maid of honor because of her baby weight.

“So my friend who is my maid of honor in my wedding recently gave birth and she hasn’t lost the baby weight,” the anonymous bride started her post, according to Fox News. Apparently it had been three weeks since her friend had the baby, and “she still looks pregnant.”

It was another three weeks until the bride’s wedding, she reportedly wrote, but she wasn’t “confident” her maid of honor would lose the weight by then.

“She may not even fit her dress. I refuse to have it altered again,” she continued. “It was already altered multiple times for her and she said she’d fit into it.” The bride then asks forum users if it would be “wrong” to find another maid of honor, adding she had “someone in mind” already.

“She said she has a back up dress and I’m saying hell no to that,” the bride finished. “I’m not fat shaming but come on. My wedding is only one day and I’m not having it ruined by her or her baby weight.”

Naturally, people had a lot of thoughts about the bride’s ask.

“Does she not realize what the body goes through in order to hold another human? It takes much longer than 3 weeks…” one pointed out, according to Fox.

“This bride is an idiot. You don’t just drop postpartum weight within a few weeks of giving birth. Sometimes it takes months,” another reportedly wrote.

“What kind of shallow person is this? If your friend is a good enough friend to be your [maid of honor], then YOU ought to be a good enough friend to care more about them than how they look in a picture,” another commenter said, per Fox.

It does take months to lose the weight from pregnancy—extra pounds are part of what’s involved in creating and delivering a new life. Although it sometimes seems like celebrities are shedding points in a matter of weeks, everyone’s bodies are different, and the level of access they have to trainers, nutritionists, and doctors is quite a bit more than most of us mortals enjoy. In the meantime, a general reminder: Body-shaming new moms (or anyone else, for that matter) is never a good wedding-day look.

Keanu Reeves Reacts To 2019’s Obsession With Keanu Reeves

The Keanussance is here and what a time it is to be alive! How crazy is this: Keanu Reeves has left his mark on just about every corner of entertainment in a matter of a month. Between the continued success of the John Wick franchise, his scene-stealing cameo in Ali Wong’s Netflix rom-com, joining the Pixar family, and being the highlight of this year’s E3, the actor has reestablished himself as an icon.

And of course to top it all off, Keanu Reeves recently shared a sweet and humble response to his success with these words during the Toy Story 4 premiere in Hollywood:

Could we love him anymore? The 54-year-old actor previously famous for his ‘90s roles in The Matrix, Point Break, and Speed has managed to rise up in the ranks once again, with even more prominence than before.

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum was the first release to knock Endgame off its No. 1 spot after its three weekend reign, and the franchise was quickly granted a fourth film coming in 2021.

Then, Keanu Reeves dazzled in Netflix’s Always Be My Maybe as a hilariously heightened version of himself, next to comedian Ali Wong, Randall Park, and Daniel Dae Kim. The scene where he makes a grand entrance to AWOLNATION’s “Sail” inspired fans to memeify it with tons of other songs. A Twitter account aptly called “keanu walking to music” has gained over 47,000 followers since May. An example:

Additionally, a recent behind-the-scenes look at Keanu’s recording sessions on Toy Story 4 as new character Duke Caboom caught the attention of Chris Evans himself, who said this on Twitter:

And we mustn’t forget that time when it was announced at Los Angeles gaming convention E3 that he’d be a central mo-cap character named Johnny Silverhand in CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077. Keanu Reeves came out during the surprising announcement like an excited puppy before calling them all breathtaking. Check out the viral crowd exchange:

Keanu Reeves has garnered tons of buzz on the internet in a matter of weeks, in addition to attaching himself to projects that people are excited about and enjoy. While we’re sure he’s noticed that he’s been busier than usual promoting his various buzzworthy projects, he apparently he had no idea the internet had embraced him as the “internet’s newest boyfriend.” Check out his response to the People title:

That’s not all! He’ll soon start shooting the long-awaited sequel to his early hit Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. The movie titled Bill & Ted Face The Music comes out August 20, 2020, following Keanu Reeves’ Ted and Alex Winter’s Bill as middle-aged dads trying to crack a hit song.

Rumors have also recently swirled about Reeves being in talks to join Marvel’s The Eternals alongside Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, and Kumail Nanjiani. Whether or not those rumors are true, we certainly will have no shortage of Keanu Reeves to look forward to.

Check out his Duke Caboom first in Toy Story 4, out on June 21.

Dark Phoenix Had The Biggest Second Week Drop Of Any Superhero Movie

Dark Phoenix just had the lowest second week drop of any superhero movie. It earned $14 million on its opening day last Friday, and $2.348 million on its second Friday. That’s a drop of 83.2%, relieving DC’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and its 81% drop for the title. (Finally, some good news for BvS!)

As Forbes noted, Dark Phoenix‘s 83.2% drop from Friday-to-Friday was just shy of the 84% drop for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II in its second Friday. Of course, one major difference there is fans had already rushed to see the final Harry Potter movie, giving it an opening weekend of $169 million in July 2011. Dark Phoenix only had an opening weekend of $33 million.

On the list of other big movies (as opposed to indies), High School Musical 3 had a 90% drop on its second Friday, but that also happened to be Halloween night.

As of Sunday, Dark Phoenix could potentially see a full second weekend drop of around 74%. That would also be the biggest second weekend drop of any major superhero movie. (It makes Brightburn‘s 70.5% drop look less bad now, so that’s another positive.) Then again, that’s projecting from the huge second Friday drop, expecting a weekend tally of only $8.63 million. Box Office Mojo and Box Office Pro were predicting Dark Phoenix to make something around $13 million this weekend.

Dark Phoenix is the final movie in the X-Men series as we know it. Fans are hoping for good things to come in the MCU, but this was Simon Kinberg’s chance to take the franchise out with a bang. This latest stab at telling The Dark Phoenix Saga was plagued with production problems, rewrites, and reshoots. But at least Kinberg is content with the final product, telling KCRW he’s happy with the movie and had an “amazing time” making it. Also, some fans are defending Dark Phoenix, or at least pointing out that they liked it more than Apocalypse.

It’s already been noted that, if Dark Phoenix wants to salvage this run at all, it’s most likely to come from the international box office. Going into this weekend, Dark Phoenix has a total worldwide tally of $148.8 million. A full $103.7 million of that has come from the foreign box office.

Stay tuned for CinemaBlend’s Sunday box office report for the ultimate weekend numbers. Father’s Day 2019 weekend is meant to be a pretty slow one at the box office, despite major new releases like Men In Black International. Even with so many disappointing franchise debuts, this could be the weekend Avengers: Endgame says goodbye to the top 10.

Taylor Swift Just Responded to Rumors She and Katy Perry Kiss in Her New Video

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have a long and complicated history, dating back publicly to 2009. It wasn’t all sunshine and roses: The friendly relationship between two of the world’s biggest pop stars allegedly soured in 2013—but now Swift and Perry are now back on good terms. We know about this thanks to an Instagram post on Perry’s feed this week featuring a plate of cookies that says, “Peace at last” with the caption, “feels good 🧡 @taylorswift.” Swift, for her part, responded with several beating-heart emoji.

Now that they’re pals again, rumors swirled that there might be a collaboration in the works. Some fan theories took things even further, reports People, by speculating about the music video for the just-released “You Need to Calm Down,” which many see as an anti-hate, pro-LGBTQ+ song—and one person had a question about it for Swift. As they wrote on Tumblr, “Hey uhhhh @taylorswift not to question you but you do know there’s a leaked concept that you and katy dress as fries and a burger and kiss. you do know that’s dumb, right? please tell me you know it’s dumb.”

With any Taylor Swift project, there are always a ton of theories floating around the internet—and she’s even admitted to hiding Easter eggs in videos and posts for her fans to analyze. But Swift is also known for dipping into her fans’ posts and commenting on the validity of such rumors—and she chose to do just that this time.

Her answer? It’s a hard no.

“GUYS. That is ABSOLUTELY false. To be an ally is to understand the difference between advocating and baiting. Anyone trying to twist this positivity into something it isn’t needs to calm down. It costs zero dollars to not step on our gowns. 💗✌️” (See how she worked in a few lyrics from her latest single, “You Need to Calm Down” in there?)

A fan account captured the entire exchange and posted it to Instagram, which you can see below.

Although it might be fun to see Perry bust out her Met Gala burger costume one more time, we have to agree with Swift’s thinking here. That said, these two collaborating on a track? That’s definitely on our wish list.

Bella Thorne Had a Powerful Response to a Hacker Who Threatened to Leak Her Nude Photos

Bella Thorne has never shied away from expressing herself and letting the world know exactly what she thinks—especially when it comes to clapping back at people who try to threaten her online. Now, she’s doing it again, and this time, it’s about a super-personal matter: After a hacker allegedly stole nude photos from Thorne, she took a stand and decided to release them herself.

The actress tweeted out the naked images early Saturday morning, along with a powerfully worded note. “Yesterday as you all know, my shit was hacked,” she wrote. “For the last 24 hours, I have been threatened with my own nudes. I feel gross, I feel watched, I feel someone has taken something from me that I only wanted one special person to see.” She also says that the person has sent her compromising photos of other celebrities along with her own and that “he won’t stop with me or them, he will just keep going.” Instead, she took a proactive approach—or, in her words: “Here’s my boobies.”

“For too long I let a man take advantage of me over and over and I’m f*cking sick of it,” she continued in the note. “NOW U DON’T GET TO TAKE ANOTHER THING FROM ME. I can sleep tonight better knowing I took my power back. U can’t control my life, u never will.”

“I can sleep better tonight knowing I took my power back,” Thorne added. “U can’t control my life. U never will.” She also says the alleged hacker should be on the lookout for the FBI, but does not give any specifics on that front.

Thorne’s fans offered support in the replies. “Babe don’t let them control you. We are all here for you. We got you. Karma will find its way 🖤,” one wrote. Another said, “You took the power back from this piece of shit. That’s real strength. I love you.”

Thorne certainly isn’t the first celebrity to be faced with the exploitation of her personal and private images. Back in 2014, Jennifer Lawrence was the victim of an iCloud hack and had her nude photos published online. “I feel like I got gangbanged by the f-cking planet—like, there’s not one person in the world that is not capable of seeing these intimate photos of me,” she later said. “You can just be at a barbecue and somebody can just pull them up on their phone. That was a really impossible thing to process.”

Why Men In Black International’s Tessa Thompson Didn’t Say Will Smith’s Iconic Men In Black Line

Continuing the legacy of a series like Men In Black often lends to moments that playfully wink and nudge at the series’ storied past. In Men In Black International, Tessa Thompson’s Agent M gets one of those very moments, when she picks up a Noisy Cricket during her orientation and rejects it outright.

However, there was one moment that Tessa Thompson, a self-admitted fan of the original films, was approached to reenact that she absolutely would not put her own spin on. And it was Will Smith’s famous post-transformation moment where he uttered the now iconic line, “I make this look good.” During a recent interview, Tessa Thompson explained why she chose to reject that specific reference:

Comparing Agent M to Smith’s Agent J, the differences are pretty night and day. While J’s self-assured cool and smart-assed temperament were what drove Will Smith’s character in Men In Black, Tessa Thompson’s Agent M is more of an analytical personality with particular taste. It would feel totally at home for Agent J to compliment his choice of wardrobe, but the only time Agent M makes a remark on the black suits is when she compliments Emma Thompson’s Agent O on hers.

But moving into how Men In Black International might have played with that line actually being in the film, it also doesn’t fit that film’s bespoke style of humor, as evidenced in Tessa Thompson’s discussion with The Hollywood Reporter. If anyone was going to make that reference, it’d probably have been Chris Hemsworth’s Agent H, as he’s the more vain personality of the two. But even in that case, it’d feel weird hammering home the first Men In Black movie’s presence in this newer film, as it’s already honored pretty respectfully.

Between the Noisy Cricket, and an oil painting depicting Agents J and K defeating Edgar in their New York adventure from the 1997 origin story, that’s all you really need to anchor Men In Black International in that same universe. It’s just enough to connect the series’ historical threads, but also sparse enough for Tessa Thompson to help make new history with her character’s exploits.

Knowing how to honor the past, while moving forward into newer territory, is something every legacyquel should keep in mind when trying to attempt what Men In Black International, and any other film of its ilk for that matter, have tried to make happen. And should there be a moment where the creative forces behind these projects forget that approach, let’s hope actors like Tessa Thompson will continue to speak up in the name of franchise integrity.

Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin Have Reportedly Split After Nearly Two Years Together

After an eventful near two years that included an accidental gender reveal for a baby they weren’t going to have, a co-holiday with the ex, many dates, and parental approval, Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin’s relationship has reportedly come to an end.

“There was talk of engagement, but now he says they have gone their separate ways, which has come as a real surprise to everyone,” a source told the Sun in a report that came out Friday. “Chris and Dakota were very easygoing and always seemed really happy together.” The split apparently occurred without much fanfare last month; since then, Martin has been spotted partaking in such quintessential post-breakup activities as somber bike rides in his home of Malibu—“look[ing] downcast,” as the Daily Mail put it in a recent report. There’s nothing like some vigorous exercise to clear out the pores and the emotions.

Of course, this being an anonymously sourced post by The Sun, any reports should be taken with an appropriate measure of wariness. Still, Martin and Johnson haven’t been seen together publicly since the fall, and, in March, Martin took out a restraining order against a stalker who was convinced she was dating him (Johnson was also named in the restraining order, as were Apple and Moses, Martin’s kids with Gwyneth Paltrow, according to The Blast). Both Johnson and Martin’s reps hadn’t responded to requests for comment by the Daily Mail as of the time of publication, so there’s no confirmation directly from either of their camps yet.

So—if the reports are true—as Johnson and Martin’s relationship goes the way of that of Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk, Alex Greenwald and Brie Larson, and other such seemingly rock-solid, under-the-radar pairings that met their end in the year of our lord 2019, we wish them the best in their endeavors to consciously uncouple.