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Affordable Makeup Celebrities Have Worn in 2019

We don’t have to tell you that red carpets are fancy affairs. As one of Hollywood’s greatest traditions, the red-carpet arrivals are when you can expect celebrities to really do it big. After all, we’re talking about awards shows and after-parties that give away vouchers for $1,900 vampire breast lifts and luxury TP in their gift bags. So it’d be unsurprising if the beauty products too were accessible to only the 1%, right?

While that might be the case for “penis facials,” many of the hair, makeup, and skin care products glam squads use on the awards circuit are refreshingly affordable. Brands often broker deals with makeup artists and hairstylists to use their newest launches for red-carpet looks. And why not? As the “who are you wearing?” question proves, celebrities on the red carpet are essentially walking billboards. Plus, this is good news for the rest of us. We might not be able to drop thousands on a designer gown, but $11 on a lipstick Viola Davis slayed at the Emmys in? You bet we want—and can have—that.

Ahead, keep tabs as we track the most affordable makeup and hair finds from the red carpet. Something tells us you’re going to want to make a pit stop on the way home from work.

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