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Ariana Grande Just Shut Down People Who Say She’s ‘Milking’ Mac Miller’s Death

Ariana Grande has had a year filled with highs and lows: Following her split with rapper Mac Miller, she began dating, got several tattoos with, and then was quickly engaged to Saturday Night Life cast member Pete Davidson. The two, however, broke up in mid-October shortly after the death of Miller. Grande has intermittently posted about Miller since his passing, a sign she’s thinking of him and working through her grief over his unexpected death.

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But Grande being Grande, practically anything she posts on social media makes headlines—and her posts about Miller have been no exception. Most of Grande’s Twitter followers are fans who give their support and love, but there are, of course, a few bad eggs that think it’s appropriate to question whether her posts about Miller are genuine. It even got to the point over Thanksgiving weekend that Grande had to defender herself against them.

On Thanksgiving one user posted “She milkin this shit bruh,” along with a Complex story about a Miller tribute Grande had shared on her Instagram stories that day.

Grande saw this comment—and followed it up with a beautiful response: “i pray you never have to deal with anything like this ever and i’m sending you peace and love,” she wrote.

She then followed it up with a string of tweets urging people not to use Twitter to spread hate. “some of the shit i read on here makes me sick to my stomach. it scares me the way some people think and i don’t like this world a lot of the time. if only we could be more compassionate and gentle with one another. that’d be sick,” she wrote, adding, “like fuck” to emphasize her point.

She also got some love from Halsey: “ari the world could only dream of being as compassionate and gentle as you. and since ur being, as always, so classy and nice, allow me the honor of telling them to shut the fuck up,” the singer wrote.

Grande finished by reminding everyone that however she chooses to grieve is absolutely fine. “everything i feel is valid and safe. everything i do is genuine and honest. there is no right or wrong during this period,” she wrote.

True to Ari form, she signed off by keeping it positive: “sending u all a shit ton of love,” then adding “peace.”

Props to Grande for sending some much-needed positivity back into the world, even when the trolls are trolling.

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Will The Walking Dead’s Anne Be In Rick Grimes’ Movies?

Rick Grimes’ recent exit from The Walking Dead was only partly sad, as it was quickly followed by the announcement that Andrew Lincoln’s character would return in TV films based within the show’s universe. While Lincoln is going to be a part of that ride, other actors and actresses like Pollyanna McIntosh (Anne/Jadis) are still in the dark as to whether they’ll be involved. McIntosh shared what she knows about the films, and gave a timeline regarding when she’ll know if she’ll appear.

Pollyanna McIntosh doesn’t know whether or not she’ll be in The Walking Dead films, but told TV Guide she probably isn’t if she doesn’t hear something by the year’s end. The actress confirmed she hasn’t been contacted by anyone just yet, despite the possibility that her character Anne could be around in the next chapter of Rick’s adventure. Anne was responsible for Rick’s helicopter rescue in his Season 9 exit and went with him into the unknown.

Pollyanna McIntosh also revealed she didn’t believe the scripts for The Walking Dead movies were complete. The actress revealed she’s not the only one in The Walking Dead family curious as to what’s going on, which may mean no one has been locked down beyond Andrew Lincoln. With that said, it would make sense that those most-connected to Rick Grimes at the time of his exit stand the greatest chance of appearing.

Anne’s role in the escape would seemingly be evidence enough that she will appear in a future Rick adventure in The Walking Dead film universe, but it’s more complicated than that. The folks that rescued the duo warned Anne there would “be consequences” for her actions, which could mean a punishment that keeps her out of the story. Depending on how extreme this group is, we might have a brutal character exit in store for Pollyanna McIntosh’s character.

Regardless of what’s in store for her character in the franchise’s future, Pollyanna McIntosh is grateful for the run she’s had on The Walking Dead thus far. After all, only a select few characters on The Walking Dead have gotten to exit on the terms her character did.

The Walking Dead is gearing up for its Season 9 midseason finale, which airs on AMC Sunday, November 25 at 9 p.m. ET. Fans looking for something else to get into can see what is coming to television in our fall premiere guide, or get a jump on what’s premiering in 2019 with our midseason premiere guide.

Sony Reportedly Banned A PS4 User For A Cultural Misunderstanding

Sony has been attempting to clean up its userbase by removing inappropriate names, deleting accounts with offensive names, and aiming to make the PlayStation Network a more wholesome place overall. Well, one gamer was on the receiving end of Sony’s clean-up efforts, only for Sony to reportedly realize they made a huge mistake.

In a Reddit post, a PlayStation 4 gamer named Enrique Perez went through a rather detailed story of how he was permanently banned from the PlayStation Network for having an inappropriate username, a name that is considered an offensive slur in the United States. In reality, Perez’s user ID — “Kike_0615” — was actually a shorthand for “Enrique,” and a nickname commonly used in Mexico, pronounced “kee-kay.” However the PlayStation staff assumed it was a slur against the Jewish community and promptly banned Perez’s account.

Enrique Perez said he had his account for more than a year after purchasing a PlayStation 4 and signing up with the PlayStation Network. However, he was contacted out of the blue one day, only to be informed that his account was no longer active due to an inappropriate screen name.

Perez attempted to get in contact with Sony support staff, but they told him that there was nothing that he could do. But in a couple of months the new PSN ID service would be in effect that would allow users to change their user ID names.

Now typically this wouldn’t seem so bad, but a much bigger issue is that when they banned Perez’s PSN ID, blocking him from accessing it, it also blocked him from accessing all of the games associated with that ID. And since the majority of the games he purchased were digital, it meant that he could no longer access the games he paid for.

This is typically what happens when an account with digital games purchased on them gets deactivated or banned. This has also happened to some EA Origin accounts, where the user is banned and they lose access to all of their games.

This has been one of the biggest criticisms of the all-digital future that companies like Microsoft were touting for systems like the Xbox One. Except, in this case, it was a PS4 owner and his PSN ID that got hit.

On the upside, after his story on Reddit went viral, Sony finally reached out to Perez and apologized for banning him without first reaching out. They ultimately found out that the PSN ID he had chosen was indeed not intended to be a slur, but that it was actually a commonly used nickname in Latin America, which is short for “Enrique.” The cultural misunderstanding resulted in Perez initially being banned, but in an updated Reddit post Perez informed the community that Sony was kind enough to restore his account and his games, as well as invited him into the beta for the PSN ID name change program.

According to Perez, he has plans on making good on his beta invite so that he can change his user ID to something that isn’t offensive in any language or culture. Perez says he learned his lesson and will attempt to avoid offending anyone in the future.

Super Mario Odyssey Adds Holiday Outfits, And More

After celebrating the one-year anniversary of Super Mario Odyssey with a little dancing routine, Nintendo decided to also celebrate the holiday season by adding some cheerful Christmas gear to get gamers in the holiday spirit. They also added a few other accessories and outfits you might want to get your hands on.

Shacknews is reporting that right now you can get some brand new outfits in Super Mario Odyssey. The first outfit is an 8-bit throwback Mario skin from Super Mario Bros., for the Nintendo Entertainment System from back in the 1980s. Except, instead of being a blob of digitized blocks based on hand-drawn sprite-art, he’s a blob of digitized voxels formed together to look like hand-drawn sprites.

You’ll probably instantly draw parallels to Mojang‘s Minecraft given the way Mario is designed, even though technically the characters in Minecraft actually have fewer blocks and don’t look as disturbing as the 8-bit 3D Mario.

Alternatively, you can get your hands on another free outfit that has been added to the game, which includes the Santa getup. The pudgy plumber is donned in a red suit with white gloves and a fake white beard stretched across the lower half of his juicy, round jawline. He has some matching white eyebrows to go along with the fake beard, and a red and white Santa hat to top it off. He keeps his old brown shoes on just so you know that it’s still him.

Now the Santa outfit and the Santa hat can actually both be acquired separately, so you can mix and match when it comes to that aspect of the holiday update. You’ll need 500 coins to purchase the Santa hat, and an extra 1,000 coins to purchase the Santa outfit. The 8-bit gear will be a little bit more difficult to acquire, as you’ll need to lay down the very hefty sum of 9,999 coins to get your hands on the retro gear.

As described by Shacknews, the outfit also ties into Nintendo’s own retro Amiibo figure for the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., which is designed to look just like the outfit featured in Super Mario Odyssey.

These obviously aren’t the only outfits in the game. If you already own the title then you’ll know that there are tons of different costumes to unlock throughout Super Mario Odyssey, including outfits from previous Nintendo games, or outfits designed specifically for Mario’s odyssey across the various kingdom planets.

If you were bored with the game, you can scrounge up a few coins and attempt to purchase the outfits by heading to the shop owners in-game and picking them up to wear at your own leisure.

It might be best to get in game-time with Super Mario Odyssey right now, because in December Nintendo is releasing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate exclusively for the Switch. You probably will want to set some time aside for the big drop. Thankfully, you can grab the outfits right now if you have a copy of Super Mario Odyssey.

Tom Baker Is Publishing A Doctor Who Novel, Based On His Old Movie Script

Doctor Who fans hungry for more adventures with the classic Doctors are in luck, as another novel highlighting a former Time Lord’s adventure is on its way to bookstores. This time, however, the novel will be written by former Doctor actor Tom Baker, and will be based on a movie script he’d written long ago. Scratchman will finally see the light of day thanks to Baker’s efforts — along with Penguin, which secured what sounds like an exciting story.

Scratchman will take Doctor Who fans back to the time of the Seventh Doctor, as he and Sarah Jane Smith travel to a remote Scottish island for some time on holiday. Their vacation is cut short when they realize the locals are being attacked by scarecrows. It turns out things are much worse than that, as the whole adventure turns out to be a trap by the “Scratchman” who claims to be the devil.

The story synopsis (via Radio Times) then says The Doctor will go up against the Scratchman and engage in a battle that will bring out some of his greatest fears. Tom Baker first created the concept during his run on Doctor Who with actor Ian Martin. Baker has attempted to bring the story to the screen over the years, but has only found success recently with his publishing deal with Penguin. The book is scheduled for release Thursday, January 24.

Scratchman will not be the first time Doctor Who has tackled evil scarecrows, or the devil. Killer scarecrows haunted a school in the episode “The Family of Blood,” which was itself based off the 1995 Doctor Who novel Human Nature. The episode where the Doctor squared off with a creature claiming to be the Devil was “The Satan Pit.” Both of these adventures happened during the David Tennant run, and don’t seem to be inspired by Tom Baker’s original concept.

Scratchman is the latest collaboration between Doctor Who and Tom Baker, who lent his voice to help complete an unfinished episode in 2017. Prior to that Baker had a cameo role in the 50th anniversary special for the series, which he didn’t appreciate as much as some fans may have. Baker is one of the more celebrated Doctors, among the classic actors to portray the character, and was known for his long scarf and overcoat, among other things.

Doctor Who airs on BBC America Sundays at 8 p.m. ET. For a look at what else is coming to television tonight, tomorrow, or in the weeks ahead, be sure to visit and bookmark CinemaBlend’s handy fall and midseason premiere guides.

Cyber Monday 2018: All The Fashion Deals You Need To Know

If you had some restraint and still have money left over from Black Friday shopping than we have some good news: Cyber Monday is here and the deals are also really good. Just like with Black Friday you can buy something for yourself while also picking up some inexpensive holiday presents for someone else in the process. What makes Cyber Monday different than Black Friday though is that the discounts are even bigger.

But like all huge sales, it’s hard to differentiate the really good once in a lifetime deals from the okay discounts you can probably find at any other given time. To help you out, we’ve gone ahead and created a comprehensive but edited list of all the actual best Cyber Monday sales while also featuring some of our favorite items.

Whether it’s a discounted designer finds from Nordstrom or an under-$100 steals from & Other Stories, there’s a lot of great stuff to be bought not to mention all of the warmest coats and winter boots you could ever want are crazy discounted right now. Read on below to find out where to get all the best Cyber Monday deals and don’t be afraid to treat yourself.

& Other Stories: Everyone’s favorite affordable and trendy Swedish brand is offering 20% sitewide from November 25 to November 26. See our favorite under-$100 picks here.

Buy Now: Belted Denim Jacket, $119 $95.20, & Other Stories

Abercrombie: There is 50% off entire site plus an additional 15% off their best selling outerwear.

ATM Collection: Get ready for holiday festivities with 20% off ATM’s holiday collection until the end of November 26.

Aeropostale: Starting last night customers get 70% off and free shipping over $25. There’s also a free online exclusive Yeti bear with purchase over $100.

Ana Luisa: Pick up a gorgeous piece of jewelry from ethical jewelry brand Ana Luisa (who like Everlane, has transparent pricing). Shop 20% off sitewide starting today with code ‘CM20’ until November 26 and get those pearl drop earrings you’ve been dreaming of. Plus get 30% off orders over $150 with code ‘VIP30’.

Buy Now: Hope Pearl Drop Earrings $89 $71.20, Ana Luisa

Aquatalia: Italian designer boots and shoes are 40% off site-wide with code ‘CYBERMONDAY’ starting today until end of November 26.

The Arrivals: Starting today and until the end of Cyber Monday take 10% off a $100 purchase, 20% off a $400 purchase, 25% off a $700 purchase and $30% off a $1,000+ purchase. Now is the time to get one of their seriously warm and iconic winter jackets.

Asos: Use code ‘EPIC25’ for 25% off everything on site until November 27.

AUrate: Their biggest sale of the year! There’s 25% off online one day online on November 26 with code ‘CYBER25’.

Bagatelle: Get a coat that will look good while also keeping you warm for 25% off sitewide until November 26.

Buy Now: Quilted Faux Leather Puffer Jacket, $139 $105, Bagatelle Seriously fun apparel and accessories from are 30% off with code THIRTYOFF from November 22 to November 27. Check the site daily for special deals in addition to the discount!

Barneys Warehouse: On November 26, take 50% off sitewide.

BaubleBar: Starting tonight until November 27 get 35% off seriously fun accessories and jewelry.

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Dolce Vita: Find all the boots, shoes and sneakers you want at Dolce Vita’s Black Friday sale. There is 20% off sale and final sale with free two day shipping using code ‘CYBER20’ until November 30.

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Carbon 38: Stock up on leggings and workout clothing with 30% off until November 26 with code ‘INDULGE30’.

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Uniqlo: Uniqlo has deals on almost all of it’s most popular pieces starting today throughout Cyber Monday. Expect discounts on heat tech, Alexander Wang x Uniqlo, jackets, cashmere scarves and sweaters and more.

Via Spiga: Throughout November 26 there is an additional 20% off all sale with code ‘THANKFULFORVIA’.

Wildfang: Get 30% off sitewide (including sale) at Wildfang on Cyber Monday.

Zappos: Throughout Cyber Monday there will be 25% off select styles from top brands. From December 1 to December 21 there will also be the ‘21 Days of Giving’ sale which includes an exclusive deal each day.

Did Stephen Amell Just Tease A Smallville Arrow-verse Crossover?

The Arrow-verse has done some pretty crazy things with its crossovers, but what Stephen Amell is teasing on social media just might be the craziest thing the franchise has done yet. The actor shared a photo on his Twitter of Smallville stars Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum taste-testing some wines. The picture, and the fact that Stephen Amell is in the same room as these guys, has us questioning if a Smallville crossover is on the horizon.

So, why are Stephen Amell, Tom Welling, and Michael Rosenbaum hanging out together and taste-testing wines? The business shown on the screen, Nocking Point, is actually a winery that Stephen Amell has a stake in. The business is based out of Walla Walla, Washington, and has been producing products since it officially started in 2012. This picture looks to be Amell letting Welling and Rosenbaum sample the products, while everyone in the room wears their best ball cap.

A scenario like that sounds innocent enough until one wonders how this meeting came together. Is it possible this meeting was a result of Stephen Amell chatting up Tom Welling and Michael Rosembaum on the set of the “Elseworlds” crossover or Arrow? It’s certainly possible, especially when considering the amount of other classic superhero show actors that have appeared in the Arrow-verse so far.

Case in point, we already know John Wesley Shipp will be appearing in “Elseworlds” as The Flash. Granted, Shipp does play the Earth-3 Jay Garrick occasionally on The Flash, but set photos of Garrick suited up more closely resembled his 90s outfit from when he portrayed the hero on a separate series. “Elseworlds” might be trying to keep this theme rolling, and will feature a scene or two with Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum portraying Clark and Lex from Smallville.

If that were true though, why wouldn’t Stephen Amell share a photo from the “Elseworlds” set? It’s possible this was a secret Amell was barred from sharing, and this wine tasting photo is a way for Amell to skate around any liability for leaking secrets while still keeping up his reputation for revealing secrets to fans. This also could have nothing to do with “Elseworlds” and the men were hanging out after meetings for some other type of Arrow-verse collaboration.

Having said all of that, Stephen Amell’s Nocking Point has collaborated with celebrities in the past to create their own wines. Colton Haynes has his own custom wine available through the winery, as does Emily Bett Rickards. That makes it very likely Michael Rosenbaum and Tom Welling are sampling wines in a business room to discuss a future wine they had a hand in creating, and maybe not to discuss future crossover plans.

Arrow airs on The CW Mondays at 8 p.m. ET. For a look at what else is happening on television in the coming weeks and in 2019, visit our fall and midseason premiere guides.

Venom Just Passed Wonder Woman At The Box Office

Wonder Woman‘s Lasso of Truth has revealed a cold hard fact: Venom just beat her at the box office.

Venom is apparently not done crushing other superheroes. Sony’s Marvel Universe movie opened in early October, and it is slowing down on the domestic front — only taking #15 on the Thanksgiving holiday weekend box office chart. But that was enough to push it past Wonder Woman in terms of total gross.

Wonder Woman came out in June 2017 and earned a total of $821,847,012 at the worldwide box office. That came from a fairly even split between the $412.5 million domestic gross and the $409 million foreign gross. It worked differently for Venom, which has seen HUGE foreign numbers, giving it the overall edge.

Venom currently has a worldwide total of $822,507,620. That is from “only” $211.7 million at the domestic box office and a massive $610.8 million at the foreign box office. Whatever Tom Hardy is doing, they are L-O-V-I-N-G it around the world, especially in China. Seriously, more than $205 million of the foreign gross was from China alone. That nearly rivals the entire domestic gross at this point.

It was only two weeks ago that Venom passed Wonder Woman’s other DC film, Justice League, at the box office. Since we’re talking DC, could there be more ahead? Could Venom threaten Batman v Superman‘s worldwide total of $873,634,919? Eh. Maybe?

Venom easily passed the MCU’s Ant-Man and the Wasp in worldwide grosses, but it’s still nowhere near 2018 heavy hitters Avengers: Infinity War or Black Panther. That said, Venom could top Black Panther at the foreign box office, since Black Panther made $646.8M there vs. Venom‘s current $610.8M. But Black Panther has a worldwide total of $1.3 billion, and that is out of Venom‘s reach.

It’s clear, though, that the North American box office wasn’t as charmed by Venom as the rest of the world. Wonder Woman, on the other hand, appealed pretty equally in that respect. Director Patty Jenkins, star Gal Gadot, and — somehow — co-star Chris Pine will return for the sequel Wonder Woman 1984, which is currently scheduled to open in theaters on June 5, 2020.

There’s a very good chance Wonder Woman 1984 will be in theaters competing against one of Sony’s upcoming Marvel projects, which is scheduled for July 10, 2020. Maybe a rematch is in order?

In the meantime, there’s still plenty ahead to watch in theaters in 2018, plus a ton of good stuff coming in 2019.

Looks Like Valve Is Discontinuing The Steam Link

If you were hoping to get your hands on a Steam Link and bring your PC gaming seamlessly into the living room, you appear to have officially run out of time. The devices are now officially sold out and, based on a recent statement from Valve, it doesn’t sound like they plan on producing additional stock.

As part of Valve’s annual Autumn Sale, an insane 95 percent off discount was offered for the Steam Link. That meant that the miniscule gaming device that typically sells for 50 bucks was going for $2.50. At that price, it should come as no surprise that the things sold out with a quickness, as it is currently listed as “Out of Stock.” The sale was meant to continue for another 48 days. But if you were hoping to wait until after the holidays to spend some cash from Grandma on a Steam Box, it looks like you’re out of luck.

While this story would normally be good news for Valve and gamers alike, a message from the developer has folks worried that this was actually Valve’s not-so-subtle way of cleaning out the warehouse and calling it quits with the Steam Link. To be clear, they have not announced that the Steam Link has been discontinued, but the writing between the lines seems to be in extra-large bold font in this case.

This message was obviously posted shortly before the Steam Link disappeared from stock and has left the community wondering if perhaps a few additional details should be offered as well. As noted in Valve’s statement, the Steam Link app is still available and they plan on supporting it, but many folks preferred having Steam’s dedicated box running the software and streaming their games from their computer to their television.

Then again, Valve has never been super great at the hardware business, so maybe this shouldn’t come as a total surprise. Their game-focused partnerships to create Steam Machines fizzled, and their own Steam Controller seems to be flopping about, so the fact that they could very well be calling it quits with the Steam Link should have seemed inevitable, really. So if you’re looking to play your PC’s copy of The Witcher III or Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey from the couch, it looks like you’ll have to rely on another device (or a standard console) moving forward.

Or, if folks are outspoken enough with their frustration, maybe Valve will decide to give the Steam Link another go. Yeah … that’ll totally happen.

R.I.P., Ricky Jay: Hollywood Mourns Actor and Magician

Famous entertainer Ricky Jay has passed away. The magician, actor, and consultant died Saturday in Los Angeles of natural causes. In addition to having a long career as a magician, Jay also appeared in several films and TV shows such as Magnolia (as the narrator), Tomorrow Never Dies, Boogie Nights, The X-Files, and Deadwood. Jay left a big impression on those he met, and several figures in Hollywood have shared their condolences over Twitter.

Ricky Jay was probably best known as a magician. Performing his first trick at the age of four, Jay was an expert at sleight of hand, deception, and card tricks. Jay and his long career were the subject of a 2012 film, Deceptive Practice: The Mysteries and Mentors of Ricky Jay. He also served as host and narrator for the A&E documentary mini-series, The Story of Magic. Fellow magician and actor Neil Patrick Harris shared his condolences on Twitter, writing about Jay’s vast knowledge and appreciation of magic.

In addition to being an actor, Jay was the consultant on films such as Ocean’s Thirteen, The Prestige, and The Illusionist. He also provided insight on Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation and director Christopher McQuarrie shared a story about how a simple comment from Jay served as inspiration for the climax of the excellent opera sequence.

Brian Koppelman had the opportunity to work with Ricky Jay on a few different projects. Koppelman was a writer on Ocean’s Thirteen and a producer on The Illusionist, two films that Jay consulted on. The Hollywood filmmaker took to Twitter to share his thoughts and sadness over Jay’s passing, writing that Jay was one of his heroes and he exceeded expectations when they met.

Ricky Jay was 72 years old, and we here at CinemaBlend share our condolences to Jay’s friends, family, and loved ones.