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10 Good Movies On Disney+ (That Aren’t Frozen 2) To Watch With Your Kids

The Princess And The Frog (2009)

Long before my wife and I had children (actually before we were even married), she introduced me to The Princess And The Frog, Disney’s 2009 reimagining of the classic Brothers Grimm story The Frog Prince. From that first viewing, I was transfixed by the beautiful imagery, engaging story, and those well-crafted songs. And while the Anika Noni Rose’s performance as Tiana, and Burno Campos’ take on Prince Naveen were great, it’s Keith David’s spin as the villainous Dr. Facilier that steals the show. I mean, who doesn’t love “Friends On The Other Side” and all its demented magic. With elements of a classic love story, voodoo, and good Louisiana culture, The Princess And The Frog is a crowd pleaser for the whole family.

Stream It On Disney+ Here.

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