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Avengers: Endgame’s Pre-Sales Are Breaking Records

Tickets for Avengers: Endgame only went on sale this morning, but this is one of the most anticipated movies in years. You can be sure that means that a lot of people jumped online immediately to make sure they had their tickets for opening night. Atom Tickets says that the first hour of ticket sales for Endgame is the biggest single hour the site has ever seen, selling three times more tickets in that time than Avengers: Infinity War did last year.

While breaking the record for the first hour might not seem like a lot, it shows just how many people aren’t simply planning on being there when Endgame opens, but want to make absolutely sure they are. There are going to be so many screenings of the movie at so many theaters that getting a ticket to the movie isn’t going to be a problem, but if you want to be sure you’re at a particular showing at a particular theater, or that you get the best seat, assuming you’re looking at a reserved seat theater, then you’re not going to wait around.

The new record is that much more impressive when you take into consideration a couple of factors. Tickets went on sale so early in the morning that a decent part of the west coast was probably still asleep, or at least not at their computers, meaning that the massive increase in sales came largely from only certain areas. Those on the west coast almost certainly jumped on buying tickets as soon as they realized they were available, but they likely missed the record setting first hour.

On top of that, several of the ticket purchasing websites had, and even now are still having, some significant issues due to the influx of people trying to buy tickets all at the same time. Ticket sales likely would have been even greater if everybody who wanted to buy tickets had been able to do so more easily. That’s one area where the west coast likely benefited, since they weren’t necessarily trying to buy when the rest of the country was.

If these pre-sale numbers are predictive of the film’s overall success, and they likely are, then we could be getting ready for one of the biggest opening weekends in movie history. The entire Marvel Cinematic Universe has been building up to Avengers: Endgame and that means even if you haven’t been there opening night for every entry, you’ll want to be there for this one to see how it ends.

Avengers: Infinity War made over $2 billion around the world already, just how much better could Endgame actually do? Only three films have ever done better at the box office (in non-inflation adjusted dollars). Overcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Titanic seems quite possible, but if the movie that’s currently tracking three times better than Infinity War can do even 30% more total business, it could become the highest grossing movie ever made.

Watch Michelle Pfeiffer Go Full Catwoman By Cracking Her Batman Returns Whip

This weekend’s debut of Dumbo marked a fun collaboration between Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito and Tim Burton for the first time since 1992’s Batman Returns. The trio seriously missed out on an opportunity to include arguably most iconic element of their first united effort: Michelle Pfeiffer. The actress famously could crack a whip as Catwoman and apparently not much has changed 27 years later.

Maybe Michelle Pfeiffer was getting a bit nostalgic about her badass Batman Returns role in light of Tim Burton’s most recent movie? The actress took to her Instagram to show she still has Catwoman’s whip. Take a look:

She is Catwoman, hear her roar!! Anyone else geeking out right now? This is like the equivalent of Harrison Ford bringing out his Indiana Jones hat… or whip! It’s pretty amazing that Michelle Pfeiffer has Selina Kyle’s suave weapon-of-choice still in her possession. Though she did admit, it needed a little TLC… leading to this recent video:

Michelle Pfeiffer noted it’s “just like riding a bike” as she played around with her Catwoman whip with precision. Sarah Paulson echoed much of our sentiments as she loudly commented in all caps “MAKE ANOTHER CATWOMAN MOVIE PLEASE AND THANK YOU” after asking the actress if she could have the whip in Pfeiffer’s previous post. The 60-year-old icon clearly has still got it, and has shown her interest in reprising the role in the past. Here’s hoping DC and Tim Burton are paying attention.

Following the pop culture phenomenon Pfeiffer’s Catwoman became after Batman Returns, the character was set to have her own spinoff, though the movie written by John August (The Corpse Bride and Big Fish) didn’t get past the pitch stage. The sassy DC villain instead found her way to the big screen in 2004 with Halle Berry’s Catwoman, which is known as one of the most unfortunate pieces of comic adapted cinema to this day.

After Batman Returns, Michelle Pfeiffer was certainly a tough act to follow, considering her zany one-liners, seductive leather suit and cleverly both fun and dark portrayal of Selina Kyle. Check her out in her glory days in this scene of Batman Returns:

The actress did her own work with the whip during filming of Batman Returns and even cut down the heads of those mannequins in one take. With skills like that to whip out, Michelle Pfeiffer could have easily found a place within the circus world of Dumbo, perhaps as a villainous ringleader to team up with Michael Keaton’s Vandevere.

5 Ways Avengers: Endgame Can Wrap Up Captain America’s Story

Fans are absolutely ravenous for new information about Avengers: Endgame, and with the film set to release in just a few weeks, there isn’t much longer to wait. There’s a lot to speculate about in the blockbuster, but the fate of Captain America (Chris Evans) is one of the most popular. Endgame will make us say goodbye to some fan-favorite characters, and fans have long guessed that Cap would be one of them. It’ll be hard enough to say goodbye, and there are a number of ways Cap can make his exit.

In the absence of concrete information, fans theories have been growing like weeds for the past several months, many of them about the ultimate fate of Steve Rogers. People are clearly concerned about what’s going to happen to Cap, and we’ve come up with a few options about how Marvel and the Russo Bros. could wrap up his story and give him a real conclusion fitting of his epic status in the cinematic universe. Here are five ways Captain America’s story could end.

Avengers: Endgame Captain America intense

Cap’s Going To Die

I’ll get the most obvious and popular answer out the way. Fans have been expecting for a long time — maybe even as far back as the first Captain America movie — that Steve will die. That’s mostly because he dies (temporarily) in the comics, but Cap dying would certainly be a big way to close out his story. It would fit well into his character arc. It’s been established that Cap doesn’t feel that he can settle down and resist the call to action if he thinks that there’s something wrong in the world. It’s just the kind of guy he is, and he values the lives of others more than his own. He once tried to sacrifice himself to save the world, and it’s likely he’s prepared to do so again. How he does it, though, is a different story.

Avengers Infinity War cap holds back Thanos

Cap Sacrifices Himself To Stop Thanos

There’s a theme in Avengers: Infinity War wondering if sacrificing a life is worth it to save multiple. I think that ultimately, the answer is ‘no’ unless there’s no other option. With half the universe dead and gone, the Avengers are all out of options. One popular theory is that Cap will sacrifice himself and be killed by Thanos. The reason tends to vary, but maybe the most popular is that Cap is stalling Thanos in order to let his friends escape to fight another day. Mostly, people just want to see an iconic moment from the Infinity Gauntlet comic, in which Cap stands solo against Thanos, come to life. It’s certainly a noble end and one that perfectly suits his character. I’m of the mind that Cap won’t die until near the end, but basically anything can happen in the movie at this point.

Avengers: Endgame Captain America

He Lives And Hangs Up His Shield For Good

Rather than give Cap a hero’s death, Endgame could go in the opposite direction and see Cap live through the whole adventure. Whatever happens over the course of the three hour runtime, it convinces Steve to retire and pass off his shield to a new generation. Maybe he notices the abundance of powerful heroes ready to protect the world, and that he finally isn’t needed to set things right. Steve can take a well deserved rest and walk off into the sunset, which would leave things open for him to return one day if Chris Evans is feeling nostalgic. The problem with this ending is that it’s hard to believe that Steve could just stop being Captain America, but it all depends on his personal journey in Endgame.

Captain America Peggy Carter compass

He Gets Trapped In The Past And Marries Peggy Carter

The single most popular rumor about Endgame is that time travel will play a big part in how the Avengers defeat Thanos. No details are known about it other than what people online have pieced together through set photos. However, if time travel is involved, there’s a chance that Steve could get to return to the ’40s and live the life that he missed out on. That means reuniting with Peggy Carter and finally getting to have that last dance (I’m not crying, you are). This is a particularly popular theory because fans want to see Cap happy, and people love that romance. Plus, there has been a surprising amount of emphasis on Peggy in Endgame trailers that adds credence that she might have some kind of role. However, Cap getting a second chance with Peggy would probably break the space time continuum — not to mention the continuity of the MCU.

Avengers Endgame Captain America white suit

Cap Traps Himself In the Quantum Realm With Thanos

This one is my own personal theory about what will happen, and though there’s like a 2% chance that it does, I think it’s cool enough to include. Similar in concept to Thanos killing him, my theory is that the Avengers will trap Thanos in the Quantum Realm, and Cap and one other Avenger will stay behind to make sure he stays there. This is based on The Thanos Imperative, a comic that found Thanos teaming up with the Guardians of the Galaxy to stop an invasion from a dimension called the Cancerverse. Ultimately, it ends with a Thanos double-cross, and Star-Lord and a hero called Nova sacrifice themselves to trap Thanos in the Cancerverse. I think it’d be awesome to see the MCU adapt that ending, subbing in the Quantum Realm, which is rumored to play a role in Endgame. Not only would this be an epic sacrifice for Cap, but it would also keep him and Thanos on the board in case Marvel ever wanted to bring them back.

Endgame is such a mystery right now that it feels like almost anything can happen in this movie. That means that Cap’s fate is up in the air, and unless some kind of massive leak happens in the next few weeks, we will just have to wait to find out what happens. Chris Evans has never really confirmed or denied that this is his last round as Captain America, but it’s sure been feeling like this is goodbye. Whether Cap lives, dies or gets trapped fighting Thanos in another dimension for eternity (If I get that right, I will never shut up about it), it’s likely that this is the last that we’ll see of him for awhile, so let’s hope that he goes out with a bang!

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Green Book Is Still Hitting Box Office Milestones

A little less than a month ago, Best Picture winner Green Book crossed the $200 million milestone at the worldwide box office, racking up quite a bit of green to go with all that gold. Peter Farrelly’s film didn’t stop there though, as Tony Lip and Dr. Don Shirley continued to cruise at the box office. Now Green Book has passed another box office milestone. The winner of three Oscars, including Best Picture, has now made over $300 million worldwide.

Over this past weekend, Green Book’s impressive run pushed it over the $300 million mark, and the film’s worldwide total now stands at $304 million through Sunday, according to Deadline. The $23 million-price tagged film has earned $84.48 million of that total in North America, where it is now in its 20th week in release and still landed in the top 20 despite being available on home video.

Credit for that is in no small part due to the film’s Oscar wins and status as Best Picture. People have sought out the film that earned the industry’s highest honor, and Green Book has enjoyed the highest post-Academy Awards bump since The King’s Speech. Those golden statues aren’t just for bragging rights, they can confer real monetary benefits.

Green Book, a film about two characters traversing the American South in the 1960s, has proven especially appealing to foreign audiences, and this past weekend added another $4.5 million from the 62 overseas markets where it is playing. To date a whopping $219.6 million of the film’s $304 million box office has come from international ticket sales.

The biggest of those international markets, China, has really showed up for Green Book with $70.7 of the film’s box office coming from there alone. That’s the best performance for an original release Best Picture winner in the country, topping Titanic. The release window for Green Book has been extended in the Middle Kingdom until the end of the month so it will continue to add to its total there.

Other major contributors to Green Book’s $300 million feat are Japan with $14.6 million, France with $14 million, Germany with $13.5 million and the United Kingdom with $12.9 million. Notably, in all of those markets, the film didn’t open until 2019, while it has been out since November domestically.

So despite the various controversies surrounding the film, the divided critical reaction and the many people who were unhappy with its Best Picture win, Green Book has continued to prove the power of its crowd-pleasing narrative at the box office. Love it or hate it, Green Book is at least an Oscar movie that people actually saw.

Green Book is now available on Digital, Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD. Check out our 2019 release schedule to see all the biggest movies headed to theaters this year and stay tuned to CinemaBlend for all your movie news.

Alien Had To Change Its Terrifying Eggs To Not Resemble Lady Parts

Sci-fi has been a popular genre in filmmaking since it was first introduced, and still finds a way to captivate moviegoers. Aside from blockbusters like Star Wars and Star Trek, one of the most popular sci-fi properties also contains elements of horror: the Alien franchise. Xenomorphs have terrified generations of moviegoers, with the most recent installment being 2017’s Alien: Covenant. Every facet of the Xenomorphs are scary, even before their born. Because we all know what happens when you get too close to an alien egg.

Eggs in the Alien franchise are nearly as iconic as the full grown Xenomorphs themselves, as they’ve been known to scare audiences and take the life of various characters. Facehuggers live inside the pods, and they hatch and immediately begin thirsting for blood. But it turns out the eggs’ appearance needed to be altered for the original 1979 Ridley Scott film. According to art director Roger Christian, they originally looked a bit too much like female genitalia. As he explains it:

Well, that’s not a problem you hear about everyday. It looks like the eggs in the Aliens franchises could have looked much different than the ones that eventually became iconic and nightmare-inducing. They were actually going to resemble lady parts, so much so that it worried the film’s producers.

Roger Christian’s comments to EW show how much things change during the development stages of major blockbusters. While the Alien franchise wasn’t the beloved horror staple it is now, special care was taken to create the visuals of the sci-fi world for the first groundbreaking movie. That includes the Xenomorph eggs, and their penchant for bloody murder. But they looked too much like female genitalia, and adjustments were made at the behest of production.

What makes this story so hilarious is that Roger Christian maintains that offending religious moviegoers was less of a concern than having visuals that resembled the female form. The Xenomorph eggs must have been seriously phallic (yonic?) in order to illicit that type of strong reaction. One can only imagine the eggs looked like, and how their appearance altered the birthing of facehuggers.

The eggs have been a recurring presence in the Alien franchise, including a few years ago with Covenant. They typically bring a sense of unease to each blockbuster, as the action temporarily slows to display them in their eerie glory. But that breather usually ends tragically, as facehuggers fly out of the eggs and murder the nearest victim.

The future of the Alien franchise is unclear, as Alien: Covenant failed to deliver a box office or critically. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

How The Best Of Enemies Stands Out From All Other Civil Rights Biopics

When making a film that covers a part of history as cinematically saturated as the civil rights movement, it’s important to have a fresh angle for the audience to take in. It’s not an easy job, but when done correctly, it really makes the difference when trying to sell a film like this weekend’s The Best of Enemies. Based on the true story of the fight for school desegregation in Durham, North Carolina, this story’s unique perspective is a tried and true method that focuses more on the characters and their transformation, rather than the events themselves.

No one understands this better than the film’s stars, Taraji P. Henson and Sam Rockwell, and they said as much in their conversation with CinemaBlend, as we were on hand for The Best of Enemies’ recent press day. Sitting down with Henson and Rockwell, their feelings on just how this film stands out are pretty indicative of such an angle, as they provided the following thoughts when asked about that subject:

Respectively playing civil rights activist Ann Atwater and prominent regional leader of the Ku Klux Klan C.P. Ellis, Taraji P. Henson and Sam Rockwell are in agreement that the key detail that makes The Best of Enemies different from the various civil rights biopics that exist is the element of transformation.

While Ellis’ transformation from white supremacist to his eventual position as a labor crusader who denounces his Klan membership may be the more visible, and definitely more surprising one, there’s still a transformation that occurs on Atwater’s end. Seeing her go from a sworn enemy of C.P. Ellis to an actual friend and collaborator is the other half of the equation, which only makes the end result of The Best of Enemies all the sweeter. However, there’s another interesting discussion to be had thanks to this conversation.

Specifically, that second line of thought is in the debate over what counts as a spoiler when it comes to a movie like The Best of Enemies. As the film is an adaptation of a piece of history, rather than a whole cloth fabrication of fictional basis, but is also based on a story that’s not widely discussed, the line between spoiled or not spoiled can be somewhat blurry. This is especially true as not only is there a treasure trove of information available on this very subject in reference materials, there’s other adaptations that have told this story before the narrative film version was even in production.

Taking all of this into account, Sam Rockwell, a recent veteran of historical adaptation pictures thanks to his work on Vice and the upcoming FX series Fosse/Verdon, sounded like he was of the mind that revealing that detail about his character before people have been able to see The Best of Enemies was indeed a spoiler. However, Taraji P. Henson believes that the other side of the coin is true. She said as much during that very same conversation, as she laid out the following case for historical movies being somewhat spoiler proof:

One could say that even with the historical evidence provided, knowing that C.P. Ellis tears up his Klan card at the end of The Best of Enemies is a spoiler because it’s crucial to the story that the film is telling. But no matter which side of the argument you land on, it’s easy to agree that The Best of Enemies’ usage of the personal transformation angle is what makes it a special case when it comes to a film approaching an often covered part of history. And so long as there are stories deeply rooted in how people reacted to events such as these, then there’s still room left to tell those stories in the world of cinema.

The Best of Enemies bridges the gap between history and cinema, on April 5. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend, as we’ll have more coverage on this film throughout the week. Though if you’re looking for more true to life stories headed to theaters this year, our 2019 release calendar is there to help you decide on which stories to follow.

12 Actors Who Almost Played James Bond Over The Years

To be offered the part of James Bond is, to some, one of the most sought after gigs ever to hit a casting call. Others, past and present, have seen that offer as either a typecasting nightmare or a public relations struggle, thus making it a poison pill… figuratively speaking. Either way, if your name comes up in reference to a role so huge as 007, it tends to make the rounds whether you take it or not.

And out of the history of the men who would be Bond, there are 12 actors who are surprise choices, as well as some prime targets, that all would have brought something different to the role. But in the case of this batch of a dozen candidates, none of them were issued that infamous license to kill.

North By Northwest Cary Grant ready to drink a Manhattan

Cary Grant

Right from the beginning of recorded franchise history, there was a surprise candidate on the shortlist to play 007 that would have changed the history of the character forever. Hollywood legend Cary Grant was offered the role as casting for Dr. No was underway, thanks to the fact that he was a personal friend/best man to the producer running the show, Albert “Cubby” Broccoli. While their friendship was strong, the British born, but American citizen Grant turned down the role for one important reason that was mentioned in The Guardian’s confirmation of this iconic story: at 58 years old, Cary Grant thought he had aged out of the part. Sean Connery was then cast, and the rest became history.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Sally Ann Howes and Dick Van Dyke holding each other in front of Benny Hill

Dick Van Dyke

When Sean Connery left the role of James Bond for the first time, after 1967’s You Only Live Twice, a lot of candidates were vetted to take over the role, including a young Timothy Dalton. But while Dalton’s youth seemed to be the stumbling block that prevented him from taking the job, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang star Dick Van Dyke didn’t get the leading role in another Ian Fleming adaptation because of his controversial English accent. According to knowledge that came out of an appearance on Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show, via Yahoo, Van Dyke’s work on that very film was what interested Albert Broccoli in asking him if he’d wanted the role. But that offer quickly passed, as Dick Van Dyke asked him if he’d remembered his accent from Mary Poppins, and the offer was rescinded as quickly as it was made. Though, at the very least, Van Dyke did eventually apologize at the BAFTAs for the whole accent situation.

Dirty Harry Clint Eastwood pointing his gun off camera

Clint Eastwood

If there was an American who could have taken the mantle of James Bond and been believable in the process, Clint Eastwood is one of the few who could have done it. During the hunt that eventually delivered George Lazenby into the lead for On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Eastwood’s name came up in the proceedings as his lawyer also represented series mastermind Broccoli. Even in the face of an offer that gave him the hottest ticket in town, and, according to The Telegraph, a pretty lucrative pay day, the acting/directing powerhouse couldn’t bring himself to accept because it didn’t feel right. Considering how unforgettable Sean Connery was in the role, even to Clint Eastwood himself in that very moment, one can’t fault him for passing.

Dan August Burt Reynolds sitting in his office, with an open collar

Burt Reynolds

Just as Burt Reynolds admitted in his autobiography that Sally Field was the one that got away in his romantic life, the Smokey and The Bandit actor fully admits that he also let his chance to be 007 slip through his fingers as well. Though, via USA Today’s coverage of that book, But Enough About Me, the late actor admitted that he passed up on the role merely because he didn’t think the moviegoing public would believe him as Bond, James Bond. Being offered the role around the time he played detective Dan August on TV, Reynolds turned down the chance to play the lead in Diamonds Are Forever. While this eventually allowed Sean Connery to return a second and final time to the franchise proper, Burt Reynolds felt that in retrospect, he could have done a hell of a job in the position.

The Amityville Horror James Brolin looking a little concerned in a bedroom

James Brolin

This is the closest we’ve ever come to having an American playing the role of James Bond, as The Amityville Horror star James Brolin was pretty much cast as James Bond during a crucial phase in his 1980s history. The actor was screen tested for 1983’s Octopussy, when Roger Moore looked to be exiting the series in favor of new opportunities, and pretty much had the part. However, as Den Of Geek pointed out, the production of a rival Bond remake starring Sean Connery, and the recent financial woes MGM and United Artists ran into, both influenced the studio to win Moore back to his record setting job. So just as Brolin was getting ready to relocate to England full time, it all fell apart, leaving him to move onto one of his most famous roles: Peter McDermott, the general manager of the St. Gregory hotel, on the popular TV series Hotel.

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Mel Gibson stands defiant in front of the children

Mel Gibson

While 1983’s Octopussy brought Roger Moore back to the table for two more James Bond films, 1985’s A View to a Kill would eventually mark the man’s official departure from the role. And around that time in movie history, a young Australian actor by the name of Mel Gibson was making a name for himself by starring in the Mad Max series of films. His work in that trilogy undoubtedly helped MGM come around to offering him the role, just in time for The Living Daylights to get underway, but Gibson was unphased by this potential job offering. Per coverage of an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, via Express, the man who would eventually shift over to films like Lethal Weapon said he rejected the idea because he wasn’t at all interested. Which was better off for the studio, because Albert Broccoli was not convinced he’d be a good fit, and the role eventually opened up for Timothy Dalton to finally claim it.

Reilly Ace of Spies Sam Neill dressed in a white tie tuxedo, half smiling in a parlor

Sam Neill

Getting Timothy Dalton into the role of James Bond wasn’t as easy or certain as you’d think, as not only did he have to wait a while after first turning down starring in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (he felt he was too young for the role at the time), but he also was a part of a pretty wide net cast for The Living Daylights. That net not only included Mel Gibson, but also Jurassic Park’s Sam Neill, who was apparently bullied into screen testing for the film by his agent. At least, that’s what his remarks to The Telegraph said at the time he admitted to it. The screen test footage did eventually see the light of day, but not until after the settlement of a mini-crisis involving that clip not being fully cleared for usage before being included on the initial DVD release of The Living Daylights.

The English Patient Ralph Fiennes writing in his journal in the desert

Ralph Fiennes

As the legal battle over the James Bond series flared up yet again in the late ’80s, the delay between License To Kill and what would have been Timothy Dalton’s third Bond film eventually lead to the actor’s contract expiring without any attempt at renewal. Once the dust had settled and it was time to bring 007 into a post-Cold War world, Goldeneye was the name of the film that would make an actor the lucky spy to update the series. Believe it or not, we almost had actor Ralph Fiennes playing the role, as he admitted in an interview in Seven Magazine, via The Telegraph, that he was approached by the series’ producers. Ultimately, Fiennes wasn’t up to committing to a franchise, and he felt that the people in charge of the series were more stuck on Pierce Brosnan than anyone else. While he wasn’t too attached to Bond, Ralph Fiennes would eventually land a role that he’s still covetous of to this very day, Voldemort in the Harry Potter franchise. Still, he is the current M in the Daniel Craig era of films, so you could say that this was fate.

Down With Love Ewan McGregor lounging in a sharp tuxedo

Ewan McGregor

If there’s anything the James Bond series has taught fans, it’s that if you don’t retire from the role, a big rift in history will do the job for you. That’s how Pierce Brosnan ended up vacating the franchise, as once Die Another Day was released, he would eventually find himself replaced, with a new round of recasting up and running. And a lot of names were considered to be James Bond in the run-up to Casino Royale, with Ewan McGregor factoring in pretty chiefly among them. Of course, were it not for his performance as Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars universe, he might not have felt typecast and would have taken the role. Though in more recent times, McGregor has admitted that if he were to ever be considered again, he’d be more inclined to take the part and run.

X-Men Hugh Jackman shirtless in the hallway leading to Cerebro

Hugh Jackman

Another pretty big name in the Casino Royale derby was the incomparable Hugh Jackman, of X-Men and The Greatest Showman fame. As the story he told Variety goes, his agent asked him if he’d want to be considered for the role, which was being recast around the same time that X-Men 2: X-Men United was about to go into production. Not a fan of the stories the James Bond series was running at the time, Jackman passed because he felt something edgier would have been his bag, and having another involved franchise on his plate would have complicated his schedule even more. So before it got too hot, Hugh Jackman politely declined, ironically just as the Bond series was about to reboot itself in that dark and edgy tone he probably would have said yes to.

The Bourne Supremacy Karl Urban walking through a street market incognito

Karl Urban

New Zealand native Karl Urban falls into a boat similar to that of American candidate James Brolin before him, as fate had other ideas when it came to his consideration for the role of James Bond. Only this time, as Urban told, it was because of a prior engagement that he didn’t land the role of Casino Royale. While he met with the producers of the series, and things went rather well in that respect, all that was missing was one final screen test to seal the deal. And that deal was definitely not sealed, because Karl Urban’s filming schedule at the time prevented that screen test from happening. But as surprising as Urban’s name is on the short list, there’s one pretty big name that got to the final four, only to see Daniel Craig win out overall.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Henry Cavill spotting a target in night time Berlin

Henry Cavill

Still a couple years out from his career boosting role on Showtime’s The Tudors, as well as playing a very Bond-like figure in The Man From U.N.C.L.E., a then-22-year-old Henry Cavill was part of the final screen tests that would decide who got to star in Casino Royale back in 2005. Listed among Daniel Craig, Goran Visnjic and Sam Worthington in the BBC’s coverage of the event, Cavill’s rejection story is quite simple when compared to all the others that we’ve covered previously. He simply wasn’t selected in the field that included Craig’s candidacy, which left him open for other opportunities in franchise like the DC Extended Universe and the Mission: Impossible series. Though another lesson that we’ve learned from the Bond franchise is, quite simply, never say never.

Henry Cavill has expressed interest and enthusiasm about potentially becoming James Bond, while cooly rounding off the rumors that continue to dog him as saying he doesn’t know what’s in store for the series after Daniel Craig’s departure. He certainly wouldn’t be the first person to get a second bite at the apple, with the potential to win overall, so we won’t count him out of the race just yet.

For now though, we’ll have Daniel Craig’s supposedly final James Bond film to look forward to, as Bond 25 is currently in production and set for an April 8, 2020 release date.

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