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New LEGO Star Wars Special Promises A Change To The Luke Skywalker And Rey Relationship

Of course, it wouldn’t be The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special without the holiday of Life Day coming into play. …


Alamo Drafthouse Responds To Accusations Of Sexual Harassment, Poor Working Conditions

Most of the stories that recently went public focused on the company’s Kansas City location, and there is a lot …


Wait, New Blumhouse Horror Movies Will Be Heading Straight To Streaming?

Under the title of Welcome to the Blumhouse, these eight films are being presented as a sort of horror anthology …


Jamie Foxx Reveals How Black Panther Paved The Way For Him To Play A Black Superhero

Black Panther was another comic book movie, just like many others in most ways, but the fact that the movie …

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15 Best Face Masks for Glasses, According to Reviews

Any glasses wearer knows face coverings come with a price: foggy lenses. But thankfully, the best face masks for glasses …