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The Best Looks From the MTV Movie & TV Awards Red Carpet

Each time it rolls around, we can trust that the MTV Movie & TV Awards red carpet is going to bring us some incredible looks: The event is known for being a little more playful when it comes to what celebrities wear—as MTV itself notes, the dress code is pretty much “just be yourself”—and the summer date means that we’re going to see some bright colors and bold cuts. 2019’s MTV Movie & TV Awards, held on Saturday (June 15), were no exception: Celebrities showed up in neons, sequins, metallics, ruffles, and even feathers. From Tessa Thompson‘s Thom Browne blazer minidress to Melissa McCarthy‘s chic Talbot Runhof jumpsuit, scroll through for 12 of our favorite looks from this year’s red carpet.

See Injured Daniel Craig Prepping To Return To Bond 25 Filming

It’s always sort of fun seeing celebrities getting into insane shape for various movie roles. However, when the celebrity is Daniel Craig getting fit for James Bond and it’s Daniel Craig getting fit for James Bond while recovering from an injury, the image is even cooler.

But don’t take it from me. Take a look at the James Bond official image of Daniel Craig getting back in the workout saddle following Craig’s ankle injury back in May…

Talk about swole goals. Daniel Craig, like fellow quinquagenarian Tom Cruise, is still crushing it out at the gym, even while injured. Honestly, that boot looks pretty serious in the James Bond official photo, but it’s nice to see that Daniel Craig is not sitting on his laurels while he recovers from his injury.

About a month ago, reports from the set of the still-untitled Bond 25 indicated the actor had hurt his ankle while filming a scene for the movie while on set in Jamaica. At the time the production schedule was put on hold while Daniel Craig figured out exactly what had gone wrong with his ankle.

During that time, the James Bond production was pretty transparent about the injury, noting that Daniel Craig would need to undergo ankle surgery – albeit “minor” surgery – after injuring his leg on set. Two weeks of recovery were expected to be needed before production to go back into full swing. The good news? Bond 25 is still expected to hit its release date in 2020! (And that’s even with that controlled explosion injury that happened once the film was back in production.)

Bond 25 has honestly been a long time coming, so hearing the flick is still on track even with this injury is very good news indeed. First and foremost, the last James Bond movie, Spectre, came out all the way back in 2015. Then, there was some question about whether or not Daniel Craig would even return to the role.

Finally, Daniel Craig signed on and all seemed well… but it wasn’t quite. There was another snafu with finding a director to stick with the film through production. At one point, Danny Boyle was signed on and left because of “creative differences.” Then, the movie allegedly went through a rewrite. Next, the injuries happened. So, clearly this hasn’t been the smoothest movie to come to fruition ever.

Now, Daniel Craig is back in the gym, the cast for the movie (including Bohemian Rhapsody‘s Rami Malek)  is cemented, and things seem to be moving forward.

Daniel Craig’s workouts have been a big topic of conversation ahead of Bond 25. Reportedly, prior to filming, the actor was working out an absolutely insane amount in order to make sure his physique was at a peak. That reportedly even involved 12-hour workout sessions.

Taylor Swift Just Revealed Which Celebs Are Making a Cameo in Her ‘You Need to Calm Down’ Music Video

Taylor Swift is gearing up to drop the music video for her new song “You Need to Calm Down” on Good Morning America on Monday (June 17), but in true Swift fashion, she’s given us a little clue about what to expect. In uncharacteristic Swift fashion, however, she didn’t make us do any detective work: Instead, she decided on Sunday (June 16) to straight-up announce some of the A-list celebrities making an appearance in the video.

The “ME!” singer shared the star-studded list of cameos on her social media accounts, which includes some very recognizable actors, singers, athletes, and YouTubers.

“Asked a few friends to be in the You Need to Calm Down video. Out tomorrow at 8:15 am ET,” she coyly wrote alongside the teaser clip.

Here’s everyone who’s making an appearance:

  • Ellen DeGeneres
  • Ryan Reynolds
  • Hayley Kiyoko
  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson
  • Justin Mikita
  • All of the Queer Eye guys
  • Laverne Cox
  • Dexter Mayfield
  • Ciara
  • RuPaul
  • Billy Porter
  • Adam Lambert
  • Adam Rippon
  • Todrick Hall
  • Chester Lockhart
  • Hannah Hart


There’s no mention of Katy Perry or some of Swift’s other high-profile friends on the list—yet: The 29-year-old also shared that more of her famous friends will be featured.

One thing we know for sure though: Perry and Swift will definitely not be sharing a kiss in the video, despite all those internet theories. Swift debunked any and all speculation on Tumblr, confirming there is no truth to the rumors that she would never “bait” her fans that way.

“GUYS. That is ABSOLUTELY false. To be an ally is to understand the difference between advocating and baiting,” she wrote. “Anyone trying to twist this positivity into something it isn’t needs to calm down. It costs zero dollars to not step on our gowns. 💗✌️”

Avengers: Endgame Finally Exited Box Office Top 10 Over Father’s Day Weekend

Avengers Endgame Tony Stark looks serious in his suit Marvel MCU

UPDATE: Yep, the Father’s Day weekend results are in, and Box Office Mojo’s projection was apparently correct. Avengers: Endgame ended up in 11th place, just missing the cut for the top 10 with its Jun 14-16, 2019 estimated gross of $3.5 million. That wasn’t enough to pass Ma‘s $3.6 million to take 10th place. Endgame has a current worldwide gross of $2,742,491,359, although maybe that will be adjusted up when more foreign receipts come in from the weekend. Avatar is at $2,787,965,087.

Original post:

If you love Avengers: Endgame 3000, consider taking your dad — or someone else, or just yourself — to see Endgame over Father’s Day weekend. Not only would you be supporting the movie’s last ditch effort to pass Avatar without a re-release, you’d be helping Endgame stay in the top 10.

Many outlets that cover weekend box office, including CinemaBlend, stick to the top 10 chart, rather than posting how, say, 100 different movies did in their various theater counts. Avengers: Endgame has been in the top 10 chart since its late April debut, and it was #8 last weekend with about $4.8 million. But Endgame may end up slipping from the top 10 this weekend.

Or it may not, it depends on the prediction.

Over at Box Office Mojo, they posted this box office forecast before the weekend:

Men in Black International (4,224 theaters) – $28.0 M
The Secret Life of Pets 2 (4,564 theaters) – $25.0 M
Aladdin (3,556 theaters) – $15.6 M
Shaft (2,952 theaters) – $14.0 M
Dark Phoenix (3,721 theaters) – $13.1 M
Godzilla: King of the Monsters (3,207 theaters) – $7.4 M
Rocketman (3,052 theaters) – $7.3 M
Late Night (2,218 theaters) – $5.5 M
John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (2,033 theaters) – $4.5 M
Ma (1,782 theaters) – $3.2 M

Again, that was a forecast for before the weekend, not actuals of how things have turned out yet.

You can see that Avengers: Endgame did not make the top 10 cut of that list.

Head over to Box Office Pro, and here is their three-day weekend forecast:

Men In Black International – $28,000,000
The Secret Life of Pets 2 – $25,800,000
Shaft (2019) – $20,000,000
Aladdin (2019) – $16,200,000
Dark Phoenix – $13,000,000
Rocketman – $9,300,000
Godzilla: King of the Monsters – $8,000,000
John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum – $4,400,000
Avengers: Endgame – $3,600,000
Late Night – $3,500,000

As you can see, this list has Endgame making $3.6 million and staying on the top 10 chart. Box Office Mojo figures Ma will make the top 10 list but not Endgame, and Box Office Pro has the opposite.

All of this will be cleared up by the end of Father’s Day weekend. The top 10 chart is just one more arbitrary benchmark, but it’s also a sign that Avengers: Endgame is indeed leaving its lofty perch above the box office.

Forbes even pointed out that Avengers: Endgame may have just passed its final box office milestone before leaving theaters; its 47-day domestic total earlier this week came to $825.825 million. That put Endgame just over the adjusted-for-inflation domestic total of Jurassic Park, making it #17 on the list of inflation-adjusted grossers.

Yeah, it’s kind of a participation trophy milestone. But sure. Add it to the list of everything else Avengers: Endgame has already achieved.

I am still mostly confident that Avengers: Endgame will beat Avatar eventually, but that eventually may have to wait for a Marvel re-release. Maybe next year, in honor of Tony Stark’s sacrifice? Make it Tony Stark Day. Do it every year until Avatar is defeated. And then keep going anyway. It’s a pipe dream, I know. But it’s my pipe dream.

This isn’t meant to be a very strong weekend overall, with so many franchise movies underperforming. Are you seeing anything this weekend? Is it Avengers: Endgame for the 90th time? If not, what are you seeing?

Are You Seeing Avengers: Endgame This Weekend?

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Dolph Lundgren Thinks Michael B. Jordan Could Direct Creed III: ‘Like Stallone And Rocky’

Will Creed star Michael B. Jordan continue to follow in Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky footsteps by directing some films in the franchise? Dolph Lundgren would be down for that.

One of Dolph Lundgren’s first film roles was Ivan Drago in Rocky IV in 1985. Ivan Drago returned in the 2018 movie Creed II as trainer of his son Viktor. Lundgren is hoping there’s a place for him in Creed III (although he previously shared a special condition for his return).

Dolph Lundgren was just at Celebrity Fan Fest in San Antonio, and shared an update on Creed 3:

So, based on what Dolph Lundgren said at the fan fest (via SuperBroMovies), he must’ve heard that there’s a role for his Drago in the third Creed movie. Michael B. Jordan has already expressed an interest in continuing as the character of Adonis Creed, and I like the idea of Jordan continuing the Rocky tradition of helming a sequel.

Sylvester Stallone wrote the first Rocky movie, which came out in 1976, but he didn’t make his directorial debut until Paradise Alley in 1978. He followed that by directing Rocky II in 1979. Sly continued by directing Rocky III, Rocky IV, and Rocky Balboa.

The first Creed movie was directed by Ryan Coogler, who also directed Michael B. Jordan in Fruitvale Station and Black Panther. The second Creed movie was directed by Steven Caple Jr.

Director Steven Caple Jr. already has some ideas for Creed III, so he may be continuing with the franchise. There’s nothing official on that front, though.

If Michael B. Jordan does ever direct a future Creed movie, it probably wouldn’t be his directorial debut. In November 2017, it was announced that MBJ would adapt the novel The Stars Beneath Our Feet as his directorial debut. According to Deadline, MBJ planned to produce and direct the film. Here’s what the actor said about the movie at the time:

The status of that project isn’t clear, it may still be in the screenwriting phase, so you never know what movie might make it to the big screen first. Sylvester Stallone appeared to retire as Rocky, saying goodbye to the role after Creed II. But, more recently, he shared a new idea he had for Rocky.

Whatever happens from here, it does sound like there’s more gas in the Creed tank. Stay tuned for any further updates. Keep up with everything we already know is heading to the big screen this year with our 2019 movie schedule.

Hey, Marvel, Jason Momoa ‘Would Love’ To Play Wolverine

Hey, Marvel, I’m not telling you how to run your business. You’ve obviously done a very good job of that for many years, but as a superfan who gets unreasonably excited about dumb fantasy castings, I feel like this needs an article. Jason Momoa was at Celebrity Fan Fest in San Antonio. He was asked which MCU character he’d most like to play, and he picked Wolverine. Here’s his answer…

Now, there’s nothing legally in most people’s contracts that prevent them from playing two different superheroes for two different companies at the same time. So, I appreciate the excitement you can hear from fans in this clip shot by Jeremiah Marshall from KRIS. In practicality, though, it doesn’t happen very often. Recently, Zachary Levi went from a bit player in the Thor universe for Marvel to the lead in Shazam for DC, and while he was perfect for the latter role, that didn’t stop some fans from being a bit weirded out.

What exactly is happening with the future of Wolverine is a bit unclear. Hugh Jackman played the role to much fanfare for almost twenty years, but following 2017’s Logan, he announced he would step away. The character wasn’t included in Dark Phoenix, but he’s obviously too central to the X-Men to never be seen again. So how exactly he’s re-introduced is going to be a topic of much conversation at Marvel.

Then again, how exactly the X-Men will be introduced to the MCU is a hot topic of conversation too. Dark Phoenix has gotten ummmm less than stellar reviews, and the fan response hasn’t exactly been glowing. Even apart from Dark Phoenix, the larger franchise is at a crossroads right now because of Disney’s purchase of Fox. Now is the time for the folks behind the MCU to start asking larger questions about how separate or united the X-Men and MCU franchises should be. Wolverine is at the heart of that.

I highly doubt Jason Momoa will end up as Wolverine. That would probably too weird to ever be seriously considered, but it’s interesting to think about for a lot of reasons as one of two possible ways forward. When Marvel does bring Wolverine back, would it be better and more accepted if the content production studio went with a complete unknown who could disappear into Wolverine or would it be better and more accepted to grab a major star like Jason Momoa who would bring some buzz with him?

I prefer the Jason Momoa approach, mostly because the last thing in the world I want to see is someone doing a lame impression of Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine. A Momoa Wolverine would be nothing whatsoever like Hugh Jackman’s version, and that’s incredibly appealing to me. So, someone CC Marvel on this answer. If not the actor himself, this general route of going with a huge name that looks and speaks in a completely different way than Jackman is a great path forward.

As for Momoa himself, no one needs to be sweating any concerned bullets over his career. Many actors spend their entire runs hoping to find a single role in a long-term project that fans will embrace. Jason Momoa has not had that problem. He went from Baywatch to Stargate: Atlantis to Game Of Thrones to the DC Extended Universe. He’s also landed a role in the upcoming Dune adaptation. So, whether he ends up as Wolverine or not (the answer will be not), his life is going pretty well.

Queen Elizabeth Is Reportedly Throwing Meghan Markle a Birthday Party

No doubt about it, Meghan Markle has had a pretty momentous past year(-ish): She married Prince Harry, received a fancy royal title, gave birth to Baby Archie, and now she’s just a couple of months away from celebrating her 38th birthday. To mark it, Queen Elizabeth II herself is reportedly planning a special party in her honor. According to British tabloid The Sun, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have reportedly been invited to the Queen’s Balmoral estate in Scotland for a few days to celebrate her August 4 birthday, complete with afternoon tea. The mini-break will also likely be Archie’s first royal holiday, according to The Sun.

“The Queen and Prince Philip adore the couple and, of course, their new great-grandson Archie, and they have invited them to Balmoral for a few days,” a source told the British tabloid. “It is a testament to Meghan that she has been given this invite. It’s a huge honor.”

The Sun also mentions the royal catering team will make Markle a cake to ring in her birthday and that the Sussex family will be given their own wing in the estate. But there’s a reason why this invite is an extra-big deal.

“It’s no secret Balmoral is Her Majesty’s favorite home, and that’s why this invite is so special and heartfelt,” the source told The Sun.

The invite is equally momentous for Markle, who’s still on maternity leave: This will be her first royal holiday to Balmoral. Her last public appearance was at Trooping the Colour earlier this month, where she joined her husband, as well as Prince William, Kate Middleton, and their three children, in London to officially mark the Queen’s 93rd birthday.

Anwar Hussein/WireImages/Getty Images

Of course, plans could change in the next six weeks—but that’s not going to stop us from checking our mailboxes for this royal party invite in the meantime.

Justice League’s Ray Fisher Would ‘Absolutely’ Release The Snyder Cut

At this point, Justice League hit theaters more than year and a half ago. However, in that time, the clamoring from the fanbase regarding a Zack Snyder cut or #Snydercut of the film has not died down in the least. (Zack Snyder constantly sharing backstory stuff likely has not helped matters.) Which means the cast is still getting asked about their feelings regarding a lengthier Snyder cut of the DC and Warner Bros. film.

This weekend while Justice League actor Ray Fisher was appearing at Celebrity Fan Fest in San Antonio, Texas, the actor reportedly mentioned he’d love to see the Snyder cut of Justice League. Unfortunately, he’s not the person with the keys to the kingdom, however, so he noted he’d like the Snyder cut with a caveat, saying, “If I had the power, absolutely.”

Later, Ray Fisher also reflected on the fact there is plenty of Cyborg’s story left to tell (via Super Bros. Movies), sharing what he would like to see in the future from Cyborg’s movie. He noted:

This isn’t the first time Ray Fisher has spoken out continuing Cyborg’s story. He’s previously spoken out about how much of his character’s narrative was cut by the time Justice League hit theaters. But he’s said he has no regrets about the way the movie panned out, because “the integrity” of Cyborg was upheld.

It’s clear the actor had a blast playing the superhero and hopes more opportunities will present themselves in the future. He also said at Celebrity Fan Fest,

Still, there are plenty of plotlines related to Cyborg that could be explored more fully, and Ray Fisher has said previously he’d like to see more about the loss of Victor’s mother, as well. Eventually, the character may get his own solo movie to flesh out all of this stuff, although as recently as a few months ago, Fisher was open that a movie may be more expensive to produce than it would be worth. So, we’ll have to wait and see on that point.

While we wait to see how DC’s movie realm pans out, it’s clear the desire for a Snyder cut of Justice League will not be not dying anytime soon. Just this past week we reported there is a Go Fund Me getting some traction that allowed DC fans to collect $20,000. That money will be used to fly a banner over Comic-Con petitioning Warner Bros. to release the Snyder cut.

It may not ever happen, but you can’t accuse DC fans of not being go-getters. Take a look at what the DCEU has coming up with our full guide.

Zachary Levi Reveals When Shazam! 2 Plans To Start Filming

Zachary Levi is living his best life right now. Shazam! wasn’t an Aquaman-sized hit for DC, but it was very warmly received by just about everyone, and put the Chuck star on the map as the next beloved superhero. Levi is hosting the 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards Monday night, and while talking up that event, he dropped some teases on Shazam! 2.

According to Zachary Levi, writing the Shazam! sequel has already started and he expects the team to start filming in either late spring or early summer 2020. So this time next year, Levi expects to be back in that expensive costume alongside his co-stars.

That’s the scoop from Zachary Levi to the AP. We already knew Shazam! 2 was thinking of moving forward quickly, in part because there are young actors in the main cast, and kids tend to grow up fast. Producer Peter Safran even joked that the kids may start looking as old as Levi soon.

It was already revealed in April 2019, shortly after the first movie opened, that Shazam! screenwriter Henry Gayden had been hired to write the sequel. Director David F. Sandberg was also expected to return. It sounds like just about all of the major players could return, since even some supporting stars signed five-picture deals with Warner Bros.

Last month, Zachary Levi didn’t sound sure about where his Shazam would be going after the first movie — or at least he tried to play coy. Considering the script for the sequel isn’t finished yet, he may still be mostly in the dark.

However, the first Shazam! movie gave fans some clues on where Shazam! 2 could go next, following Dr. Sivana, Mister Mind, and this cool comic storyline.

Don’t forget about Black Adam, though — not that The Rock is likely to let you.

Just recently in June, it was announced that Dwayne Johnson would be reteaming with his Jungle Cruise director Jaume Collet-Serra for The Rock’s own Black Adam movie. Johnson previously said Black Adam was planning to start filming in the first half of 2020. Johnson was a producer on Shazam!, so he’s already part of this team. It’s not clear, though, whether Shazam! 2 and Black Adam will overlap filming, or if one will change schedules, or what.

We’ll have to stay tuned for updates on both Shazam-related projects. This time next year, we should be seeing some photos from one set or another, considering that’s definitely the way Dwayne Johnson rolls.

For now, check out Zachary Levi as host of the MTV Movie & TV Awards this Monday, June 17 at 9 p.m. on MTV. And keep up with everything heading to the big screen this year with our handy 2019 movie release schedule.

Jeremy Renner’s Moving Take On Hawkeye Will Make Your Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, in every form (pet parents, you count too). All good fathers are superheroes to their families, and being a good father should be a priority over being a powerful superhero. That certainly sounds like the case for Jeremy Renner.

Jeremy Renner’s Marvel hero Hawkeye has been the butt of some jokes over the years, and the actor even sang about being “super too” on The Tonight Show.

Hawkeye was absent in Avengers: Infinity War, but had a big return in Avengers: Endgame. He got to launch the hugely popular movie with a heartbreaking scene that still makes one of the directors tear up. It’s Clint Barton with his family, right before they are victims of The Decimation. That obviously devastated the sole survivor, Clint, who took on the role of angry vigilante Ronin to work through his rage. Clint ultimately reunited with his wife and kids, marking a huge win for the entire audience.

Jeremy Renner, 48, was just at Celebrity Fan Fest in San Antonio over Father’s Day weekend, and he was asked how he most relates to Hawkeye. Here’s his answer:

True. Hawkeye is relatable that way. Jeremy Renner also talked about being a single father to his 6-year-old daughter Ava, and how staying close to her is a major consideration when he chooses new roles:

How sweet is that? Also, I could totally see him being a fantastic barista. Marvel Studios should do a pop-up coffee shop to promote the various new Disney+ series, which may include something from Hawkeye. Just an idea. Borrow some cups from Game of Thrones.

During his Celebrity Fan Fest chat (via David Lynch), Jeremy Renner also had this to say when a fan asked why he loves Marvel:

One of those ways is using a character like Hawkeye to show you can be a superhero without superpowers, you just need hard work and training — and it helps to be loyal and have a big heart.

Avengers: Endgame was a celebration of fatherhood, from Clint Barton to Tony Stark, plus co-director Joe Russo, who had his own daughter play Clint’s daughter. Robert Downey Jr. even added his famous “I love you 3000” line because it’s something he and his kids say to each other.

Avengers: Endgame is now playing in theaters, but we may see Hawkeye again in his own Disney+ series. Stay tuned for details on that, and keep up with all things MCU with our handy guide.