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The Clever Way Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper Use Songs to Build Story In A Star Is Born

The following may contain very mild spoilers for A Star is Born, so you might want to bail out now if this story is still new to you, and you want to stay preserved.

The music in A Star is Born acts like a separate character. The songs written by Ally (played by Lady Gaga) mesh with the established musical career of Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper, who also directs), and it gives their fledgling romantic relationship a foundation on which to build… even if it will lead to discontent before all is said and dine. What’s miraculous about A Star Is Born, though, is that it covers a wide range of musical genres, even though it’s focused on two singers, so when CinemaBlend sat down across from Cooper and Lady Gaga to discuss this film, we talked about how they made sure the musical stylings worked in tandem, and Cooper told us:

Both characters in A Star is Born go through life-altering transitions. Ally (Lady Gaga), to give an example, is plucked from obscurity — she works a thankless waitressing job while singing cover songs at a drag club — because Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) recognizes her ability as a singer/songwriter. Her journey is emotional, and when Lady Gaga elaborated in Cooper’s answer to us, she explained:

Where will it pivot? Those of you who have seen the previous versions of A Star is Born will know. Even if you do know, though, you will connect with the performances in Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut more than you ever did in a previous version. Here, hear it from Cooper and Gaga, themselves:

Later this week, when A Star is Born opens in theaters, you should see it, then pick up a copy of the soundtrack on your way home. They’re perfectly paired, with the original songs telling the story of Jackson and Ally, and you will want to use them to remind yourself about this special movie once you’ve arrived back home. A Star is Born opens in theaters on October 4. It’s a must-see film.

The Walking Dead Reveals Another Death In New Season Premiere Clip

Death is one of the things that continually permeates The Walking Dead, and Season 9 is set to be no different. In a new clip that has been released ahead of the series’ ninth season premiere, Rick and the group can be seen paying a visit to the Sanctuary. While walking through, the mood already seems a bit heavy, and then Daryl makes a potentially devastating reveal after he asserts he will not be getting on stage to grandstand with a Negan-esque speech. Here are his words verbatim:

The group’s morale already seemed down when they entered, so when Daryl revealed that they’d just lost someone, those pieces snap into place. The question is whether The Walking Dead death that has unsettled everyone is a major or minor one for the show. There are arguments for both sides. When it comes to it being a major death, the evidence is there in the form of Daryl being particularly morose. If it was an extra or nondescript character nobody ever heard of, his mood makes a little less sense.

As stated earlier, death is an integral part of these Walking Dead characters. Therefore, Daryl and everyone else have had to grow somewhat accustomed to that aspect of their lives, especially since they have had to say so many bitter goodbyes. The time jump is meant to move beyond a relatively peaceful span that presumably had a smaller body count than other points in time. With Daryl seeming quite a bit irked, it stands to reason this was someone of greater importance to him. Watch the clip so you can better gauge Daryl’s reaction to help decide for yourself.

The case against this death being that of a major character is that a death has been disclosed in the first place, and for the season premiere of all episodes. One would initially think that the demise of a substantial character so early would be kept under wraps, even if it is as subtle a hint as this. Not to mention, reactions such as Daryl’s are going to lead to speculation. The other side is that The Walking Dead‘s creative teams could expect fans to think just that.

If the show goes ahead and divulges that a death is going to take place, fans could be less apt to suspect a significant character is being killed off. It is a move that would make such a death all the more shocking, considering that avid fans, paying attention to the previews, would be semi-prepared for it. It all depends.

What if Daryl just meant that they literally misplaced someone? That can’t be it, right? Right?

One thing we know for sure is that Rick is not the character who died, as he makes an appearance very early on in the clip, and he’ll be around for another four episodes. So, we can rule him out as a candidate, for now. Find out who died when The Walking Dead returns this fall, along with a ton of other shows. Season 9 will premiere Sunday, October 7 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

Why Playing The Humanity In Pablo Escobar Was Key For Javier Bardem Making Loving Pablo

While Javier Bardem is no stranger to villain roles, his approach towards the titular antagonist in the new drama Loving Pablo demanded something new. Unlike Anton Chigurh or Raul Silva, Pablo Escobar was an actual person, and though not exactly in the traditional sense, it was a story that required an extra bit of respect. It was a subject that came up when I sat down with the Academy Award winner and asked him about what was most important to him in the making of the movie:

Javier Bardem isn’t the first actor to portray Pablo Escobar, but in his preparation he told me that he solely focused on the work and the real man instead of the choices of other performers. Diving deep into the project and the character, Bardem decided it was of utmost importance to him that the material not be a glamorization of Escobar’s life, but instead a stark representation of who he was, featured in a story that fully demonstrates the consequences of the many horrific choices that he made in his lifetime.

Pablo Escobar, of course, is one of the most notorious drug kingpins in history, operating from mid-1970s to the early 1990s. His home base established in Colombia, he was directly responsible for hundreds if not thousands of tons of cocaine being smuggled into the United States, and was known for extreme violence in dealing with perceived enemies and threats. Loving Pablo, directed by Fernando León de Aranoa, is a film specifically based on the book by Virginia Vallejo, who was a lover of Escobar’s and is portrayed in the film by Penelope Cruz (Javier Bardem’s wife).

Most actors will say that the key to playing a villain is to perceive them as the hero of their own story, but after playing Pablo Escobar in Loving Pablo, Javier Bardem noted that a recognition of reality changed how he decided to play the role:

You can watch Javier Bardem discuss his portrayal of Pablo Escobar in Loving Pablo by clicking play on the video below:

Loving Pablo, which co-stars Peter Sarsgaard and Julieth Restrepo, arrives in theaters this Friday, October 5th. Between now and then, stay tuned here on CinemaBlend for more from my interview with Javier Bardem.

Anne Hathaway Wrote a Heartfelt Note to Julie Andrews About *The Princess Diaries*

Anne Hathaway may have last worked with Julie Andrews 14 years ago, on the set of The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, but that doesn’t mean she’s forgotten the many life lessons she learned from the actress. On Monday (October 1), Dame Julie Andrews turned 83, and Hathaway celebrated the happy occasion with a heartfelt Instagram post, complete with an adorable Princess Diaries reference. Uploading a still from the ball scene where Queen Clarisse formally introduces Mia as the Princess of Genovia, Hathaway listed all the important things Andrews taught her throughout their friendship.

“The importance of grace,” Hathaway began. “The knowledge that power is nothing without respect; Why one must have patience, positivity, perspective, manners, kindness, and humility. Always, To everyone, (No exceptions); The joy in treating people as a gift rather than a burden; How far choosing gratitude can get you… If I know anything about any of this, It’s because I was lucky enough to have learned from the very best at the very beginning. Happy Birthday Julie, Queen Eternal. All my love, Annie”

By the way, Hathaway isn’t just signing off like that to be cute. Andrews does actually call her former co-star “Annie”—in fact, she even referred to her as such while teasing fans with the possibility of a third Princess Diaries movie. “I think we might do it in honor of [late director Gary Marshall],” Andrews told BuzzFeed back in March 2017. “Annie had an idea that she wanted to pursue about it, and I’m all for it, so if she’d like to.”

It’s not just wishful thinking; in August, author Meg Cabot revealed to Entertainment Weekly that a script for Princess Diaries 3 does exist. “So who knows?” she said then. “[It] could happen, as we say.” Fingers crossed!

The Funniest Scene In Venom Was Completely Improvised By Tom Hardy

Normally when making a movie, the filmmakers want to stick to the script as closely as possible, but sometimes opportunities present themselves that allow for certain things to be changed at the last minute. That’s what happened with Venom in a scene where Eddie Brock has only recently bonded with the symbiote. Wanting to kick things up a few notches, star Tom Hardy told director Ruben Fleischer that he wanted to jump into the lobster tank that was built onto the set, thus resulting in Venom‘s funniest scene. As Fleischer explained to CinemaBlend:

CinemaBlend’s own Sean O’Connell recently had the opportunity to speak with Ruben Fleischer ahead of Venom‘s release, and during the interview, Fleischer went into detail on how Tom Hardy escalated Eddie Brock’s freakout upon hearing the symbiote’s voice for the first time in a restaurant to straight up dunking himself into a lobster tank full of water. It’s also worth noting that this tank wasn’t empty of living creatures when Tom Hardy decided to take a dip. Originally there were live lobsters in the tank, so once Hardy let Fleischer know what he was going to do, the crew had to evict the lobsters and replace them with plastic lobsters so that the actor wouldn’t be clawed. None of this was supposed to happen as Venom was initially conceived, but thanks to Hardy’s thinking, the scene became much funnier and more memorable.

You’d think that jumping into a lobster tank would be one of Tom Hardy’s favorite scenes to act out in Venom, and while that may be the case, the actor also revealed that there’s 30 to 40 minutes worth of scenes he enjoyed shooting that didn’t make it into the final cut. That’s the tricky thing about assembling a movie: scenes that were scripted might not ultimately be seen by the masses, and ones that weren’t planned might get to be shown on the big screen. In any case, it sounds like Hardy didn’t hold back with performing Eddie Brock’s origin story, and in a few days, we’ll see the fully realized Venom clash with The Life Foundation, which has plenty of other symbiotes to unleash upon the world.

Venom opens in theaters this Friday, October 5. If you’re interested in learning what other movies are coming out before the year is over, head to our 2018 release schedule.

‘A Star Is Born’ Review: A Brilliant Reincarnation

The simplest thing to say about “A Star Is Born” is that it’s all right. Not all right as in OK with a shrug, but thrillingly, almost miraculously right in all respects. The venerable formula has finally found its not-so-manifest destiny after three earlier iterations—four, if you count “What Price Hollywood?,” the 1932 drama that established the dynamics of the plot. This time the lovers—one soaring up toward fulfillment and fame, the other hurtling down from celebrity toward incipient calamity—are played to dramatic and musical perfection by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. (Mr. Cooper directed, in a phenomenal feature…

The Best Halloween Songs for Your Party Playlist

Halloween parties are either very lame or super fun. There’s just no in-between. But one thing that can sway your shindig in the right direction? A playlist with the best Halloween songs. If you have good music—i.e.: “Monster Mash” is nowhere in sight—then there’s a pretty high chance the night’s going to be lit. If you’re scratching your head now thinking, “Well, what songs are Halloween-y but not cheesy?” then look no further than the playlist, below. We handpicked 13 popular songs—all by women—that are catchy and fun as hell but also have a dark, spooky factor perfect for your Halloween playlist. Get ready to mash, monsters, because these are the best Halloween songs.

Charlie Cox Revealed Why Daredevil Returns To His Old Costume In Season 3

The third season of Daredevil is finally only weeks away, and fans will get more than brief teases and tastes of what happened to Matt Murdock after the enigmatic ending of The Defenders. What little footage that has been released so far shows that the red Devil of Hell’s Kitchen won’t be red any more in the new episodes. Star Charlie Cox has revealed why Matt is returning to his roots with a black suit a la Season 1 rather than the red suit of later seasons:

When Matt first donned the iconic red suit, it was so that he could stand for something and serve as a symbol to the criminals of Hell’s Kitchen. According to Charlie Cox’s comments at a visit to the Daredevil set, Matt hasn’t just given up the red suit because it was irreparably damaged due to the events at the end of The Defenders or for any other simply practical reason. To Matt, he doesn’t deserve to symbolize a reminder to criminals not to diverge from the straight and narrow. Does this point to a Matt Murdock who has to cross more lines and get even darker in Season 3? Has he outgrown his hopes for a better place?

While it does sound like part of why he gave up the red suit in favor of his simpler black suit because of symbolic reasons, Charlie Cox’s mention of a reason why he “literally” can not wear the red suit indicates that he really doesn’t have a choice of dropping the red. Perhaps he really did have to give up the suit because it was all but destroyed after the climactic fight at the end of The Defenders! Or maybe the nuns took it away from him because they don’t approve of his violent ways. If that’s the case, losing his iconic threads clearly won’t be enough to stop his violence, and that may be for the best given the bad guy who will be back on the scene.

Yes, Wilson Fisk is back and looking pretty snazzy, and Matt can’t count on an assist from Stick, and probably not from Frank Castle. We can’t rule out Elektra returning, as is her wont, but the other heroes of the Marvel Netflix shows are probably too busy with their own problems. Matt may need to get truly dark to survive and protect his friends from Fisk, and returning to his black suit could be the way to keep audiences on board with that darkness. Will he end up back in the red suit with a swelling superhero score behind him? Probably. But we’ll have to wait and see.

Ethan Hawke Clarifies His Blunt Comments About Logan And Superhero Movies

Actor Ethan Hawke recently invoked the ire of legions of comic book movie fans when he said that Logan was not a great movie, intimating that it couldn’t be one because it was a superhero movie. For some, this seemed like the kind of elitist take you occasionally see from critics and artists who look down on blockbusters and superhero fare as somehow less-than. Now, Ethan Hawke has clarified his comments about Logan and superhero movies, explaining that he wasn’t trying to bash them, he was simply trying to talk about the business side of Hollywood. As he explained in a recent interview:

What Ethan Hawke seems to be saying in his interview with Collider is that he is concerned about how these movies, the comic book and superhero movies, are the ones that make the most money now. Because of that, they are also the movies that are getting made the most. Hawke wants a variety of films out there and the almighty dollar is dictating that superhero films get the chance while other, perhaps deserving stories may not. The film business is a business but it is also a business that sells art and Ethan Hawke seems to want the art to have more weight in that equation.

Ethan Hawke also spoke to the fact that he remembers the time when comic books and comic book readers were looked down upon. That time has passed, however, and comic book properties and fandoms are no longer the scrappy underdogs they once were. So, there is perhaps a fear among fans that any sort of criticism of the genre, its effects, or calls for more of other kinds of movies could cause that stigmatization to return. Ethan Hawke doesn’t want that any more than the rest of us do, but that is perhaps part of the backlash to his comments.

Ethan Hawke also confesses that he himself is a huge comic book geek (he was almost Doctor Strange) and that he loves and sees all of the comic book movies. We know he does appreciate some tentpole movies, considering how he recently said he wanted to be in a Star Wars film. Star Wars isn’t superheroes, but it is in that same family of geeky things that now drive the film business. Thus, it may have been a bit hypocritical if he had some major issue with Logan and the like and not Star Wars.

The reality seems to be that he loves these kinds of properties and just wishes there was room in the space to get funding and distribution for smaller or mid-budget movies that aren’t Star Wars and superheroes. This makes total sense, considering that his initial comments about Logan were made within the context of why film festivals are important. He was speaking about how they give smaller films a chance to get seen and increase awareness so that those films don’t get crushed under all the big budget stuff, including superhero films.

CinemaBlend will keep you updated on all the latest in movie news superhero or otherwise and be sure to check out our 2019 release schedule to see all of the movies you can look forward to next year.