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Star Wars Reveals The Plot And TItle Of Jon Favreau’s Live Action Series

Star Wars made big news back in 2017 with the announcement that a live-action series set in that galaxy far, far away was finally happening despite signs for many years seeming to indicate that such a thing would never happen. Fans had reason to be optimistic once news broke that Jon Favreau would helm the live-action series, and Favreau has now announced the plot and title of the project. Prepare yourself for something epic and take a look!

The live-action show will be The Mandalorian! Star Wars may have never gotten that Boba Fett standalone movie to provide more canon information on the Mandalorians, but Jon Favreau will provide in the form of the live-action series! Notably, the plot of The Mandalorian (as shared by Favreau on Instagram) seems set after the time of both Jango and Boba Fett, so it won’t whet the appetite of any who wanted more Boba Fett above all else. For the rest of us, there are a lot of reasons to be excited!

Interestingly, the new show’s setting will place it between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, meaning that some of the action of The Mandalorian could go down concurrently with some of the action of new animated series Star Wars Resistance. The only downside of the new plot description is that it’s short on any details about who this lone gunfighter will be. Star Wars Rebels fans are already undoubtedly hoping that this character will be related to Sabine Wren in some form or other.

Sabine is arguably the most prominent Mandalorian in current Star Wars canon thanks to her key role on all four seasons of Rebels, and her arc helped established why there are no Mandalorians other than Boba Fett in the original trilogy. Could she be the first Rebels original character to appear in live action? We do know that she survived at least to the end of Return of the Jedi. Whatever happens in the new series, it will reportedly cost a lot of money.

Back in August, news broke that the live-action Star Wars series would cost around $100 million for a grand total of ten episodes. It is slated for release on the Disney streaming service, so that $100 million price tag is for a kind of Disney project that hasn’t really been done before, and the Marvel shows are likely to be pricy as well. We can only hope that the big budget for The Mandalorian results in a truly epic series the likes of which has never been seen before!

Only time will tell. Unfortunately, Jon Favreau did not share even a release window for the new live-action series. There’s still no saying around when The Mandalorian will be available streaming. Given that the streaming service itself doesn’t have a premiere date just yet, we may not want to perch on the edges of our seats waiting for The Mandalorian just yet. At least Star Wars Resistance can provide a Star Wars fix, even if it will undoubtedly be very different from Jon Favreau’s upcoming series. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest in Star Wars news.

Rihanna Is Here to Convince You That Blue Highlighter Actually Looks Amazing

Fenty Beauty is dropping products so quickly, it’s impossible to keep up. After surprising fans with four new shades of Stunna Lip Paint, the brand just announced its new-new for the holidays, and—well—it’s a doozy. Fenty is releasing its first highlighter palette.

Last night, Rihanna made an appearance in Sydney, Australia where she revealed the first (in what’s sure to be much more to come) of Fenty’s #\CHILLOWT holiday collection. The seven-pan palette includes just about every shade of highlighter under the rainbow, which we mean quite literally. The Killawatt Foil Palette contains metallic purple, pink, white, red, orange, bronze, and blue (yep) options available to aid in your glow-up. And, like all of Fenty’s products, they can be used pretty much however you deem fit.

Fans, as you can imagine, have been going rightly bonkers over it online. “OH HELL YES!!! THIS IS GOING TO BE MINE,” one user commented on Instagram. “Ri Ri really out her got me buying more highlighter ok goodbye wig, goodbye bank account,” shared another.

The palette is launching at midnight on October 4 (so basically tonight) for anyone who lives in Australia or New Zealand. The rest of us have to wait until October 12 when it start rolling out in Sephora stores in the U.S. and online. According to the brand, this is only just the beginning from the collection. So buckle up, Rih-mas is looking good this year.

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Someone Gave Meghan Markle a Drawing of Her Dog Toppling the Patriarchy

What do you get for the duchess and women’s rights activist who has everything? Why, a painting of her dog toppling the patriarchy, of course!

During their visit to Sussex on Wednesday (October 3), Meghan Markle and Prince Harry stopped by the Survivors’ Network, a charity that works to support sexual assault survivors. While they were meeting with the group, someone gifted the duchess of Sussex with a drawing of her own dog doing his part to stand up for women’s rights.

The picture, which was created by artist Henry James Garrett (who goes as @DrawingsOfDogs on social media), features a black-and-white moment of someone asking a dog, “Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy?” and the dog responding, “A boy who makes an effort to dismantle the patriarchy (whilst keeping in mind intersections with other forms of oppression).” Classic.

The work is done in a similar style to a piece called Patriarchy Boy in Garrett’s permanent collection, but for the version he gave Markle, he drew the dog to look like her beagle, Guy. “The wonderful @SurvivorsnetBtn asked me if I could do drawing for them to gift to Meghan and Harry during their visit today. So I drew Meghan’s beagle Guy talking about dismantling the patriarchy,” he wrote on Twitter. “A couple of weeks ago, they told me that the duke and duchess of Sussex were coming to visit and that they’d like my help in giving them a gift,” he told Marie Claire. “I decided to customize my ‘Patriarchy Boy’ drawing. I redrew it to feature Meghan’s rescue dog, Guy. We also [gave] them two of my empathy pins.”

When Markle received the gift, she laughed out loud, obviously. See the cute moment, below:

Meghan Markle Got a Drawing That Made Her Laugh Out Loud 1

PHOTO: WPA Pool/Getty Images

Meghan Markle Got a Drawing That Made Her Laugh Out Loud 2

PHOTO: WPA Pool/Getty Images

Meghan Markle Got a Drawing That Made Her Laugh Out Loud 3

PHOTO: WPA Pool/Getty Images

If you want to get your hands on a version of the work, it’s available online, and £5 of each sale are donated to Survivors’ Network Brighton.

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Barack Obama Celebrates 26 Years of Marriage to Michelle Obama With a Sweet Instagram Post

After two children, two terms in the White House (and a whole lot of stuff in between), and two years of political retirement, former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama are celebrating their 26th wedding anniversary.

On Wednesday, Obama marked the impressive occasion with a loving tribute on Instagram. “Happy Anniversary, @MichelleObama. For 26 years, you’ve been an extraordinary partner, someone who can always make me laugh, and my favorite person to see the world with,” he wrote alongside an artistic photo of his wife staring out the window of an airplane.

Michelle took to Twitter to reply to the post, writing, “Thank you @barackobama for 26+ years of love, trust, and respect – for being a man who always lifts up and honors me and our wonderful girls. Each day I’m with you, I’m reminded of what a treasure you truly are to us all.”

Earlier this year, the former First Lady shared a never-before-seen photo from their 1992 wedding, giving fans some insight into what their big day was really like. “You can’t tell it from this photo, but Barack woke up on our wedding day in October, 1992 with a nasty head cold,” shared in the caption. “Somehow, by the time I met him at the altar, it had miraculously disappeared and we ended up dancing almost all night. Twenty five years later, we’re still having fun, while also doing the hard work to build our partnership and support each other as individuals. I can’t imagine going on this wild ride with anybody else.”

For his 57th birthday on August 4, she posted a photo similar to the one that Obama shared for their anniversary, which showed the former president staring off into a valley alongside the caption, “Happy birthday @BarackObama! The view is always better with you.”

And on this day, last year, she wrote, “Happy 25th anniversary @barackobama. A quarter of a century later, you’re still my best friend & the most extraordinary man I know. I 💕 you.”

After 26 years together, their love story is truly one for the books. The couple met in Chicago in 1989, and their first date was apparently a very, very good one. “We clicked right away…by the end of the date, it was over…I was sold,” Michelle said of the day-long outing, which included a picnic, long walk, tour of the Art Institute, Baskin-Robbins ice cream, and a movie. After two years, Barack proposed while they were out to dinner celebrating finishing the bar exam.

“And he got me into one of these discussions again, where, you know, he sort of just led me down there and got fired up and it’s like you’ve got blah blah blah blah, and then dessert comes out, the tray comes out, and there’s a ring!” Michelle told The New Yorker.

The rest, as they say, is (literal) history.

Mischa Barton Is Joining *The Hills* Revival, and It Feels Like 2005 Again

Mischa Barton, known best for the aughts-defining TV show The O.C., is now jumping over to another iconic franchise.

According to a press release, Barton will be one of the stars of MTV’s upcoming The Hills revival, joining original cast members Audrina Patridge, Brody Jenner, Frankie Delgado, Heidi Pratt, Jason Wahler, Justin “Bobby” Brescia, Spencer Pratt, Stephanie Pratt, and Whitney Port. (Sorry, but your favs Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari won’t be appearing at all, owing to separate reasons.) As MTV is only indulging us with a standard casting announcement, who knows what trouble she’ll get into when filming begins—maybe she’ll appear as a ghost and materialize in front of Summer! Oh wait, wrong show.

And speaking of The O.C., that cult-favorite Fox series, which starred Barton, Rachel Bilson, Ben McKenzie, and Adam Brody, actually served as inspiration for Laguna Beach, The Hills‘ suburban, high school-dwelling predecessor, according to People. Thus, the addition of Barton to the cast of The Hills reboot is a fitting tribute to everyone’s original favorite seaside teen drama.

The Hills: New Beginnings, the latest in TV’s constant churning of recycled nostalgia content, kind of makes sense as a next step for Barton, as well: As Page Six notes, she’s been fraternizing with many of the show’s core players for well over a decade, which eliminates the “new kid in town” vibes that may linger for the first few episodes. Now, get ready, California; here she comes! It really does feel like 2005 again. Hopefully, this reboot comes equipped with T-mobile Sidekicks, Juicy tracksuits, and countless trips to the Kitson boutique in Beverly Hills.

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Kate Hudson’s Baby Girl Has Arrived, and the Inspiration for Her Name Is So Sweet

Congrats are in order for Kate Hudson! The actress announced the birth of her daughter on her Instagram on Thursday afternoon, October 3, with the caption: “She’s here.” In the post she writes, “Everyone is doing well and happy as can be. Our family thanks you for all the love and blessings that have been sent our way and we send ours right back.”

The little girl, born on October 2, is the first child for Hudson and her boyfriend, Danny Fujikawa. She’s also mom to two sons—Ryder and Bing—from previous relationships. And it seems that the actress and Fujikawa had family in mind when deciding on their daughter’s name: Rani Rose Hudson Fujikawa.

“We have decided to name our daughter Rani (pronounced Ronnie) after her grandfather, Ron Fujikawsa,” Hudson writes. “Ron was the most special man who we all miss dearly. To name her after him is an honor.”

See the full post, below:

Hudson first announced her third pregnancy and that she was having a girl on social media via a video with many pink balloons. She also confessed in the post that she’d been suffering from morning sickness.

“SURPRISE!!!,” she wrote. “If you’ve wondered why I’ve been so absent on my social channels it’s because I have never been more sick! It was the most sick first trimester of all my children…We have been trying to keep this pregnancy under the radar for as long as possible but I’m a poppin now! And it’s too darn challenging to hide, and frankly hiding is more exhausting then just coming out with it! My kids, Danny, myself and the entire family are crazy excited! A little girl on the way 💕”

And since the announcement, she’s been taking followers along on her pregnancy journey—from family vacations and baby showers to workouts and trips to The Ellen Degeneres Show with her mom, Goldie Hawn, to promote their Fabletics collaboration.

Congrats to the family on the birth of baby Rani Rose!

Why Your Squash Tastes Better Than It Used To

MATT Weingarten is the lucky kind of chef who gets to spend time outside the kitchen, on the farms that supply his produce. One day this summer, Mr. Weingarten, chief culinary officer for the Northeastern fast-casual chain Dig Inn, lingered over a harvest of beautiful baby lettuces, some with ruffled leaves, others speckled with crimson and plum. One was sweet, almost succulent; another had a citrusy edge. On the spot, he dreamed up a wedge salad with at least three different varieties, the heads halved or quartered “so that they looked like little jewels” and topped with a buttermilk-herb dressing. “It’s a dish that…

Everything We Know About Outlander Season 4 So Far

“As you know, we have a term called ‘Droughtlander’—I think two days [after season three ended] people started agonizing when the new season was coming,” executive producer Matthew B. Roberts told me and a group of journalists during a visit to the Outlander set earlier this year. “People want it, which is great, and the more they want it, the more we want to deliver bigger and, I guess, better episodes.”

In other words, Droughtlander is a necessary evil if fans want the high quality (and highly entertaining) show they’re accustomed to. And after visiting the studios in Glasgow, Scotland, I can tell you this: It’ll be worth the wait once the series returns on Sunday, November 4.

Season four ups the ante as Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) forge a new life in colonial North Carolina. Naturally, this adventure comes with a lineup of new characters, stunning scenery, and, yes, sexy times. Here’s a spoiler-free breakdown of everything I know—so far—about the new season of Outlander.

There will be a lot more of Brianna and Roger.

Last season Claire went back through the stones to reunite with Jamie, but her decision came with a sacrifice: She left their daughter, Brianna, behind in 1960s Boston. Season four will show Brianna dealing with her mother’s absence—and turning to family friend Roger for help.

“She’s essentially become an orphan,” Sophie Skelton, who plays Brianna, explains. “She went from having two parents, to one, to three, and now she’s left with nothing. She doesn’t know where Claire is, if she’s OK, if she found Jamie, if she even went to the right time period. Roger is the one person who can understand that, so it brings them a lot closer.”

Outlander Season 4 2018

PHOTO: Aimee Spinks

Richard Rankin, who plays Roger, says this will reveal a side of the good-natured Scot we haven’t seen yet. “He’s still the historian he was, but different events unfold for him,” he explains. “A lot of them orientated around Brianna, a lot of them not. Which is nice because you haven’t really seen Roger without Brianna, or at least thinking about her, or pining after her, or just generally being madly in love with her. Season four is a completely different beast for Roger, for all of the characters. The scope of the story really opens up. It becomes a much grander, much bigger adventure. I think the stakes are high.”

You’ll also see Jamie finding new ways to connect to Brianna.

Of course Claire misses her daughter, but this season will also go deeper into Jamie’s feelings about Brianna. “When we started the season, I really wanted it to be a love letter to Brianna,” Heughan says.

Outlander Season 4 2018

PHOTO: Aimee Spinks

“The only way he can get close to her is by almost forging this country into a sort of safe place for her, that when she grows up, it’s a good place to be. He’s sort of planting the seeds of America. He’s one of the first forefathers of America, and he’s doing it for her. And that’s nice, that he has that connection.”

A new character, Jocasta, enters the picture.

After Jamie and Claire land in colonial America, they travel to North Carolina, where Jamie’s aunt, Jocasta, has settled. “[Meeting Jocasta is] a really important moment [for Jamie],” Heughan says. “Jamie’s mother and father have always been a very strong presence in his mind, and in his life, so for him to meet his last relative—and that she looks and sounds so much like his mother—is really big for him.”

Outlander Season 4 2018

PHOTO: Aimee Spinks

Their reunion doesn’t come without some complications, though. Maria Doyle Kennedy, who plays Jocasta, describes her as “a woman who is clearly nobody’s fool, she doesn’t suffer fools gladly, although she sees them everywhere.” She’s a formidable person, somebody who is used to running the show. So, in other words, a true match for independent Claire. Though they don’t always share the same views of the world, “she can’t help but be attracted to this incredibly opinionated and empowered woman. She doesn’t meet women like that.”

Another new addition: Introducing Stephen Bonnet.

I won’t say too much about Bonnet, because spoilers, so just know that Ed Speleers will be playing the Irishman. “He’s a tricky man,” the actor says.

VIP Launch Party Of Brigadiers, JKS Restaurants

PHOTO: David M. Benett

“There’s a lot of levels to him, a lot of layers. I think he has a very particular view on the world. Whether that’s due to circumstance, whether that’s due to nature, nurture, all of this—what actually he’s really about, who he really is, will all be unraveled all in good time.”

You’ll be surprised how well Scotland fills in for North Carolina.

Rather than move the cast and crew for season four, the Outlander team decided to continue filming at its Glasgow studio. Roberts says he flew to North Carolina and drove across the countryside to see the Blue Ridge mountains for himself, to ensure accuracy. Turns out the two landscapes were more similar than many would think.

“I’ve taken a few pictures in North Carolina and I’ve taken pictures [in Scotland], and I play a little game on Instagram where I’ll say, ‘Where am I?'” Roberts tells me. “Many of our North Carolina fans will say, ‘You are absolutely in North Carolina, and I’ll be somewhere in the Trossachs.'”

Heughan says he also traveled to North Carolina on Diana Gabaldon’s advice: “It was just remarkable how similar it was [to Scotland]. You just realize that’s why the Scots, when they immigrated to America, settled there. Because it really does feel the same.”

Experts were brought in to help develop the Native American characters.

“When I was in North Carolina, I met with the Cherokee, the Eastern Band of the Cherokee,” Roberts says. “We [later] signed them on to be consultants. As much as humanly possible, we’re trying to be accurate to that culture. And [we plan to] do the same with the Mohawk. We will tell the story as best we can: historically accurate.”

Outlander Season 4 2018

PHOTO: Mark Mainz

That effort also included casting First Nation and Native American actors and bringing them to Scotland to film. “Hollywood has not always portrayed the American Indian in the most sensitive fashion,” Roberts explains. “We will tell as much of the truth as we can and be sensitive to it.”

Oh, and there’s another new character…

Those who’ve read the Outlander books will be excited to know that Rollo, Ian’s wolf-hybrid pet, will be in the mix this season. “I love him so much,” John Bell, who plays Young Ian, says of his new companion.

Outlander Season 4 2018

PHOTO: Aimee Spinks

“He’s the coolest companion to have because everybody loves him, you know? [Rollo and Ian] come as a pair.”

A recurring theme this season: home.

“This season is really about establishing a home and family,” Heughan says. “For Jamie, it’s all about that. He’s arrived in America and finally has all of the people around him that he loves. It’s a great opportunity for him.”

Roberts echoes this, saying: “This season we’re focusing on home—what home means to people, what family means to people. Jamie and Claire, over the course of their 200-year relationship, haven’t really had a home. They’ve always been trying to find that place to stay.” Even Jamie’s family home, Lollybroch, was never really his and Claire’s. So this will be their first chance to find and build a home of their own.

Outlander Season 4 2018

PHOTO: Mark Mainz

The fact that it’s in America is even more important to Jamie and Claire. “Obviously Claire has a very emotional connection with America,” Balfe says. “That’s where she raised her daughter, it’s where her daughter was born. And that’s something that really makes her want to stay there.”

Outlander returns to Starz on Sunday, November 4.

Photos courtesy of Starz. Quotes have been edited and condensed for clarity.

Connie Chung Reveals She Was Sexually Assaulted in a Letter to Christine Blasey Ford

In a powerful op-ed in The Washington Post framed as a letter to Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser Christine Blasey Ford, journalist Connie Chung reveals that she is a victim of sexual assault.

“I, too, was sexually assaulted—not 36 years ago but about 50 years ago,” Chung writes. “I have kept my dirty little secret to myself. Silence for five decades.”

She says the abuser was her family’s trusted doctor, the man who had delivered her as a baby in 1946. Much like Ford’s recollection before the Senate Judiciary Committee, the exact time and date may not be clear in her memory, but Chung writes with certainty about who assaulted her.

“It was the 1960s. I was in college. The sexual revolution was in full swing. The exact date and year are fuzzy. But details of the event are vivid—forever seared in my memory. Am I sure who did it? Oh yes, 100 percent.”

Similarly, Ford told the committee of her certainty about Kavanaugh when asked by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D–Calif.) how she was sure it was him. “The same way that I’m sure that I’m talking to you right now,” Ford said.

The details Chung describes in the piece are painful to read (and may be triggering to some). She visited her doctor to secure birth control and found herself on his examination table awaiting her first gynecological exam.

“While I stared at the ceiling, his right index finger massaged my clitoris. With his right middle finger inserted in my vagina, he moved both fingers rhythmically. He coached me verbally in a soft voice, ‘Just breathe. Ah-ah,’ mimicking the sound of soft breathing. ‘You’re doing fine,’ he assured me. Suddenly, to my shock, I had an orgasm for the first time in my life. My body jerked several times. Then he leaned over, kissed me, a peck on my lips, and slipped behind the curtain to his office area. I don’t remember saying anything to him. I could not even look at him. I quickly dressed and drove home.”

Chung thinks she may have told one of her sisters, but did not tell her parents or report the doctor to authorities. “It never crossed my mind to protect other women. Please understand, I was actually embarrassed about my sexual naïveté,” she writes. “I was in my twenties and knew nothing about sex. All I wanted to do was bury the incident in my mind and protect my family.”

In another heartbreaking detail (and an added layer to why some women don’t report assault), she says that her mother could neither read nor write in English—and she could not drive. (Her parents emigrated from China the year before she was born.) So that she did not have to return to the doctor’s office, Chung told her mother he lived too far away. She eventually told her husband, but doesn’t recall exactly when.

Like Ford, she says she is “terrified” about making this public revelation. “I can’t sleep. I can’t eat. Can you?” she asks. “If you can’t, I understand. I am frightened, I am scared, I can’t even cry.”

“I wish I could forget this truthful event, but I cannot because it is the truth. I am writing to you because I know that exact dates, exact years are insignificant. We remember exactly what happened to us and who did it to us. We remember the truth forever. Bravo, Christine, for telling the truth.”

Bravo, to you both.

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