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3 Reasons It’s Going To Be Super Difficult When Tom Cruise Films A Movie In Space

Every Shot Is More Expensive And Challenging To Capture

A single ticket to be flown out to the International Space Station on its own is in the millions, so getting a film crew and cast there is going to be incredibly expensive. For 2008’s Apogee of Fear, Richard Garriott spent $30 million to get himself there for a two-week stay. Garriott shot and edited the five-minute short film while at the ISS, and the planning was incredibly detailed. Here’s what the filmmaker said of his experience:

Justice League’s J.K. Simmons Weighs In On The Snyder Cut Being Released

If we’re being honest, this story has us thinking that maybe, in the light of the success of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, there should be a DC Comics project of a similar stripe. One where J.K. Simmons can unite with The Dark Knight’s Gary Oldman, The Batman’s Jeffrey Wright and Harley Quinn’s Christopher Meloni to form an uber-group of Gordons determined to clean up Gotham City once and for all. Or, if that’s too much, maybe have them do a roundtable special for HBO Max leading up to the next Batman anniversary.

Hercules’ Hades And 10 Other Disney Characters Who Stole The Show From The Main Heroes

The Disney Princesses – Ralph Breaks The Internet

After years of the stories of Disney Princesses being briefly stolen away by their adorable sidekicks, handsome princes or adversaries, 2018’s Ralph Breaks the Internet allowed them to take on the role instead. In the sequel to Wreck-It Ralph, Ralph and Vanellope find themselves on the internet to fix a broken part of Vanellope’s game. Along the way, she goes to the Disney section and finds all the princesses lounging around together. They embrace Sarah Silverman’s character and help her find her own song. Plus, they totally kick butt during the film’s final act. We need a spinoff now please!

Meghan Markle Is Reportedly Helping an Animal Charity Struggling Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been giving back to people in their communities throughout the coronavirus pandemic, but Markle may secretly be working to keep animals safe as well.

According to a new report by Newsweek on May 28, the duchess has been making calls and helping to support Mayhew, a London-based charity that provides services to homeless and vulnerable individuals with pets. The publication reports that the animal charity has been hit extremely hard by the pandemic and social distancing measures.

“We receive no government support or anything so we rely completely on public donations, which are for the most part gathered from fundraising events,” Mayhew’s PR and media officer Sarah Hastelow said. “It’s been a steady decline of operations and funds. We are trying to be as adaptive and reactive as possible.”

On Mayhew’s homepage is a call for help: “We desperately need extra funds to buy supplies of food, litter, flea and worm treatment as our suppliers are running low,” a banner reads alongside a link to donate.

A spokesperson for Markle, who is featured as a patron on the charity’s website, told Newsweek that she is “in touch and working with Mayhew at this time.” Meanwhile, Hastelow described the former senior royal as “a champion of animals and animal welfare.”

Meghan Markle meeting Minnie the Jack Russell during a visit to the Mayhew in January 2019.

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“The duchess has been in touch, I can’t say much more than that,” Hastelow told Newsweek. “She originally got involved with us back in 2018 because she’s been such a champion of animals and animal welfare. It’s always been a passion of hers. When she was looking at patronages she got in touch. She really liked the fact we are a bit different and work with the vulnerable pet owners.”

“Other charities don’t have that side so that’s what really drew her to us,” the spokesperson continued. “It means absolutely everything to people to be able to keep their animals. A pet is often someone’s only companion, their only source of comfort. To have their pet taken away at a time when everything else has been taken away as well would be the final straw for them. It would be devastating for them.”

Meghan Markle has two dogs of her own: a black lab and a rescue beagle named Guy.

Nail Salon Changes COVID-19: Is It Safe to Get Your Nails Done?

“Just because you’re allowed to do something doesn’t mean you should or that it’s safe, unfortunately,” says Shoshana Ungerleider, M.D., an internal medicine physician in San Francisco. “In the case of a manicure and pedicure, people need to weigh their own individual risk factors like age, underlying medical conditions, and potential for family member exposure, especially if you live in an area where COVID-19 cases are still active.”

The somewhat good news is that experts agree the new precautions being taken—masks, gloves, partitions, spacing between stations, eliminating walk-in appointments, and increased sterilization—all do add up to reducing your chances of picking up the virus. “If you do decide to go, I would recommend you wear a face mask and maybe even goggles to reduce the risk of respiratory particles reaching your eyes,” says Ungerleider. “Wash your hands immediately after with soap and water, and be sure not to touch your face while you are there.”

Another thing you can do to minimize exposure is limit the amount of time you spend in the salon. “The longer you are in the chair, the greater your risk of acquiring the coronavirus,” says Steffanie Strathdee, PhD, associate dean of global health sciences at UC San Diego Department of Medicine. That means going for a polish change instead of a full manicure and skipping the longer specialty pedicures with all the bells and whistles.

Some nail experts, like Marcela Correa, owner of Medi Pedi NYC, also recommend bringing your own tools (like a stainless steel foot file with disposable pads) and polish to cut down on cross-contamination. In fact, you might find that some salons are requiring it.

If you do book an appointment, what else can you expect?

This should also go without saying, but remember with all the necessary precautions, getting your nails done right now might not be the luxury experience you’re used to. Be kind and amenable to the changes at your local salon and know that your nail techs are probably putting in overtime despite being able to see less clients.

“There’s no way around it, because of social distancing, we will work longer hours to serve less people,” says Tiffany Amorosino, owner of Bella Sante salon, which has locations in Boston, Wellesley and Lexington, MA. “My hope as a business is just to survive the next few months and then perhaps thrive again sometime soon.”

To help bridge this gap, some salons are adding a $5 charge or small percentage fee to the final bill—both to help cover the extra cleaning between sessions and to make up for the loss in client volume.

Either way, you should plan on paying more—even aren’t there aren’t extra charges. While no one we spoke with planned to increase the prices for the services themselves (for now), you should budget to tip your nail techs well. That means tipping at least the cursory 20% for your service (here’s an explanation of why that should always be the case), but again, consider the risks your techs are taking to treat you and think about giving 25% to 30%.

How to support your salon if you’re not ready to book an appointment yet

Again, the only 100% safe mani-pedi is one you do yourself until there’s a COVID-19 vaccine. If you want to help your local favorite or just give the people there an extra boost while all this shakes out, there are a few ways to go about it.

If you’re in California or New York, you can throw your support behind advocacy efforts for nail salon workers’ rights. On the West Coast, there’s the California Nail Salon Community Care Fund. In New York, check out the Nail Salon Worker Resilience Fund, the Nail Salon Accountability Act, and the Worker Bailout Fund.

Then there’s the general advice you hear of all local businesses, which is to buy gift certificates for future use and purchase items from their websites, if they sell them. You can also leave a positive review for the shop on Facebook or Yelp. Not only will it help keep thesalon visible and in good standing for new clients, but as Amorosino explains, it also helps morale. “It’s not often that we stop to thank our service providers for a great experience,” she says. “It will be greatly appreciated.”

As news about the novel coronavirus pandemic rapidly evolves, Glamour is committed to bringing our readers the most accurate and up-to-date facts. As a result, information in this story and others like it may change, and we will update when necessary. For the most recent news about COVID-19, please visit the CDC, WHO, and your state’s department of health.

Beth Shapouri is a beauty writer in New York City. Follow her on Instagram @bshapouri.

Taylor Swift Finally Slams Trump for ‘Stoking White Supremacy,’ Like We Always Knew She Could

Early on Friday morning, the President tweeted a series of messages about the protests, including one tweet that announced, shockingly, “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.” Essentially, the president called for police to open fire on civilians in the streets.

Thus, Taylor’s tweet, which has amassed over 800,000 likes. (The president’s tweets usually clock in at the 200,000 mark, max. Like it or not, Twitter is the birthplace of a lot of our political discourse these days, and likes matter.)

Civilian action in Minneapolis has inspired similar protests across the country, including in Denver, Colorado; Columbus, Ohio; Louisville, Kentucky, and New York City. Seven people were shot at the Louisville protest, which aimed to address the police killing of black 26-year-old Breonna Taylor in March. Reports say that the shots came from within the crowd of protesters, and that no one has been killed. Taylor was killed when police broke into her home. She was unarmed and asleep.

We’re living through particularly noteworthy history—probably more than most of us hoped to. Black communities and activists have led the charge against police brutality and racism, but fighting injustice is not one group’s job. Taylor Swift has staked a little piece of her career on it. There are a whole lot of people who could stand to join her.

Jenny Singer is a staff writer for Glamour. You can follow her on Twitter.

Why The Batman Halting Production Turned Out To Be A Good Thing, According To Robert Pattinson

Along with Robert Pattinson, The Batman’s cast includes Jeffrey Wright as James Gordon, Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman, Paul Dano as Riddler, Colin Farrell as Penguin, Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth, John Turturro as Carmine Falcone, Peter Sarsgaard as Gil Colson and Jayme Lawson as Bella Reál, along with Gil Perez-Abraham, Charlie Carver and Max Carver being cast in undisclosed roles. Matt Reeves co-wrote The Batman’s script with Mattson Tomlin, and while we’re still in the dark on specific plot details, Reeves has previously said it’ll be a noir-influenced tale that highlights Bruce Wayne’s detective skills.

Cardi B, Charli Puth, And Lil Nas X Are Vibing To Lady Gaga’s Chromatica

A grand, orchestral composition welcomes you on “Chromatica I,” the opener to Lady Gaga‘s sixth studio album, Chromatica. The song begins with a low rumbling that quickly gives way to a flurry of crying strings, scrambling to a crescendo before leveling out in a soaring, trumpeted melody. Like the theme to a sci-fi flick, it evokes the feeling of flying, of a long and sprawling journey, as the prelude to some dancehall epic. And then it drops, and with a seamless flow into “Alice,” things really get moving.

That sonic journey feels almost symbolic for the bumpy road to the album’s release itself, one that was paved by delays and leaks — as well as joyful, pop-futurist music videos and visuals sealed by a sine insignia.  The followup to 2016’s Western-tinged Joanne and the Star Is Born soundtrack, Chromatica was originally slated for release on April 10, but it was delayed to the coronavirus pandemic. And Gaga officially confirmed the tracklist on April 21 after Target accidentally leaked it on their website.

But nonetheless, as of Friday (May 29) Chromatica is finally here, and among its 16 songs are a bounty of career-defining collaborations, as in the triumphant duet “Rain on Me” brought to life with Ariana Grande and the greatly anticipated team-up with K-pop’s girl gang Blackpink on “Sour Candy,” and those that mine Gaga’s own humanity and hurt. “Please listen from the beginning to the end,” the singer wrote on Twitter. “No need to shuffle, it’s my true story.”

It’s a sentiment that rings true with many fans and collaborators alike, with the likes of Cardi B and Tony Bennett chiming in to express their congratulations and excitement over the LP. Below, check out some of the reactions from Chromatica‘s numerous celebrity ambassadors, and stream the album now.