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15 Affordable Cashmere Sweaters You Won’t Want to Take Off

RIP, summer 2019—we will miss you and your slip dresses. But know that we will be wearing cashmere to your funeral.

See, sweater weather isn’t just a time of year, it’s a state of mind (or a coping mechanism, depending on your outlook). There’s no better way to welcome the sudden chill than by layering all of your favorite knits until you forget what it was like to go outside without a coat on.

Of course, the most luxurious layer of all is cashmere. And for a long time, it was synonymous with “expensive.” And while you can definitely find versions to invest in, brands like Reformation, Naadam and Everlane sell great affordable cashmere sweaters that are just as cozy for a fraction of the price. And the feeling of soft, fuzzy cashmere on a chilly fall morning? That’s priceless.

Check out some our favorite affordable cashmere sweaters below, and shop your way to the best sweater weather yet.

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