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10 Handbag Brands to Know (and Shop) in 2019

Bags have always been one of the most fun fashion items to shop for—not just because there’s always a need for them, but also because there are so many unique options out there. From minis to carry-alls, there’s a handbag out there that fits your wardrobe and your lifestyle. And because it’s something you wear on the daily, you can justify spending a little bit more on a style that can withstand anything (and that you can fill to the brim.) The Louis Vuitton Neverfulls and Gucci Marmonts will always be popular—and for a reason!—but why not carry something new, fresh, and a little but more under the radar? New handbag brands like the industry-beloved Wandler, the street style-favorite Alfeya Valrina, and the celebrity stalwart Pop & Suki are changing the accessories market with their new takes on classic shapes and making it that much more exciting to shop. Get to know these designers, from all over the world, that are sure to become household names soon.

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